Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Silverado in Portland, OR
~ Guest Review by Falkirk ~

Photo Source: Silverado Facebook Page

Whoopee! Silverado!
   I went to Silverado in Portland on St. Patrick’s Day and had a great time. What a happy place that is. It is the only male stripper bar that I have been to that welcomes men and women equally and, in my opinion, it seems to work. Maybe because Portland, OR is such a liberal city and all the folks are just generally mellow and accepting of each other.
   The sign out front says “no bachelorette parties” and “no loud screaming or cheering”. I guess some measure of decorum must be met. Portland is known for the highest number of strip clubs per capita of any city in the USA. Strip clubs can serve alcohol IF THEY ALSO SERVE FOOD. So back behind the bar is a kitchen ready to serve up pub fare of a certain quality along with the booze and entertainment. What a concept!
   So the boys all come out when the show starts at 10 pm and then one by one they get their 10 to 15 minutes on stage. The first round was more of a tease, stripping down to underwear and slipping them down over the bum, then the second the subsequent rounds were whatever the market could bare. I couldn’t help notice that one dancer looked familiar, and it was only when I was walking to my car that I placed him as a Sean Cody model of a year or two ago. He was a star attraction (I am adding a photo I found on the internet). But the other boys were all super friendly, interactive while not on stage and on stage were not shy. A couple danced most of their set fully nude. Others were a little more coy.

Photo Source: Provided by Falkirk
Note from Mike: I do believe pic has been photoshop enhanced a bit. We'll look for an actual image and post here as well.

   The music was not too loud, the bartenders were handsome (in their underwear) and they served up drinks that were priced to make you feel like you were in a neighborhood bar, not a supercharged night club. I guess that sums up the experience. Portland’s Silverado is like Portland itself. It’s friendly, neighborhood kind of place. Everyone is welcome and everyone’s attributes are appreciated. Just come to town and enjoy the fun.

Note from Mike: Thanks Falkirk for being our eyes and ears in other locations. I hope to make it the Silverado. You're review tells me it is just the type of place that I will love!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

FB And The Phallus

   It's HARD ON a guy like me to post pics of an exotic male dancer's WILLY on Facebook. There is a decision before the post can be made...WOODY or WOODY not. A cloth covered ERECTION can be a thing of beauty. But the policies of Facebook will slap it and say, "PENIS bad".
   And one can never post a bare COCK in all it's glory on Facebook without consequences. So, as a result of posting too much DICK and ass, the Michael Hill account on Facebook has been suspended once again. This time indefinitely. You could say I've been given the SHAFT.
   It is most likely that this Michael Hill will never again post a pic of a male dancer's TOOL on Facebook. I will never again click upload to share the engorged MEMBER of a male stripper. My friends list will never again see that I have "liked" that most amazing go-go boy's SCHLONG.
   It would have been ok, had some jealous PRICK not reported it. Facebook tends to turn a blind eye to a secret and closed group otherwise. But like my friend PETER says, "It's all good."
   So, what's the plan? Well, I'm keeping the Facebook Exotic Male Dancer Secret Group active. And I will keep the Facebook Males In Motion page as well. I had set up a second account and made it an administrator for both as a safety net in case something like this were to happen. I will be posting links in these two locations that will take you to my tumblr blog, instagram and twitter accounts, or the Males In Motion website. And I may add others in the future. The pics in these two locations on Facebook will have 'the boyz' and the bubble butts covered but once you click on them, you will be transported into a world of freedom where all may be revealed.
   Let's keep in touch. And since we're not concentrating on FB, we can touch it.
   Until next time, keep those boys dancing.

You can find me at the places below.

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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Back In The Saddle Again

Photo Source: Snagged from online

   I am back in the saddle, the blog saddle that is. After a short winter hiatus where I stepped back and dealt with real life for a while, I have returned refreshed, renewed and hopefully with new insights concerning the exotic male dancer entertainment industry. And with my return, those who know me well, would expect nothing less than a cowboy reference. For those of you into leather, the idea of a saddle, well, I'm sure that has your imagination firing off as well.

