Thursday, December 30, 2010

Introducing My New Blog: Budget Travel Tips For Gay Males Seeking Exotic Experiences

   Keeping myself current in the exotic male dancer industry requires that I do a bit of traveling. I try to live within a budget and when I visit a bar or club to watch male dancers and write reviews, I want to have plenty of cash for tips. It's all about the boyz! And as I have said many times before, when it comes to hot male dancers, I am easy and my money disappears much too quickly. So, over the years I have developed a few strategies that help me save those dollar bills in other areas. This gives me funds when I decide I want to visit the VIP room with that hot blond dancer. And then of course, if I want to follow up with the lean and defined dancer with the tribal tattoo on his left thigh, I can do that as well.

   I had started writing a blog about traveling to cities to visit clubs with exotic male dancers, and began to think of so many tips, ideas, and information for saving money, that I knew there was no way all the information would fit into a single blog. At that point the little light bulb flashed above my head and I had an idea. The thought popped into my head "How about starting a new blog for gay men who like to travel and have exotic experiences, but must stay within a tight financial budget." So, with that focus in mind, Males In Travel was born.

   I have started the new blog this month as a companion blog to Males In Motion. Ladies (and my straight male friends), I am not trying to exclude you and I feel that the tips and information and the pics of men will be of interest to you. However, in this case, I felt I could only write about what I know personally. So, the focus of the new blog is for gay men. And to all readers, please remember that this blog is for men who need to travel on a budget. I will not be writing about the circuit parties, resorts in tropical islands, or luxury hotel stays, that is of course, unless they can be found at a discount. The focus will be on less famous venues where gay men can have a great time for less money. And I hope everyone will like the idea of saving money.

   One feature of each blog in Males In Travel is an Eye Candy section. This section will feature an exotic male who for one reason or another has inspired us. He may be our latest online crush, an exotic male dancer, a porn star, an escort, a masseuse, or the hottest guy we saw that week on Facebook. We've added a pic here of Damien Diego from for a sample. However, he is wearing more clothes in this pic than is the norm for the Males In Travel blogs.

   The focus of the new blog is exotic travel experiences for gay men on a budget. This involves all the things that we like to do when we are not on the clock at work. We are gay men so sex figures prominently in that equation, so we hope to assist our readers in finding those locations for a quick "hook-up" or a search for that special someone for the long haul. We will also be throwing in a few suggestions for pampering yourself with an exotic massage, or maybe an exotic visitor to your hotel room. We hope you'll come along for the ride.

   And since I will be developing my travel ideas fully in that blog, I will stop here and let this be a simple promotional tool for Males In Travel. Until next time, I'll wave when we pass on the road. And don't forget to save some money on travel so you can tip the boys!

NOTE: We invite all our readers to submit articles and/or photos for the Males In Travel blog. If you know of exotic travel experiences on a budget that our readers would like to know about, we want to hear from you. Read our blog Calling All Amateur Exotic Travel Writers And Photographers for more information.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

2010 Males In Motion TOP 10 Clubs for Exotic Male Dancers (Male Strippers And Go-Go Boys)

   There are many great clubs in North America that host exotic male dancers. And just as we did in our 2010 Males In Motion Top 10 Exotic Male Dancers List, we have to go with what we know. The clubs we are listing below are the ones we have had contact with in one way or another during the past year. The basic criteria for the list is of course, hot male dancers. Then we consider the bartenders and staff, and the physical facility itself. And last of all, we consider the type of experiences that we, or our blog readers have had while at the club. The bars/clubs should be considered as a group and are listed in no certain order.

Swinging Richards ~ Atlanta (Nude)
   Swinging Richards is the premiere club for those who love exotic male strippers. The dancers are ALWAYS hot and approachable. The VIP Room experience is one of the best. Swinging Richards sets a standard for a gentlemen's club that caters to gay men.

Club Arrow ~ Nashville (Nude)(Closed)
   We were pleasantly surprised at our experience this past May at Club Arrow. (Surprised, in a good way.) Being our first visit to Club Arrow we weren't sure what to expect. It is also the first 'bring-your-own-booze' club that we had ever visited. The dancers were top notch, the staff exceptional, and we had hoped to return. However, due to lease issues explained on their Facebook page, the club has closed. We still felt our experience warranted placing them in our Top 10 for 2010.

