Sunday, November 14, 2010

Getting Down And Dirty With A Male Stripper

   Ha! I knew I would get your attention with the title of this blog. And since this blog is a part of the "Naughty November" series, I had to have a title that fit. However, let me throw you a slight curve. I want to talk about fan to male stripper etiquette. Now don't worry, I will talk about some of the good stuff that you are thinking about right now too. I am from the old school that thinks everyone deserves some respect, and that includes a guy who has stripped down to his underwear, or is nude and dancing in front of me for the sole purpose of my handing him some of my hard earned cash.

   I spoke with a young former dancer this past week and he told me he didn't dance anymore because the "old guys kept grabbing his dick". This told me that he probably didn't mind the young guys or the ladies grabbing his dick. It also told me that he didn't realize the "old guys" are usually the ones with more money and tip more but hey, it's his choice. With that in mind, I decided to write a blog about acceptable fan to male stripper behavior and how this varies depending on the situation and venue.

   First, although it should be obvious, you are not allowed to take your liberty with a male stripper. The male stripper is an entertainer and although he may be drop dead gorgeous, hot as hell, hung like a horse, and act like he is needing a good fuck. It is not your designated duty to fulfill that obligation just because you paid the door cover and are placing $20 bills in his underwear, armband, or socks. If you are wanting to pay someone in that manner, there are many websites online where you can hire an escort, have him dance like a male stripper, and then proceed to engage in whatever activity in which you have made an agreement. I make no judgments about this activity, I just caution you to remember that if he is not employed at a ranch in Nevada, it is probably illegal. The risk is all yours.

   With that said, there are some situations where a little groping may pass, a fondle or two may not be turned away, and your arm may not be broken after a squeeze. The bottom line is this. ALL bars and clubs that employ male strippers whether semi-nude or fully-nude will tell you that no activity of a sexual nature is allowed. And lets face it, a grope, fondle, or squeeze of specific body parts is technically activity of a sexual nature. That is the situation at businesses open to the public for their entertainment value. I will speak of private parties, a completely different situation, later in this blog.

   Now for some reality, yes, it sometimes happens. When you mix hot, naked men with a crowd of people who are experiencing the erosion of their inhibitions through the consumption of alcohol, (or possibly recreational chemicals) things of a sexual nature can happen. This happens more frequently at major events or special weekends that are held in major cities. And, the specific male dancers who are working these events may be more relaxed in their sexual inhibitions as well. You may have seen the online pics of male strippers on the bar getting hand or blow jobs by the patrons, or possibly a more intimate interaction. This may be someone's current fantasy but it is not the norm.

   Ok, so what is allowed. Well, at most strip clubs where I have participated in the tip and attention exchange from a male stripper, the stripper takes my hand in his and runs it across his body and sometimes over his pouch covered crotch. I, being fond of the reverse side of the equation, will often ask the stripper to turn around where as I am placing my tip in his waistband, I will gently, but firmly squeeze the cheeks of his ass. I have been in bars and/or clubs where a dancer who is well-endowed and proud encourages a little exploration of said object of pride. And I have eagerly obliged. These interactions are of course hush-hush and "it never happened". The bars and or clubs could get into some serious legal problems. If you happen to stumble into experiences of this nature, enjoy it, keep your mouth shut (no pun intended), and of course, return for another opportunity later. As they say, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Vegas, of course being wherever you are at the time. And for Pete's sake, tip him well. Let me make it clear that keeping quiet doesn't include me. It is your duty to email me immediately and let me know what happened, the name of the club and where it is located. Just for research value of course. (SMILE)

   As for private parties, all bets are off. I usually tip my first tip as a gentleman. I compliment the stripper. Place tips in his waistband, front and back, and if he wants to take my hand, I allow it. Then I hang back and watch to see how the party host or his/her close friends interact with the male stripper. If in the mood, I take my cues from them and proceed.

   If you are not sure "how far is too far", then let the male dancer take the lead. They will usually encourage or discourage certain behaviors. Let them guide you through the situation. If you enjoy an experience that happens to be more than sliding a dollar in the waistband of an exotic male dancer, then do as I do, immediately after develop a case of amnesia. So when asked what happened just look wide-eyed and say, "I don't remember". Repeat after me, "I don't remember". And if I'm asked about any previous interactions that I have had from anyone reading this blog, I want to let you know that I am really sorry, but "I don't remember".

   Have any hot, secret stories to tell about your interaction with a male stripper? Ok, yes, I'm a voyeur at heart so click here and email them to me. You can also post them in the comment box below. And remember, I said amnesia doesn't apply to me. However I do have one warning: I will protect the identity of dancers, clubs, etc., so any names you might place in a comment will be removed before a story is allowed to be posted. And although I don't want to, I will begrudgingly accept an "I don't remember". Until next time, what happens in Vegas... gets told to Mike at Males In Motion. :D

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