Monday, October 29, 2018

Lock The Door And Turn The Phone Off ~ Santana ~ Males In Motion October Obsession

Photo Source: Santana Facebook
    "Excuse me for the moment. I'm in another world." Don't disturb me! I'm having daydreams about Carlos "Santana" Gomez! You just go on about your business and let me have a few moments lost in my thoughts. Enjoy the pics of him in this blog. I'm remembering his strip performances at the Next Magic Mike Contest at Somewhere in Lima, OH. It was just me and Santana, alone in the dark, well, there was a spotlight on him but I always have spotlights in my fantasies. Don't you?

Photo Source: Santana Facebook
    Actually we may have been in a crowded room of male stripper fans and he was performing for all of us. But I know he must have been thinking about me when he was dancing. The way he moved that tight body. The way he slid his clothes off and let them fall to the floor. I watched as the bride-to-be rained dollars to the floor as Santana did his dance of seduction. All I can say is lock the door and turn off the phone.

Photo Source: Santana Facebook
    From my first glimpse of Santana I started hearing the lyrics to a song bounce around in my head. I looked at his face and heard "sheer perfection". I saw his body and heard "fire and desire". I looked lower and heard "taste of sin". It finally came to me. I was going back to a classic from 1987 "Don't Disturb This Groove". I've replaced the word 'girl' to say "you're my favorite male stripper" this month. I've included the song with lyrics below. Click play and look back over Santana's pic. Before you do, you might want to 'Hang the sign upon the door' so you can have some alone time. Now "Close your eyes and let the music put you in the mood."

Photo Source: Santana Facebook
    Santana was the winner of the contest and it's easy to see why. For me the most important reason is how he pulled the crowd into his performances. Yes, he's sexy. Yes, he has a great body, handsome face, and he looks good in any clothing he puts on... or takes off! All of this has led us to select Santana as the Males In Motion October obsession! 'The feeling is so real'. Santana, Males In Motion is 'so into you'!

Photo Source: Santana Facebook
   Click on any of the pics to get to Santana's facebook page. I recommend Santana to show directors and club managers. Bring him in for a performance. He'll make your customers smile and experience their own daydreams. Follow Santana on his facebook page and catch his performances in Ohio and surrounding states. Until next time, make it rain for the dancing boys in your area! I'll catch you in the next blog, I'm going back to my Santana daydream.

NOTE: Read about the Next Magic Mike Contest that Santana won! Click here >>> Naughty Job Well Done!

Click below and watch those sexy French Canadian boys!

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Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital

Friday, October 26, 2018

Club Review: Somewhere - Lima, OH ... Naughty Job Well Done! ... Next Magic Mike Male Stripper Contest

