Saturday, November 15, 2014

Music Classics Recommended By Mike
Sexual Inuendo Makes The Boyz Go Round
Classic Music To Help The Boyz Move!

(Photo Source: Thomas Trinity at BPM ~ NYC)
   Music! It's important for the exotic male dancers whether it be a go-go boy, pole dancer, male stripper, male revue, etc. I won't pretend to be a DJ and make a play list. However, I can recommend to our DJs a few standards that I enjoy and hope they'll bring back from time to time, and "slip them in" (pun intended) their current play lists. These are tried and true songs that make the boys want to dance; make the fans want to tip; and causes everyone in the club to at least tap their foot, and often encourage them to stand up and shake their booty! I've listed several songs in this blog and my take on why they should be played below them. Take some time and enjoy!
Christina Aguilera, Lil' Kim, Mya, Pink, Missy - Lady Marmalade
   How many non-French speakers have ever stopped to find out exactly what "Voulez vous coucher avec moir ce soir" means. If not, here you go, "Will you sleep with me tonight?" Of course, it is a song about a whore house. I mean, I have no problem watching a exotic male dancer wearing very little clothing (or none), dancing to a song that bascially ask if I want to sleep with him tonight. That's just me, of course, you probably have much higher moral standards than I do. And for the exotic male dancer's potential tips, this song can provide the right motivation.
Kylie Minoque - Timebomb
   I am a Kylie Minoque fan! Most of her music is focused on the dance club environment. And this song is a perfect example! Dance like it is the last dance.
Justin Timberlake - Sexy Back
   Ok, let's be real. To be an exotic male dancer, you've got to have at least a little confidence in yourself and your look. This song lets the male dancer move his body and show off a little. If he can dance, this song will let him showcase it. It's ok to have some attitude when dancing to JT.
Rihanna - S&M
   Seriously, do we really need an explanation here? I don't think so.
George Michael - Freeek
   Let's go back a few years and pull out George Michael's Freek. The beat keeps the boys moving. And the message is very clear. "'ve got yourself an ass with a mind of it's own, bring something to the pary!"
Ginuwine - Pony
   I've blogged about this song before. And I have followed my own inspiration. If I am at a club/bar/event with exotic male dancers and this song is played and a male dancer is wearing at least a cowboy hat, boots are nice too... I have been known to tip every dollar in my pocket to that dancer. It's one of those songs and visual combinations that pushes all my buttons. So, male dancers, if I'm at your place of employment and you want a decent tip night. Take this hint! ;) NOTE: The original video is no longer available on you tube.
Katy Perry - Teenage Dream
   I know, I know...this song was played to death when it came out. But Josh Kloss is so hot in it that I personally think it was played as much for him as the song. I still love the song as a celebration of youth! And as in many situations, the male dancers at a club/bar/event are going to be in their 20s so this song is perfect for them. Throw it in the mix now and then! Watch them go..go! "Let's go all the way tonight! No regrets..."
P!nk - Raise Your Glass
   This song is for the fans. Sometimes you just want to celebrate who you are! This song works for the dancer too. So, raise your glass and have fun, while watching the boyz move! My glass will contain a dirty martini. That's my preferred mix for a successful night out! (NOTE: This video is on a you tube playlist so the songs will continue after this one is played.)
   Ask your DJ to 'slip it in' ... you know, one of the recommended songs. Until next time, don't forget to tip the boyz! And if they are dancing to one of the songs that pushes all your buttons, tip them extra!

Monday, November 3, 2014

The Rain Dance
11 Things That Inspire Me To Tip

(Photo Source: Thomas Trinity at BPM ~ NYC)
   I'm one of the those strange people who really like the rain. I should probably move to Seattle, or better yet, London. In my area of the U.S. lately, it has been raining and raining and then raining again. All this rain has made me think about the phrase, "Make it rain!" Which of course is speaking about a stripper and a tipper. The tipper is motivated to start throwing down the cash or loosely dropping it to make it rain dollar bills.

(Photo Source: Thomas Trinity at BPM ~ NYC)
   This starting me thinking about what does it take from a male stripper to make me want to make it rain for him. I've come up with eleven different things that all work together to make me start dropping the dollahs.

 1  Physical attraction...yep, that is obvious. I mean, why else do we want to watch the dancing boys, except they make our eyes dance across their hot bodies and pretty faces. And in that order I might add... hot body first, then pretty face.

(Photo Source: Floppy Rooster ~ Miami, FL)
    2  I get some attention. When the object of my attraction returns some attention in my direction, it makes a connection. This connection begins a stir that becomes more powerful than I can resist. I become "buttah". Yes, I'm easy. That fact has been established!

