Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Crossing The Tan Line
I like crossing the line.

Photo Source: Mix Ultralounge - Springfield, MO

   "This is my side to here. Don't cross this line" my sister would say. My family took road trip vacations. My sister and I were almost always in the back seat of our car together. My roll was to be the annoying brother. And of course, when she drew her imaginary line, I immediately slid my butt over and across it. This would usually result in a loud vocal outburst from her, and then the expected, "Don't make me stop this car" from one of the parents in the front seat.

Photo Source: Share Nightclub - Las Vegas, NV

   Things haven't changed much when it comes to lines. I still feel the urge to cross the line. I am constantly crossing lines in my life. The only difference is I seem to get by with it more often. And when it comes to tan lines on those flat male dancer stomachs, well, I quickly slide right past it, and go for the prize!

Photo Source: Men Of Skin - Kansas City, MO

   When it comes to tipping the sexy male dancers I like crossing the tan line and placing the tip securely in the crotch area of their underwear. And while I'm there, maybe my fingers do a little dance of their own. You know, just a small dance of personal discovery.

Photo Source: Piranha Nightclub - Las Vegas, NV

   If I receive a verbal outburst or reprimand, then I'll straighten up, and behave for a little while. But often, I receive a smile, particularly if my other hand has another dollar in waiting for the next tip.

Photo Source: Stockbar - Montreal, Quebec

   What if there is no tan line, you might ask? Well, then there is always the hair line. And if the hair there, is bare? Well, then I let my fingers slide into the nether world behind the underwear until they can go no further, possibly blocked by an appendage.

Photo Source: LaBare Dallas - Dallas, TX

   Yes, I am one of those tippers who tries to see how far he can go before he gets cock blocked. I respect a dancer's boundaries, but when those boundaries are not built out of steel or stone and therefore a bit flexible, I tend to tip a bit more and a bit longer. When it involves exotic male dancers, my hands have a mind of their own. They do like to travel.

Photo Source: G Lounge - New York, NY

   I remember recently, hearing myself say, "I'm thinking I want to touch that. Yes, I do want to touch that." So, I did. And in that situation, I received a, you know what I did? I touched it again, and gave a little tug. Until next time, if your hand starts to travel, back it up with dollars...tip the boyz!


Thursday, July 16, 2015

I Call It Male Stripper Therapy
Club Review: Boxers N Briefs near St. Louis

Photo Source: Boxers N Briefs Facebook Page

NOTE: I wrote this blog and posted it. Then about a week later, I reread it and decided that I must have been smoking some bad weed when I wrote it. Even though it's been a long time since I smoked any weed. For me, it must have been something I ate that had turned. So, I've gone back to the blog and rewrote a few lines.

