Monday, November 29, 2010

Too Damn Cute! ~ Exotic Male Dancer Anthony ~ Chicago!

   He's just too damn cute! Recently I received an email from a blog reader requesting that I do a feature blog on Exotic Male Dancer Anthony in Chicago. And being the customer service oriented type of guy that I am, I said sure I'll check him out. It must have been fate because just a few days before I had looked up Anthony on facebook and been captivated by that face. (Well, I started at the face.) And so I immediately asked to friend Anthony on Facebook. (And NO, I didn't already know him Facebook! But I wanted to.) I just thought that it would be nice to see that face pop up in my friends box frequently. Sure, it's emotionally shallow of me to behave this way but hey, he's just too damn cute! And besides, he has the complete physical package as well: face, hair, chest, legs, arms, muscles, basket, and oh the butt...

   ...Sorry, I went somewhere in my head for a moment. And of course, Anthony has perfect teeth and likes to wear a cowboy hat. I'll be financially ruined. Once I start tipping him, I won't be able to stop.

   Although he has been dancing at several Chicago clubs like Cocktail and Spin for a while, Anthony recently joined the hot guys of Chi-Town Boyz and Hunters Hunks. That places him at Hunter's in Elk Grove Village on Thursday, December 2. And he will be at Temptations In Franklin Park for Stud Puppy Tuesdays on Tuesday, December 7. (I love that title, "Stud Puppy". Makes me think of...) Sorry, drifted off again.



   You can keep up with Anthony's appearances on his Facebook page. He is always updating his status and posting where he will be performing. And it usually has the tag line of "come and see me at..." Try this little experiment, go to his Facebook page, read his post about where he will be performing, then pretend that you hear him say, "Come and see me" and then imagine you can see that face as he flashes that smile. Ok, and now try to say no. You can't do it!

   Anthony and Males In Motion hope you have a great Holiday Season!    When you go see Anthony (because I know you can't say no), please tell him Mike from Males In Motion said hi, and tip him a dollar for me. Until next time, ask Santa to send me an the one above please. I said "please"!


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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Naughty Boy ~ Travis Irons: Exotic Male Stripper...And More!

   I was surfing through Facebook one night looking at pics of exotic male dancers and stopped when I got to Travis Irons. I looked through his photo albums and noticed a common theme that caught my attention. When dancing Travis wears very little clothing: jock straps, thongs, and very small briefs. (And this Mikey liked it!) He also had a great smile! And yes, I did stop looking at other things for a moment and notice his smile. And big surprise here...I like really cute exotic male dancers wearing very little clothing that have seductive smiles!

   The 23 year old currently makes his home in the Houston area but travels extensively across North America. He possesses one of those lean bodies that moves well on any dance floor or stage. That alone is a threat to other's fidelity, but add to his arsenal a cute face, sexy muscle tone, and yes, the all-powerful bubble butt and it goes without saying that he receives a lot of attention. How can anyone resist? I can't, nor do I want to try.

   As I continued to delve deeper in the Travis mystique, I found that this exotic male doesn't limit his options when it comes to his exotic male career. He can currently be SEEN AND HEARD on several websites that are very popular with gay men. The list includes Lucas Entertainment, Bad Puppy, and College Dudes. We'll just say that Travis is a very talented young man with abilities that go beyond the scope of this blog.

   With his extracurricular activities, we decided Travis was a good choice to feature in one of our "Naughty November" blogs. And at first glance I'd say Travis has most certainly been placed on Santa's 'Naughty List' but hey I don't know Santa that well, so I could be wrong. But don't take my word for it, go explore for yourself! It's worth the effort.

   I spoke with Travis by phone this week and he has a lot going on these days. He had been chosen to be the "SEXY SANTA" for an underwear store in Houston called Male-U-Wear. The store specializes in designer apparel of underwear, swimwear, shirts and other basics for men. Travis will be modeling underwear in the store on Saturday November 27 from 1-5pm. We are certain that underwear gifts for Christmas will increase in the Houston area this year!!! Travis said the best way for fans to keep up with him and his busy schedule is through Twitter where he posts up-to-date information concerning personal appearances and their locations.