Stockbar ~ Montreal (Nude)
   We have only visited the Stockbar through their website broadcast at Our first visit was about five years ago and since then we continue to subscribe and enjoy the talented Canadian boys whenever we have time. Through our online chats with those who have visited the Montreal club, we have heard nothing but cheers and positive feedback. We haven't entered the doors of the club yet, but we WILL get there.

The Tin Room ~ Dallas (Not Nude)
   One of the best single night visits to a club I have ever had! It was the kind of night that is unexpected, impromptu, and "hot as hell". When I return to Dallas, The Tin Room is first on my list of places to visit. And the funny thing is, I didn't know anything about the club when I arrived in Dallas. But through word-of-mouth I found out it was the place I needed to go. And they were so right!


Boxers-N-Briefs ~ near St. Louis, MO (Nude)
   "No, I'm not going to St. Louis again." Those are the words spoken by my partner. He loves Boxers-N-Briefs but any time we start to take a long weekend, he knows that St. Louis will be on my list of possible destinations. I have always found a male dancer that kept me entertained at Boxers-N-Briefs. It is where I experienced my first private lap dance. And was the first all-nude bar that I ever visited. So, it will always hold a top spot for me. I also spoke to a former bar owner this month who said he was first "inspired" to own a bar because of his experiences at Boxers-N-Briefs.

MJs ~ Los Angeles (Not Nude)
   I will admit I have never been here. But through word-of-mouth promotion, and seeing their posts and photo albums on Facebook, I cannot wait to make it to Southern California and visit MJs. From what I have heard and seen, MJs is the type of bar we all wish we had nearby: hot dancers, the best events, and an over-the-top game plan from management. We applaud their efforts and hope to experience it soon.

Gigi's Bar - Detroit (Not Nude)
   I love the dancers at this bar. Many of them were previously also dancing at Backstreet before it closed. I've followed some of these guys this year. They are cute as hell, have attitude (in a good way), and seem to be enjoying the time of their lives. I've chatted with some of them online and they are a lot of fun. Detroit has been beaten up over the past few years and we are proud to make these guys a part of our top 10. They keep the party going and the boys dancing despite what others would consider hard times. Top 10 Cheers for Gigi's And Detroit!!!

Splash ~ New York City - Friday Night's with F*Word (Not Nude)
   By now everyone that reads my blogs knows about Michael Bernal's photos from F*Word at Splash. I continue to enjoy his work and see the hot dancers, bartenders, and patrons from this club. I have received more positive feedback from my posts related to F*Word than most other sources this past year. Fans keep asking when are we taking a road trip to NYC for F*Word? Watch for a blog in February 2011 featuring Jay Roth, one of the male dancers in NYC who has been captured in many of Michael's photos from F*Word.

Hunter's - Chicago (Not Nude)
   With this selection comes the changing of the guard in Elk Grove Village, IL, a suburb of Chicago. I have visited Hunter's during their Thursday night male stripper shows and have watched some of the hottest dancers. Patrick Daniel (in red jacket) has been a part of the Thursday nights for several years. He has directed some of the most entertaining and sexy shows that I have enjoyed. We particularly like his superhero nights. Patrick is moving on and we want to say thanks for your contributions to the Exotic Male Dancer Entertainment Industry, and your friendship the past few years. We hope we have not heard the last from you. Click here and check out his sexy Robin, Boy Wonder costume idea.

Zippers - Dallas (Not Nude)
   The simplicity of the Zippers experience is it's best drawing card. Zippers is a neighborhood bar that showcases well-built and defined, and/or well-endowed exotic male dancers. The crowd of mostly gay men go to Zippers to watch hot almost naked men dance while they enjoy their favorite alcoholic beverage. Over the past few years when I have had the opportunity to visit Zippers, I have found a consistent experience. They are not flashy but focus on the basics that we as male stripper fans hope to find in a bar of it's kind.

Honorable Mention:
LaBare - Austin (Not Nude) Closed.
   Our original list included the LaBare Austin Club for the ladies. Their group of handsome, sexy, well-built dancers were favs of women across Texas. We learned this past month that this club has closed. We are not sure why but we want to say thanks to all involved for their contribution to the Exotic Male Dancer Entertainment Industry and wish them the very best. To all the LaBare Austin male dancers: Please let us know if you will be dancing at another club. We would like to continue to follow your careers. Watch for a blog in January 2011 featuring Matt, one of the dancers from this club. (UPDATE: Click here to view the January 2011 blog featuring Matt.)