Photo Source: Snagged from online

   Not so very long ago, I mentioned in a blog that I have observed a five year cycle that happens with many facets of my life. This year, 2015, has already proven to be one for me. What I mean by a five year cycle is the ebb and flow of entertainment, interests, finances, etc. For me this has meant paying off the loan on my current vehicle; a change in management at businesses I am associated with; family members graduating from college and kindergarten; friends unexpectedly passing from this life; and making some major career choses for myself, etc. I've watched this happen several times in my life as old comforts and habits drop away and new experiences take their place. And it seems to me that within a five year period, my life is changed forever by the events and people who have changed around me. I look back and in many ways, I am not the same person I was five years ago.

Photo Source: Snagged from online

   So, how does this relate to the exotic male dancer entertainment industry? I am simply here to say watch for changes and new opportunities. I'm not a psychic. I'm not a fortune teller. I'm simply an observer. Already this year, I've watched several new clubs open and I've also seen old favorites close. I have observed several new male revues and agencies step out and lead the way. I know of male dancers who after a 2-3 years career have decided to move on to a different occupation.

Photo Source: Snagged from online

   The main purpose for my writing this blog is to encourage you, the exotic male dancer fans, to enjoy what you've got while it is here. The club you enjoy on Friday or Saturday night, might not be here next year unless you are out showing your support by paying the cover charges, buying drinks and most importantly tipping the boyz! That hot male dancer that always pushes all your buttons, may decide a new career path is needed unless those dollar bills are being sufficiently stuffed in his waist band, armband, thigh band or socks.

Photo Source: Snagged from online

   And for the exotic male dancer, stipper, go-go boy, pole dancer, etc., I say...never take the customers for granted. Their lives follow an ebb and flow cycle as well. That big tipper that helps keep your rent paid each month may move away. The bachelorette or bachelor parties may find a new venue. The owner/manager at the club where you dance may decide it's time to retire, do something else or close the club. Spend as much of your time as you can saying 'thank you' to those who support you. And I'll let you in on a little secret, if you learn their name, it will pay off...I promise.

Photo Source: Snagged from online

   Until next time, if I walk into the club where you dance, go put on that cowboy hat, a pair of those underwear that pushes 'the boyz' out front, and give me one of those smiles. I'll be right there with tips in hand. If you are also wearing cowboy boots, I'll tip double, triple, or empty my pockets.

Photo Source: Snagged from online

NOTE: All pics in this blog were snagged from online. If you know the source, please let me know and I'll give them the credit due.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

