Thursday, September 7, 2017

Bottom Of The Cup

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital
   One of my favorite simple pleasures is that first cup of coffee when I wake up. I have been a coffee drinker/fan since I was 17 years old. That was many moons ago. Over the years the way I brew my coffee has gone through several evolutions. This past year my java fanaticism moved forward with progress. Now I make one cup at a time and I'm loving it. So what? You might ask. What does this have to do with male strippers, big bulges and bubble butts? Keep reading and I'll explain.
   For years I was the collect-the-gold-stars at Starbuck's coffee drinker. I have now joined the Keurig revolution. I don't do pre-made k-cups. I have the little plastic cups with paper filters that fit them. I also splurged and purchased a very nice coffee grinder so I could grind beans (for the great aroma that fills the room). The days of full pots at home in my old Mr. Coffee, and coffee drive-through are over. The fact that I love coffee hasn't changed. What has changed is the technology and lifestyles around me helping a new way of making coffee to emerge and become popular.

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital
   Everything changes. And just as my coffee procurement has changed, the exotic male dancer experience has changed as well. In a past blog I spoke about how our industry and related businesses go through a sifting and shuffling approximately every three to five years. From my point of observation, 2017 has been a period of drastic changes in the industry. Some of these changes have been gradual and have finally reached their fruition. Others were abrupt and surprising to those involved. I still love tipping the dancing boys, lap dances and male strip shows. But the environment in which these activities take place, has changed around me.
   I've witnessed several bars/clubs that feature exotic male dancers close their doors. I've watched people in the industry step out and move to different unrelated careers. Male dancers have put their pants back on, at least in public.
   Why are these changes occurring now? There are two main reasons that I have observed personally. First, the customer base for this type of bar/club has changed. Second, bars and clubs have had to go into survival mode and have had to split their focus both in their entertainment and the target market they are trying to reach.
   The male strip club customer of the past was mainly gay men. The ladies enjoy their male revues but this type of entertainment is more of a Las Vegas or Broadway production. The bar with the male dancer on the box is still around but is becoming a rarity. At one time this was the staple for male stripper entertainment as the gay patrons would stuff dollars in the waistbands of the local college boys who were working their way through school by showing some skin. Some of these expanded and there would be several male dancers on a larger stage or on the bar. A VIP room or lounge was usually available for private lap dances. This type of entertainment venue is beginning to disappear due mainly to a drop in customer patronage.
   What used to be a place for gay men to meet has been largely replaced with phone apps. There is no need to go to the club to find those of like-mind, or like-attraction. With the increase in diversity, many in the LGBT community are not necessarily seeking an exclusive LGBT type bar. Global Male Productions is based in Southern California and provides some of the hottest male dancers for bars and clubs in the area. In a recent email pertaining to the closing of NUMB3RS in San Diego, they stated, "It is very sad to see another legendary gay nightclub close it's doors leaving Hillcrest, San Diego's prominent LGBT community. As diversity flourishes in our societies and communities, and the younger LGBT generations have a lesser need for exclusive LGBT nightclubs, it is quite possible that we will see more and more legendary nightclubs close it's doors in our LGBT communities over time."
   In order to get bodies through the door clubs today particularly in smaller cities are having to cater to many different types of customers in order to survive. There are often event nights held to reach different groups. There are clubs that have a male stripper night, drag show night, lesbian night, leather night, etc. There are those who are now serving food or having cookouts on weekends. Except in larger cities, there are not enough customers frequenting these clubs when they have a single focus such as male strippers. It is a tough balancing act to try and keep everyone happy while making sure enough revenue is passing through your door.
   What can be done? Let's go back to coffee. When I have finished off that first wonderful cup of coffee, what do I do? I pour another cup. The analogy can be applied to the exotic male dancer entertainment industry. A bar or club can be revived and brought back from the brink when the customers begin to return. Let the bars and clubs know that you are grateful that they provide a place for the sexy male dancers to perform by parking your butt in a seat on a regular basis. There are three attitudes you can adopt to help bring about a resurgence of the male strip club. Be present. Be generous. Be demonstrative.
   Be present. It is more important now than ever to support your local dick dancer bar. That support can be in many different places. First, and foremost, visit the clubs as often as you can. Make your local dick dancer bar the destination for taking friends for life celebrations such as birthdays, promotions, etc. When you travel, visit a male strip club before you go back home. (Then tell me all about it.)
   Be generous. Always tip the boyz. If you have a limited income, select one particular dancer that you really like and tip them to encourage them to continue dancing at that location. Tip your bartenders.
   Be demonstrative. Take an active part in assisting in the success of the bars, clubs, events and male dancers. Support them on social media... like or heart their posts so they know someone is following them. Then share their posts with your friends' list. Check in when you are at a male strip club to provide that club with free promotion. Where it is allowed, do live broadcasts letting all your followers know how much fun you are having.
   If you are a dancer, do live broadcasts while at the club inviting your friends to join you. Also, posts your appearances online several times before the event. Make sure that you include the name of the club, the address, and any other important information. Support the clubs that provide a location for you to perform and earn tips!
   Until next time, I'll see you at the club! And I'll be watching for your "likes", "shares", "heart" on the male dancer posts! Let's keep this industry strong! Save the bulge!