   If we've missed a club that you think should be on our list, please email us and tell us the name of the club and the city where it is located. We will try to visit them during 2011.

Best Wishes To Everyone For 2011!!! New Year's Resolution: Support your local Exotic Male Dancers, Male Strippers, and Go-Go Boys! Until next time, tip your local boyz for me! Tell them Mike from Males In Motion says "Thanks for the most excellent eye candy in 2010!"

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Male Stripper Music Mix...Hey Mr. DJ, You've got to get the music right!

   A DJ who is aware of the exotic male dancer entertainment experience is crucial to the success of a male stripper or go-go boy. When it is done right, the night flows, the dancer can get into the mood, and the fans are enticed and therefore encouraged to tip. I have been to clubs where the DJs are excellent and bring the entertainment experience up several notches. And I have also been to clubs where the music sends the whole evening into a tail spin.

   A DJ does not work at a club to play the music they prefer. You say, What? Their preferences and musical tastes have absolutely nothing to do with their job. Let me explain. A great DJ evaluates the needs of the audience first and then makes selections on what will help create the best experience for the customers. Who are these people and what type of music would make their experience positive and encourage them to come back to the club in the future? And this could change every night because you never really know what crowd is going to show up. On the next level, for an entertainment venue involving male go-go dancers or male strippers the DJ must consider the needs of the entertainers. The main question to ask is "What music needs to be played that will inspire the dancers to dance in a way that will encourage the customers to first stop and watch them, and second, get out of their seats and go tip them?

   Let me give you two negative examples. I was at an all-nude male club when a new, young male dancer stepped up to the stage. The dancer in this case just happened to be caucasion. The DJ began to play a mix of urban music and the guy was lost. He started out trying to go with the music but you could tell it wasn't his thing. He then bounced a little trying to keep a beat. Finally he just walked around on the stage and did some posing. Fortunately, he had been given other "talents" that gave my experience as an audience member some redeeming value.

   I have seen male dancers of differing ethnic backgrounds who could have torn up the urban style music and had the crowd dancing with them. But this was not the music needed for this specific dancer. If the dancer had provided the music to the DJ, then someone (the DJ, manager, another dancer, a caring fan, or honest friend) should have let this guy know he needed to make a more appropriate musical choice. If the DJ chose the music for this dancer, then he needs to be fired.

   On another occasion I was at a club where go-go boys are the featured entertainment. They promote the number of dancers they have and how "hot" they all are. In my opinion, they were hot and there were several different dancers in the facility on this evening. However, the DJ seemed to be in his own world. I can only guess that he had selected music that he liked without any consideration to whether it was danceable or not. The dancers spent more time walking around the bar, looking at themselves in the mirror, and swinging around on the pole without trying to match any beat. It was rather bizarre. I soon became bored and left early.

   I won't tell you the locations of the first two examples. I did send emails and let them know how I felt in a tactful way. Now in contrast...Zippers in Dallas, TX is what some might call a neighborhood dive bar. I love this place. It exists simply for the purpose of mostly gay men having a place to have a drink or two and watch hot, young, well-built dancers. It is simple, perfect, and it works. And one of the reasons why it works (besides the hot dancers) is the music. Every time I have visited, they are playing music that inspires the dancers to dance, and the patrons while sipping their drinks, are watching. The music mix has a beat, seduction, and sexual energy. Honestly, I really don't think anyone at Zippers stopped and analyzed the music to see if it fit all of this criteria. But who cares, what they are doing works. I know it works because on my last visit to Zippers I exited the bar without a dime in my pocket thanks to the dancer Cory. But it was my pleasure.

   The classic below by Ginuwine becomes one of my favorites of all time when paired with the right male stripper. Listen to it again and just try to tell me you aren't motivated in some way! To all the male strippers out there. If I walk into the club where you are performing and you dress (and undress) as a cowboy (with hat and boots of course) and seductively dance to this song. You are guaranteed a good financial night! WooHOO!