   For many years I have followed the dancing boyz who wear little or no clothing while moving their bodies seductively to sexually charged music. This past month, the mundane responsibilities of day-to-life had brought me to a point of desperation as boredom with the same ol', same ol' had taken its toll. Out of the blue, my friend Cobalt came to my rescue. He messaged me requesting my presence at Boxers N Briefs in Centreville, IL (across the Mississippi River from St. Louis). It was the perfect excuse to escape for a few hours and obtain some Male Stripper Therapy. My self-diagnosis recommended a night at Boxers N Briefs.
   I arrived at Boxers N Briefs on Friday night early, because I like to start my treatments before any crowds might arrive. A sign in the entrance directed me to go to the bar and pay the cover to the bartender. I ordered my first alcoholic beverage and spotted Cobalt. We sat together and surveyed the club, the dancers, and shared our opinions and preferences. There were at least 10 different dancers at the club, most were slim, young and what could be defined as twinks. There were also a couple of more muscular guys. As their names were called, they took turns on the front bar and then the back bar...first, dancing in sexy underwear and then nothing except their socks...which remain so the customers have a place to put their tips.
   Cobalt had been to the club the night before and had enjoyed the company of the dancer Caleb. Caleb made his way to where we were seated and introduced himself. He greeted me and I realized he was a friend on Facebook. He returned several times throughout the night to visit, and I even spent some time tipping him at the front bar. Caleb was a great host for Boxers N Briefs, he made us feel welcomed and checked to make sure we were having a good time. At one point Cobalt disappeared into the private lap dance area with Caleb. But I'll leave that story for him to tell.
   I enjoyed the company of Emmett and Benjamin at either the front or back bars. Emmett had stopped at my table to speak with me earlier in the night. We sat and talked a little while. I enjoyed visiting with him as well as placing tips.
   In the middle of the front bar is a glassed in shower. At different times during the night, Brandon and Leo performed individual shower shows. Watching these two lather up their beautiful bodies is quite a sight. I noticed Leo was a favorite of many of the customers and stayed busy all night. Brandon is popular too. A group of ladies were there celebrating birthdays. Brandon was one of their favorites. When you see what hangs between Brandon's legs, you'll understand one of the reasons. When the shower shows are finished, the boys walk around the club with a bucket or other container. Drop in a dollar or two to let them know how much you enjoyed it!
   When it comes to twink-type dancers, Benjamin is exactly the kind I like. I sat at the corner bar while he danced on and around the pole. He greeted me and thanked me for the tips. Another customer was sitting at the other side of this corner. He was filling up one sock while I was filling up the other. Both of us enjoying the views above us of Benjamin's lean body and cute butt...among other things.
   I like it when I think my night is going to go one way but it winds up going in a completely different direction that I wasn't expecting, and I really enjoy the surprises of the new direction. I had been watching a particular dancer and was ready to go to the private lap dance area with him as soon as he stepped my direction, when in front of my eyes I see trimmed red hair starting to appear as the waistband of a pair of underwear starts sliding down. I like gingers and this trimmed red hair belonged to Cameron. Cameron has a nice body. He is cute in both looks and personality. Full nudity was soon achieved (except the socks), and I watched as Cameron's soldier stood at attention. Of all the male dancers at the club that night, Cameron was my favorite.
   After Cobalt had left for the night, I parked myself at the corner of the front bar and began tipping whichever dancer was in front of me at the time. As the night went on, I began to feel refreshed, revived, a bit horny, and had a smile stuck on my face. The Male Stripper Therapy had once again worked its magic. Of course, one of the best parts of the night was getting to see Rob, friend and BnB bartender, again. Rob and I keep in touch through Facebook but I always enjoy getting to sit at his bar, drink something he has mixed up for me, and catching up. He's a lot more than just a bartender at BnB. He is a major force in keeping BnB one of my favorite clubs. Plus, he gives great hugs!

Photo Source: Boxers N Briefs Facebook Page

   When your sleep schedule is all out of whack causing your body to feel off kilter, and your emotions are on the fritz, I recommend Male Stripper Therapy. When possible, I also recommend that you receive your treatments at Boxers N Briefs near St. Louis, Missouri. Stop in and tell Rob and the guys that Mike from Males In Motion says hello. Tip them once or twice for me! Until next time, I wish you much success in your therapy sessions.
NOTE: As you notice there are no male dancer pics in this blog. Honestly, that was because I was too busy spending time with the boys and didn't want to stop and take pics. I recommend you check out Mikey Berner, a photographer who captures the boys of Boxers N Briefs on a regular basis. CLICK HERE to visit his Facebook page. You'll need to log in to Facebook for the link to work.


Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Digital Royalty
Photographer Jason King

Photo Source: Jason King

   Jason King is digital royalty. He captures the family jewels with detail and finesse. A year or so ago, before the summer equinox, I ventured into his kingdom from a Southern California Club facebook page. There before my very eyes were some of the most beautiful, sexy and half-naked noblemen I had ever seen. They were a part of a visual feast presented at the banquet table of King Jason.

Photo Source: Jason King

   It was then I realized, only the very best would be served from this photographer. And that is what I have seen and have come to expect from the digital images of His Grace.

Photo Source: Jason King

   In the realm of Jason King, all the subjects get the royal treatment. From the sun-kissed skin of the California sunworshippers to the Venice Beach muscle boys, all are digitally displayed with talent and inspiration. Of course, even those manor lords are relegated to the peasant status as the tightly-stretched-fabric-covered javelins are thrown about in the tournament of champions.

Photo Source: Jason King

Photo Source: Jason King

Photo Source: Jason King

   Although King Jason does enjoy spending time at the Faire or CIRCUS, he is no stranger to HARD WERK. He could sit idly in his GREYSTONE MANOR, but instead chooses to RIDE, HERE and there conquering and gathering RICH's for his kingdom.

Photo Source: Jason King

Photo Source: Jason King

   Yes, I'm guilty of having a little fun with a play on words, but the sentiment and the respect are genuine. I love the work of Jason King. He has a broader portfolio than just dancing boys! You should visit his website or facebook page and see what I am talking about. For me though, the dancing boys are reward enough. I look forward to every post as he travels and clicks.

Photo Source: Jason King

Photo Source: Jason King

Photo Source: Jason King

   Until next time, I lift my goblet in a toast. Long live King Jason! (And don't forget to tip the noblemen!)


Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Touch, Tug And Squeeze
Jacob at X-Room in Springfield, MA

Photo Source: Jacob and X-Room

   It's no secret that I love the boys at X-Room at Mardi Gras in Springfield, Massachusetts. Sammy is one of my favorite managers and has a special gift when it comes to finding some truly amazing male dancers for the club. As if that weren't enough, top it off with the fact that X-Room is a club where the dancers go fully nude. Well, my friend, that always puts X-Room on my list of places I want to be. Unfortunately, at the time I don't live close enough to visit often, but that doesn't stop me from keeping up with the hot dancers through social media, friends who do live close or visit, and my check ins with Sammy from time to time.

Photo Source: Jacob and X-Room

   Over the past several months one particular dancer has caught my eye, Jacob. And as you know I never hold any thoughts back, I'm not good at filtering before they arrive to my lips and become spoken words, or in this case, written words. All I can say is that Jacob makes me want to touch, tug and squeeze, in no particular order. He possesses such attributes that I believe will definitely require some time in a private lap dance situation. Yes, I think that would be necessary. Well, if not necessary, at least much desired.

Photo Source: Jacob and X-Room

   They might not be the first thing I look at, but I love his sexy lips. Well, we all know they aren't the first thing I look at, but I want to mention them before I head down that trail. Next, his lean physique displays a firmness that didn't just happen. It's obvious he's been working on that body. So let me just pause here and say, "Thank you Jacob!" The body is noticed and appreciated!

Photo Source: Jacob and X-Room

   Is there anything else? Oh yea, I know. Let's just say he is not lacking when it comes to filling out his underwear. A nice package is accompanied by a sweet ass. (Did I just say that out loud?)

Photo Source: Jacob and X-Room

   If you are in the Northeast or will be visiting the area, stop in at X-Room At Mardi Gras. Spend some time with Jacob and the other boys! Tell them Mike from Males In Motion says hello! Be generous with those tips. I promise you'll leave with a smile on your face.


Saturday, June 20, 2015

Shut The Hell Up!
And Other Messages To Haters

Model: Joey ~ Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital

   Every so often I have a few haters that come my way. They don't really bother me. I tend to ignore them and not give them any attention. And it is attention that they are mainly after. However, lately I have seen some haters who have targeted those who are either different, think different, or in the case of exotic male dancers...some haters that target those who have larger penises, more perfect bubble butts, prettier faces, possibly more money, a more fit and defined body, better hair, etc. In other words, I have seen the giant green monster (yes, jealousy), raise its ugly head and spew venomous words in an attempt to unsuccessfully make them feel better about themselves.

Model: Donovan ~ Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital

   Those of you who know me and have met me, know that I am not what one might refer to as a pretty boy. I am not exactly fit with a well defined body. I've ridden that roller coaster of extra pounds to goal weight and back again. My hair is thinning more every year. I like my butt but it isn't exactly in the shape of bubbles. And those of you who really, really know me, know that I do not have three legs, only two and an appendage that gets the job done. And I work many, many hours each week to make the financial living that I currently enjoy. It's not extravagant by any means but I am not suffering through poverty and want.

Model: Zac ~ Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital

   I am just a regular gay guy who likes exotic male dancers. I represent the average customer who walks into the bars and clubs with exotic male dancers and seeks entertainment of an erotic and fun nature. Now you know where I'm coming from, and with this blog, I want to send out a few messages to the haters. You see, I think there are underlying causes that drive them to be so vicious, nasty and just so damn unlikeable. I'll address a few of those below.

Model: Allen ~ Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital

   First and foremost, if mother nature didn't bless you with a gorgeous face, tough, get over it! It is what it is and whining and crying about it isn't going to change things. And I'll let you in on a little secret, those pretty young faces are going to get wrinkles and age spots just like you. One day, everyone in your age group is going to look very much alike, and it will happen sooner than you think. So, obsess about something that you can do to make this world better. Find a cause, or even a career that will bring you much pleasure and satisfaction. In a few years, those pretty boy male dancers will have fewer and fewer heads turn when they walk by as age starts to make changes. At that time, it will be (as it has always been) what's inside them that is the most important thing they possess.

Model: Jacob ~ Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital

   Second, if you are pissed because you don't have the body of a god, tough, get over it! You seriously want that bubble butt, or 'V' shaped torso, great abs, muscles, etc., well, here's a news bulletin for you, if you want the body, it is yours for the taking. All you have to do is get your lazy ass off the sofa, stop stuffing your mouth with chips and drinking beer, and get a membership at a gym. But the membership alone won't do it, you have to actually show up and do something about it. Then you too can have the body. Anyone who wants to improve their physical situation can. As for me, I am perfectly content at the moment to let others do that, and I'll go enjoy the fruit of their labors while they dance on the bar, stage, or in my lap. And for the record, I knew a man who in his eighties had an amazing body. In his younger years he had been a boxer and had worked throughout his life to stay in shape.