Photo by Shawn Cotterman   In photo above: Justin Case performing his first strip number!
    Like a kid in a candy store I sat at the judges table enjoying each sweet treat that stepped out. And this time, I was not just watching for my own pleasure, but in pursuit of the winner of the Next Magic Mike Contest. Kody Boggs (a.k.a. - Redd Velvet) had invited me to serve as a judge for the contest, and of course, I was more than delighted. I was getting to participate in my favorite form of entertainment in a unique way. As each male stripper walked into view, the smile on my face was recharged. The Long Island Ice Teas that Kody kept sending my way might have played a part as well.
Photo by Shawn Cotterman   In photo above: Emmanuel Soule working one of his many 'talents' for the crowd!
    I arrived at the club a little early so I could check it out and have a cocktail before the contest started. The first room you enter is a long room with a bar that stretches along most of the wall. There are seats along the bar and a pool table at the very back of the room. The bartender, Melissa, was a sweetheart and made me a dirty martini to perfection! My partner Jay and I joined three locals who were already sitting at the bar. We introduced ourselves and they in return told us they were Tricia, Amy and Jerry. After a 12 hour road trip, it was pure pleasure to meet such nice people. Within five minutes, they made both of us feel like we had been friends for life. And who knows, that might just happen since we are now friends on social media.
Photo by Shawn Cotterman    In photo above: Redd Velvet Mistress of Ceremonies Extraordinaire!
    I ventured into a side area which was closed off by a sliding door. Behind the door was another bar and a dance floor that were unoccupied at the moment. I descended down a set of stairs to an area that has been designated as the dressing room for the performers. This was fantasyland where I watched the entertainers perform magic transforming from their daily personas into Glamazons covered in glitz and glitter. And I mean Glamazons! Most of them looked 10 feet tall with their boots and hair. They all welcomed me and we chatted as I absorbed the electric atmosphere.
Photo by Shawn Cotterman   In photo above: Sabrina Caprice Heartt, Miss Ohio Gay Pride 2018
   As the new creations emerged I was introduced to Redd Velvet, Sabrina Caprice Heartt, Armani Devine and Eris. I also met Santana Visage who would keep the judges on track during the night. I have been friends with most of them on social media for a while. It was great to connect and meet them in person.
Photo by Shawn Cotterman   In photo above: Armani Devine channeling the Las Vegas showgirl!
    And now for the Next Magic Mike Contest! I sat at the judges table with three other people. The table was located on one side of the dance floor in the large room at the top of the stairs. I feel the four of us were a great representation of those involved in the male stripper entertainment industry. I am first of all a customer and fan of male strippers. Then I am a photographer, promoter and blogger for the industry. Next we had Sabrina Caprice Heartt and Armani Devine who are entertainers that work with male strippers. Sabrina and Armeni are seasoned entertainers and it was evident in the quality of their performances during the night. Then there was Christian Cakes, a former male stripper himself. I'll just admit it here. I quickly developed a small crush on the adorable Cristian Cakes and tried to coax him back into the stripper world. I was not successful that night but I'm not finished trying yet.
Photo by Shawn Cotterman    In photo above: Dakota Banks working the crowd!
    I can honestly say that I would be happy to tip any one of the male stripper contestants if they were featured at a club. The contestants included Carlos Gomez, Dakota Banks, Cole Knight, Emmanuel Soule, Justin Tyme and Phoenix. Every single one of them were sexy, and had great bodies with very nice assets! I think every person attending could pick out one that pushed their buttons and would be considered their favorite. After the contest was over, tip money kept sliding out of my pocket and jumping into their ... we'll say underwear waist bands. Santana was the winner! Followed by Dakota Banks at second. Both of these guys did a great job in what I consider the most important area. They interacted well with the crowd. When you focus on making sure the customers/fans are having a good time, you can't help but have a great night! Cole Knight was selected as "Daddy's Choice", a prize given to a favorite dancer of a special fan!
Photo by Shawn Cotterman    In photo above: Carlos Gomez entertaining a bride-to-be!
    It was announced later that the night had been a huge success for the bar! Kody Boggs did an amazing job putting the event together and then keeping it running smoothly. Thank you Kody for allowing me to be a part of this event. I hope others will be inspired and host similar events like The Next Magic Mike Contest.
Photo by Shawn Cotterman    In photo above: Cole Knight with one of his many 'assets' being featured!
    I want to give a shout out to two friends who I am so happy I was finally able to meet - Johnny and Daddy Rob. I have spoken to you guys online several times and to Johnny on the phone many times. I am grateful to both of you for the friendship that has developed. We share the love of the exotic male dancer entertainment industry. Thank you Johnny for being my eyes and ears at events where I am unable to attend. Thank you Daddy Rob for referring new and veteran male dancers to the Males In Motion website and blog, I would love to celebrate my birthday with one or both of you guys at a male stripper event! I know it would be epic with you guys along! Actually, it wouldn't have to be my birthday, just any time works for me! Thank you both for attending this event where we could meet in person!
Photo by Shawn Cotterman    In photo above: Redd Velvet Great Job Ms Velvet!
    If you would like more information about hosting a contest similar to the Next Magic Mike contest, feel free to contact Kody Boggs for more information. He welcomes everyone to contact him for tips and suggestions on what all is involved, etc. If you will be in or near Lima, OH, I recommend that you stop in at Somewhere. And for fans like me, Somewhere features male strippers on the 2nd and 4th Fridays of the month. Until next time, don't forget to tip the boys! And ask the owner/manager of your favorite club to bring in the dancing boys for a contest or a special event night!