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Gunner ~ We're In Love With Your Body ~ Stock Bar In Montreal ~ Males In Motion August Obsession

Photo Source: Stock Bar Website
   You do a double take. You look a second and third time. And then your gaze remains fixed as you hear "Oh my!" or "Mmmmm Mmmmmm Mmmmmm" flow out of your mouth! That's what it is like when you first see Gunner, a male dancer at Stock Bar in Montreal.

Photo Source: Stock Bar Website
   Your fingers start twitching and your arms led by your hands begin to move toward that chest, those abs, his.... At this point you re-engage your brain and remember that right now, you're only suppose to tip. You're not sure what might happen if you ask for a private lap dance, but you are definitely going to find out.

Photo Source: Stock Bar Website
   I've selected the song "Shape Of You" by Ed Sheeran for this blog. We are in love with Gunner's body! Click play below and continue to read, check out the pics, and pause for a few daydream fantasies starring Gunner and his amazing body!

Photo Source: Stock Bar Website
   In our humble opinion, that butt is one of his best ASSets! And it is one of our top reasons Gunner was chosen to be the Males In Motion Obsession for August. There are so many comments that could be made about his ass. You are probably way ahead of us and have already been writing mental notes. We'll include a few more pics below just in case you need more inspiration for additional fantasies.

Photo Source: Stock Bar Website

Photo Source: Stock Bar Website
   Our conclusion is that Gunner should do as the song says, "put that body on me". We are sure that you have reached a similar conclusion. We recommend that you make your way to Montreal, Quebec and see Gunner in person. And of course, indulge in one or more private lap dances with him. Turn the fantasies into reality.

Photo Source: Stock Bar Website
   For those who may not be able to make it to Montreal, you can click on any of the pics in this blog and visit the Stock Bar website. You'll find pics and videos of Gunner there and those of his fellow dancers at Stock Bar.
   September 2017 marks fourteen years for Males In Motion. Gunner and Stock Bar sent us a message below!
   Thank you Gunner and Stock Bar! It would definitely be our pleasure to get to spend time with you again! We love Stock Bar! And we love Gunner, or is it lust! Or maybe both! Until next time, we recommend that you indulge in a private lap dance, or two, or ... Then tell us all about it!

Friday, August 11, 2017

Maximizing Income As A Male Dancer ~ Guest Blogger Laura Mendenhall, Owner/Manager of Area 18 in Tulsa, OK

Photo Source: Area 18 Facebook Page   Photo by Rick Craig   Dancer: Baller
   The beauty of a career as a male dancer is that you have the ability to increase your income. A very large portion of your income is directly dependent on your actions. This means that you have limitless potential to boost your income! You can make the equivalent of $10 per hour or you can make upwards of $100 per hour. It's all up to you! Amazing, isn't it? How many other jobs can offer that?
   As the owner of a male gogo bar, I have witnessed many dancers come and go. There have been some that came only to drink, some who thought they would hit pay dirt by just standing around looking pretty, some who didn't want to interact with customers and then there have been others who understood how to create longevity and have made a tremendous amount of money. My hope is that by sharing with you some of the lessons I have learned over the past few years that I can impart tips to you that will help extend your tenure and maximize your dancing income!

