Friday, October 24, 2014

When Clothes Are Required...
What Are They Wearing?

(Photo Source: X-Room At Mardi Gra = Springfield, MA)
   I have one piece of advice to pass on to exotic male dancers when it comes to selecting underwear for 'work' at the club, bar or event. Pay attention now. Here it is!!! "If the underwear you have on increases your tips, then you've made the best selection." That's the only thing you need to be concerned about.

(Photo Source: Rain on 4th = Austin, TX)
   If the underwear is increasing your tips, then it must look good on you! It must make you look sexy! And your fans/customers are motivated to slip dollars in its waistband, etc. Here's the brands can be nice but if they aren't increasing your tips, then why pay all that money for something that isn't working for you?

(Photo Source: Darryl Riddler at BPM New York)
   In this blog I have collected pics from around Facebook as a random sample of what some of the working male dancers are wearing at the clubs. You can see some of the familiar brands like Andrew Christian, Calvin Klein, Pump, Diesel, American Eagle, Papi, Emporio Armani, Hugo Boss, D & G and many more. There are also guys who are wearing some of the inexpensive Chinese products and they look hot and sexy!

(Photo Source: Thomas Trinity)
   For those male dancers who have spent a lot of time concerning yourself with buying specific brand names, let me tell you a little secret. When the fans/customers are looking at your underwear, they aren't checking out the brand label.

(Photo Source: Dustin Gold at Eleven Nightclub in West Hollywood, CA)
   Unless that label is printed over your 'junk' or your sweet bubble butt, chances are, they'll never see it. What they are looking at is how much they can actually see when that pair of underwear is molded around your 'boyz'. Or how well those jock straps frame your ass! So, you can relax now and start looking for something that showcases your goods in a way that stirs the men and ladies to pull out those dollars and stick them in your paths to glory.

(Photo Source: Emiliano Bonilla at F Bar in Houston, TX)

(Photo Source: Zion of Men Of Skin - Kansas City, MO)

(Photo Source: Stockbar) in Montreal, Quebec

(Photo Source: Cockfight) in New York, NY

(Photo Source: Gruff at G Lounge in New York, NY)

(Photo Source: Rich's) in San Diego, CA

(Photo Source: Eleven Nightclub in West Hollywood, CA)
   Now, I'm all about the underwear. You see for me, "It's all about the tease!". The underwear keeps everything all covered up in a nice colorful wrapping. I'm watching hoping you'll pull that wrapping down and give me a peek of what lies beyond. That's working it for my attention. And I'll be up to tip you and cop a feel if I think I can get by with it.

(Photo Source: Males In Motion archives)
   When you bring everything down to it's most basic level, this is how important brand name underwear actually is. The pic above and below is what we really want to see. And just where is the brand name now? Yea, on the second look you saw it but not the first! ;)
   Until next time, keep teasing with that underwear! And all you customers/fans reading this, remember to strategically place those tips to show your appreciation!

Friday, September 26, 2014

I've Seen The Future
I Was In Pittsburgh And Dick Was There!

   The elderly gentleman stepped from his seat at the end of the bar and moved to the dancer box where the hot young nude male was dancing. Not being allowed to touch the nude dancer, he dropped several dollar bills onto the dancer box in front of the bare feet. He returned to his seat at the bar. A few minutes later he got up again and repeated the tipping process. I watched him do this seven or eight times during the dancer's first session. Each time the dancer would lean down and thank the old man. The thought popped into my mind, "That's me in a few years." A big smile spread across my face. I'd seen my future and I could live with that.
   It was a rainy, stormy night in Pittsburgh. You could feel that a heavy downpour was about to commence but for now it was clear. We parked in a nearby Pep Boys lot and walked to PTown Bar. Upon entering the bar, all eyes turned toward the three of us. As you step inside the entrance, there is a long bar to the right of the room. There were 10-12 customers sitting around the bar. This was a neighborhood type bar and it was obvious they were regulars. You could read their faces. Who are these people? They are not one of us.
   To the left of the bar in front was the box for the dancer, and several high tables with chairs toward the back. We stopped at the bar and got a beer, then sat down at one of the tables. It was only a few minutes before a tall, slim yet muscular dancer made his way to the box. He was wearing underwear which he slid off as soon as he stepped up and began to dance.
   His name was Brett, mid 20s, and during the night we found out he danced to make extra cash to pay the bills. He had a nice body with a great ass. His endowment was above average and swung ever so proudly from his shaved crotch. I followed the example of the elderly man and made my way to the box and dropped a few dollars. The dancer leaned down and thanked me.

