Sunday, December 30, 2012

Mike's Top 12 of 2012 Favorite Clubs With Exotic Male Dancers


   I've selected my Top 12 Favorite Clubs with Exotic Male Dancers for 2012. The list is subjective based on either my personal experience or the personal experiences of people I know and trust. Social Media has also played a part in the selection by giving an edge to those who actively post their events, dancers, etc., on facebook, twitter, etc. They are in no particular order.

Swinging Richard's - Atlanta, GA

   Swinging Richard's is Top Shelf Special Reserve. They ALWAYS have hot dancers with amazing bodies and large endowments. Their VIP room is an experience that should be placed on your bucket list. However, place it at the top of the list because you will want to return many times in your life.

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BJsNXs - Dallas, TX

   You'll find 'good people' inside the sexy go-go boys, pole dancers and bartenders. Good people with Texas drawls, and southern charm. It's a seriously seductive combination that makes you want to stay all-night once you enter the door. Ace, in pic above, is one of our favorite dancers for this year and calls BJsNXs home.

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Club Xstatic - Springfield, MA

   Recipe for Club Xstatic male dancers: Mix in a little East Coast bad boy, throw in a little trash talk, add a full measure of exhibitionism and cover it with killer smiles and tight bodies. Club Xstatic is for those nights when you know you want to be bad. Bryce, in pic above, is another one of our favorites for this year.

   website     facebook    Mike's Feature Blog For Xstatic


Stockbar - Montreal, QB

   French Canadian men with the confidence to let it all hang out before crowds of men (and women on ladies night). The dancers love their audiences and their audiences definitely love them. But who wouldn't? Beautiful men with exceptional bodies stripping down to only what mother nature gave them.



Adonis Lounge at Evolve- NYC

When something exciting is going on, word gets around! The whispers about Adonis have made it to our ears many times this past year. A few muscle lovers have really been talking! Experience it first hand and you'll be recounting the tales of your exotic exploits at Adonis. (Be sure you tell me first.)



340 Club - Pomona, CA

In it's first year, this club has set a new standard for the number of go-go dancers who require an Xtra Large pouch for their briefs. And after we were able to refocus our eyes and move our heads, we noticed that the dancers had great bodies and nice faces as well.

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LaBare Dallas - Dallas, TX

   The ladies can't get enough of these 'take-your-breath-away' men. Their interaction with the audience keeps the heart rate at an elevated pace.

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Johnny's - Ft. Lauderdale, FL

   Quality and quantity work hand-in-hand at Johnny's to provide a full house of hot male dancers. Add a weekly amateur strip contest. And start the dancers at 6:00pm. This all tells me they have their eyes on the wishes of the customers.(Photo source: Mark's List)

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XL Nightclub - NYC

XL Nightclub provides an over-the-top, major event experience. They take their playtime serious. And that includes the high-quality dancing men that entertain the crowds in their underwear or costumes. It's tacky to take a tape measure with you, so just take our word for it, they're long.

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BoxersNBriefs - Centreville, IL (Near St. Louis, MO)

Let's just be real for a minute. Sometimes you just want to see dick. When I'm in that mood, I head to Boxers-n-Briefs. You'll find pretty boys dancing on the bar, stage or shower. With a little monetary encouragement through well-placed tips, you'll see dick as they slide those underwear down and toss them aside. Tell Rob that Mike from Males In Motion sent you. He's one of my favorite bartenders.

   website     facebook     Mike's Review of BnB


MJ's - Silverlake, CA

MJ's has discovered the spice of life...variety. They showcase exotic male dancers with chiseled bodies and model good looks; men with hair on their chest, tattoos and/or piercings; muscled body builders and muscle bears; slim twinks, and more! There's a male dancer that will be pleasing for almost every taste, fetish or proclivity. There is one thing that most share in common...they must have big "hands"! Well, the old wives' tales say the size of your hand is directly related. Or is it feet? Anyway, you understand.

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Antropology - Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Muy Caliente!!! If you will be traveling south of the border, make Puerto Vallarta a destination. Sure, you'll find the usual ways to pamper yourself...beaches, spas, resorts, etc. But if you want to make it exotic, visit Antropology. You'll be glad you did. And whatever happens there, keep it a secret...except with me of course. I want all the details.