(Photo Source: Thomas Trinity at BPM ~ NYC)
    3  The connection has been made causing a fantasy to begin to play in my head. I hear myself thinking, "I wonder what I can get by with". I began a more thorough inspection of the male dancer and imagine what could be if my hands were allowed to roam free.

(Photo Source: G Lounge ~ NYC)
    4  I revisit the dancer's body topography. The first stop on this physical tour is to check out some of the local landmarks. I visit the nether region to see if a tall timber has grown toward the sky. This is why his selection of underwear is so important. Please don't hide in the shadows, I want skin-tight-little-imagination-needed fit for each pair of underwear he chooses.

(Photo Source: Thomas Trinity at BPM ~ NYC)
    5  I do like a little definition. So, if the dancer makes it to the gym a few times each week, I will be most appreciative of that six pack, and muscle definition that is displayed in the chest, legs and thighs, back and arms. I'm not screaming to be a muscle worshipper because slim, lean and defined works perfectly well for me.

(Photo Source: Lucky Horseshoe Lounge ~ Chicago, IL)
    6  Would a quarter bounce off of that ass? If it does, my attention will be focused for the rest of his session. Yes, a tight bubble butt is a terrible thing to waste. So, I will have to find a way to show my appreciation through tipping, touching, rubbing, slapping. f... oops, sorry, I got carried away there.

(Photo Source: Troy at the Xroom ~ Springfield, MA)
    7  The eyes have it. When I look into his eyes, I have a few things I like to see reflecting back at me. I like to see a sexy man who knows the game, likes to play the game, and knows how to play it. He's there to have fun, make some cash, and give the customers a good time. He can say it with his eyes. And in my opinion any exotic male dancer can have gorgeous eyes. If they work to make sure I'm having a good time.

(Photo Source: Floppy Rooster ~ Miami, FL)
    8  It's time for the crazy eights. This can be confusing but there are several personality types that can get me going. I like the bad boy. The very fact that a guy is an exotic male dancer, automatically puts him in somewhat of a bad boy category. Add in a few tattoos, maybe some leather, then a fun but bad boy attitude, and I'm hooked. I also like the jock who works hard to make his body look great but then likes to be appreciated for the hard work that he has done. And I also like the cute boy next door who hasn't yet realized just how good looking he actually is.

(Photo Source: Hollis ~ for Males In Motion)
    9  I love creativity. I love creativity in the underwear chosen. I like creativity in any costumes that are selected from which to strip out of. I like masculine themes: military, sports, warriors, uniforms, leather and most definitely cowboys! So, if you put a little more effort in your presentation, I'm sure to show my appreciation with a money shower or two. I need to put in a disclaimer here. I do not enjoy an exotic male dancer who dresses and dances like he'd rather be a drag queen. My advice to them is to embrace your true self, leave the dancer pole and go buy that evening gown, wig, heels and makeup. Then sashay to your heart's desire.

(Photo Source: Men Of Skin ~ Kansas City, MO)
    10  I love being 'naughty'. If I"m allowed to do a little sightseeing and forbidden exploration, then I'll in return, cause a little isolated thunderstorm in his specific location. For instance, when the classic song "Stroke it, stroke it" was playing, I once had a male dancer tell me that I should do as the song said. And I happily obliged.

(Photo Source: C. Marcelo for BJsNXs ~ Dallas, TX)
    11  The final and most important reason to inspire me to make it rain, is a genuine customer service oriented personality. A male dancer is there to entertain the crowd. So, entertain me. Let me know you're glad I showed up as a revenue source for your bills. Tell me thank you when I make a deposit in your waistband and below. Stop by my seat after your session and I'll make another contribution from my chair.
   I hear the thunder. I see the lightning. I'm forecasting rain showers in your region of the planet. I feel drums beating for the rain dance. Until next time, make it rain!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Smile And Wave Boys, Smile And Wave
All good things must come to an end
Bye And Thank You Mojo's!