   The music was way too loud to have much of a conversation with Brett when tipping but he dropped by our table selling jello shots and we were able to visit with him then. We didn't buy the jello shots, just kept slipping tips into his waistband.

   I recommend PTown for a starting place or a stop on your night of bar hopping. Depending on the dancer, it is worth a visit. Brett was the only dancer the night we visited PTown. There was no cover and the parking at the Pep Boys lot was free. The bar was easy to get to and beers were priced about the same as other bars of its kind, $3.25-$4 plus tips.
   Until next time, I hope you see dick in your future. And remember to drop those dollars on the box!

Note: All pics above are from the PTown Website.
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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Reported On Facebook
Posting Sexy Pics On Social Media

(Photo Source: Michael Hill Facebook page)
   "You've been suspended from posting on Facebook for three days." That was the basic idea of the message I received a month or so ago. Someone had turned in the pic above which I had used as part of my Facebook header during pride. It was over a month after I had replaced it but was still in my photo albums. I wish people would get a life. I also wish I could say that it was always because the pic was way too hot for Facebook. Then it might make sense (well, not really...why can't they just unfriend?). But, unfortunately, most of the time I've found for myself and others it is just someone who is jealous or a hater for one reason or another. Still, posting pics on social media sites is still very important for promotion.
"The more pics you post. The more pics that will have the opportunity to be shared. The more pics that are shared, the more promotion you will receive for yourself, your club, your biz, etc."

(Photo Source: Apollo Male Dancers - Diesel Facebook page). See more of Diesel from the Males In Motion blog in which he was featured. Click here.

   It's not rocket science. It's human nature. When I see a pic of a hot male dancer in his underwear, or halfway out of it, I will almost always without hesitation share it. And when I share it, those in my friends' list will 'like' it or share it. And it can go on and on. So, your initial post of one hot pic will result in the pic being shared across the internet. Add in Twitter, Tumblr, etc., and the pics go around the world.

(Photo Source: Stockbar - Montreal). Read Mike's review of Stockbar from his visit to Montreal. Click here.

   Some of you may argue that not everyone is in your target market. No, they may not be. But chances are, they will be sharing with other friends who are. Also, there is always the good possibility that they or someone on their friends' list will be traveling to your fair city and if they are enticed by your pic, will want to visit you, the dancer, or the bar/club/event.

(Photo Source: Jacob Anderson Facebook page)
   I don't think I"m alone when I say that I remember hot dancers, clubs and pics and will either mentally or digital file those images away for retrieval when I'm ready to visit your fair city. And so do many other travelers and vacationers. For those living in your area, they will visit sooner when enticed.

(Photo Source: Jaime Awad Facebook page)
   The reason I wrote this blog was because of a difficult Facebook pic search I recently experienced. I wrote the blog about tipping male dancers. I was searching for pics of dancers being tipped by customers. They were difficult to find. I also found during this search that many clubs, dancers, etc., do not post candid pics of their dancers. They seem to want to post only slick, professional images from a studio. Or, they post posters using pics of male models who have nothing to do with their club or event.

(Photo Source: Men Of Skin Facebook page). Read Mike's most recent blog featuring the Men Of Skin. Click here.
   I encourage male dancers, promoters, managers, owners, etc. to hire a photographer from time to time or even use your smart phone and take a few pics of customers interacting with the dancers. This makes them appear more friendly and approachable. This can also plant a subliminal message that the bar/club/venue is also friendly and a fun place for them to be.

(Photo Source: Icon - Astoria, NY Facebook page)
   Until next time, keep posting those pics of customers tipping the boyz! Make sure it's ok with the dancer and the customer first. It usually keep 'em coming. I'll be watching and ready to share!

NOTE: Below I've posted a Message Card that I post for those who want to report my photos. Please feel free to pull it down and use it for yourself as well. "Ain't nobody got time for pic haters!"

(Photo Source: Males In Motion)

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Club Review: Toolbox Saloon
Columbus, OH
Love And Lust Of A Road Warrior

(Photo Source: The Toolbox Saloon facebook page)
   Road trip! Road trip! Woohoo! My partner and I jumped in the car and headed out at 4am on a Wednesday morning. After driving through parts of three states, we reached our destination in Ohio. We were there to visit one of our closest friends who lives and works in the Columbus area. It was only a matter of time before I would scope out the nearby clubs with male dancers. I had been following the Toolbox Saloon online for over a year. I checked their facebook page and saw that 'Throb Thursday' was when their dancing boys wearing briefs would appear. We set our plan in action and found easy parking outside the bar on a Thursday night in August.