Special "THANK YOU!" To Shawn Cotterman for the pics used in this blog! For more information about this event, please read the pre-contest blog, "It's A Naught Job But Somebody Has To Do It At Somewhere".

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

The Tip Jar: Sexy Costumes - The Cowboy

Photo by Michael Hill for Males In Motion
    If a male dancer is dressed as a sexy cowboy in a performance where I am in the audience, I will be buckin' up to the stage to place my tips in less than 8 seconds. I grew up in an area where actual cowboys exist. I have even participated in a rodeo a time or two. It was in that environment that I developed my love for the cowboy hat, boots and a tight pair of Wranglers. Of course, when translating all of this into the world of the male stripper, Wranglers are most sexy when they are being seductively removed.
      There are 3 main elements that should be included in a cowboy costume: the cowboy hat, the cowboy boots, and a pair of underwear that sets it all off. I'll focus first on these three and then suggest other options that can be added.

The Cowboy Hat
    An authentic cowboy hat can be extremely expensive. Since this is a costume, I'd look for less expensive items. And the first thing you'll need to know is what size to buy. Click here for instructions on how to determine your size.
      I have purchased cowboy hats for costumes and photo shoots from Tractor Supply Co. and Spencer Gifts. If you sign up for the Spencer Gifts newsletter, you can get a coupon that will save you a few bucks on a purchase. I have searched through Amazon for items to feature in this blog.
      If you plan to buy only one hat, I recommend that you get an inexpensive brown or tan hat. You will be able to use it with different underwear or other costume items. The black hat will disappear in a dark bar and lose a lot of it's effect. In the old western movies the white hat was most often worn by the 'good guys'. You are a male stripper, you're image is best served by playing the 'bad boy'. So avoid the white hat, unless one is given to you for free.
      Other styles such as those with stars and stripes look good but limit your options. I recommend you hold off on purchasing one of these until after you have your basic brown or tan hat. Be careful on buying something very inexpensive. It will look cheap in your performance. Also, some of the cheapest cowboy hats look more like hats worn by tourists in sunny climates, and less like those worn by a cowboy.

Cowboy Boots
      Authentic cowboy boots will set you back mucho dinero! Unless you have the extra cash to spend, I suggest you seek a less expensive option. If you have no qualms about wearing footwear that someone else has previously worn, search Craigslist for cowboy boot options. Best option is to buy them from a friend, a retired male dancer, or even borrow them. I'd say skip the boot but it's such an integral part of the cowboy image.
    I recommend that you try to obtain a boot that matches your hat color. Also, if possible, stay away from boots with multiple colors. Cowboy boots come in every color under the rainbow. You don't want the boots to make your feet the stars of the show. You have other parts of your body where you would rather have the focus of the audience.

      Almost any style and color of underwear will work with the cowboy costume. I have personal opinions that I am going to share but it really depends on your audience and what will encourage them to tip. I like an all-American cowboy. So underwear with stars or the American flag works for me. Animal prints such as the cow are fun and can be a surprise to the audience. Remember that print will often camouflage the size of your penis. If you are proud of what you've been given, wear a solid color. If it is not your best asset, then you can use prints to disguise its actual size. And one last thing here, I personally think a dancer who is wearing only a cowboy hat, cowboy boots and underwear is sexy as hell!

Other Options
      Other options for accessories can include a bandana, rope, gloves, chaps, spurs and western belt buckle.
Photo by Michael Hill for Males In Motion
     If you decide to wear jeans to strip out of, add a belt with cowboy belt buckle (not shown in pic). The action of unbuckling a belt and pulling it out from the loops is sexy and suggestive. For the best audience response, make sure the jeans fit tight around the ass and snug in the crotch.

Photo by Michael Hill for Males In Motion
Possible Music Options
    Yeehaw! I hope the cowboy costume is one you will give a try. It's popular everywhere! If you are a customer/fan and like the cowboy costume, buy a few items and give as a gift costume to your favorite male dancer. Until next time, don't forget to tip the boys!


Photo Source: Males In Motion