   Over the past several years you have read reviews I have written, viewed pics I've taken, and liked promotions I have posted about Mojo's in Tulsa. Mojo's became my 'home male dancer bar' due to the great people that have worked, staff, DJs and dancers. This week Mojo's closed its doors and said goodbye. In the near future, the building will become the home for a new type of venue. For me, it's like a part of my family has moved on. So, I felt it only fitting to give a Males In Motion farewell.
   First of all, I say thank you to Tracie for providing such a place for exotic male dancer fans like myself. Because of you I met and made some great friends like Darrin, Brian B., Brandon, Austin, Craig, Steve, Kurt, Cody, Gary, Ryan-and-Wayne, Tareal and DJ Wes who is now at Area 18, and so many others...I can't list all so I'm sorry if I left some out. Tracie, I also value the friendship that has developed between us over the years.
   Please indulge me in this blog, I do feel the need to do some specific thank you's here. First, Brandon, thanks for always making sure I received the perfect Dirty Martini. You will forever be my primo bartender. Thank you Steve for keeping me informed on the events and activities of Mojo's. Craig, you've become a friend to the both of us and we always look forward to the next meal and conversation out with you. Darrin thanks for opening doors for me in other locations like Dallas.
   Thanks to all the male dancers both past and present who were always willing to let me show them at their best through pics. Special thanks go to Koda Rio, Jake, Magnum, Angel, Crimson, Blaze Buck Stone and Ray.
   Enjoy the gallery below of some of my favorite pics, dancers, etc. that I've enjoyed at Mojo's.
   And with that I say a sad good bye to one of my favorite bars. Thanks again to all.
   Until next time, as always, don't forget to tip the boyz! They may not be there next week!

Friday, October 24, 2014

When Clothes Are Required...
What Are They Wearing?

(Photo Source: X-Room At Mardi Gra = Springfield, MA)
   I have one piece of advice to pass on to exotic male dancers when it comes to selecting underwear for 'work' at the club, bar or event. Pay attention now. Here it is!!! "If the underwear you have on increases your tips, then you've made the best selection." That's the only thing you need to be concerned about.

(Photo Source: Rain on 4th = Austin, TX)
   If the underwear is increasing your tips, then it must look good on you! It must make you look sexy! And your fans/customers are motivated to slip dollars in its waistband, etc. Here's the brands can be nice but if they aren't increasing your tips, then why pay all that money for something that isn't working for you?

(Photo Source: Darryl Riddler at BPM New York)
   In this blog I have collected pics from around Facebook as a random sample of what some of the working male dancers are wearing at the clubs. You can see some of the familiar brands like Andrew Christian, Calvin Klein, Pump, Diesel, American Eagle, Papi, Emporio Armani, Hugo Boss, D & G and many more. There are also guys who are wearing some of the inexpensive Chinese products and they look hot and sexy!

(Photo Source: Thomas Trinity)
   For those male dancers who have spent a lot of time concerning yourself with buying specific brand names, let me tell you a little secret. When the fans/customers are looking at your underwear, they aren't checking out the brand label.

(Photo Source: Dustin Gold at Eleven Nightclub in West Hollywood, CA)
   Unless that label is printed over your 'junk' or your sweet bubble butt, chances are, they'll never see it. What they are looking at is how much they can actually see when that pair of underwear is molded around your 'boyz'. Or how well those jock straps frame your ass! So, you can relax now and start looking for something that showcases your goods in a way that stirs the men and ladies to pull out those dollars and stick them in your paths to glory.

(Photo Source: Emiliano Bonilla at F Bar in Houston, TX)

(Photo Source: Zion of Men Of Skin - Kansas City, MO)

(Photo Source: Stockbar) in Montreal, Quebec

(Photo Source: Cockfight) in New York, NY

(Photo Source: Gruff at G Lounge in New York, NY)

(Photo Source: Rich's) in San Diego, CA

(Photo Source: Eleven Nightclub in West Hollywood, CA)
   Now, I'm all about the underwear. You see for me, "It's all about the tease!". The underwear keeps everything all covered up in a nice colorful wrapping. I'm watching hoping you'll pull that wrapping down and give me a peek of what lies beyond. That's working it for my attention. And I'll be up to tip you and cop a feel if I think I can get by with it.

(Photo Source: Males In Motion archives)
   When you bring everything down to it's most basic level, this is how important brand name underwear actually is. The pic above and below is what we really want to see. And just where is the brand name now? Yea, on the second look you saw it but not the first! ;)
   Until next time, keep teasing with that underwear! And all you customers/fans reading this, remember to strategically place those tips to show your appreciation!

Friday, September 26, 2014

I've Seen The Future
I Was In Pittsburgh And Dick Was There!

   The elderly gentleman stepped from his seat at the end of the bar and moved to the dancer box where the hot young nude male was dancing. Not being allowed to touch the nude dancer, he dropped several dollar bills onto the dancer box in front of the bare feet. He returned to his seat at the bar. A few minutes later he got up again and repeated the tipping process. I watched him do this seven or eight times during the dancer's first session. Each time the dancer would lean down and thank the old man. The thought popped into my mind, "That's me in a few years." A big smile spread across my face. I'd seen my future and I could live with that.
   It was a rainy, stormy night in Pittsburgh. You could feel that a heavy downpour was about to commence but for now it was clear. We parked in a nearby Pep Boys lot and walked to PTown Bar. Upon entering the bar, all eyes turned toward the three of us. As you step inside the entrance, there is a long bar to the right of the room. There were 10-12 customers sitting around the bar. This was a neighborhood type bar and it was obvious they were regulars. You could read their faces. Who are these people? They are not one of us.
   To the left of the bar in front was the box for the dancer, and several high tables with chairs toward the back. We stopped at the bar and got a beer, then sat down at one of the tables. It was only a few minutes before a tall, slim yet muscular dancer made his way to the box. He was wearing underwear which he slid off as soon as he stepped up and began to dance.
   His name was Brett, mid 20s, and during the night we found out he danced to make extra cash to pay the bills. He had a nice body with a great ass. His endowment was above average and swung ever so proudly from his shaved crotch. I followed the example of the elderly man and made my way to the box and dropped a few dollars. The dancer leaned down and thanked me.

   The music was way too loud to have much of a conversation with Brett when tipping but he dropped by our table selling jello shots and we were able to visit with him then. We didn't buy the jello shots, just kept slipping tips into his waistband.

   I recommend PTown for a starting place or a stop on your night of bar hopping. Depending on the dancer, it is worth a visit. Brett was the only dancer the night we visited PTown. There was no cover and the parking at the Pep Boys lot was free. The bar was easy to get to and beers were priced about the same as other bars of its kind, $3.25-$4 plus tips.
   Until next time, I hope you see dick in your future. And remember to drop those dollars on the box!

Note: All pics above are from the PTown Website.
***Read the previous review of PTown from a guest reviewer. Click here!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Reported On Facebook
Posting Sexy Pics On Social Media

(Photo Source: Michael Hill Facebook page)
   "You've been suspended from posting on Facebook for three days." That was the basic idea of the message I received a month or so ago. Someone had turned in the pic above which I had used as part of my Facebook header during pride. It was over a month after I had replaced it but was still in my photo albums. I wish people would get a life. I also wish I could say that it was always because the pic was way too hot for Facebook. Then it might make sense (well, not really...why can't they just unfriend?). But, unfortunately, most of the time I've found for myself and others it is just someone who is jealous or a hater for one reason or another. Still, posting pics on social media sites is still very important for promotion.
"The more pics you post. The more pics that will have the opportunity to be shared. The more pics that are shared, the more promotion you will receive for yourself, your club, your biz, etc."

(Photo Source: Apollo Male Dancers - Diesel Facebook page). See more of Diesel from the Males In Motion blog in which he was featured. Click here.

   It's not rocket science. It's human nature. When I see a pic of a hot male dancer in his underwear, or halfway out of it, I will almost always without hesitation share it. And when I share it, those in my friends' list will 'like' it or share it. And it can go on and on. So, your initial post of one hot pic will result in the pic being shared across the internet. Add in Twitter, Tumblr, etc., and the pics go around the world.

(Photo Source: Stockbar - Montreal). Read Mike's review of Stockbar from his visit to Montreal. Click here.

   Some of you may argue that not everyone is in your target market. No, they may not be. But chances are, they will be sharing with other friends who are. Also, there is always the good possibility that they or someone on their friends' list will be traveling to your fair city and if they are enticed by your pic, will want to visit you, the dancer, or the bar/club/event.

(Photo Source: Jacob Anderson Facebook page)
   I don't think I"m alone when I say that I remember hot dancers, clubs and pics and will either mentally or digital file those images away for retrieval when I'm ready to visit your fair city. And so do many other travelers and vacationers. For those living in your area, they will visit sooner when enticed.

(Photo Source: Jaime Awad Facebook page)
   The reason I wrote this blog was because of a difficult Facebook pic search I recently experienced. I wrote the blog about tipping male dancers. I was searching for pics of dancers being tipped by customers. They were difficult to find. I also found during this search that many clubs, dancers, etc., do not post candid pics of their dancers. They seem to want to post only slick, professional images from a studio. Or, they post posters using pics of male models who have nothing to do with their club or event.

(Photo Source: Men Of Skin Facebook page). Read Mike's most recent blog featuring the Men Of Skin. Click here.
   I encourage male dancers, promoters, managers, owners, etc. to hire a photographer from time to time or even use your smart phone and take a few pics of customers interacting with the dancers. This makes them appear more friendly and approachable. This can also plant a subliminal message that the bar/club/venue is also friendly and a fun place for them to be.

(Photo Source: Icon - Astoria, NY Facebook page)
   Until next time, keep posting those pics of customers tipping the boyz! Make sure it's ok with the dancer and the customer first. It usually keep 'em coming. I'll be watching and ready to share!

NOTE: Below I've posted a Message Card that I post for those who want to report my photos. Please feel free to pull it down and use it for yourself as well. "Ain't nobody got time for pic haters!"

(Photo Source: Males In Motion)