Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I've Got To Know
~ When Will The Boys Be Stripping Naked!!!
A Tip For Good Business Sense

(Photo Source: Brenden-John Photography)
   Ok, I want to prepare you before I begin. This is a Mike Bitch Session. Not because I am just a complainer. Oh, I do my share like anyone else. But because I want to encourage bar/club owners and managers to take a few steps to increase the success of their business and put more money in their pockets. Not to mention the pockets, socks, armbands, waistbands, hands, butt crack, etc., of the exotic male dancers who dance at their establishments. So where am I going with this? We live in a media driven world. That includes social media and an online presence. Both of these should be taken advantage of by any smart biz owner or manager.
   All bars/clubs have their regulars. Many of these patrons will be there each week no matter what. It is their home bar and they love the boys. However, there is a huge market of traveling potential customers, both men and women, who look forward to a little down time. During their breaks from the project they are working on at the job they have traveled to your city to do, they want to find that bar or club who can provide them with a cocktail, beer or wine while they enjoy the scantily clad anatomies of exotic male dancers.
   The problem is this: So many social media pages or websites are out of date. The potential customer goes online to find information on where to spend their money and it isn't available. Last year's Halloween Bash may have been the party of the year but now it's summer and it's not so relative any more. Sure, leave a gallery of pics of past events so people can enjoy them. But lets get current.
   It is a personal belief that if I have complained about a situation, it is only right that I also provide a solution. Let me give you a five step process in becoming current (below). This will allow your potential visiting customers to find the information they need and bring their cash to your establishment. And for those of you in smaller, possibly even rural areas, there are potential customers who don't mind driving if they know and like what they find when they get there. So, EVERYONE has the need to stay current.
    Five Steps To Keeping Your Online Presence Current
  • If you aren't able to do it yourself, hire or find a volunteer who will post weekly to your Facebook and other social media pages.
  • Make sure there are updated monthly and/or weekly calendars on all online sources.
  • Hire or find a volunteer photographer who will post new pics to online sources (once a month minimum, but weekly is better)
  • Continue to extend your friends or connections on all online social media. Grow your audience.
  • Remove all content that is out of date other than galleries or some type of archive but label it as an archive.
   I have been a promoter for the exotic male dancer entertainment industry for 10 years. If I can be of service, please contact me at one of the following:
   There are many bars/clubs who are taking advantage of social media and online sources to promote their business. We've saluted a few of those in the pics in this blog. Click their pics and see more examples of how they stay current. Until next time, please update. And don't forget to slide a few $1 in the pockets, socks, armbands, waistbands, hands, butt cracks, etc., of your favorite exotic male dancers.

Friday, May 24, 2013

The Sexy Boyz of Boxers N Briefs
St. Louis ... Closed on Mondays! WHAT???

