Monday, September 10, 2018

The Bulge - Social Media Finds Through September 10 (NSFW)

Photo Source: Stockbar in Montreal, Quebec     Daily live broadcasts
   As summer begins to fade into Autumn we see the boys of colleges and universities return to school. And many of them are going to need cash to help finance their education. It is recruitment time for exotic male dancers. New faces, new hot bodies, new BULGES and new opportunities for tipping. To get you in the mood and all heated up, I've placed several pics and videos in this blog that I know will do the trick. Enjoy and as always, find your local dick dancer boys and place some dollars in those fantasy waistbands.

   I would Las Vegas is known for its amazing shows. These are four reasons I would find Thunder an amazing show!

   There are some things that annoy me when they are 'in my face' but then there are other things that I don't mind at all. I rather hope they'll end up there.

   I am so happy to see dancers wearing jock straps more often. They frame the ass so nicely! Also, if you are on twitter, follow Philly T. He has been documenting male dancers and others from Southern California for some time now. You will definitely enjoy his work.

   Phoenix has become one of my favorite cities for exotic male dancers. Charlie's always has hotties dancing in their outdoor patio, and the shower shows are something you'll want to see.

   When it comes to nightclubs with male dancers, Piranha in Las Vegas is definitely one of the very best! I am in love with Gio! And Alex and Curtis are two others that I favor. Follow Piranha on social media and you owe it to yourself to drop in if you are ever in Vegas.

   I like the 'HEADliner' from Barcelona, Spain.

   As I always say, "It's All About The Tease!" However, the reveal is pretty nice too!

   Willy The Kid is a legend in the world of exotic male dancers. Watch this clip and I think you'll agree. He has the assets and talents to put on quite a show! I'm sure all customers went home happy!

   Ok, everybody gets a stroke! Have you had your turn yet?

   I hope you found something of interest in this blog. Be on the look out for those new college boys who will be dancing at a club near you. Thanks for following the blog. And as always, don't forget to tip the Boyz!

Click below and watch those sexy French Canadian boys!

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Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital

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