Sunday, November 6, 2011

Naughty November 2011 Is Here!!! What to do?

   Naughty November is here! Each year during this month we celebrate the bad boys, or maybe the boys being bad, or even the boys being very good! Our theme song for this year is
S&M by Rihanna. If you don't know the song well, click the link and imagine your favorite go-go boys dancing to it.    Turn your eyes north to Montreal, QC Canada. Make plans now to join in on the celebration for the Stockbar's 20th Anniversary. The Stockbar is where originates. Make plans now to be there for December 2 and 3 to see pornstars Marcus Mojo, Tyler Torro, James Huntsman and Samuel O'Toole. And yes, ladies and gentlemen the men will get totally naked. Now if you can't make it to Montreal, then you can subscribe to the online show and watch from the comfort of your home computer, or laptop. Click the pic below and set up your viewing pleasure today. Stockbar has hot dancers every night of the week, so no need to wait until December. Go ahead, get naughty online!

   Click below to SEE more of these gentlemen when they play very naughty.

   Marcus Mojo


   James Huntsman


   Tyler Toro

   Samuel O'Toole

   I am sure out of that group you will be able to find something you can enjoy! Until next time, have a very, very naughty November. And don't forget to tip the boyz!!!

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