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   Thanks to everyone for following my blog in 2012. Did I miss any of your favorites in my list above? Comment below and let me know. Until next time, don't forget to tip the boyz!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Tell Me Why The Road Turned

In 2012 we lost three special individuals. Males In Motion pauses in this blog to not only say good bye but also to say thank you to Shawn, Angelo and Jacob for bringing smiles and enjoyment to their fans, friends and families. Our thoughts and prayers will remain with those in their circle especially in Dallas where all three performed. Shawn and Jacob were both part of the BJsNXs family and Angelo was with LaBare Dallas. The question of "why?" is the first to come to mind. I'm reminded of the classic Diana Ross song, "Missing You", when she sings, "Tell me why the road turns." There is often no understanding or comprehension of why things happen. We choose then to celebrate the lives of these three who are gone, but will not be forgotten!





Thank you. Never forgotten.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Dixon Dash ~ Teasing and Pleasing!
Exotic Male Dancer ~ Columbus, OH

   Our attention has been grabbed by Columbus, Ohio this past year.
We noticed several clubs who are hosting male dancers, male revues, male strippers, go-go boys, etc., and we like it very much!!!

   One such dancer that we see appearing frequently at a variety of different clubs is Dixon Dash. And many of our fans will be pleased to
see us feature another dancer with a furry chest.

   Of course, add in those eyes on that handsome face and we're
out of our seat and ready to tip.

   In our fantasy Dixon is the bad boy who is ready to play. But before playtime can begin, he wants to tease us and show just a little more

Dixon can often be seen dancing in Columbus at the Toolbox Saloon, Southbend Tavern, Exile and Fuel.

   If you live in the Columbus, Ohio area or if you find yourself in that
city, look up Dixon Dash on facebook and see where he is dancing (or
teasing). Stop in and see what we're talking about. Tell him Mike from Males In Motion says hello! You'll be pleased. Until next time, don't
forget to tip the boyz! And it's the holidays, so add in a special
holiday tip.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Naughty November ~ Time To Get Back To Naked Men

   WOOHOO! The election of 2012 is over! Now, step away from the polls, leave the ballots behind, and let's get back to decadence, nudity and sexual fantasies! Yes, it is time to return to our love for the exotic male dancer.



   This blog has no other purpose than to whet your appetite for the male stripper, go-go boy or a male revue. Get out there this weekend! Enjoy a cocktail or beer and watch your favorite exotic male dancers at a club near you. Not sure where to find them? Well, then click here and do a dancer search for clubs with male dancers in your area.




   Ok, so we'll give you time out to watch The Walking Dead on Sunday night. That's only because I will be watching the zombies too. But on Friday and Saturday night we want to see you out tipping the boyz! Let's keep these boys dancing across North America. And get their picture with that camera phone and post it to my facebook wall.



   Until next time, this is Naughty November, and I want to hear all about it. Let me hear about every grope, squeeze, fondle, finger crawl, etc. Make this November memorable. But don't forget to tip the boyz!!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