   If you are not a fan already, let us provide a little more enticement below. This pic is from his work at College Dudes.

   If you get a chance, catch Travis at a club or online and you'll understand why we wanted to include him in a Males In Motion "Naughty November" blog. Until next time, be naughty. (Santa's not looking right now, he's too busy...go ahead, be naughty. We'll never tell.)

PIC SOURCES: Travis Iron's Facebook Page, College Dudes.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Male Stripper Costume Tip 2: The Devil On My Shoulder...Seriously, what is that?

   By now most people have seen a television commercial, situation comedy, or a movie where one of the characters is faced with a decision. During the agony of making the decision, small versions of themselves or friends appear dressed as an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other. The "mini-me's" in this case are representations of the forces of good and evil, or simply the right and wrong choices.

   I'm going to give these two munchkins a different job to do for this blog. The devil represents the go-go boy or stripper who has been working it for about an hour, he is sweating, and it won't be long before he is going to be "ripe". The little devil says, "You're having a great time. Keep working it. They're loving you!" The little angel on the other shoulder represents the honest, thoughtful and intelligent thought processes. The angel says, "Let's be real guy. You are starting to stink. You need to go take a shower or at least clean yourself up. Maybe change your clothes. Then come back out and accept more tips from the fans."

   I'm all about the angel at this moment. From the perspective of a fan of exotic male dancers, let me just say that it is a little disconcerting to make your way to a male dancer for the purpose of tipping him, only to be hit by a wave of pure reak that almost knocks you down. So, maybe I am exaggerating a bit, but you get my point. Yes, there are some people who possess a fetish for body smells (we'll just leave it there), but I don't happen to be one of them. And I am guessing that most fans feel the same.

   Ok, I'm being real here and not trying to turn your stomach or make you lose your lunch. But real story, I watched an acquaintance tip a dancer who I thought was really hot. When this friend returned to his seat he had a grimace on his face. To me that was kind of weird. So, I asked him why he had that look on his face. He told me that "The dancer smelled like ass." Ok, I know T-M-I but it is a reality. (Keep reading you'll get through this.) Personal hygiene is extremely important in the realm of exotic male dancer nudity and semi-nudity. Never think to yourself that no one will notice because I assure you someone will.

   I like a male stripper who wears a sexy fragrance. Now I don't want to greet the fragrance before I get to the stripper. But as I lean in to tip him in his nether regions, or when he leans over to thank me with a hug or kiss on the cheek, I like to "catch a whiff" of a sexy fragrance. If it is something I really like, it's fairly certain that I will return to that dancer just to tip again so I can "catch it again". Also, if I really, really like the fragrance, I'm more encouraged to request a visit to the VIP Room with the dancer.

   Now, let's turn-the-tables and come from the other direction. Respect the male strippers. Please consider a ritual of personal hygiene before you enter the male stripper's domain. It's only fair. As they say, "Turn about is fair play". I have it on good authority that you should wear musk or earthy smells during the winter and light, citrus type fragrances in the warmer weather.

   I give the fragrance a position of importance as a part of the exotic male dancer's costume. It is something he will put on, and it is something that can effect the patrons of a bar or club. With that being said, at this point, in a blatant attempt to achieve commercial success, I have included a few links to current popular fragrances. Males In Motion is an affiliate with the vendor that sells these fragrances. So, if you choose to buy from them, I will get a small commission. Just keeping it real here. That small commission will assist me in visiting more clubs and writing new reviews so that you are kept up to date on the hottest male strippers, and the clubs where they perform. At this moment I am compelled to say, "And fragrances make great gifts too!"

Below are five of the most popular fragrances for men to date:

John Varvatos

Hanae Mori

L'eau D'issey Pour Homme

Black Code by Armani

Acqua Di Gio by Armani

   If you have an opinion on the use of fragrances by exotic male dancers, please share it with me. Let me know about the negative or positive experiences you have had. Add it in a comment below or email me and let your opinion be counted. Until next time, tip the boyz and tell them how sexy they smell.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Michael Bernal Photography: Capturing the Magic ~ Exotic Males of F WORD at Splash NYC!

