Thursday, November 11, 2010

Maverick ~ The Face of LaBare Austin Male Revue

   Ask the women of Texas and they'll tell you loud and clear that the hottest men in the U.S. are from Texas!!! Maverick of LaBare Austin is all the proof you need. This blond hair, blue eyed exotic male dancer is 6' and 175 lbs of lean muscle. And on top of that he has been blessed with looks that have given him the designation of "The Face of LaBare Austin" on the nightclub's website.


   Whether performing as the military officer in dress uniform, the soldier in fatigues, or the iconic Texas cowboy, Maverick provides fuel for the fantasies of women and gay men alike. But guys, LaBare is for the ladies only. This is a place for them to celebrate their special nights. But no one said you can't enjoy the pics and videos of Maverick and the other dancers on their website and facebook pages. We certainly have. Our favorite pics (of course) are those where the uniforms and fatigues have already been skillfully removed.

   The name LaBare is associated with male revues in several cities across the United States. The LaBare Clubs are for the ladies, and the gentlemen dancers of LaBare specialize in showing the ladies a good time. With such quality exotic male dancers like Maverick, Males In Motion recommends LaBare Austin without hesitation. Ladies, for a bachelorette party or simply a fun "and hot" night out, you can't beat LaBare Austin.

   Maverick is joined by a team of guys like Matt, Cannon, Tyler and Logan. Each one with assets, talents and abilities they bring to the show. These guys work hard to make sure their guests have a great time. Not only are they star performers but also really nice guys. Ladies, go ahead and get swept-off-your-feet by their true southern hospitality.

   I came across Maverick while doing a search online. I was looking for clubs with exotic male dancers in Texas to add to my database. I first discovered LaBare and through following the search came across the picture of Maverick to the left. I think you can understand why his good looks and great body made an impression. When I decided to start featuring dancers in some of my blogs, he was one of the first on my list. Ladies, you owe it to yourself to get to Austin and see Maverick and the Men of LaBare. They'll be sure to help create stories that you will tell over and over about your night (or nights) at LaBare. Ladies, it's your duty and responsibility to have a "Naughty November" night at LaBare.

   If you have experienced LaBare Austin, I would love to hear about it. Leave me a comment below this blog or send me an email.

   Ladies, when you party at LaBare in Austin, tip Maverick an extra buck and tell him Mike from Males In Motion sent you. Sit up near the front, scream a lot, have a few drinks, and have a hell of a time! Until next time, may the blue Eyes of Texas be upon you!

Photo Credits: Labare Austin website and Maverick's Facebook page.

LaBare Austin Promo Video

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