Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Silverado in Portland, OR
~ Guest Review by Falkirk ~

Photo Source: Silverado Facebook Page

Whoopee! Silverado!
   I went to Silverado in Portland on St. Patrick’s Day and had a great time. What a happy place that is. It is the only male stripper bar that I have been to that welcomes men and women equally and, in my opinion, it seems to work. Maybe because Portland, OR is such a liberal city and all the folks are just generally mellow and accepting of each other.
   The sign out front says “no bachelorette parties” and “no loud screaming or cheering”. I guess some measure of decorum must be met. Portland is known for the highest number of strip clubs per capita of any city in the USA. Strip clubs can serve alcohol IF THEY ALSO SERVE FOOD. So back behind the bar is a kitchen ready to serve up pub fare of a certain quality along with the booze and entertainment. What a concept!
   So the boys all come out when the show starts at 10 pm and then one by one they get their 10 to 15 minutes on stage. The first round was more of a tease, stripping down to underwear and slipping them down over the bum, then the second the subsequent rounds were whatever the market could bare. I couldn’t help notice that one dancer looked familiar, and it was only when I was walking to my car that I placed him as a Sean Cody model of a year or two ago. He was a star attraction (I am adding a photo I found on the internet). But the other boys were all super friendly, interactive while not on stage and on stage were not shy. A couple danced most of their set fully nude. Others were a little more coy.

Photo Source: Provided by Falkirk
Note from Mike: I do believe pic has been photoshop enhanced a bit. We'll look for an actual image and post here as well.

   The music was not too loud, the bartenders were handsome (in their underwear) and they served up drinks that were priced to make you feel like you were in a neighborhood bar, not a supercharged night club. I guess that sums up the experience. Portland’s Silverado is like Portland itself. It’s friendly, neighborhood kind of place. Everyone is welcome and everyone’s attributes are appreciated. Just come to town and enjoy the fun.

Note from Mike: Thanks Falkirk for being our eyes and ears in other locations. I hope to make it the Silverado. You're review tells me it is just the type of place that I will love!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

FB And The Phallus

NOTE: Please make sure you read the two updates at the bottom of this blog.

   It's HARD ON a guy like me to post pics of an exotic male dancer's WILLY on Facebook. There is a decision before the post can be made...WOODY or WOODY not. A cloth covered ERECTION can be a thing of beauty. But the policies of Facebook will slap it and say, "PENIS bad".
   And one can never post a bare COCK in all it's glory on Facebook without consequences. So, as a result of posting too much DICK and ass, the Michael Hill account on Facebook has been suspended once again. This time indefinitely. You could say I've been given the SHAFT.
   It is most likely that this Michael Hill will never again post a pic of a male dancer's TOOL on Facebook. I will never again click upload to share the engorged MEMBER of a male stripper. My friends list will never again see that I have "liked" that most amazing go-go boy's SCHLONG.
   It would have been ok, had some jealous PRICK not reported it. Facebook tends to turn a blind eye to a secret and closed group otherwise. But like my friend PETER says, "It's all good."
   So, what's the plan? Well, I'm keeping the Facebook Exotic Male Dancer Secret Group active. And I will keep the Facebook Males In Motion page as well. I had set up a second account and made it an administrator for both as a safety net in case something like this were to happen. I will be posting links in these two locations that will take you to my tumblr blog, instagram and twitter accounts, or the Males In Motion website. And I may add others in the future. The pics in these two locations on Facebook will have 'the boyz' and the bubble butts covered but once you click on them, you will be transported into a world of freedom where all may be revealed.
   Let's keep in touch. And since we're not concentrating on FB, we can touch it.
   Until next time, keep those boys dancing.
UPDATE: About four months after this account was suspended, I got it back. So I currently post regularly at Michael Hill Facebook Account
UPDATE 2: On August 27, 2017 the Michael Hill account was suspended for 30 days. Does this give me street cred where male nudity is concerned? ;) So, look for posts by Mike Duett, the backup account.

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Photo Source: Males In Motion

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Back In The Saddle Again

Photo Source: Snagged from online

   I am back in the saddle, the blog saddle that is. After a short winter hiatus where I stepped back and dealt with real life for a while, I have returned refreshed, renewed and hopefully with new insights concerning the exotic male dancer entertainment industry. And with my return, those who know me well, would expect nothing less than a cowboy reference. For those of you into leather, the idea of a saddle, well, I'm sure that has your imagination firing off as well.

Photo Source: Snagged from online

   Not so very long ago, I mentioned in a blog that I have observed a five year cycle that happens with many facets of my life. This year, 2015, has already proven to be one for me. What I mean by a five year cycle is the ebb and flow of entertainment, interests, finances, etc. For me this has meant paying off the loan on my current vehicle; a change in management at businesses I am associated with; family members graduating from college and kindergarten; friends unexpectedly passing from this life; and making some major career choses for myself, etc. I've watched this happen several times in my life as old comforts and habits drop away and new experiences take their place. And it seems to me that within a five year period, my life is changed forever by the events and people who have changed around me. I look back and in many ways, I am not the same person I was five years ago.

Photo Source: Snagged from online

   So, how does this relate to the exotic male dancer entertainment industry? I am simply here to say watch for changes and new opportunities. I'm not a psychic. I'm not a fortune teller. I'm simply an observer. Already this year, I've watched several new clubs open and I've also seen old favorites close. I have observed several new male revues and agencies step out and lead the way. I know of male dancers who after a 2-3 years career have decided to move on to a different occupation.

Photo Source: Snagged from online

   The main purpose for my writing this blog is to encourage you, the exotic male dancer fans, to enjoy what you've got while it is here. The club you enjoy on Friday or Saturday night, might not be here next year unless you are out showing your support by paying the cover charges, buying drinks and most importantly tipping the boyz! That hot male dancer that always pushes all your buttons, may decide a new career path is needed unless those dollar bills are being sufficiently stuffed in his waist band, armband, thigh band or socks.

Photo Source: Snagged from online

   And for the exotic male dancer, stipper, go-go boy, pole dancer, etc., I say...never take the customers for granted. Their lives follow an ebb and flow cycle as well. That big tipper that helps keep your rent paid each month may move away. The bachelorette or bachelor parties may find a new venue. The owner/manager at the club where you dance may decide it's time to retire, do something else or close the club. Spend as much of your time as you can saying 'thank you' to those who support you. And I'll let you in on a little secret, if you learn their name, it will pay off...I promise.

Photo Source: Snagged from online

   Until next time, if I walk into the club where you dance, go put on that cowboy hat, a pair of those underwear that pushes 'the boyz' out front, and give me one of those smiles. I'll be right there with tips in hand. If you are also wearing cowboy boots, I'll tip double, triple, or empty my pockets.

Photo Source: Snagged from online

NOTE: All pics in this blog were snagged from online. If you know the source, please let me know and I'll give them the credit due.