(Photo Source: The Toolbox Saloon facebook page)

   Seriously, if I could own a bar of my own, this is very close to what it would be. The Toolbox Saloon is a neighborhood bar with friendly people, good drinks and of course, hot male dancers. If I lived near Columbus, OH, I would be here every Thursday night at 7:00pm. There were three of us and when we walked in the door, the bartender immediately greeted us and began quizzing us on how he could make our favorite drinks. Although tempted by some of his creative concoctions, I chose to stay true to myself and ordered a dirty martini. My compadres ordered a jack and coke and a bud light. The prices were comparable to those we've paid in many other places. There was no cover charge.

(Photo Source: The Toolbox Saloon facebook page)
   In good weather, The Toolbox Saloon serves food on the outdoor patio. The bar has an interior just large enough that everyone gets a good seat for the shows. We found a table over to one side where the three of us could sit comfortably, watch the show, and enjoy our drinks. The music was played at the right volume for dancers to perform and yet still interact with the customers. And interact they did.

We would definitely place Zach (above) in the "above average" size department.
(Photo Source: Zach's facebook page)

   Throb Thursday has an early show and a late show. Two dancers were scheduled for each show. We were there for the early show since we had another commitment later in the night. And I for one am happy that we chose the early show. I'm sure the late show was good as well, but Zach and Xavier were at the first one. Zach had three different sessions while we were there. I remember all three but the second and third dances stand out in my mind. The second because he came out dressed as a cowboy. Enough said. The third because he used the classic song "The Stroke" by Billy Squire. I've added the song to the bottom of this blog so you can understand just how appropriate that song was for a male dancer fan like me. And lets just say that Zach is well equipped to create fantasies that go along with that song.
   "Tengo una debilidad por los bailarines latinos." I have a weakness for Latino male dancers. Xavier is a hot young latino with an ass that requires all your resistance to keep from reaching out and.... Well, my resistance wasn't very strong. But I was only 'giving him a tip' of course. I said, "muy guapo'. He said 'thank you'. I said, 'no, thank you!'

Johnny (above) is another dancer at The Toolbox Saloon.
(Photo Source: The Toolbox Saloon facebook page)

   Whether it's on purpose or it just comes naturally, the guys at The Toolbox Saloon practice customer service at it's best. The bartender came to our table and checked on us twice during the night. The dancers each came by our table, spoke with us and said thanks for each tip that was placed in their waistbands.

Ryan (above) is another dancer at The Toolbox Saloon.
(Photo Source: The Toolbox Saloon facebook page)

   When I return to Columbus, OH, and I will, I'll find my way to The Toolbox Saloon on any and all nights that male dancers will be present. Thank you to everyone at the bar for making our evening fun, hot and something we're telling stories about. Thanks to Zach and Xavier. It's obvious when dancers are enjoying what they're doing. With you guys it showed. Special thanks to Zach for rocking (and filling out) a thong, more than once. Oh my, oh my...
   Until next time, enjoy the classic song "The Stroke" by Billy Squier. (Yea, it looks kind of cheesy now but the words can still work a crowd.)
   I fell in love with the Toolbox Saloon and definitely in lust with the male dancers! This road warrior will be ready for another trip to Ohio. Stop in and tell them Mike at Males In Motion says 'hi'! And don't forget to tip the boys!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Why The Hell Should I Tip A Male Dancer?
(It Creates The Full Swing)

(Photo Source: glounge facebook page)
   Why the hell should I tip a male dancer? There are many reasons but I know of three that stand out: It's fun. It's sexy. It's a new story to tell.

(Photo Source: Magnum Thursdays facebook page)
   Tipping an exotic male dancer is fun! I don't know about you but I don't always have sexy men running around in their underwear at my house. Well, I take that back, I do have my partner. (Love you baby). But you know what I mean. Since I'm not the organizer or participant of an all male orgy, I don't usually have men in briefs or naked just waiting around for me to stop and admire. If you do, I say cheers and tip my dirty martini. But in most households, it's not the norm.