   And now let's try something with a Latin flavor. Pitbull's "I Know You Want Me". The message in this song is simple and the beat is perfectly danceable. For this song I want to see an exotic male dancer down to the underwear or jockstrap.

   Yello's "Oh Yeah!" has been used in many movies, commercials, etc., and some would say it is so ancient. However, it still makes you move. I'm not suggesting that a DJ crawl around in the tombs of dusty ol' music. What I am suggesting is that mixed in with today's top hits, that they add a few recognizable "fun spots" from the past... Like, "Oh Yeah!" This song let's us make fun of ourselves and puts a smile on the faces of the crowd. Plus, it's very danceable for the boyz! Watch the tipping rise after a song like this is played, particularly if the dancers will look around the room and give a few one-on-one smiles to the patrons.

   I saw you, you were sitting their dancing in your chair while that song was playing. See what the music can do! *SMILE* In my fantasy, as this song plays, I see the male stripper in costume: baseball player who strips down to jock with cap on of course; leather biker who removes the chaps and vest and strips down to red thong with boots still on of course; or possibly a 1950s government agent wearing black suit, black tie, white shirt, hat and black sunglasses who strips down to nothing but keeps the goods covered with his hat (at least for a while).

   What do you think? Does the music played in a male strip club or club with male go-go boys really have any impact on the entertainment experience? Let me know your thoughts. Have you ever heard a song and thought, that would be a great song for a male stripper? Well, maybe you haven't but I do it all the time. Tell me about the hits of today and the dusty ol' classics that you would like to suggest. I'll pass it on to the boyz! Leave a comment below or send me an email. Until next time, bump and grind baby, bump and grind! Oh, and tip the boyz for me while they bump and grind!

Note: I try to maintain my blogs and check on them from time-to-time. If any of the music selections above have been removed from YouTube and I haven't caught it, please send me an email and let me know. Thanks.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Club Review: End Up Club ~ Tulsa, Oklahoma (Second Review)

   The End Up Club is marking its three year anniversary this month. We congratulate them for this accomplishment. We dropped in on a recent Saturday night to see how far the club has come in its three year history. I actually bar hopped that night and visited End Up twice. For the first visit, I went by myself while my significant other attended a meeting. Tulsa is a location that I can easily get to from where I live and since End Up is in my region, I have always wanted this bar to succeed. I'm not sure how they measure success but since they are still here three years later, they are due some credit for being able to stay around. The bar and night club business can be brutal.

   Upon entering the bar I was greeted by a dancer who was playing pool. He was the only dancer that I recognized from a previous visit. There is a lot of turn over in both dancers and bartenders. As you know, being greeted is something that I think is crucial for the success of any club. I walked up to the bar and the bartender was busy refilling the ice container. He apologized and said he would be right with me, and he was. He was assisted by another bartender or barback and they were very attentive to the needs of the customers. As part of the anniversary celebration, the well drinks for the night were $2.00. So, I had one or two. So far, so good. I want to add here that every time that I have been to the End Up, the bartenders have been exceptional. They are always quick to wait on you, and they do it with a friendly smile, and no attitude. Thanks guys, it makes a difference.

   I made my way around the club and took a seat at the far side of the bar near the pole dancing area and watched a couple of dancers at the pole. Let me stop here and say, the male dancers at the End Up Club are almost always young twinks. I have visited the club several times over the past 3 years and although the faces and names change, the body types do not. I'm not sure if this is a preference of the owner, or if this is the type of dancers available for a club of this kind in the area. For those of you who like the twink physique, this is your gold mine. With that in mind, the young twink mentality is there as well...a little less mature, a little less polished, but they are cute and can be a lot of fun. We will say that there were a couple who probably need to get a membership at a local gym, but most of the dancers were very fit. But I probably need to remind myself at this point that it's "different strokes for different folks" and there are fans who like the cubs.

   I watched a tall, cute and slim dancer with dark hair work the pole. He then received a few tips from nearby customers. When he finished his session at the pole, he stopped by and asked me how I was doing. He went by the name of Trevor. We talked for a while and I discussed Males In Motion and a few other things about exotic male dancers while stuffing a few tips in his underwear. He was wearing the Papi brand and said he liked those best because of the different styles they have available. It being part of my personality, I dropped a few tips I call pearls of wisdom about exotic male dancers and working the crowd. He was very polite and listened. After a few minutes, he left and made his way around the room talking to other customers in the bar. Trevor did his job, gave me a little attention, listened, and then worked the rest of the room. It worked for me! And on any future visit, I will see if Trevor is still working there and drop a few dollars his way.

