Thursday, July 8, 2010

Males Strippers As Sports Stars

   When the young athlete walked into the locker room, I was sitting on a bench getting dressed in the far corner. He stood about 5' 10" with piercing blue eyes, perfect white teeth, and dirty blond hair that dripped of sweat. As he walked, his tanned, muscle-toned body moved with confidence and solid footing. He wore tennis shoes and only a pair of gray gym shorts. The shorts were soaked from sweat starting at the waistband and moving down into his crotch. He sat down at a bench on the opposite side of the room, untied and removed his shoes and socks, then stood back up. With both hands at this side he began to slide down his gym shorts revealing a white jock strap underneath. He removed his shorts and turned with his back toward me. His bubble butt was framed by the straps of the jock. He bent over and placed his shoes, socks and shorts inside a gym bag. Was this show for me? I could only hope. He turned back around and with a quick move pulled his jock off. He was now nude and breath-taking. Mother nature had given him the superior gene pool and through his athletic life-style, he had created a body that even Mount Olympus would notice. He looked in my direction, gave a quick smile, nodded his head, and walked out of the room toward the showers. I looked to the sky and whispered "thank you" to no one in particular.

   The fantasy of the athlete is one that we can enjoy often in the American culture where various sports play a major role in our shared experiences. In the fall we watch football players. In Winter depending on where you live, there is basketball, skiing and hockey. In the Spring there is baseball and track and field. Dispersed at various times throughout the year you can also watch cycling, soccer, gymnastics, swimming and diving. These are but a few. At this point I think it is appropriate to pause and give a loud cheer for spandex uniforms.

   The exotic male dancer as athlete causes us to relive those past fantasies and create new ones. The jock strap has become a must-have for dancers, particularly those who know their ass is what bring in the tips. When a guy disciplines himself and goes to the gym as a part of a regular routine, and builds a great body we are impressed. When the same guy brings that body into our world, and dances, strips, and entertains us, well, we are truly grateful. Get out those dollar bills, boys and girls, and say "thank you" with cash. We always want to encourage those dancers who have built the bodies that we often wish we had!!! Now back away from the french fries, and get to the gym!!! Then send me pics.

   If you have enjoyed an exotic male dancer as an athlete, tell me about it in a comment after this blog. If football, baseball, basketball, hockey, or other sports uniforms do it for you, well, let us hear about it. Email me, or post a comment at the end of this blog. Until next time, I'll see you in the locker room. And then hopefully on the stage!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Part 2: 10 Steps To Becoming A Successful
Exotic Male Dancer

   He was having fun it was obvious. And his fun was contagious. He liked being a male stripper. He enjoyed the crowd watching. And he liked the effect he was having on them. He was tall, sandy brown hair, nice build, firm ass, and good looking. I knew he was the one for a trip to the VIP room. I didn't wait for his sales pitch because I already knew. I told him what I wanted, we paid at the bar and he led me back to the VIP room for my private dance. It was my first trip to a VIP room in a bar, and definitely was not my last. This was at Boxers-N-Briefs near St. Louis several years ago. I won't disclose any details. You need to make that discovery for yourself. I will say that I had a lot of fun and have since enjoyed other such experiences.

NOTE: If you haven't read Part 1 please click here and go there now. Then return to read part 2. In part one you can read steps one through five and return here for steps six through 10.


   If you are a good dancer, more opportunities will open up for you. However, if you have the body and the look, you can sometimes get by on that alone. If you become popular with the audience, you will spend a portion of your time dancing and the rest of it receiving tips and talking with fans. I know of dancers who know how to move and are amazing to watch. I have seen dancers who swing on poles and bars and do acrobatic feats. I have also seen dancers who shuffle their feet a little, move around the stage a little, but look so damn good that no one really cares whether they can dance or not. So, you should have an idea where you fit in.

   It also depends on the requirements of the job. We recommend that you know your strengths and make the most of them. Watch the guys who are already dancing. Watch their moves, their interaction with the fans, and how they receive tips, etc. Also, take notice of what they are wearing. Be aware also that not all veteran dancers are focused on customer service. Be sure that customer service is your main focus.