For A Good Time...Visit Dick!
Dick's Cabaret ~ Phoenix, AZ

Photo Source: Dick's Cabaret Facebook Page

GUEST REVIEW By FALKIRK ... His experience at Dick's Cabaret in Phoenix, AZ
   I went to Dick's last night for the second time in about six weeks. The last time was a Tuesday night, and I was the only one there with eight dancers. They all performed for me, even though I made it clear I was only there while I was waiting for some friends to land at the nearby airport to pick them up.
   Anyway, it set the tone as a surprisingly fun place. Last night, there was a little more activity (Wednesday) with some of the same dancers, some new.
   A refresher: Dick's has been around a long time and has made at least one major move in the last few years. It is in a warehouse district between the Phoenix Airport and University of Arizona-Tempe. At first glance it seems a little seedy (well, a lot seedy), but the dancers make all the difference. There is no smoking allowed, and there is no alcohol (state law). So it is all about the boys.
   They are each introduced and perform two songs while doing some amazing pole work. By the second song, they are in their underwear and the DJ prompts them for the last minute of their set and they become fully nude.
   After the dance, they circulate among the group and make contact with the customers. Most a very friendly and outgoing. Of course, looking to score a lap dance ($10) on the floor or a VIP dance ($20) in an area just off the entrance (not private). There they dance fully nude.
   The dancers were all very good-looking and well-equipped. They were predominantly Caucasian guys with one mixed race. It was easy to talk with them and learn their "stories." I learned that most were straight but loved working for men and truly, they seemed to enjoy what they were doing.
   They don't do costumes. Just street clothes. And they aren't on for very long. The pole work is awesome. These guys practice a lot and do things on the pole I didn't think was possible. One guy even did his stripping while on the pole!
   All in all, I think this place doesn't get higher ratings as a bar because it really is a place for the dancers. It is run by Cynthia, who I introduced myself to. She has been at it for years and reminds me of Darlene at the Gaiety in New York, the famous strip show palace that met it demise several years ago along with the Times Square clean up campaign.
   Finally, even though it is in area that could appear dicey at night, the place is well-lit and has a gated parking area. Go for a good time, anytime.
Thanks for the review Falkirk... Michael Hill
NOTE FROM MICHAEL HILL: I have spoken with some of the dancers online and on the phone. They are a great group of guys. If you're in the Phoenix, AZ area, you owe it to yourself to stop in and have some fun. Tell them Mike at Males In Motion says hi. And tip well for me!

The Nude Male Dancers of Stockbar in Montreal
Click the pic and see much more!

(Photo Source: Stockbar ~ Montreal)

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

It's All About The Tease!
A Males In Motion Motto

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital Model: Joey

   It's enough to make you go crazy! What is? Leave them hanging. Leave them wanting more. It's all about the tease!

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital Model: Allen Cody

   Yes, I like the 'full monty'. I like naked men. I enjoy clubs where male nudity is the drawing card. However, what excites me most is how they go from keeping 'the boys' covered to standing before you in the buff. That is where the show is created. That is where the entertainment happens.

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital Model: Austin

   Anyone can go online and see naked men any time of day, all day long. We can see pics of naked men. We can watch videos of naked men. And let's take it a step farther. We can hire a hot, sexy male to come to our house or hotel room and get naked for us. So, what is going to lure me to watch you, the exotic male dancer? What is going to motivate me enough to get me out of my cozy home and into the bar or club where you are performing? Then, what is going to motivate me to hand my cash over to you? It's the tease. It's all about the tease!

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital Model: Zac

   Let's set the stage for the game. The exotic male dancer's strategy begins with how he will get the customer to give him cash in tips. The customer's strategy is how can I see more, touch more, or do more with the exotic male dancer by giving him cash in tips. In this blog, I am assisting the exotic male dancer with his strategy. The bottom line is this...tease the customer into thinking he/she is going to get more than what you actually give.

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital Model: Conrad

   How do you tease a customer into thinking they will get more than you will actually give? Let's go with the format of the exotic male dancer or male stripper at a club on a stage. The goal is to get the customer to come to the stage and tip you. How will we get that accomplished? First, use your eyes. Make eye contact with them. That says, I see you and I want you to come and see me. Second, give them the smile. If you have a cute, great, sexy smile...it will push the buttons for many customers. A smile sends an invitation. It says, I want you here by me. It says, come on over and let's see what happens.

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital Model: Tye

   Third, use body language. Sometimes this can be subtle as in rubbing your hand across your chest or abs. Other times it can be more obvious as in grabbing your underwear covered cock, or sticking your hand down your pants.
   Fourth, watch their response. Did the customer meet your gaze and hold it? Did you get a smile back? Did you spark an interest that shows in his/her eyes?

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital Model: Jacob

   Fifth, give them a small glimpse of your wares. Pull your underwear down from the side. Show a portion of that ass cheek. Pull your underwear down almost to the point where your cock is starting to show and stop. Make them come to you if they want to see more. Not that they necessarily will see more, but ... It's all about the tease!