   I left to pick up my partner and we returned to the End Up about 30 minutes later. When we returned the same dancer at the pool table greeted us. Trevor was at the pole again and stepped to the side area to do a lap dance. He was fun to watch. He stopped by our table and spoke with us for a few minutes. The dancer who had greeted us at the door came by as well. Another dancer had replaced Trevor at the pole. He was a small well-defined dancer. He wore red underwear which for his small stature, was filled out nicely. He was very talented in his work at the pole and entertaining to watch.

   I recommend the End Up Club for guys who like the twink-type dancers. And I must admit that each time I have visited the club, there is always a good crowd by midnight. It is a dive type interior but we never knock those, we've had some of our most fun experiences in that type of place. Go with friends, and go expecting to have fun....and you will find it. Until next time, support the local male strip club in your region. And tip the boys a dollar for me. If you visit the End UP, tip Trevor a dollar for me and tell him Mike at Males In Motion said hello. He'll be the tall one.

Location: 5336 E Admiral Place, Tulsa, OK 74115
Phone: 918-836-0915


Thursday, December 16, 2010

2010 Males In Motion Top 10 Exotic Male Dancers

   First of all, THANK YOU to all the Exotic Male Dancer fans who have read our blog, supported our website, and given us feedback in 2010. It has been one of our best years and we are very grateful for your participation and response. We commit to providing you with even more news, info and entertainment in 2011 featuring the hot exotic males of North America. (And expanding to Europe in 2011).

   In this blog we are posting our Top 10 Exotic Male Dancers for 2010. There are a lot of sexy dancers out there and we would add many more to our list if we could. However, we have to go with what we know. Which means our list is chosen from dancers we have seen, reviewed, or had contact with in some way during 2010. If your favorites are not in the list email us let us know who they are and where to find them online. We'll try to watch and tip them in 2011. Our top ten are to be considered as a group and are listed in alphabetical order.

Top 10 Exotic Male Dancers For 2010

Anthony, Chicago

We featured Anthony in a blog back in November. He had been requested by a blog reader. His face pops up in Facebook albums connected with clubs and individuals all around the Chicago area. What a cutie!
Read our blog about Anthony:
Too Damn Cute!

We noticed Cory about six months ago. This guy stays so busy. We see his sexy chest and more promoted at clubs all across Ohio.
Read our blog about Cory:
Cory In Demand

Cory, Ohio

Fabion, Milwaukee

Fabion was the first exotic male dancer that we featured in a blog. We were drawn in by those eyes, that face, that body... Let's just say he inspired us, and definitely gave us something to talk about. You can read more about Fabion in our blog:
Fabion, Milwaukee's Best
We featured Greg in a newsletter a few months ago. Greg had posted a video on You Tube that, well, you need to see it if you haven't. Greg has had a great year, he also posed for Playgirl. To find out more check out his facebook page:
Greg's Facebook Page or his website.
And our newsletter for the YouTube video:
Greg's 2011 Calendar

Greg McKeon, West Hollywood (Playgirl)

Jonas, recently Club Arrow, Nashville (closed for now)
Jonas became one of our favorites of the year immediately when we visited Arrow Club in Nashville, TN. We reviewed the all-nude male strip club in a blog and Jonas was one of our main attractions. Read our review of the Arrow Club for more.
UPDATE: Jonas and some of the dancers from Club Arrow have formed a new Male Revue for 2011. You can follow their scheduled appearances on their facebook page.

We first noticed Tim in a YouTube video when we were featuring the work of Ramzhome. Tim made such an impression that we felt it necessary to showcase Tim's talents in his own blog. You can see and learn more about Tim in our blog:
Tim's Blog (Whiplash!)
Also, check out the video work by Ramzhome.