(Photo Source: Michael Hill)
   It is a tradition of mine to spend my birthday with the boys at Boxers N Briefs. The club was my first all-nude male stripper club experience. I walked through the doors that night to see naked men standing on the bar with penises bouncing. At that time, it was not a scene that I was accustomed to seeing, and my mouth dropped open, my eyes opened wider, my heart skipped a beat,
a huge smile spread across my face and I was hooked! Now, many years later, I don't dread getting a year older, I look forward to how I will celebrate at Boxers N Briefs.
(Photo Source: Michael Hill)
   It just so happens that this year my birthday fell on a Monday and Boxers N Briefs is closed on Mondays. WHAT??? You can't be closed! What was I to do? Well, I was taught that when things don't go exactly as you had hoped or planned, to improvise. So instead of spending a few hours tipping the boys as they danced,
I spent the afternoon with four sexy dancers from the club in a photo shoot. Yes, it was a difficult way to spend a birthday but I managed to suffer through it. :D And as I posted on Facebook, it was a f'n fabulous birthday!!! Thanks to Matt at the club for setting things up. And special thanks to Houston, Flex, Rio and Kemper for a fun, productive and sexy afternoon!
(Photo Source: Michael Hill)
(Photo Source: Michael Hill)
   I've tried to do these guys justice in the pics I've taken. But
let's get your imaginations going and make them even better. Please remember that this is a nude male strip club. So, these guys do dance without any type of clothing blocking your view. Well, except socks. But you have to have somewhere to place the tip.
(Photo Source: Michael Hill)
   My advice is to plan your birthday celebration at Boxers N Briefs. The club is in the St. Louis, Missouri metro area, across the Mississippi River at 55 Four Corners Lane, Centreville, IL. They are closed on Mondays but open all six of the other days of the week. Check their website for hours of operation for each day. Until next time, remember during their sessions on the bar or on the stage, they'll be wearing only socks. Don't forget to fill those socks with tips! (For more pics from this photo shoot, check out the Boxers N Briefs photo album at the Michael Hill Digital Facebook page.)
UPDATE: Rio, above, has gone on to become a Andrew Christian Trophy Boy. You can follow him by clicking here.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Club Feature: Mojo's ~ Tulsa, OK
Eight Things To Do While At Mojo's

(Photo Source: Michael Hill)
   On a recent Saturday night, I found myself in one of my favorite places, Mojo's bar in Tulsa, OK. And I will say from the very beginning that I am partial. Even though I do not live in Tulsa, I consider Mojo's my home bar with exotic male dancers. But there are reasons for that. First, I ALWAYS have a good time when I go to Mojo's. It has the feel of a local neighborhood bar that serves the locals and showcases some local male dancers that are always friendly, cute to scorching hot, and a staff that knows how to make the customer their number one priority. In this blog, I am giving you a to do list while in Mojo's. Follow this list and you are definitely going to have a good time.

Eight Things To Do While At Mojo's

    1. For your viewing pleasure, enter the door early and find a seat where you get a good view of the front stage and the side platform. The male dancers perform on the pole on the main stage for the first part of their session. Then they move to the side platform and dance for the second part. The side platform is a great place to meet the dancers, tip them and interact up close and personal. They've dressed all sexy in some amazing underwear that fits every bulge perfectly, so you should step up and enjoy the close up view.

   2. Find Austin, the hottie bartender, and ask him to create your favorite cocktail, or serve up your favorite beer, etc. The drinks will be well prepared but being served by Austin will increase the points on your enjoyment scale for the night as well! At this point you'll also want to get change for your larger bills. You'll need plenty of $1 bills to use for the pleasure of tipping. Just ask Austin, he'll set you up. Oh, and drop a tip in his tip jar. He's worth it! (Photo Source: Michael Hill)

   3. Take a seat and sip your drink letting the problems of the day begin to slide away as you listen to the music mix of DJ Wes. In no time, he'll have you in the party mood and ready to start stuffing dollar bills into the waistbands of the dancing boyz!

   4. Watch the 'eye candy' of the male dancers as they make their way around the bar, meeting the customers and welcoming you to the bar. During this part of the night you can start deciding who your favorites will be for the night. (I recommend you have Explosive stand nearby as much as possible. He's built an exceptional body that looks good coming toward you or walking away.)
(Photo Source: Michael Hill)

   5. Enjoy the entertainment as the dancers each in turn 'grab the pole' and swing, pose, bump-n-grind, and keep your heart pumping. I personally enjoy the talents of Blaze on the pole. (And Blaze, notice this visit, I took pics of more than your ass. I must be evolving. :D ) (Photo Source: Michael Hill)

   6. Take time to enjoy the costume and underwear changes on the dancers during the night as they present their various 'assets'. Don't be surprised if you hear yourself murmuring 'oh yea' or 'yum'. (This would be a perfect opportunity to check out Angel's tattoos. That is, if you can move your eyes away from his other exceptional features.)
(Photo Source: Michael Hill)