On Second Thought...Separating The Male Stripper Business From The Social Media

DISCLAIMER: Before I start let me make it clear that the pics in this blog do not reflect the content of the blog. They are just here for great eye candy! Click on the pics to learn more about them.
   It's time for a little paternal advice. Yes, I'm going to sound like I'm trying to be your dad. But hey, it's 'for your own good'. Isn't that what dad would say? Lately I've noticed a lot of bleeding on Facebook, Twitter, etc. By bleeding I mean where a negative business situation has bled over into a social media. This is NEVER good from a business standpoint. Hopefully, I can provide my advice in this blog and everyone can understand why.
   Facebook and Twitter are often used as vehicles for therapy. There are those on my friends' list who vent and tell all their troubles and disappointments. I think this is great for those individuals who have close friends, especially if it is helpful. However, what's good for individuals isn't always good for the business. What I have observed is owners/managers/dancers venting on their Facebook page or in their tweets about gigs, managers, owners, dancers, etc. When you use a social media to vent about business situations, it may hurt not only their business interests but your's as well.
   Let me provide an illustration. Let's say I am a potential customer who lives several hours away from your club/bar/event. I see your advertisement and am interested. I realize that I have off that day and the next. I could drive to your city, enjoy the event and have time to get back home before having to work again. So, I find out all I can about the event and make plans to attend. I am prepared to spend my hard earned cash for gas to drive there. I am prepared to spend my hard earned cash to stay in a hotel. I am prepared to spend my hard earned cash to pay your door cover. And, then I am prepared to spend my hard earned cash to enjoy a cocktail and tip the boyz at the event. I am prepared to invest a lot of my money into the night, but I want to because I need a break and I'm thinking it will be fun. It will be worth the expense. So, I make hotel reservations and map my drive on Mapquest or Google. I am ready and can hardly wait for the event which will happen in a week or so.
   During the week before the event, I start reading posts you have made on facebook about all the 'stupid dancers who don't want to work your event'. I see a post about how the DJ is incapable of picking the right music for the event. And then I read a rant from you. I can only describe it as my grandmother used to say, "I'm going to show you how the cow eats the cabbage." Now, I never really knew what that meant but I knew grandma was getting ready to "tie a knot in my tail". Didn't know what that meant either but I did know it was bad, and so it was time to run or hide from grandma.
   The result. I decided that I don't want to risk spending all my money to attend an event that could be a total bust. I mean if the dancers are stupid and the DJ is no good, and the management is going postal, then do I really want to be there? I decide that it would be 'stupid' of me to spend all that money to attend an event that seems doomed to fail.
   Running a successful bar, club, or event is stressful. That is understandable but it is bad for business to post every emotion that you feel when the stress is on. My advice is to create a second facebook account. Keep one for business and one for personal. Post only positive promotional information on the business account. As they say, 'never let them see you sweat'. On the personal account, add only your closest friends that you can vent to at any time without business fall out. Do not add the following types of people to your personal friends list: promoters, dancers, managers, owners, media, businesses, etc. If you need Facebook for therapy and to help you keep from blowing your top, then keep business and personal accounts completely separate.
   Exotic male dancers come and go. Where some don't fit in to your program, others will. If the DJ doesn't know his music, then either take the time to give him instructions, or hire a different one without all the drama. And if you feel you're going to become grandma when she gets mad, take a few minutes off to yourself away from the project and get control again. And for goodness sake, don't post it on least not on your business account. Until next time, I'll be in the VIP Lounge tipping the boys during private lap dances. That's my therapy.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Club Side Of Male Strip Club

   What if the bar or club is just as hot and sexy as the male dancers who perform within? That to me is the ultimate combination. Males In Motion is of course most interested in the exotic male dancer. That is our focus, our fun, our entertainment, and our passion. However, behind the male dancer is usually a bar or club.
   I have enjoyed watching the 'boyz' in clubs that feel like palaces. I have also watched the boyz in dives where I was afraid to put my feet down on the floor because I was afraid I would stick to it. I have been in places where the ceiling was falling in because of leaks. And have seen stains on the floor that I was afraid to ask just what fluid had caused it. To a certain degree, if the exotic male dancers are hot and sexy, there is less attention paid to the bar or club. But that shouldn't be the case.
   To borrow the famous line from Star Trek, I have been willing " boldy go where no man has gone before..." for the sake of the dancing boys! But as I mature I am starting to appreciate the finer things in life. And one of those finer things is basic cleanliness. In writing this blog, it is my intention to inspire bar/club owners and managers, bartenders, and dancers to rise to a new level in maintaining their business and workplace. After all, it is a place where you spend a large portion of your time. Why not make it a place that you can enter with pride and anticipation?
   It only makes sense that the customers who feel comfortable in a bar or club will most likely return, particularly if the quality of dancers remains consistent. Once again I return to Swinging Richard's in Atlanta, GA as an example. I always feel comfortable. I always look forward to my next visit. The dancers are consistently beautiful, athletic, and 'blessed'. The club does not feel cheap, dirty, run-down, or trashy. The lighting doesn't make you feel like you are in a cave, but you don't feel like you're in the spotlight either. And for me when I've chosen to spend some time in the VIP Lounge I've found the same type of environment.
   As a Male Strip Club/Bar patron, I ask the owners, managers, bartenders, etc., to take a little time and assess your environment. If you do a renovation, let us know. We'll be glad to 'toot your horn' and provide some free promotion. I also want to recommend that all of you watch Bar Rescue on the Spike Channel. You can also catch past episodes on Hulu. Your club or bar is most likely not in as bad a shape as some of these are, but the information and inspiration provided from the show can contribute to your bottom line.
   I didn't add any pics to the blog this time because I didn't want any club or bar to be associated with needing help as I've described above. Until next time, tip the boys a little extra this month.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Caught With Their Pants Down
The Photography of James Townsend
West Hollywood, CA

