Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Now Move Your Ass... I Like That ... Getting Dirty With Reggie Cox ... The Males In Motion May Obsession

Photo Source: Reggie Cox Facebook Page   Photo by: Art Photaug
   Let's just make it clear from the start...sometimes I get naughty, or should I say dirty thoughts. Yes, try as I might to be all good inside, sometimes I just can't help it. I really, really sort of want to be good but there are times when it just ain't gonna happen. Honestly, it's not my fault. I blame it on exotic male dancers like Reggie Cox. I mean, just look at that body in the pic above. How in the hell, is a gay man or straight woman suppose to look at that and not think of ideas that involve entertaining Reggie in a more horizontal position. And even Andrew Christian liked the pic above when Reggie got a shout out from him for wearing his AC brand underwear. And Reggie does wear them oh so well.

Photo Source: Reggie Cox Facebook Page   Photo by: Black Rose Photography
   And just look at those eyes... let me repeat, I said "look at those eyes." This isn't working. Here, let's try this again. Keep reading below.

Photo Source: Reggie Cox Facebook Page   Photo by: Black Rose Photography
   Now, just look at those eyes... wait, you're still not looking at the eyes. Let's try this one more time.

Photo Source: Reggie Cox Facebook Page   Photo by: Black Rose Photography
   Ok, that's better. Just look at those eyes. How is one suppose to resist thinking dirty thoughts when you look at that face and those blue eyes? It's impossible. (OK, go ahead and scroll back up and get a good look at the pic above, then come back and join me below.)

Photo Source: Reggie Cox Facebook Page   Photo by: Black Rose Photography
   And just when maybe you think you've got things under control, Reggie does a little tease move like in the pic above, pulling down one side of his underwear, and then, your whole resolve is shattered. Not to mention when you go up and tip him and slide a dollar, or two, or three or... inside that waistband. Just thinking about it has veered my mental images in a dirty direction.

Photo Source: Reggie Cox Facebook Page   Photo by: Black Rose Photography
   Well, that's just not fair. Look at that sly smile on his face. That smile says to me that he knows what affect he is having on me. He knows where my thoughts are at. I might as well give up on trying to be good. Dang, look at that ass!

Photo Source: Reggie Cox Facebook Page   Photo by: Black Rose Photography
   Now you've gone and done it! He isn't wearing a stitch of clothes. Well, maybe one or two stitches are in that hat. And this is exactly how you'll find him on Sundays in Tampa, Florida as part of the Full Nude Male Revue at Skin Tampa. The ladies, or female dancers, step aside on Sunday night and the men step in. Click on ad below for more info.
   I've chosen Christina Aguilera's song "Dirrty" for this blog so you can listen and have dirty thoughts as you look at the pics of Reggie. Don't even try to deny it. You know you will. And we won't believe you if you say you're going to try and be good.

Photo Source: Reggie Cox Facebook Page   Photo by: Art Photaug
   Reggie performs at other clubs in the Tampa Bay and Sarasota, Florida areas. Check out his Facebook page or other social media sources to find out where and when he'll be performing. Links to several sources for Reggie are below. You'll definitely want to check out his Instagram account. He has posted some very hot pics there that are not on his Facebook page. You go ahead and read below, I'm going to stay here for a few minutes and think about the color red.

Photo Source: Reggie Cox Facebook Page   Photo by: SOL photos
   We selected Reggie to be our Males In Motion May Obsession because frankly we have become obsessed with Reggie. We've been following him online for several months. We even made a trip to Florida in April hoping to see him while there but unfortunately missed him. Our schedules didn't work out with his performance dates. However, we'll get back down there. That's just how an obsession works. In the meantime, I'll just have to keep enjoying my dirty thoughts about Reggie. That will be easy. Well some things will be easy, others might be harder. (Yes, I said it and I'm going to leave it right there.)

Photo Source: Reggie Cox Facebook Page

Photo Source: Reggie Cox Facebook Page   Photo by: Black Rose Photography
   This is the time of year that many folks are preparing for a summer trip to Florida. I recommend the Tampa Bay area. I also recommend that you plan a Sunday night at Skin and watch the boys at the Full Nude Male Revue. And definitely, I recommend that you find out where Reggie will be performing while you are in the area. You owe it to yourself to go enjoy a night of dirty thoughts! Until next time, keep sliding those dollars in those waistbands...and beyond!
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Photo Source: Males In Motion

Thursday, May 25, 2017

The Corner Pocket ~ New Orleans, Louisiana ... My Kind Of Party!