   7. Stretch your legs frequently by getting out of your chair and walking up to the dancers for the purpose of tipping. I encourage you to first, place a tip for the boys in those aforementioned pouches. They have worn that underwear pulling all their junk forward and it is presented in such an appealing manner, that it almost calls for applause. Your tips will be your applause. (When you tip Caligula go ahead and applaud if the feeling rises up in you. You won't be the first to have this feeling.)(Photo Source: Michael Hill)

   Then, have them turn around because if you're like me, a bubble butt is a sad thing to waste. It must be acknowledged and adored. Slide in a dollar or two from this vantage point. (You'll understand what I'm talking about when you tip Crimson.)(Photo Source: Michael Hill)

   8. Try to make a new friend each time you visit. The customers at Mojo's share the same entertainment preference that you do in the dancing boys, so you already have something in common. Plus, Oklahomans are just naturally friendly people.
(Photo Source: Michael Hill)
   The bar has a mostly male customer base but women are always welcome. In fact, I have witnessed several bachelorette parties and birthday parties for women held at the club. Drop in to celebrate your special night and watch all the boys gather around you for one of those celebration dances. Have someone tell the bartender or DJ what you're celebrating and enjoy the VIP treatment.
    Links for Mojo's
  • Facebook Page
  • Website
  • Several of the dancers have facebook pages. Get to know them and add them as friends.
   Until next time, make plans for this week to visit your favorite local bar or club with exotic male dancers. And as always, don't forget to tip the boyz!
UPDATE: Mojo's Closed In 2014. Click Here to read more.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Ace ~ The Winning Card
Exotic Male Dancer at BjsNxs - Dallas, TX

(Photo Source: Michael Hill)
   With a name like Ace my mind immediately goes to card games. And with Ace, I know we have a winning card. Of course, my mind being on the track that it is often following can think of many other card references that I would like to apply to Ace. First and foremost, 'Ace in the hole'...after looking at the pics of Ace in this blog, I'll let you take that reference and travel down your own fantasy track. Another card playing idiom that entered my mind was 'hold all the aces'. Well, yes, holding an Ace in one's hand can be the key to winning the current round of play. You can insert your own interpretation of the word 'play' in that last sentence.
(Photo Source: Michael Hill)
(Photo Source: Michael Hill)
   I first met Ace when he and a group of dancers from BjsNxs in Dallas, TX traveled to Mojo's in Tulsa, OK for a weekend. He caught my attention with his lean but muscular body. And let's just say, if we 'lay all our cards on the table' and speak plainly...Ace has been amply blessed by Mother Nature. You could say he gives 'pole dancing' a whole new meaning.
(Photo Source: Michael Hill)
   Ace is a super nice guy as well. You could call him a bit of a 'wild card'. The true meaning of a wild card is that it has a special way of improving its surroundings, and is always a desired card to have. A wild card can also bring a winning hand to the holder. We think BjsNxs and their customers are the winners in this situation. They get to see Ace dancing every week.
(Photo Source: Ace's Facebook...Photo by C. Marcelo)
(Photo Source: Ace's Facebook)
   I've never been one to hold my cards close to my chest, I mean I lay it all out there and let the cards fall where they may. So, I think my next move is to challenge Ace to a game of strip poker. I will let you in on a little secret though. I will serve as the dealer and I will most definitely stack the deck to win.
(Photo Source: Ace's Facebook
(Photo Source: Ace's Facebook
   So, if you're ever in the Dallas, TX area, I highly recommend that you stop by BjsNxs and see Ace. And I will go on the record as saying, any time that Ace is in the mix...deal me in! Until next time, be sure and tip the dancing boyz!!!
************************************** UPDATE: June 2013 ~ This month Ace announced his retirement from exotic male dancing. We wish him the best in whatever path he now chooses to follow. And, any time he wants to step out of retirement and back on to the dancer box, we'll be happy to cheer him on, and tip!