   Dancing in a bar, club or at an event can also be quite different from dancing for private or bachelorette parties. Also, it is different dancing at a full-nude club than a non-nude club. Ask someone who has already been there to give you some tips. Always keep learning and getting better. When you travel and are not working, go to area clubs and watch their dancers. For a listing of bars and clubs across North America check out listings on the Males In Motion website under "Dancer Search". Also, for an online view of all-nude dancers check out Nude Male Dancers at the Stockbar in Montreal.
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   Like any job, to be a success you need to perform to the best of your ability. This includes showing up when scheduled, arriving on time, giving an enthusiastic performance, and maintaining a professional attitude when interacting with fans, other performers, staff members, club management, etc. Always maintain a positive and friendly attitude. If there is an emergency that will keep you from fulfilling your obligation, call the management and let them know as soon as possible. When given a tip, large or small, always say thank you. Go by the customer's seat after your session and thank them again. They will often tip again when you stop by. Support the bartenders and other staff members when you can. Be a team player. Your positive or negative reputation will follow you around and either open or close other doors of opportunity. Also, the people you work with may get a job at another bar, if a dancer is needed at that location, make sure you are the first name to come to their mind by always helping them be successful at their current job.


   The best place to begin working as an exotic male dancer is at the local level. Bars, clubs and agencies are always looking for talented dancers. Many bars and clubs hold weekly amateur or audition nights. Amateur and audition nights are excellent opportunities for introductory experiences of dancing in front of an audience. The amateur nights are usually scheduled on a slower night of the week with a smaller crowd. They are frequently part of a contest with prize money as well. The auditions are sometimes held before opening hours. An agency provides dancers for events, private parties, clubs, etc. You will need to call an agency to request an audition and interview. You might consider inviting them to a bar or club when you are dancing so they can "check you out".

   Wherever you decide to work, ask them what type of pay you will receive. There is a wide variety of payment arrangements for exotic male dancers. Some clubs and bars charge you to dance on their stage. The idea being that you will make enough tip money to cover the charge. And in popular clubs in resort areas or large cities this is usually true. Some locations allow you to dance for tips alone. If you are starting out, the "no pay" to start may be your best or only option. There are also opportunities that pay a certain amount for the event, plus you make tips.

   Regardless of how you receive payment, always be professional. If you do not like the payment arrangement, then do not work there. But whatever you do, do not bad mouth the establishment or agency. Managers at other bars, clubs and events will ask around to find out your work habits, attitude, and professionalism. Your reputation will follow you. And, if you know the payment arrangements up front, and agree to work for the establishment, then you have no reason to complain.

   We must face another truth here as well. There will come a time when your age will decrease your opportunities. Have a backup plan. While a dancer, enjoy it but be planning for the day when you may not be able to make a living as a dancer. Then when your opportunities start to diminish, you can began spending more time in your second vocation.


   When you first start out, concentrate on becoming a good dancer, performer, and entertainer. Once you have gained some experience working at a bar, club or through an agency, begin to promote yourself. If you have a computer and printer, create your own business cards to distribute to the owners and manager of clubs and agencies. There are also websites where you can inexpensively create and purchase business cards. Place a "sexy" picture of yourself on the card if possible. List contact information on the card, email and phone number, facebook page, twitter address, etc. Give these to anyone that might be able to connect you with a job opportunity.

   Unless you sign a contract with an agency, club, or bar that requires that you dance exclusively with them, we recommend that you put the word out that you are available. Make your way around to auditions and amateur nights. Let people know where you dance and when you'll be dancing. Create an online presence through facebook, myspace, twitter, or a personal or other website (or, a combination of all of them). The important thing is to keep everyone informed of where you are going to be performing, and how to contact you for job opportunities.

   If you have the funds, have a professional photographer create a portfolio for you. People will often respond to images more quickly than words. This also means that unless you are an established dancer, never upload photos that do not promote your image. Select pics that promote you as an exotic dancer. This may require that you make two or more separate facebook pages, etc. One can be for your personal and family connections. The other can be for your professional connections.

   If you are able to have someone make a quality video of you while dancing at a club, etc., place it on You Tube and link to it from facebook and other online sites. That is, if you can dance and you look good in the video. A video of you dancing at an event, bar, club or party is best. The video should not be any longer than 3-5 minutes. Be sure and display your contact information on the video.


   You are performing for the purpose of adding to the fun and excitement that others are having. The people who watch you dance may be there to possibly escape the problems and pressures of their every day lives. You are there to help them live in a fantasy world for a few hours. But, make sure you are having a good time as well. If you are not, you should be doing something else. If you experience burn out from dancing too often, take a break and get away from it for a while. If dancing as an exotic male dancer stops being fun for you, stop dancing and find a vocation that you can be passionate about. Keep in mind that you are providing experiences that the bar patrons will talk about for years and possibly the rest of their lives. Have fun with them. Get involved with their special night. HAVE FUN!!!

   That completes our 10 steps. Of course, there are many other tips and suggestions to help an exotic male dancer be successful. If you have a suggestion, send it our way. Email me or add a comment at the end of this blog. Until next time, drink a dirty martini for me and always tip the boyz!