Model: Aspen ~ Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital

   Third, if your genetic design didn't make you hung like a horse, tough, get over it! It doesn't mean you're any less of a human, and it doesn't mean you don't have anything to offer another person. If the people around you have made you feel so self-conscious and inferior because of the size of your penis, well honey, find you a different group of people to 'hang' with. I'm an average Joe. I like big penises. I like lookin' at 'em. I like playin' with 'em. Mine is average, but it works just fine. And I'll let you in on another secret. I like the average ones too. When I'm tipping an exotic male dancer, I like 'em all!

Model: Austin ~ Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital

   Fourth, for all of you numb nuts who are always complaining about the bar or the club because you are not having fun, here's another secret. A person can go anywhere with people who he likes and who like him, and have fun. I really get weary of social media posts where unhappy people are constantly posting or giving their opinion about how bad this club is or how bad that club is...or how awful the dancers are or... I could almost guarantee that this happens because some spoiled, insignificant brat didn't get their way, or didn't get in the pants of some guy they were all horned up they decide to trash talk on Facebook, Twitter, etc. You take the option of having a great night with you when you go to a bar or club. Be the fun. There is always a way to make a mediocre night into a great night. You can also take a great night and turn it into a disaster just by being a prick. It's your choice. When you continually have bad nights and run into awful dancers, etc., etc., .... listen sweetheart, it's not the dancers or clubs that are the problem. As my momma used to say, "you need an attitude adjustment." GET OVER IT!

Model: Austin ~ Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital

   I have filled this blog with pics of some of the male models I have had the pleasure to work with over the past few years. I took all the photos. Some of these guys you'll think are "hot-as-hell". Some of these guys were 'blessed' and might walk a little bow legged. Some of these guys make you want to reach out and squeeze that perfect ass. And let's just run a few fingers across those pecs and spend a little time on those nipples. Now, let me bring you back to reality. These guys are beautiful yes, but they are just guys! They pay rent. They have relationship issues at times. They work to make a living and fortunately for me were in search of making some extra cash. I was able to hire them as a result. Some of them are going to college to get an education for a specific career. Some of them are married, and some have children and still work steady jobs to help take care of them. They are real people. I'll give you that the gene pool they arrived from may have given them a few extra physical assets to work with, but what they've done with them and what they are doing with them is all up to them. The gorgeous outside shell is temporary. It's the person they are now, and the man they are becoming that is most important.

Model: Kyle ~ Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital

   Until next time, be the life of the party. Go planning to have fun wherever you go. And please don't post your whining and crying on my wall. I really don't want to have to change your status to hide, or unfriend, or 'shut the hell up!', etc. Oh, and while you're being the life of the party...remember...tip the boyz! And if you can, always remember to say please and thank you!

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Club Review: The Corner Pocket
New Orleans, LA
The Boys On The Bar

Dancer: Joey ~ Photo Source: Corner Pocket

   The Corner Pocket experience is like a specialty dish with a secret recipe that's been passed down through the years. It's had time to be tried, tested, and handcrafted with quality ingredients. The mere thought of it, makes your mouth water. All it takes is one bite and you're hooked. You eat every morsel until your plate is empty, and then return for more. In food talk, I'd compare it to Crawfish Etouffe, Jambalaya, or Gumbo with a little extra cayenne pepper, spicy and hot! The first night at The Corner Pocket was so delicious, that we arranged our schedule to stay and play a second night. In the words of Claudia, "I want some more."*

Dancers: Joey, Caleb ~ Photo Source: Corner Pocket

   Upon entering the Corner Pocket we were greeted at the door by Grandpa Joe, as the boys call him. Make sure you take some time to get to know him during the night. It will be your gain. There are two main rooms to the public areas of the bar. The first room you enter has a rectangle shaped bar in the very center with stools spread all around it. The bartenders work from inside the rectangle and serve drinks that are priced comparable to those at other bars of this type. I want to thank bartender Anthony for introducing me to Abita beer. (I stopped at a Rouse on the way out of town and purchased some to take home with me.) The boys take turns dancing on the bar, three to four at a time. Their names are announced and they step up and make their way around each side, stopping and visiting with customers, receiving tips, and charming you with those New Orleans or N'ahlins' accents.

