Friday, January 22, 2010

Explore Your Fantasy--The Male Stripper

    I watched the cute, young dancer as he started his session dancing at the pole.  He was probably 22 or 23, about 5' 10", 150 lbs., short, sandy brown hair, with vivid green eyes.  His body had that enviable combination of leanness and muscle tone.  It was the type of body that looks like he was blessed and it came naturally, even though in reality he works out 4 or 5 times a week.  His defined chest was smooth and a slight happy trail disappeared below the waistband of his black boxer briefs.  The briefs did very little to hide the large bulge between his legs, and fit snugly around his firm butt.  Other than tennis shoes, that was all he wore.   I watched for a few minutes as he seductively moved around the pole gripping it with first one hand and then two while swaying to the rhythm.  It was then time for the exchange.  I, and other fans, would hand over one or more of our hard earned dollars in exchange for his being willing to present himself as "eye candy".  I mean, let's be real, we were there to look.  A drink at a bar or club is just a drink, unless you have nice scenery while sipping it.  And for me, I can think of no other better scenery than a hot male dancer.  I slipped the dollar bill into his waistband.  "Thank you, baby" he replied and smiled.  I smiled too and walked back to my chair with mission accomplished.

   Whether you are female or male makes no difference in this blog.  We all share this common interest and it is from here that we begin our journey.  I think it can be established that you are a fan or at least curious about the profession of the male stripper or you wouldn't be here.  Follow me as I explore the male stripper fantasy from the viewpoint of the fan.   Watch for  reviews of clubs and websites as I travel around North America and across the web.  

   If you are a male dancer, or hope to become one, join us as well and learn the secrets of the game.  You provide the fantasy and the "eye candy" and in exchange, we stuff more cash in your waistband.  It's all about customer service and strategy.  And we all go home happy.

  In our next blog we will provide a review of the website Nude Male Dancers!  This is a nightly live broadcast from the Stockbar club in Montreal.