Tim, Dallas

Matt, recently LaBare Austin
We came across a photo of Matt that was taken with a phone camera and shared it online. The response was unbelievable. Fan "word-of-mouth" reviews have made it to our ears of what a nice guy Matt is as well. We will be featuring Matt in a blog in January 2011.
Check out Matt on his Facebook page. See if you can find the pic that caused such a stir! (UPDATE: Click here and read our 2011 blog featuring Matt...Tribal Fires in Austin!)
We've labeled Travis Irons our naughty boy but we also found Travis to be that guy you'd just like to hang out with. In a recent Facebook post Travis announced he was staying in, wrapped up warm on the sofa, and watching a Family Guy marathon. Travis, I've got my blanket, hot cocoa in the mug, and some popcorn...I'll be over in a few. Read our blog featuring Travis:
Naughty Boy Travis Blog

Travis Irons, Houston

The Boys Of F*Word At Splash, NYC

Through his "makes-me-want-to-touch-that" images photographer Michael Bernal introduced us to the boys of F*Word Fridays at the club Splash in New York City. We couldn't single out one hot male from the night to place on our list so we decided just to include them all and count them as two. It's the group that makes the experience what it is. And Michael we still look forward to each week as updates are posted in your facebook photo albums. Thanks again! Read our blog featuring Photographer Michael Bernal and the boyz of F*Word:
Michael Bernal's Blog: Capturing the Magic!.

   Thank you for reading this blog. Our future fantasy dream is to have a year end celebration night where we bring our Top 10 Exotic Male Dancers together for a great show under one roof! WOOHOO!!! Until next time, find your local top ten male dancers and celebrate! Oh, and please tip the boyz something extra for the holidays!

Males In Motion website
Males In Travel ~ Check out our new blog for gay males seeking exotic travel experiences at budget prices.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Push The Edge ~ Male Strippers In Leather

   Leather is sexy! I didn't realize just how sexy it can be until this past September when I found myself at the Dallas Eagle, a club devoted to fans of leather and other fetish lifestyles. There was a pride celebration going on and the place was packed. I was with three friends who are all a part of the leather community. There was a variety of men wearing leather vests, pants, caps, harnesses, etc. At one point I turned and I know my jaw dropped open. There was a mature "leather daddy" dressed in vest, pants, boots, cap and no shirt who was holding on to a leash. At the other end of that leash was a tall, well-built hot, sexy, mighty fine, young man wearing only a white thong, black boots and a collar which was attached to the leash. The leather daddy was leading him around. My first thought was, "I want one of those."

   The male stripper who breaks out from time to time wearing an exotic leather costume, will attract much attention. That can only be a plus for making more in tips. The man in leather is an immediate turn-on for the many members of the leather fetish subculture located throughout the world. Almost every major U.S. city has a club or organization dedicated to the leather lifestyle. These organizations and/or clubs range from those who follow strict leather lifestyle protocols to those who are more relaxed about who they allow to participate in their events. For the savvy male stripper who is willing to accommodate this fetish and play the fantasy, additional entertainment opportunities and resulting income can be gained. And most definitely, the leather look is not limited to leather bars or events only.

   For the male stripper who is interested in working at events for the "leather crowd", we have a few suggestions and recommendations. First, if you are into leather and the leather scene, find out what local leather-related organizations host events that hire male strippers. If you have trouble finding a local leather group send me an email and I'll try to assist you. Then call that organization and request information about becoming a member. If you enjoy the lifestyle and are an insider, then you could be first in line to work at their events. Next, if you are not necessarily into the lifestyle but willing to provide the fantasy and wear leather, follow the information for contacts related to the event. Ask the organizers, etc., what the requirements are for the position. If you think the situation will work for you, ask for an audition.

   Very few would deny that wearing leather often carries with it the perception of danger and heated sexuality with the flicker of a distant memory of primeval man. Each person will interpret the fantasy in their own way whether based in the western cowboy with chaps and stetson; the biker with chaps, black boots, and vest; or the leather master and boy (for those who do not know, a "boy" is a term for submissive, not a child). Using these common visual references to his advantage, the male stripper provides the fantasy of the "wild one" who may have a sexual dungeon playroom in his basement. This is not necessarily the reality, but it plays well for a fantasy.