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital Model: Donovan

   When the customer is standing at the stage/box before you ready to tip, dollars in hand...what do you do to get as many of their dollars as you possibly can before they leave you? This is up to the male dancer. He decides what happens. The customer is already there so they are going to tip. But how the exotic male dancer responds will most often determine how long the customer stays and continues to tip.
   At this point I must return to my role as a customer and tell you what causes me to tip more. In this blog I have basically told you what motivates me. I like eye contact from a male dancer. He tells me he notices that I am there. He flashes a smile. For me that smile says, "I see you and I know you are interested. Come on over and let's have fun." I want him to work me just a little more. Show me a bit of ass. And I like the overt demonstration of sexuality. Grab your crotch and squeeze a little. Pull down your underwear a little. Show me what I might get to touch. Now I am up walking toward the dancer.

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital Model: Joey

   When I arrive at the stage/box, I am not a grab it and run type customer. I am respectful. I want the dancer to show me what is acceptable to him. At the same time, by now my body is screaming that it wants to touch any and everything. The brain has gone idle at this point. Let the customer reach and place the first tip. Nothing is for free. After the fist tip has been placed, I prefer for the dancer to take my hands and run them from his chest, down his abs and onto his legs. That's a tease because we didn't touch 'the boys'. And inside I"m hoping that now he will guide my hands or give me a nod, or give me permission to go for the gold. I am then going to tip again because I want more to happen. He can also guide my hands to squeeze his ass. I have no problem placing tips in the back as well.

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital Model: Allen Cody

   A lot of times there will be small talk involved. A dancer wants to try to create a fan at this point. A fan is someone who will return to tip you again that same night, or on future visits. Ask them their name. Thank them for coming up to tip. Ask them if they are having fun. Ask them if they are celebrating anything tonight. Sometimes you can get introduced to a full table of potential tippers who are there for a birthday party, etc. You want to be friendly and flirtatious. The customer will then become a fan and go back and tell his friends how nice and sexy you are and most often their friends will be coming up next.

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital Model: Austin

   Back to me, the customer, standing in front of the exotic male dancer and tipping. I will be honest and put it out there plain and simple. I have an underwear fetish. So, if I am provided the opportunity to squeeze a fabric covered cock while tipping, I will be back to tip again.

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital Model: Zac

   I think it is important to address the situation for guys who dance at fully nude clubs. Giving a glimpse of ass or cock isn't all that special when a fellow dancer is walking around letting it swing. For you, it is important that you be as charming as you possibly can. You are going to have to use your verbal skills to make the guest feel important and let them know you are grateful that they came out to tip you. The hot body, big cock and bubble butt will cause them to look and want to touch. Remember, It's all about the tease! The personal interaction will be what makes them continue to stand there and drop dollars. Let them daydream about what might happen with you. And when it comes to trips to the vip rooms for private lap dances, it is the personal interaction that will cause them to return with you again and again. Tease them. Let them know that you are the best choice for the VIP room because they will have the most fun with you. Don't oversell it. Make sure they have fun but it is your choice how that fun is achieved.

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital Model: Conrad

   Until next time, tease me to please me!
The Nude Male Dancers of Stockbar in Montreal
Click the pic and see much more!

(Photo Source: Stockbar ~ Montreal)

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Our Valentine Crushes
Male Dancers Who Have Caught Our Eye

   We're presenting five hot males who we've developed a bit of a crush over. These are some of the boys whose looks, bodies, voices, etc., have pushed our buttons. We've placed the Salt N Pepa classic "Whatta man" at the top. So, click the play button, then pass on that annoying ad. While the music plays, check out who we've got a crush on this February.

(Pic above: Joey, our newest Males In Motion model ~ Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital)

(Photo Source: Eddie's Facebook Page)

   Yea, I heard you. You went 'mmmmmmmmm' when you looked at Eddie's pic. I understand completely. Eddie makes his home in Southern California and you'll find him dancing at various clubs in the area.