   Every year for my birthday, I always want to spend it where I can tip the dancing boys. And when it comes to celebrations and having a party, I know of no better city to party in than New Orleans. So, as an early birthday celebration, I visited the Crescent City and of course, spent a large portion of my time at The Corner Pocket.
   I'd rather celebrate birthdays by enjoying a new experience rather than receiving a tangible gift. Don't get me wrong, I like gifts that I can 'hold in my hands'. However, an experience like what can be found at The Corner Pocket is one-of-a-kind. And since The Corner Pocket is one of my favorite places in the male stripper world, I love drinking', tipping' and playin' with the boys on the bar. It's a perfect way to celebrate getting another year older.
   When I know I'll be going to The Corner Pocket, I ALWAYS plan for two days of fun, instead of one. And on this visit, the bar was full on Friday and Saturday night with both customers and the number of dancers. From the moment your greeted at the door by Barry, you know you've walked in to somewhere special.
   There were around 30 male dancers at The Corner Pocket each night we were there. The boys step up on the bar for their sessions, usually 4 to 5 at a time. Their names are announced by the lovely and talented Lisa Beaumont. They rotate around the bar greeting customers, receiving tips, and providing some very nice eye candy.
   During those sessions and rotations, I especially enjoyed the company of a few specific dancers. Alex (in pic above and top) interacts with the customers in a fun, sensual and entertaining way. He also has a few costume or prop surprises that keeps things interesting. I was glad to see Alex was dancing both nights.
   Chris stood out for working a unitard and doing it well. He was cute and a favorite of the night. Ace and Cody were two others that stood out for me. Ace had the best defined body. Cody was a cutie. I enjoyed tipping each of these dancers! My partner also had a favorite and spent a lot of time tipping Michael S.

Photo Source: The Corner Pocket
   There is one dancer that I haven't mentioned yet because he is my Corner Pocket favorite. Mitchell (above) has been dancing at The Corner Pocket on my past two visits. When Mitchell is in the house, all he has to do is walk by and I'll start sticking dollars in his waistband. He has a tight body, amazing ass and bulges to capacity in any pair of underwear he wants to wear. He knows how to play the stripper game. He is the type of male dancer that keeps the fans and customers wanting to return. Honestly, if he were the only dancer for the night, I would still have a great time. Of course, I might have to elbow a few other customers out of the way to tip him. But fortunately at The Corner Pocket, there are plenty of dancers to go around, and everyone gets to have fun!
   With New Orleans and The Corner Pocket, you can always count on large parties during the major events and holidays. In September the gay community descends upon the French Quarter with a Southern Decadence (use Southern Decadence as both a noun and a verb). The ghouls, goblins and sexy boys come out during Halloween. And those of you in cooler northern climates need to drop down to N'ahlins for New Year's Eve and ring in the new year Cajun style. But wait, there's more.
   Unless you've been living under a rock, you have heard tales being told about Mardi Gras with King cakes, doubloons, beads, and parades. Keep following the calendar because you'll still find more partying for St. Patrick's Day, and even a huge Gay Easter party and parade! New Orleans is also an excellent place to celebrate Pride! Make The Corner Pocket your home base for all the events and activities.
   Some of the dancers from The Corner Pocket participated in an Easter Fundraiser at the House Of Blues. We borrowed their pic for an Easter Day social media post (above). For more on Easter in New Orleans, click here. Many of the celebrations listed in this blog are also fund raisers for some very worthy causes. Clink on any of the links in the text, or in the links below to find out more.
   I recommend The Corner Pocket and New Orleans as a destination for any of your yearly celebrations, vacations or weekend getaways. And be sure you plan for two nights at The Corner Pocket. One is never enough!
   Until next time, Save The Bulge! Tip the dancing boys! Support your local dick dancer bars and clubs!