Dancer: Caleb ~ Photo Source: Corner Pocket

   There were at least 15-20 dancers each night. And as we all know, it takes different strokes for different folks. (No pun intended). What I mean, is that there were a variety of different types of guys...twinks, athletes, some with hairy chest, stocky, slim, etc. And there was plenty of eye candy to make you smile whether you like to watch the boys walk toward you, or you prefer watching them walk away....or both. Which is one way of saying many of them were 'blessed' with ample endowments, or bubble butts, or both. As always, there are a few that tend to catch one's attention. On Thursday night, the majority of my tip money kept finding it's way into Zach's waisteband. (Zach in pic below). But I also enjoyed a little tip time with Joey, and Caleb. And I have to say, you have to spend some time with Caleb, his personality (among other things) will win you over. My partner was busy spreading his tips between Mike and Jerry, the boys with a little fur on their chests.

Dancer: Zach ~ Photo Source: Corner Pocket

   On the second night, Jay and I were asked along with two other couples to be judges in the New Meat contest. There were nineteen boys in the competition and each were judged on three different categories. The DJ for the competition was Lisa Beaumann. Two winners emerge at the end, one who is considered the amateur or first-timer, and another who is the regular. It was a lot of fun and of course, we were getting all kinds of extra attention. Thank you gentlemen for allowing us the honor and pleasure of being judges. And of course, the second night we became fans of additional dancers. The favorite of the night for me was Mitch. Meet Mitch and you'll understand. He brings the complete package to the show. I also enjoyed watching and tipping Terry. What impressed me about these guys as well were the thank you's as we tipped. It matters. It works. Well, it always works on me. Jay enjoyed the attention of Kevin, and knowing Jay like I do, Kevin was the type of male dancer that Jay is always looking for to have fun. And he did.

Dancer: Mike ~ Photo Source: Corner Pocket

   I am not going to share in this blog any details of my tipping experiences. All I can tell you is that I kept mumbling phrases like, "Well, helloooo!" "Oh, my!" "Please come back by during your next session!" "Adorable!" "Mmmmm, Mmmmmm, Mmmmmm!" It's been a long time since I've had this much fun! Special thanks to Michael and to Jeremy for your amazing hospitality!
   Everyone that likes to party finds their way to New Orleans at least once in their life. And for some of us, we return often (and even live there for a while). Be sure you find your way to the corner of St. Louis and Burgundy, and enter the Corner Pocket.
   Until next time, add a little extra hot sauce! And don't forget to tip the boyz!

*Claudia - The character from Interview With A Vampire

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Silverado in Portland, OR
~ Guest Review by Falkirk ~

Photo Source: Silverado Facebook Page

Whoopee! Silverado!
   I went to Silverado in Portland on St. Patrick’s Day and had a great time. What a happy place that is. It is the only male stripper bar that I have been to that welcomes men and women equally and, in my opinion, it seems to work. Maybe because Portland, OR is such a liberal city and all the folks are just generally mellow and accepting of each other.
   The sign out front says “no bachelorette parties” and “no loud screaming or cheering”. I guess some measure of decorum must be met. Portland is known for the highest number of strip clubs per capita of any city in the USA. Strip clubs can serve alcohol IF THEY ALSO SERVE FOOD. So back behind the bar is a kitchen ready to serve up pub fare of a certain quality along with the booze and entertainment. What a concept!
   So the boys all come out when the show starts at 10 pm and then one by one they get their 10 to 15 minutes on stage. The first round was more of a tease, stripping down to underwear and slipping them down over the bum, then the second the subsequent rounds were whatever the market could bare. I couldn’t help notice that one dancer looked familiar, and it was only when I was walking to my car that I placed him as a Sean Cody model of a year or two ago. He was a star attraction (I am adding a photo I found on the internet). But the other boys were all super friendly, interactive while not on stage and on stage were not shy. A couple danced most of their set fully nude. Others were a little more coy.

Photo Source: Provided by Falkirk
Note from Mike: I do believe pic has been photoshop enhanced a bit. We'll look for an actual image and post here as well.

   The music was not too loud, the bartenders were handsome (in their underwear) and they served up drinks that were priced to make you feel like you were in a neighborhood bar, not a supercharged night club. I guess that sums up the experience. Portland’s Silverado is like Portland itself. It’s friendly, neighborhood kind of place. Everyone is welcome and everyone’s attributes are appreciated. Just come to town and enjoy the fun.

Note from Mike: Thanks Falkirk for being our eyes and ears in other locations. I hope to make it the Silverado. You're review tells me it is just the type of place that I will love!