Photo Source: Area 18 Facebook Page   Photo by Rick Craig   Dancer: K.O. "Knock Out"
Treat dancing as a job
   In many dancer bars, dancers work for tips. Often times they are not paid a base wage. One of the biggest mistakes I have seen dancers make is thinking that because the venue does not pay them an hourly rate that dancing is not a “real job”. If you have ever felt this way, I want to challenge you to change your perspective on this.
   The reason dancers are not paid a base pay is because dancing brings with it the potential to make far more per hour in tips than any base pay could ever come close to matching. Working for tips is an amazing employment opportunity because you have the ability to increase your income. If you work hard and put the effort in, I would be willing to bet that you will make far more dancing than you ever have on conventional jobs that you may have held in the past.
   When your mindset shifts and you begin to look at dancing as a career, your actions will change as well. You will understand how important it is to show up to your venue on time. You will understand how important it is to not no call, no show. You will understand that a strong work ethic while you are at the venue will put more money into your underwear at the end of the night.

Photo Source: Area 18 Facebook Page   Dancer: Killswitch
Invest in Yourself
   With the knowledge of knowing that you control your profitability, comes the responsibility of investing in yourself. Customers are initially drawn to you based on your physical appearance. Therefore, you want your appearance to be the best that it can be. Get a gym membership and work out regularly. Eat healthy and learn the types of food that will help you to avoid bloat. You want those abs to stand out!
   You will be up close and personal with bar patrons so good hygiene is an absolute must. Always make sure to shower, put on deodorant, and brush your teeth before heading into work. If you are having dinner on the way to the venue, bring a toothbrush and toothpaste with you. Or be cautious of eating any foods that can have a lingering effect on your body, such as garlic or curry. And always have freshly laundered underwear!

Photo Source: Area 18 Facebook Page   Photo by Asher Photography   Dancer: Hawk
Keep It Fresh
   Customers of entertainment venues are always on the hunt for “new”. That is why often times a brand new dancer might seem to make more money when he first starts. Customers crave new! I have had dancers extend their tenure at our venue far beyond the norm for the male entertainment industry simply by changing things up and constantly re-inventing themselves. Get a different hair cut! Buy some fun shoes that light up! Change your underwear throughout the night! Buy quality, designer name brand underwear! Be creative with what you wear!

Photo Source: Area 18 Facebook Page   Dancer: Ricky Spanish "Mechanic"
Be Sociable
   Some of the biggest money earners that have worked for me have told me that their secret is that they never stop talking to customers. They have told me that they make as much money mingling as they do while they are dancing. This is a critical aspect to your success.
   Everyone wants to come to a bar and feel like Norm from Cheers. Remember how every time Norm would walk into Cheers the whole bar would shout his name in excitement? That is what our customers crave. They want to feel welcomed and they want to feel that the bar staff is happy to see them. And it's even better if the dancers are excited to see them!
   When you take the time to talk to a customer one on one, they feel special. When you put a smile on their face, they are much more likely to put dollars in your underwear! Compliment them. Call them by name. Ask them about something you saw them post on social media. Let them know you pay attention to them.

Photo Source: Area 18 Facebook Page   Photo by Rick Craig   Dancer: K.O. "Knock Out"
Social Media
   Social media is one of the most powerful tools you have at your disposal for creating a fan base. And the best part? It doesn't cost you anything!
   Be active on social media. Our patrons use a variety of different social media platforms so you should too in order to reach as many people as possible. Post 2-3 times a day to grow your engagement. Use one post per day to invite them to your club. Let the other posts be fun posts about you....bathroom selfies, workout pictures, casual pictures, etc.
   I always recommend my dancers create a separate social media account for their dancer persona. There should never be any negative or dramatic posts on your dancer page. Remember, people come to bars to forget the grind of daily life and to escape their problems so they must always see us as upbeat and fun. It's hard to envision yourself having fun with someone who is always making “woe is me” posts.
   I recommend staying clear of political or religious posts on your dancer page as well, as those tend to be very divisive topics.
   I encourage you to keep your dancer page free of any references to your relationship or pictures of your significant other. Remember, this is a work page and the purpose is to grow your following and boost your earning potential. Therefore, your page should be filled of provocative images of YOU. It's all about creating a fantasy that will help draw a bar goer into your venue.
   It is my belief that when dancers put these basic practices into use that they can reap a long and lucrative career!

