Thursday, November 25, 2010

Naughty Boy ~ Travis Irons: Exotic Male Stripper...And More!

   I was surfing through Facebook one night looking at pics of exotic male dancers and stopped when I got to Travis Irons. I looked through his photo albums and noticed a common theme that caught my attention. When dancing Travis wears very little clothing: jock straps, thongs, and very small briefs. (And this Mikey liked it!) He also had a great smile! And yes, I did stop looking at other things for a moment and notice his smile. And big surprise here...I like really cute exotic male dancers wearing very little clothing that have seductive smiles!

   The 23 year old currently makes his home in the Houston area but travels extensively across North America. He possesses one of those lean bodies that moves well on any dance floor or stage. That alone is a threat to other's fidelity, but add to his arsenal a cute face, sexy muscle tone, and yes, the all-powerful bubble butt and it goes without saying that he receives a lot of attention. How can anyone resist? I can't, nor do I want to try.

   As I continued to delve deeper in the Travis mystique, I found that this exotic male doesn't limit his options when it comes to his exotic male career. He can currently be SEEN AND HEARD on several websites that are very popular with gay men. The list includes Lucas Entertainment, Bad Puppy, and College Dudes. We'll just say that Travis is a very talented young man with abilities that go beyond the scope of this blog.

   With his extracurricular activities, we decided Travis was a good choice to feature in one of our "Naughty November" blogs. And at first glance I'd say Travis has most certainly been placed on Santa's 'Naughty List' but hey I don't know Santa that well, so I could be wrong. But don't take my word for it, go explore for yourself! It's worth the effort.

   I spoke with Travis by phone this week and he has a lot going on these days. He had been chosen to be the "SEXY SANTA" for an underwear store in Houston called Male-U-Wear. The store specializes in designer apparel of underwear, swimwear, shirts and other basics for men. Travis will be modeling underwear in the store on Saturday November 27 from 1-5pm. We are certain that underwear gifts for Christmas will increase in the Houston area this year!!! Travis said the best way for fans to keep up with him and his busy schedule is through Twitter where he posts up-to-date information concerning personal appearances and their locations.

   If you are not a fan already, let us provide a little more enticement below. This pic is from his work at College Dudes.

   If you get a chance, catch Travis at a club or online and you'll understand why we wanted to include him in a Males In Motion "Naughty November" blog. Until next time, be naughty. (Santa's not looking right now, he's too busy...go ahead, be naughty. We'll never tell.)

PIC SOURCES: Travis Iron's Facebook Page, College Dudes.

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