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Photo Source: Males In Motion

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

When The Other Shoe Drops ~ 4 Signs That Your Favorite Male Dancer Venue Is In Decline

Photo Source: Males In Motion
   "Waiting for the other shoe to drop" is an English idiom meaning we're waiting for something to happen, usually something bad. In this case I'm applying it to a bar or club that features exotic male dancers that is in decline. We're waiting for the 'other shoe to drop' or for the bar or club to permanently close their doors. Please read the blog and then assess the current financial health of your favorite bar or club with male dancers.
Sign #1 - Continual Management and Staff Infighting
   It isn't unusual that there are people in the same workplace who do not get along 100% of the time. A successful business will find a solution for a particular conflict that all involved parties can agree upon. Or, in some cases, if it is simply one person who is a troublemaker, then management can remove that person and replace them. Then the business moves on. However, when a business continually has infighting among its staff or management, then there is an underlying issue which will eventually rise to the surface and may cause irreversible damage. Unfortunately, this often gets played out in social media with bickering, throwing shade, and damaging negativity. When it gets to the point that the customers are affected, and it will, then they will start to avoid this location taking their dollars with them.
Sign #2 - Male Dancer Burnout
   Most clubs have a frequent turn over with new dancers coming in on a regular basis. Some male dancers find success in this career and want to ride the wave as long as they can. Taking time off is good for everyone but sometimes it is necessary to work without a break in order to pay the bills, debts, etc. Some dancers simply cannot afford to take time off. When a dancer is experiencing burnout, a negative attitude will often be cast over many facets of their life. This will become evident to colleagues, management and most importantly, to customers who are coming to the bar or club to be entertained and have a good time. When a dancer is experiencing burnout, they have very little motivation to entertain. If other dancers are feeling burn out, they will feed off of each other and the negativity will spread. The customers will then have a negative experience as well. When customers are not having fun, they will take their dollars and seek other sources of entertainment.
Sign #3 - Decline In Customer Service
   A decline in customer service is usually marked by the "I don't care" attitude. This can be seen in the work of staff members, management and dancers. There are a multiple of reasons that can cause this to happen but the result is always the same. The customers are not taken care of and will take their business elsewhere. This attitude can infect the staff across the board if a concerted effort is not made to stop it. If the bartender doesn't care how they serve a guest; the DJ doesn't care what music they play; the doorman doesn't care whether you come in or not; the dancers don't care if you have a good time or not; and management doesn't care about any of them, then obviously you have a problem. It always starts with small things but eventually will expand to include more important issues, tasks and responses.
#4 - Social Media And Online Information Rarely Updated
   I will admit that this is one of my pet peeves. My business life revolves around social media and online information. If your business has been around for many years and you have solid regular customers that keep you afloat, then I can see how an online presence might not be a priority to you. There comes a time when older customers need to be replaced with new, younger customers, if a business wants to continue into the future. And the current way to reach those new younger customers, is through social media.
   What frustrates me more than a non-presence online is an outdated one. I recently made plans based on a club website where a promotion was made for male dancers on a specific night each week. I had followed this club online in the past and had seen the promo ads they posted, and pics of the some of the dancers that they were featuring. So, I made plans to be in the area of said club on the particular night that male dancers were featured. I checked the social media of the club to see if there were any changes in schedule announced, etc., and there were none.
   My partner and I arrived at the club on the specific night to find the parking lot empty and the club dark. It was closed. I called the number to the club and a recording said the club would be open the next night and announced some special guest that would be there. But did not say anything about being closed that night. Yes, I should have called previously to verify but I had no reason to question the website information.
   Had we known, we would have made plans to be in a different city and at a club with male dancers that was open. Of course, I did gain some wisdom and will call in the future if I am in a similar situation. I doubt if I'll ever return to that club though, because once your burned, it's difficult to go back. And I'm sure I'm not the only customer who feels this way. I did message this club and ask them to update their website. I explained what had happened. No response. I can't say I'm surprised. I'll tell the name of the club after the doors have closed permanently.

Photo Source: Males In Motion
   How did your favorite club measure up? I will point out that a bar that is struggling financially is different than a bar in decline. All businesses have peaks and valleys when it comes to financial health. Until next time, support your local dick dancer bar...please tip the male dancers, bartenders and staff! Help keep this industry strong! It is our favorite form of entertainment!!!

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