Photo Source: Area 18 Facebook Page   Photo by Rick Craig   Pic Above: Laura Mendenhall
Comment from Mike: Thank you Laura! Excellent info from someone who knows the business well! I recommend that all exotic male dancers take the suggestions above and use them for their benefit. Mine these gold nuggets in the blog and maximize your income! Until next time, we'll be putting more money in your underwear! Woohoo!

Click below and watch those sexy French Canadian boys!


Sunday, July 30, 2017

When He Rubs His Crystal Ball, You'll Be Under His Spell - The Magic Of Grayson L Knight-Lites - Our July Obsession

Photo Source: Grayson's Facebook Page   Original photo by Ken Tilley
   It began to stir deep inside. I saw something, or more specifically, someone who as if by magic, transported me into a fantasyland where the best kind of dreams played in my head. I got this feeling in my bones. A feeling like I was not in control. I was being moved by an unseen force. That my friend, is what Grayson L Knight-Lites does to those who find themselves at one of his performances. He exposes his magic that yes, puts a spell on know the rest. After that, you're his. And you are happy to be his as before your very eyes his clothing begins to disappear.

Photo Source: Grayson's Facebook Page
   When Grayson performs, he plays into the fantasies of the audience. What superhero do you take into your naughty daydreams? Do you have a thing for a football player or other athlete? Do you have a thing for the bad guys, the villains? Grayson brings them all to life. Just imagine. And the best part is that all the while, that sexy af body is revealed from underneath each one.

Photo Source: Grayson's Facebook Page
   Feeling patriotic...Grayson as Captain America will help you raise the flag to the full height of the pole.

Photo Source: Grayson's Facebook Page
   Maybe you're one of those who see Grayson as the bad boy that you want to chain up. You are one nasty mofo. (Whispering) Yea, I'm one of those too. ***Insert evil grin here***

Photo Source: Grayson's Facebook Page
   I played sports in high school, and intramural sports in college. My favorite times of the day were undressing in the locker room before practice and changing back after practice. The pics above and below bring up those youthful fantasies. For those of you who missed this experience, Grayson brings it to you live and in person.

Photo Source: Grayson's Facebook Page
   I've placed the Justin Timberlake song, "Can't Stop The Feeling" below. It describes the way you will feel while watching Grayson do his thing! Click play and enjoy all the hot pics of him placed here for your pleasure!

Photo Source: Grayson's Facebook Page
   Dang! I'm going to take a little mental visit to that magic land of unicorns right now. The pic above has given me this feeling in my body. I'm having this urge to create a new Grayson fantasy. You know unicorns are magical creatures! Yea, let's go make some magic. Don't mind me. You just keep reading.

Photo Source: Grayson's Facebook Page
   Grayson is one of our favorite current male dancers. We all love dancing boys in their underwear. And as you have seen Grayson looks great in underwear! But Grayson doesn't stop there, he takes us to a new level tapping in to our fantasies with costumes and accessories. He makes each performance fresh and exciting! His fans around the state of Ohio agree. This is why he has been chosen as the Males In Motion July Obsession.

Photo Source: Grayson's Facebook Page

Photo Source: Grayson's Facebook Page

Photo Source: Grayson's Facebook Page

Photo Source: Grayson's Facebook Page
   Grayson has referred to himself as a "geeky nerd". That may be, but he is one helluva sexy geeky nerd if so. And I mean no disrespect at all, but if I were looking for my own personal boy toy...Let's just think about that a minute. Each night you could have a different role play. OMG! Don't read anything into this but just so you know Grayson, I will most likely be in the Columbus area in October.

Photo Source: Grayson's Facebook Page
   Some of you may not know it but this isn't the first time that Grayson has had an effect on me. He was partially responsible for my meltdown in Columbus, OH last fall. If you haven't read that blog, click here and check it out. Learn how tipping is done by the master. lol Actually that is when this obsession began, and obviously it has continued and grown to this day!

Photo Source: Grayson's Facebook Page
   If you haven't yet caught one of Grayson's performances, I highly recommend that you do. You never know how he will be dressed, and then undressed. Let him capture your fantasy like he has ours. Until next time, don't forget to tip the boys! And if they are tapping in to your fantasies, tip them extra!!!

Click below and watch those sexy French Canadian boys!