   In previous blogs we have discussed the western cowboy fantasy, we will focus on the biker and the master/boy scenarios in this blog. The male stripper version of the biker starts with black boots, add a leather thong or another of your favorite color, and layer a pair of black leather chaps on top of that. Include a black leather vest with no shirt underneath and select a black leather sentry cap, baseball cap, or bandana to top it all off. Of course, over the span of your session, the chaps should disappear and then the vest. At least that is in my fantasy.


   For the Master/boy scenario a little research should be done. There are certain things you can and cannot wear according to leather protocol and depending on your chosen role. If you can find out if there are going to be more Masters or "boys" in the crowd, dress in the role that will have the least participants attending because that will attract the larger number of potential tippers. The fantasy of the male stripper as boy or submissive works for me. The idea of a hot male stripper who is collared and on a leash, barely dressed in leather, and having to follow my every command is an excellent idea for my next birthday present. (Well, every command within reason and according to a safe, mutual agreement.) If you do decide to dance as a leather boy, remember to say, "Sir, Yes sir, Thank you sir!" for any tips you receive.

   The costumes described above barely scratch the surface of those available. I recommend that go-go boys invest in a leather harness, leather boots, leather shorts, and a leather thong. A collar and leash are accessories they might consider. However, on the leash, I would recommend that this only be worn when those attending the event are not in reach and able to grab it. This could cause injury and you know if a leash is there and the crowd has been drinking, there will be at least one person if not more, who will attempt to tug on the leash. Another costume option is a leather kilt, very gladiator,and it stirs up a whole different world of fantasies. Leather restraints and whips are sometimes included as a part of the leather lifestyle, but we'll save the topics of bondage and S&M for those more knowledgeable on the subject.

   Click on the pics in this blog to view all the leather options that can be found at The Stockroom or Skiviez. Males In Motion is an affiliate with both. If you have a leather comment you would like to share, please add it below, or "whip" out an email to me. Write "Sir, yes sir, thank you sir" in the subject line and I'll know how to respond. Until next time, tell the boyz in leather how hot they look as you tuck your tip in the leather thong. Oh, and to all male strippers out there, when you are ready to wear that collar with leash and leather thong for me, just let me know.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Cory ~ Ohio Exotic Male Stripper In Demand

   According to Webster's dictionary the word "tease" can be defined as to tantalize especially by arousing desire or curiosity often without intending to satisfy it. In the exotic male stripper world, Cory has mastered the art of the strip-tease. He tantalizes us by seductively removing his clothes while asking, "Want to come out and play". And of course, our answer will be...well, hell yea!!! Being tantalized wouldn't be such a big deal if he didn't have the goods to back it up but he does. So he begins to dance and then to "arouse our desire" and other things as well.

   By featuring Cory I am satisfying some of my blog readers who like a man with a hairy chest. Just as the smooth-chested boyz have fans, there is a large and growing group of fans who prefer a little fur. And this sexy Ohio male is just the type to make our fans happy. He is a man, not a boy. The pouch on his underwear must therefore be man-sized in order to comfortably secure and present the fellas. And several of the pics in his facebook album show that from the back he is a well-rounded individual as well.

   If you are looking for an exotic male dancer in Ohio or the surrounding states, somewhere in your search you will discover Cory. We've been keeping tabs on Cory through Facebook for about six months. He is in demand and the list of locations where he is performing continues to grow. We've seen posts for his appearances in cities like Columbus, Cincinnati, Sandusky, Toledo, and Akron. He has also posted performances in the states of Pennsylvania and Kentucky. In fact, Cory has helped us to add several locations to our database as we discover clubs where he has performed, that we didn't know about.

   Follow Cory through his Facebook page. You can book Cory to entertain at your party or club from there as well.

   Fully nude performances are not an issue with Cory. He has performed in the "raw" at Flex Bathhouse in Columbus, OH and at Club Cleveland. Hopefully for us he will be performing at either again in the future. I asked Cory about a little facebook rumor that went around a few months ago. He seems to have stirred up a little trouble when he showed a little more than he was suppose to in a certain club. Well, as a fan, I say...WOOHOO!!!! The fact that Cory likes to push things to the edge makes us like him just that much more.

   During these cold winter months go find Cory and let his dance warm you up inside. Show him how much you appreciate that hairy chest and tell him Mike from Males In Motion said "yum", I mean "Hello". Until next time, give a man-sized tip to your favorite exotic male dancer.