(Photo Source: Sinzation Male Review facebook page)
   So, take advantage of the situation, tip the boys and enjoy the hot men in their underwear....or less. By tipping them you let them know you like what you see. You show your appreciation for their working out and keeping their bodies in tip-top shape. And tipping encourages them to keep working as a male dancer. When they look good, we want them to stay around so we can keep enjoying them.

(Photo Source: Corner Pocket facebook page)
   Tipping an exotic male dancer is sexy as hell! When I'm at a bar or club, I survey the available male dancers and as everyone does, I visually determine which one I want to tip first. My normal proclivity is toward the lean athletic guys with muscle definition and cute twinks. But I also can be motivated to check out a dancer for other reasons...a handsome face, a bubble butt, a big dick or an erection, a broad and defined chest, etc. I want to show my appreciation for such amazing assets by tipping. I want them to make enough money in tips so that next time I walk through the door, they'll be there because it's financially worth it.

(Photo Source: No Parking Bar (Castro) facebook page)
   Tipping an exotic male dancer creates new stories to tell. In September, Males In Motion will celebrate its 11th year. I have enjoyed the talents of many exotic male dancers during that time. I have told stories about ...
...Mojo's (Tulsa) where over the years I've taken more pics of dancers than any other club.
...Madrigals (Chicago) no longer in existence - my favorite interior of any bar I've ever visited.
...The Brick/Joe's (Dallas) where they've redefined the happy hour with hot dancers, great bartenders and drink specials.
...Boxers N Briefs (St. Louis) where I saw one of the largest cocks I've ever seen in person, and my first ever trip to the VIP lounge.
...Swinging Richard's (Atlanta) where I've had several amazing nude lap dances.
...The Gaiety (NYC) which no longer exists... where I ... well, I'll leave that one there.
...X-Static (Springfield) now at X-Room ... where my partner experienced his first private lap dance. (Woohoo!)
...Missy B's (Kansas City) where the Men Of Skin perform ... sexy dancers who have also become friends.

(Photo Source: The Brick/Joe's facebook page)
   And it's not just me. I constantly receive emails, texts, blog comments, and have conversations with other exotic male dancer fans who share their experiences. My stories are mild compared to some of their stories. Woot! I've been told of fun being had in Pittsburgh, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Portland, OR, Phoenix, and many more places. And by the way, keep those stories coming.

(Photo Source: Share facebook page)
   For example, you'll often notice at the all-nude clubs, the boys come out with a few clothes on, but once the tipping starts getting in full do they. And I do enjoy the full swing. And full swing can help create more new stories.

(Photo Source: LeBoy Bar facebook page)

(Photo Source: glounge facebook page)
   Until next time, don't forget to tip the boyz! And the bottom line here is...the more you tip, the more opportunities you'll have to create new stories to tell. And if you're like me. The more times you'll get in trouble for ...

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Let's Get Nekkid...
Mike's Picks For Full Views Of Baskets And Buns

(Photo Source: MIM Archives)
   I was born and raised a southerner, and in the south we like to either create our own words or pronounce words our own way. One such word is nekkid. Nekkid is our way of talking about someone who is wearing no clothes. You might say naked or nude. Or, you might use a phrase like "in the buff" or "wearing nothing but their birthday suit". Our phrase would be "nekkid as a jay bird." I don't know why or if jay birds are ever nekkid but that's what we say, and the message gets across.

(Photo Source: MIM Archives)
   Let's say that lately you've been sitting/standing at that job of yours and thinking, "I need a break!" You're wanting to get away from it all! Personally I like to recommend that you go see the dancing boys, have a few drinks, maybe dance a bit, possibly hook up, etc., so where should you go?

(Photo Source: MIM Archives)
   When I have the time and the budget, I like to plan a weekend that allows me to go see my dancing men nekkid. And when a weekend like that gets to happen, I'll be playing at one of the following locations. Some of these locations are more than a weekend's trip away for me but I'm hoping that those of you who are close, will please go in my place and enjoy the nekkid boys in your area. And when you get back, I want to hear all about it. So either email me or write a comment after this blog.

(Photo Source: MIM Archives)

(Photo Source: MIM Archives)

(Photo Source: MIM Archives)
   Did I miss one of your favorites? Let me know where you would go to see the nekkid men. You might give me an idea for my next weekend nekkid getaway. I mean sometimes you just want to get nekkid. Until next time, don't forget to tip the boys in the socks or armbands...they'll be nekkid so you won't have any underwear to put it in.

(Photo Source: MIM Archives)