(Photo Source: Cameron's Facebook Page)

   The eyes, the face, the body...the complete package. Warning: Do not check out Cameron's Facebook page unless you want to have a crush of your own! Catch him dancing at various clubs around New York City.

(Photo Source: Jacob's Facebook Page)

   You can find Jacob revealing more of himself at X-Room By Mardi Gras in Springfield, MA. And we believe more of Jacob is always a very good thing! Follow him on his facebook page.

(Photo Source: The Corner Pocket, New Orleans )

   This Puerto Rican will definitely turn up the heat for you. Catch him on the bar at The Corner Pocket in New Orleans, LA.

(Photo Source: Emiliano's Facebook Page)

   Emiliano makes his home in Tulsa. However, we've noticed that he is posting on Facebook that he will be visiting (and dancing) in other cities around the U.S. Check out his Facebook page and find out where you can see him. You'll want to sip your drink and just watch but I encourage you to tip. The one-on-one experience is worth it!

   If you have the opportunity to go see any of the five above, we say, "Go Get Your Crush On!" Until next time, keep a smile on your face...tip the dancing boyz!

The Nude Male Dancers of Stockbar in Montreal
Click the pic and see much more!

(Photo Source: Stockbar ~ Montreal)

Friday, January 23, 2015

Fifteen To See In 2015 Mike's Recommendations

   I had begun a TOP !5 List to post at the end of the year but held back. The list of course is always subjective and based on the likes and experiences of myself, my blog readers, Facebook friends, etc. I chose instead to compose a simple list of where I would go if I were traveling to specific regions of the United States and Canada. These of course, are still subjective and are as always based on my personal preferences or they may be new places I want to discover. The list is what it is. I welcome any comments at the bottom of the blog. You may also send me feedback through email at mike@malesinmotion. Thanks for reading.

(Photo Source: X-Room Facebook Page)

X Room at Mardi Gras ~ Springfield, MA
   If I am anywhere near Springfield, MA, you will find me at X Room at Mardi Gras. I visited the club in June 2014 and not only had a great time, but have made some friends that I stay in contact with. Click here and read my review.

(Photo Source: Corner Pocket Facebook Page)

The Corner Pocket - New Orleans, LA
   As a former resident of New Orleans, I have a soft spot in my heart for the French Quarter. New Orleans is known for its decadence and when I go to The Corner Pocket, I get to feel I'm being bad. Take a walk on your wild side and enjoy the pleasures of this city and this club.

(Photo Source: The Toolbox Saloon Facebook Page)

The Toolbox Saloon - Columbus, OH
   In my review of this bar/club, I stated that this is the type of place I would own if possible. It is a low key place that provides a great atmosphere, fun and 'hot' male dancer entertainers. The bartenders are friendly. It's one of those places you want to just go and hang out for a while. Click here and read my review.

(Photo Source: Stockbar)

Stockbar - Montreal, Quebec
   After several years of watching the hot male dancers at Stockbar online, I was finally able to visit the club this past summer. It lived up to all my expectations and more. And I can't say it enough, the sexy French Canadian accents on these men will drive you wild. Be prepared to tip. You won't be able to control yourself. Click here and read my review.

(Photo Source: Men Of Skin Facebook Page)

Missie B's - Kansas City, MO
   I like the club Missie B's and one of the main reasons is the Men Of Skin who perform at the club each weekend. I know several of these guys personally. I love their business mentality of treating the customer right. But most importantly of course, is that they are sexy as hell! Ok, let's just get down to the brass tacks and say, these guys are the real deal! They are the quality eye candy that you go to clubs like this to see! And on top of that, they are nice guys, good people!

(Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital)

Area 18 ~ Tulsa, OK
   After a full year in business, Area 18 keeps bringing exciting new dancers onto their bar. With special appearances by Andrew Christian models and Andrew Christian himself, the club has upped the standard for bars of this type in Tulsa. But most importantly, they provide very enjoyable visual stimulation through their dancer selection. And each weekend the dancers of Area 18 are often joined by some of the hottest talent from nearby cities such as Dallas, Oklahoma City, Kansas City, and more! The Men Of Skin are frequent visitors to the club as well! Tell 'Granny' Sabrina (at the door), and DJ Wes that Mike of Males In Motion says hi.

(Photo Source: Share Facebook Page)

Share - Las Vegas, NV
   In the spirit of full disclosure, I will state it up front that I have never been to Share in Las Vegas, NV. I have however asked friends who were in Vegas to check it out and they have all returned with glowing reviews. What has captured my attention is the pic posts they make on Facebook. The dancers are hot and have been 'blessed' in all the right places. I hope to make my own personal visit in 2015.

(Photo Source: Rich's Facebook Page)

Rich's - San Diego, CA
   The photography of Jason King has provided glimpses into the world of Rich's in San Diego. The club also hosts a Stripper Circus night which is always going to make me take a second look.

(Photo Source: Swinging Richards Facebook Page)

Swinging Richards - Atlanta, GA
   SR has remained in my list for many years. As I have said before, I have never been disappointed enjoying a night at this club. There are always several dancers that I enjoy. I have experienced the VIP lounge and recommend it. I make trips to Atlanta, GA simply to go to this club.

(Photo Source: Floppy Rooster Facebook Page)

Floppy Rooster - Miami, FL
   Celebrating their first year in business, we congratulate the Floppy Rooster. We are always glad to support and recommend a quality club experience with fully nude men. Floppy Rooster has it!

(Photo Source: Boxers N Briefs Facebook Page)

Boxers N Briefs - St. Louis, MO
   Over the years I have enjoyed a friendship with different managers, bartenders and dancers at Boxers N Briefs. I make 2-3 trips a year to the St. Louis area (Centreville, IL) to check in with the guys. This is where I go to unwind, have a drink and get away for a weekend. (I say unwind, but actually the place gets me all wound up in certain 'good' ways.)

(Photo Source: Luis Gomez Presents Facebook Page)

Luis Gomez's Spunk Party - NYC
   Pole dancers, lap dances, tiny towel shows...what else could you want? Luis Gomez puts together a great party with an amazing line up of hot male dancers. You can often find his events at the Manhattan Monster Bar or Pieces Bar in NYC. Follow his Facebook page to get all the juicy details. Everybody needs a little spunk in their life! Hosted by Holly Dae.

(Photo Source: Le Campus Website)

Le Campus ~ Montreal, Quebec
   During my trip to Montreal I made a brief stop into Campus Bar. I will definitely be going back. There were several dancers that I would have loved to get to know better. There just wasn't the time on this trip. But, Campus Bar is on the top of my list for the next visit. Click here and read my review.

(Photo Source: Here Lounge Facebook Page and Jason King Photography)

Here Lounge - West Hollywood, CA
   My latest male dancer crush is on Eddie Eduardo (in pic), who has been seen dancing for Ride at Here Lounge in WeHo. So, I would have to add Here Lounge to my fifteen. And another thanks to Jason King for posting those great pics!

(Photo Source: Oil Can Harry's Facebook Page)

Oil Can Harry's - Austin, TX
   Tuesday nights look like the perfect time to stop in at OCH. The go-go boys or a possible Stripper Circus might be the feature of the night. I love the city of Austin and the Texas men that live there. I visited OCH in the past, and look forward to another visit to the Long Horn home city.

(Photo Source: Pieces Bar Facebook Page)

   Those are my fifteen recommendations for 2015 at this time. There are so many more I could add and will in future blogs. Until next time, don't forget to tip the boyz!

The Nude Male Dancers of Stockbar in Montreal
Click the pic and see much more!

(Photo Source: Stockbar ~ Montreal)