   What is this place of mystery and legend? Rumors abound. We've heard some speak about a hidden band of conjurers who make their abode on the enchanted Isle of Manhattan.

How can you describe it? Dramatic? No doubt.

Theatrical? Oh yea! The visual experience alone is intoxicating. Vibrant and exotic costumes are worn by creative individuals all seeking a place where they can come together, dance and celebrate life.

   The mages call it F-WORD and it magically appears on Friday Nights at a club called Splash in New York City!

   The success or failure of themed nightclub parties is completely dependent on the people involved. The managers, show directors and promoters must possess a wild and vivid imagination that fuels a vision of what can be. The patrons and participants, must be willing to step up and turn the vision into reality, if for only one night. All the ingredients come together for F-WORD whether it be Cops And Robbers, Angels And Demons, Vampires, Superheroes, or anything you can imagine.

   If you are lucky enough to be close to NYC and able to participate in F-WORD, you soon realize that these guys know how to throw a party. And for Males In Motion to be interested in said parties, there has to be plenty of one thing... HOT EXOTIC MALE DANCERS. And they have them!!! You will also find exceptional eye-candy behind the bar and in the house.

   How do we know? Well, I'd like to say that I'm a regular participant but distance and the thing called "my life" keep me from being one.
However, the photographer Michael Bernal makes sure I never miss a beat. Michael has an eye for the beautiful, and performs magic with the rugged and handsome. Each week I look forward to viewing what Michael has explored and captured as he shares his new discoveries online through his Facebook page.

   I'll never complain about photos of gorgeous men in studio settings. They are one of my most enjoyed and appreciated forms of art. However, when someone as talented as Michael Bernal can step into my favorite world and capture it's finest for me to admire and desire, I find I must strongly express my true gratitude. Each week Michael gives me the ability to live vicariously through his images in a fantasy world and location I only get to visit about once a year. One of Michael's favorite venues is F-WORD held at the club Splash on Friday nights. Through his photographic depiction, it has become one of our favorites as well.

   The F-Word is New York's largest Gay Friday night party. It is FREE before midnight but you must call 646 347 4977 each Friday to get the "magic word" or THE F WORD. We recommend that you join "The F Word NYC" group on Facebook to see all the action and get the latest on their upcoming events and performances.

   Although we have included a few more of Michael Bernal's pics below. We encourage you to explore the albums on his facebook page and those on the F-WORD facebook group page in order to get a "hand on" his true talent. Ok, yes, that was a campy remark but so is the pic to the left which we love by the way. There are so many great examples of his work that we had a very difficult time narrowing down to the ones we are featuring. The twelve that we have chosen were selected based on their relevance to this blog and to provide a sample variety of male dancers, costumes, etc. There is so much more to see and enjoy in the albums.

   If you have an experience from the F-WORD we would love to hear about it. Leave a comment in the box below or send me an email.

   Oh, and Michael, tell "V" that the pic at left is our favorite both for your talented photography and the subject matter. *Pause for a deep breath and admire*

   ...And next time you enter the enchanted world called F-WORD, tip the boyz a dollar for me, tell them Mike from Males In Motion sent you. And tell Michael Bernal thanks!

UPDATE: Splash NYC closed it's doors for the last time on Sunday, August 11, 2013.

Click below and watch those sexy French Canadian boys!


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Getting Down And Dirty With A Male Stripper

   Ha! I knew I would get your attention with the title of this blog. And since this blog is a part of the "Naughty November" series, I had to have a title that fit. However, let me throw you a slight curve. I want to talk about fan to male stripper etiquette. Now don't worry, I will talk about some of the good stuff that you are thinking about right now too. I am from the old school that thinks everyone deserves some respect, and that includes a guy who has stripped down to his underwear, or is nude and dancing in front of me for the sole purpose of my handing him some of my hard earned cash.

   I spoke with a young former dancer this past week and he told me he didn't dance anymore because the "old guys kept grabbing his dick". This told me that he probably didn't mind the young guys or the ladies grabbing his dick. It also told me that he didn't realize the "old guys" are usually the ones with more money and tip more but hey, it's his choice. With that in mind, I decided to write a blog about acceptable fan to male stripper behavior and how this varies depending on the situation and venue.

