Sunday, January 16, 2011

Website Review: 2011 (part. 1)

   This review is going to be in the form of diary entries for the days that I logged in and enjoyed the show from Montreal. In summary, the website,, still has hot dancers well worth watching, and new features that enhance the experience. In the diary entries below I will make note of dancers I especially liked. I will describe responses from other chat participants. And I will let you know who was discovered while exploring the dancer archives, photos and videos. This review experience took place between Monday, January 10 and Sunday, January 16.

   I started by clicking on the advertising link for in the right column of this blog. That lets you know up front that Males In Motion is still an advertising affiliate with So, as I have previously stated, that means that I have a motivation to give a positive review. However, I also possess business integrity and if I feel the website is not up to a certain standard, I will let that be known. Also, I want my advertisers to reflect positively on me, and if they do not, then I remove them from my advertising list. With that being said, the fact that there is still advertisements for associated with my blogs, means that I have found the website to have maintained is quality for 2011.

   I signed up for the trial period option for $14.95. There was a U.S. Dollar fee added of $1.95, making the total $16.90 for seven days. Let me make it clear at this point that unless you cancel you will be charged $29.99 at the end of seven days for the next month's subscription. If you do not want to continue, remember to do this at least one day before your trial period runs out.

   Once I had selected the option, paid, and logged in, I was a little lost for a minute or two because things had changed. In the previous website experience, when you logged in you were given a static window and the view changed based on the onsite cam boy's choices. With the new version you can open a chat window, bar video window, and a jack-off room video window. I opened all three and left them as smaller windows on my desktop. I was able to expand them individually to fit my monitor screen if I wanted a larger view (and I often did). For chat, select the video chat option from the chat window. I chose to deny the software to use my camera and sound. The chat still worked fine but I was not on camera for others to view. You can change that option within the chat window at any time if you so choose. That's all for the technical information. It is needed so I include it, but now...let's get to the boyz!

   During the two hour viewing that I did on Monday night I watched 8 different dancers on stage. The format included two songs for each dancer. The first was a strip tease where the dancer remained clothed, or at least was clothed below the waist. A glimpse of an ass cheek or bulge was shown a few times. The purpose of this dance is to get you warmed up and ready for the second. You develop a desire to see what was hidden and look forward to all being revealed in the second dance.

   Before a dancer begins his second dance, he spends time in the jack-off room developing a full erection on camera. One thing that stood out this time was the number of dancers who have smart phones and used them for inspiration while getting a hard-on. I am not sure what they were watching but they must store their favorites somewhere. Can I get a cheer for technology?!

   Males In Motion has two favorites from Monday night. The first is a dancer with the stage name of Noah. He has a great body, beautiful face, perfect ass and well-endowed. Add to that one of those smiles that light up the room, and you'll understand immediately why he was a favorite. He was also found participating in a new feature of the website, a live jack-off room. The dancer sits on a sofa in a nicely decorated room and responds to online post by live viewers. During the session, he removes his clothing piece by piece as requested by viewers. The session ends with the dancer enjoying a release. You'll have to subscribe to learn more. The live broadcasts are on Tuesday night. They are recorded and available in the archive section for later viewing as well.

   The other dancer that we especially liked goes by the stage name of J.P. The cam boy showed him often sitting in the bar talking with club patrons and/or staff members. He seemed to be popular with everyone. The chat participants liked him as well. Once I saw him dance his two sessions, I could understand why he was so popular. Like most of the dancers at the Stockbar in Montreal, from which is broadcast, J.P. has a great body and handsome face. But he also possesses that certain something that exudes sex appeal, making him sexy as hell. It translates well through streaming video.

   I will add additional reviews of this site at various times throughout the coming year. I like to visit the website and check on new dancers, and see the great bodies and large endowments often. If you would like to read the 2010 review for, then click here. When I visit to watch the naked boyz, my chat name is mimotion or wesE (the original). If you see me there, please say hi and let me know you are a Males In Motion blog reader. Until next time, enjoy a night or more with the Canadian hotties. And tell them in chat that Mike from Males In Motion says hello.

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