Saturday, September 22, 2018

The Tip Jar: Sexy Costume Ideas - The Hot Policeman and the Sexy Prisoner

    The police officer is always a popular costume. Why does the man wearing this costume raise our blood pressure in the most exciting way? Is it the representation of authority? Is it the man in uniform? Is it the masculine male it symbolizes? It may be a mix of all of it. But one thing is for sure. Wearing this costume is great for go-go boys and male strippers alike. It is perfect for dancing at the club, performing at private parties or doing the strip tease on the stage.
    A policeman costume is sure to be popular with the customers. If you are the customer/male dancer fan and not a dancer, let me ask,"Does the policeman in uniform do it for you? If so, why not consider buying a costume kit from items below for your favorite exotic male dancer. He'll appreciate it! And once he's wearing it, well, your daydreams are set!
Office Ed Banger
    The costume above and all of the items listed below can be found on Since many people are buying online these days, I decided to search the options available on the largest online retailer. Click on any of the pics to go to that item on Amazon.
  • Police hat with badge pin
  • "Officer Ed Banger" name plate
  • Shirt and tie
  • Removable police badge
  • Removable armband
  • Sunglasses
    Get sunglasses here:

    Another option: You can buy sunglasses at Walmart for $5.00
  • Handcuffs
    Get handcuffs here:

  • Billy Club or Baton
    Get police billy club here:
  • Pants or Shorts Options
    Get them here:
  • Underwear Option!
    Whether stripping out of the pants, or not wearing any at all. Find sexy underwear options below.
  • Boots
    Black boots are perfect for this costume and can be worn with other costumes such as leather daddy, leather harness, construction worker, lumberjack, jockstrap, etc.

    Prisoner Sidekick
    If there are two of you, one can go as the policeman and one can be a prisoner. We've added the old school chain gang criminal costume in regular and sexy versions, and the classic orange jumpsuit below in regular and jail bait versions. And of course, you can always choose the wrong side of the law and go as the prisoner yourself instead.
ADDITIONAL IDEA: I spent one Halloween in Salem, MA. There were so many great costumes on display on the street and at the parties. I saw one group that had three male prisoners attached together as a chain gang. In control and holding the end of the chain was a female police officer. Adapt this to fit your group.

FOR ADDED EFFECT: A Flashing Red Light is a perfect idea for placing on the stage with you or using at a private party. The one shown below is battery operated so you can take it anywhere.
THEME NIGHT: A Cops And Robbers Night, Prison Night, Jail Bird Night, Police Academy Night, etc. Have all the male dancers, bartenders and staff members in costume. It could be a mix of both types of costumes: police and prisoners. Females and drag queens can also find or create costumes that fit this theme as well. See below:
DEPENDING ON THE PARTY: If you are going to a private party and the prisoner needs to be secured in a more erotic way, the harness below is an option you might consider.

MUSIC OPTION: Below are a few links to YouTube songs that could be used in a strip-tease or go-go situation. Many of these are classic songs. Find some that you like as well, and add them to your play list.


    I hope I have inspired you to buy or create a policeman's costume that fits your taste, body type and costumers. If you create your own policeman or prisoner costumes, please take a pic and send it to me at And next time I'm watching you perform in that costume, please arrest me. Of course, don't be surprised if I do the frisking. Until next time, yes sir officer!

NOTE: The items the model is wearing in the pic at the top of this blog were all purchased several years ago. I'm not sure of the source. I have provided links below to similar items on Amazon. If an item is not below then there is a similar item in the blog above.

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital