Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Take A Long, Hard Look
You Won't Be Disappointed!
Den Burdette ~ Exotic Male Dancer
Tulsa, OK

     If you are fortunate enough to catch a show with Den Burdette, you'll want to take a long, hard look. Yes folks, he's easy on the eyes. His day job is that of fitness trainer and he has the body to prove it. His smile is contagious and will pull you in. Don't be surprised if you wind up on stage doing something you swore you'd never do. The last time I saw him, audience members were engaged in a little spanking session with a leather crop. They were all having fun, especially Cliff, the receiver of said spankings. There was also a best underwear contest.
    Den has been given the gift of charm and he wields it like a magic sword. Males In Motion sponsored him as the featured exotic male dancer at the Black And Blue Ball in Eureka Springs, AR on March 3. He moved around the crowd making sure everyone was having a good time. The ladies loved him. The gay men adored him. And he even gave a few pointers on erotic dancing to some of the straight men, so they could cast a spell at home on their female companions. All of this done while wearing a black leather harness and black leather shorts laced up the side. (Oh yea, he looked good!)

    Den is the show director at Mojo's Bar in Tulsa, OK. On Monday nights he hosts, "Dancer Idol" where potential male dancers are tested to see if they have what it takes to be one of the Men of Mojo's. They must pass before being added to the show cast. He returns on Thursday nights as his alter-ego Buck Stone in the Honey Train Show. I was present for a special St. Patrick's Day Show. You can view more pics of Den and the show cast on my Michael Hill Photography facebook page.     Den is definitely the exotic male dancer who provides the sensual experience you want when you go to watch an exotic male dancer. However, you'll find he is so much more. He is a true showman in every sense of the word. It all comes together in one mighty fine package! If you would like to book Den Burdette for your club or event, contact him on his facebook page. It's worth clicking on the link just to see his photo albums.
Photo by Tracie Moore

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The 9 Inches of Success
Inch Two: Tease Me To Please Me

   I was sitting at a table with my partner in Swinging Richards in Atlanta, GA this past summer watching the cutest male dancer do his thing. He hopped on stage with other dancers for the first song in shirt, jeans and tennis shoes. I watched as all were removed until he was wearing a pair of red boxer briefs that fit his tight body perfectly. He had the 'cute' look. Not the rugged handsome guy, the pretty boy, or the adonis but the cute guy. Well, cute caught my attention that night and I spent most of the time he was on stage watching him and ignoring other dancers. I'm not sure if he was watching but he's smart if he was but at one point he looked up, met me eye-to-eye, and gave me a sly smile. It was a flirt and a tease and he was working me. That was just fine by me. That was it! I was up and out of my chair in a second and on my way to tip. I arrived to the stage this time eye-to-crotch, he bent down slightly gave me that smile again, and pulled his briefs down for a complete view of what had up to that point been covered. I tipped him a couple of bucks. He said thank you, smiling again and I walked back to my seat.

   So, I ask you what just happened? I was sitting in the audience minding my own business... well, maybe I was minding the dancers' businesses, but the point is, I received a little special attention from one of the male dancers in the form of a tease. It wasn't much, just enough to 'reel' me in and make tip money. All it took was for the dancer to make eye contact and smile. (We've already established that I'm easy when it comes to male dancers, so let's move on.) Keeping eye contact and smiling got me up out of my chair and moving toward the stage. Then once I'm there, I get a special reward, the briefs came down far enough for me to look inside. It was a simple move but it added to the tease. A tease that made me have fun and made enough of an impression that I am writing a blog about it. The male dancer was cute, built and hung. I was there to watch and enjoy, and he was there to provide.

   I will not deny that I like it when the male dancers strip down to full nudity, but there's something about the tease. Making me look forward to the final revealing is much more fun than putting all on full display five minutes into the show. A glimpse of ass here, and a quick view of the package there, is playful, erotic and much more fun! Plus, let's just be honest here...if a male dancer is lacking in endowment, muscle tone, etc., a tease can make us think there is more there than the reality. It's part of the show.

   In a different venue where nudity is not allowed, the term 'working the crowd' comes into play. I recently hired an exotic male dancer for an event that I was involved in. When initially speaking with the dancer I had said I was looking for a go-go boy to dance at the event. And in my mind that is what I needed. On the night of the event, I realized that the facility was not really designed for a go-go boy on a stage or platform, and having a male dancer remain in one place dancing for the night would have been boring. The dancer is a pro and instinctively asked if I wanted him to move around the crowd. I thought a second and said, "yes", and knew that was the perfect option.

   He began moving around the crowd, stopping at tables, smiling, talking, and being his charming self. All while dressed in a pair of sexy black leather shorts that were laced up the sides, and a leather chest was a perfect costume for this particular event. I watched as he flirted and teased his way around the room. He would frequently move onto the dance floor with others and make his way through the crowd dancing with different people. And was featured for one song on the dance floor alone. I watched as the tips were placed in those leather shorts. He was a hit and I must say, had a good financial night as a result. In my opinion, his success was due to three main reasons, first, he is cute as hell; second, the costume he had chosen was an automatic tease that appealed to this particular audience, and third, he knew how to work the crowd with teasing looks, conversation, and body language. I will be featuring this dancer in a future blog.

   There is always a place for the go-go style dancer in my world and one of the best in my opinion is Michael at the Tulsa Eagle (Shown left). Michael keeps his body in great shape. He has been blessed in those places that make exotic male dancers popular. And, Michael is a charmer. He always greets everyone with a smile. He entertains and works at getting those around him involved in the fun of the night. And yes, Michael does know how to tease. He is a master at eye contact, showing a little skin without being illegal in the state of Oklahoma, and focusing on you 'in the moment' so your night out is special.

   Well, those are my thoughts about Inch 2...Tease Me To Please Me. If you're a fan of exotic male dancers, I hope you have had similar experiences. If you are an exotic male dancer, copy the examples above and watch as fans place tips in your briefs. Until next time, remember flirting given by a male dancer is always a good thing so tip them to keep it going. I recommend $2 tips to the dancers who know what they're doing. And of course, that can be many more times than just once.


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The Nude Male Dancers of Stockbar in Montreal
Click the pic and see much more!

(Photo Source: Stockbar ~ Montreal)