Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Website Review: nudemaledancers.com

Hot and sexy male strippers with beautiful bodies and well-endowed...did I get your attention? That is what you will find at nudemaledancers.com.

Before I go any further I want to state that malesinmotion.com is an advertising affiliate of nudemaledancers.com. So, yes, I have a reason to give them a good review. However, I also want to make it clear that on a personal level, I enjoy being a frequent subscriber to the site.

Several times a year, I subscribe to nudemaledancers.com to evaluate the quality of the website experience. Did you believe that last sentence? LOL...well, actually I subscribe to see the new dancers and watch some of my favorites. During the week of February 8-14, I subscribed to the one week trial option in order to write this review. The cost was $14.95 for subscription plus $1.95 fee making the total $16.90. It is a recurring subscription and at the end of the trial week you will be charged for the next month unless you cancel your subscription before the end of the week. It is EASY to cancel. There is a link at the bottom of the member's area that will take you to a page where you can cancel. I often sign up for a week, then cancel sometime in the middle of the week and still have access until the end of the trial period. There are also options for subscribing for one month without recurring ($35.00) , and one month with recurring ($29.95). Now that the technical issues are out of the way, let's get down to the good stuff!

During my trial week I visited the site on a Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Friday. The live show is broadcast from 9:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. eastern with a replay following. In summary, I saw a variety of dancers with different body types. There was something for everyone from muscular and beefy to slim and defined. Most of the dancers were Caucasian, however, there were a few beautiful black men, and a few with mediterranean ethnicity. Although a couple may have been experiencing some mid-winter pudge around the middle, most were either athletic or genetically blessed, or both. And fyi, Wednesday night is Ladies' night. So, the audience during the show will be mostly female.

At the club (Stockbar in Montreal) each dancer has two sessions during a show rotation. You will usually see a dancer in at least two rotations during a night. The first session of a rotation is a tease dance where they strip down to their underwear or provide glimpses of bare flesh without getting completely nude. Some of the dancers are really good at the tease and make you anticipate the final dance where they reveal their hidden "assets". After a dancer completes the first half of their show, usually one song, they are shown on camera in a back-room appropriately called the jack-off room. In this room, they prepare themselves for the second half or nude portion of the show. Basically they are working themselves into a full erection. While they are in this room there is usually another dancer on stage and the camboy will go back and forth from stage to jack-off room.

For the nude portion of the show, a dancer will usually enter the stage in their underwear sporting a full erection. They begin to dance and seductively reveal all that is covered. Each of the dancers performs in varying degrees of nudity. Some keep their underwear on and just pull it down to show their goods or asses. Other dancers drop their underwear to their ankles and shuffle around the stage. And others, my favorites, remove their underwear completely.

A subscriber has the option of watching the show with or without a chat feature. I have done both. With the chat feature you get to meet other people, mostly men, who respond to the dancers with comments, sound effects, smiley faces, etc. All of the options are built in to the chat program that is a part of the website. There are moderators in the chat who have the ability to kick or ban users if they abuse the chat feature. This doesn't happen that often but occasionally there is a subscriber who is a bit obnoxious. Those who are regulars in the chat also schedule Stockbar weekends where everyone who is chatting is invited to join them at the club in person so everyone can meet and get to know the person behind the chat nickname.

Apart from the live show, there is an archival area where you watch recorded shows and events. Although some of the dancers have performed at Stockbar for a while, dancers come and go so there is always new faces and bodies to see. There are clips featuring the shows of various dancers both current and from the past in the archives. In the following I have tried to compile a list of the Males In Motion favorites from the week both live and recorded. I have also noted when chat participants have expressed a group liking of a specific dancer.

MIM CHOICE: BOBBY....young, smooth defined...6 pack...pretty boy with dark hair....very cute....and WELL hung. Puts on a show that leaves you wanting more.

MIM CHOICE: JACOB....great body....lean and completely defined....great chest, and knows how to dance the way I like it.

MIM CHOICE - newcomer: JAMES....hot body....pretty boy face....well, described in chat as "yummy".

MIM CHOICE-newcomer: DOM...cute, young, hot body, looks great from the front, and even better from the back.

CHAT FAVORITE: BRAD....received a lot of "mmmmmmmmmm" in chat. he is muscled, a few tats, cute face, short light brown hair, striking blue eyes...and wears a wife beater better than many I've ever seen.

CHAT FAVORITE: RENAUD.... I never did see this dancer...however, I heard about him almost every night I logged on. As another subscriber would log in to the chat, the first question often asked was "Is Renaud on tonight?"

CHAT FAVORITE: JEREMY....sexy and very masculine, need I say more?

ARCHIVE FAVORITE: BISHOP...pretty blond boy, pretty body.

ARCHIVE FAVORITE: RICKY...watch anything with Ricky in it.

BONUS MIM CHOICE: MATTHEW, the bartender...not only are the dancers hot, but this bartender gets rave reviews from the chat crowd.

NOTE: The dancers mentioned above are just a very few of those currently dancing at Stockbar.

Well, these are my thoughts on nudemaledancers.com. If you have any questions just let me know. Email me at mike@malesinmotion.com. And if you choose to subscribe to nudemaledancers.com look for me under the nickname of wesE and say hi. I will be subscribing again soon.

If you have visited Stockbar or have been a subscriber to nudemaledancers.com send me an email or post a comment and let me know about your experience(s).

UPDATE: NEW REVIEW of nudemaledancers.com for 2011.

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