Saturday, September 29, 2018

The Tip Jar: Sexy Costumes - Tarzan & The Apes

    For the exotic male dancer, the Tarzan costume can represent the primal male who reacts on instinct to those strong urges he feels. And of course, the customer is very pleased that the Tarzan costume is most often little more than a loin cloth or animal print underwear.

   Leopard print underwear provides a visual cue for this sexy classic costume. In many depictions of Tarzan from movies and television, Tarzan is wearing a loin cloth. If worn, the loin cloth could be seductively removed revealing the underwear. We've provided links to underwear and loin cloths you can purchase below.

   A variety of accessories can be used with the Tarzan costume. Our model in the pic at the top has long hair, for those with shorter hair, a wig could be worn if desired. Click on the images below to see if these will work for you.

    Tarzan's mode of transportation through the jungle is by vine. We created a vine using rope, camouflage fabric and duck tape.

    We wrapped duck tape around the ends of the rope so it wouldn't unravel. We then tore the camouflage fabric in 1" strips. Starting at one end we wrapped the fabric around the end and tied it off. You can see the little knots along the vine where the fabric strips ended and we tied them to the next one. Wrap the entire length of the rope tightly and tie it off. Simple and easy with the desired effect. Tarzan can carry this over his shoulder or hang it across his shoulders. Below are links to each of these items on Amazon.

    In the pic at the top of the blog a coconut drink containter is in Tarzan's hand. The coconut drink container was purchased at a party supply store. We've provided links to similar items on Amazon below.

   The famous Tarzan yell can be found on YouTube. Play the Tarzan yell just before appearing before the audience. This will provide an audio cue to the audience, and start the anticipation for your show.

OTHER OPTIONS TO CONSIDER:    A comical addition to the show would be to have a drag queen or female dressed as a female version of Tarzan. In the movies from the 1930s the character of Jane dressed like this. Another option would be a female safari costume. After the male dancer's performance, a female Tarzan yell could be played and the drag queen enters. Links below.

THEME NIGHT: All dancers, bartenders and staff could dress for a jungle theme night. The male dancers could wear underwear in different animal print such as leopard, zebra, snake, etc. Suggested ideas are linked below.

APE, MONKEY OR ANIMAL SIDEKICK: If there is more than one person, one can dress as Tarzan and the others as an ape, monkey or other animals.
A bunch of bananas could be creatively used in the performance. Bananas are often used as a phalic symbol. And of course, they are the popular food of the apes and monkeys in the jungle. And since we know you've always wondered, "Do straight guys eat bananas the same way as gay guys?", we've added this short video for a demonstration.

Get your fake bananas here if you don't want to cause a mess on stage. However, you will need real bananas if you plan to peel them.

POSSIBLE MUSIC OPTIONS. Below are classic songs that can be used. Select some of your own that fit the theme and add to your play list.

    If you are a male dancer, show director, etc., I hope you have been inspired to create your own Tarzan or jungle theme costume. If you are a costumer and Tarzan or animal prints push your buttons, select items from above and create a costume kit for your favorite dancer. The dancer will enjoy new sexy underwear, and you will of course enjoy watching him wear them. Until next time, don't forget to tip the Boyz!


Photo Source: Males In Motion