   When someone is said to be
"caught with their pants down",
it usually means that someone
has been caught doing something
they really shouldn't be doing.
Maybe they were seen in a
compromising position with
someone other than their spouse
or partner. In our case, it
describes when we first noticed
the photography of James
   We noticed all the sexy men
 without pants, mostly in
underwear, swimwear, or less. 
The sexy men were the  subjects
he had captured in his photography and we started searching for
them and wanting to see more.  When the exotic male dancers from
MJ's in Silverlake, CA were included in his subject matter, we took
special notice.

   Since our initial discovery we have found that James Townsend's
talents far transcend the hot boys in underwear. Be prepared to stay awhile at both his facebook page and website.  You'll get lost in time
while looking at all the pics of sexy men. There are several albums
and galleries for you to explore and definitely enjoy as we have.

    Current Projects For James Townsend Photos:
  • Untitled Underwear Book: JTownsendPhotos, is seeking male
    models in the Los Angeles area to take part in a new
    underwear photo-book project being sponsored by Still untitled, the book features male
    models in their favorite pair of underwear as they take part in
    a daily activity, hobby of interest, fantasy, etc. Whatever you
    enjoy doing-- do it! Be creative and have fun showing off those undies... Past examples have been playing sports, shopping,
    body painting and much more! To be considered, please submit
    your contact information, idea/theme for shoot and current pictures to: Please note,
    you must be in the LA area to take part in the project.

   We are always looking forward to the latest
work from James
Townsend Photos. If you
live in the Los Angeles
area or will be traveling there, make contact
through email, facebook
or from their website.
Until next time, I hope
to see you "caught with your pants down".

Thursday, September 27, 2012

All-Nude Male Strip Clubs In North America
Full Exposure!
Show Me Your's And I'll Show You Mine!

Visit Our New Website!
   There are times when I prefer the tease. I don't want to see the Full Monty glaring at me, well, at least not at first. I want the seduction. I want the exotic male dancer to work for the tips by reeling me in with eye-to-eye contact and cute smiles on handsome faces. It is fun and exciting to watch the skilled male stripper as he reveals more skin here and a little more there as he moves to the music all for my pleasure. At least in my head, it's all for my pleasure. (Photo above: Chase ~ Dallas, Tx)
   But then there are times when I want to see penis. And a large penis works for me, and an erect penis will also work. I want to see bare ass and naked bubble butts. Don't cover it up with a lot of clothing. Don't take your time and remove the clothing slowly. Just drop trousers, briefs, shirt, socks, shoes, etc., and get nekkid. Yes, nekkid. Because, there are times when I want to visit an all-nude male strip club. (Photo above: Ace ~ Dallas, Tx)

   Since the closest all-nude male strip club is five hours driving distance away from where I am most often domiciled, I must plan ahead and take a road trip to enjoy said male nekkidness, or for those who prefer better grammar, male nakedness. The true purpose of this blog is to make you aware of some of the fine establishments in North America where male nakedness is the focus of their entertainment.
   If you know of any others please let us know and we will add them to our list. Email me the info please. Until next time, would you look at that, it's hanging all the way to his... Oh yea, and don't forget to tip the boyz. You may have to put it in their socks but please do.
UPDATE: I have added Swinging Richard's new North Miami, FL location to the list. And I have added the Silverado in Portland, OR to the list. From what I've been told, it is up to the dancer whether they perform nude or not at the Silverado. Thanks to blog readers for these submissions.
UPDATE 8-14-2013: I have added Cabaret Montreal NY @ Showworld at 96 FIELD ST WEST BABYLON, NY. Day/Time: SUNDAYS 7PM-1230. ALL NUDE MALE CABARET.
UPDATE 7-7-2015: The Swinging Richards in Florida has closed. Rush in Providence, RI has also closed since this blog was posted.