   First, although it should be obvious, you are not allowed to take your liberty with a male stripper. The male stripper is an entertainer and although he may be drop dead gorgeous, hot as hell, hung like a horse, and act like he is needing a good fuck. It is not your designated duty to fulfill that obligation just because you paid the door cover and are placing $20 bills in his underwear, armband, or socks. If you are wanting to pay someone in that manner, there are many websites online where you can hire an escort, have him dance like a male stripper, and then proceed to engage in whatever activity in which you have made an agreement. I make no judgments about this activity, I just caution you to remember that if he is not employed at a ranch in Nevada, it is probably illegal. The risk is all yours.

   With that said, there are some situations where a little groping may pass, a fondle or two may not be turned away, and your arm may not be broken after a squeeze. The bottom line is this. ALL bars and clubs that employ male strippers whether semi-nude or fully-nude will tell you that no activity of a sexual nature is allowed. And lets face it, a grope, fondle, or squeeze of specific body parts is technically activity of a sexual nature. That is the situation at businesses open to the public for their entertainment value. I will speak of private parties, a completely different situation, later in this blog.

   Now for some reality, yes, it sometimes happens. When you mix hot, naked men with a crowd of people who are experiencing the erosion of their inhibitions through the consumption of alcohol, (or possibly recreational chemicals) things of a sexual nature can happen. This happens more frequently at major events or special weekends that are held in major cities. And, the specific male dancers who are working these events may be more relaxed in their sexual inhibitions as well. You may have seen the online pics of male strippers on the bar getting hand or blow jobs by the patrons, or possibly a more intimate interaction. This may be someone's current fantasy but it is not the norm.

   Ok, so what is allowed. Well, at most strip clubs where I have participated in the tip and attention exchange from a male stripper, the stripper takes my hand in his and runs it across his body and sometimes over his pouch covered crotch. I, being fond of the reverse side of the equation, will often ask the stripper to turn around where as I am placing my tip in his waistband, I will gently, but firmly squeeze the cheeks of his ass. I have been in bars and/or clubs where a dancer who is well-endowed and proud encourages a little exploration of said object of pride. And I have eagerly obliged. These interactions are of course hush-hush and "it never happened". The bars and or clubs could get into some serious legal problems. If you happen to stumble into experiences of this nature, enjoy it, keep your mouth shut (no pun intended), and of course, return for another opportunity later. As they say, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Vegas, of course being wherever you are at the time. And for Pete's sake, tip him well. Let me make it clear that keeping quiet doesn't include me. It is your duty to email me immediately and let me know what happened, the name of the club and where it is located. Just for research value of course. (SMILE)

   As for private parties, all bets are off. I usually tip my first tip as a gentleman. I compliment the stripper. Place tips in his waistband, front and back, and if he wants to take my hand, I allow it. Then I hang back and watch to see how the party host or his/her close friends interact with the male stripper. If in the mood, I take my cues from them and proceed.

   If you are not sure "how far is too far", then let the male dancer take the lead. They will usually encourage or discourage certain behaviors. Let them guide you through the situation. If you enjoy an experience that happens to be more than sliding a dollar in the waistband of an exotic male dancer, then do as I do, immediately after develop a case of amnesia. So when asked what happened just look wide-eyed and say, "I don't remember". Repeat after me, "I don't remember". And if I'm asked about any previous interactions that I have had from anyone reading this blog, I want to let you know that I am really sorry, but "I don't remember".

   Have any hot, secret stories to tell about your interaction with a male stripper? Ok, yes, I'm a voyeur at heart so click here and email them to me. You can also post them in the comment box below. And remember, I said amnesia doesn't apply to me. However I do have one warning: I will protect the identity of dancers, clubs, etc., so any names you might place in a comment will be removed before a story is allowed to be posted. And although I don't want to, I will begrudgingly accept an "I don't remember". Until next time, what happens in Vegas... gets told to Mike at Males In Motion. :D