Sunday, December 26, 2010

2010 Males In Motion TOP 10 Clubs for Exotic Male Dancers (Male Strippers And Go-Go Boys)

   There are many great clubs in North America that host exotic male dancers. And just as we did in our 2010 Males In Motion Top 10 Exotic Male Dancers List, we have to go with what we know. The clubs we are listing below are the ones we have had contact with in one way or another during the past year. The basic criteria for the list is of course, hot male dancers. Then we consider the bartenders and staff, and the physical facility itself. And last of all, we consider the type of experiences that we, or our blog readers have had while at the club. The bars/clubs should be considered as a group and are listed in no certain order.

Swinging Richards ~ Atlanta (Nude)
   Swinging Richards is the premiere club for those who love exotic male strippers. The dancers are ALWAYS hot and approachable. The VIP Room experience is one of the best. Swinging Richards sets a standard for a gentlemen's club that caters to gay men.

Club Arrow ~ Nashville (Nude)(Closed)
   We were pleasantly surprised at our experience this past May at Club Arrow. (Surprised, in a good way.) Being our first visit to Club Arrow we weren't sure what to expect. It is also the first 'bring-your-own-booze' club that we had ever visited. The dancers were top notch, the staff exceptional, and we had hoped to return. However, due to lease issues explained on their Facebook page, the club has closed. We still felt our experience warranted placing them in our Top 10 for 2010.

Stockbar ~ Montreal (Nude)
   We have only visited the Stockbar through their website broadcast at Our first visit was about five years ago and since then we continue to subscribe and enjoy the talented Canadian boys whenever we have time. Through our online chats with those who have visited the Montreal club, we have heard nothing but cheers and positive feedback. We haven't entered the doors of the club yet, but we WILL get there.

The Tin Room ~ Dallas (Not Nude)
   One of the best single night visits to a club I have ever had! It was the kind of night that is unexpected, impromptu, and "hot as hell". When I return to Dallas, The Tin Room is first on my list of places to visit. And the funny thing is, I didn't know anything about the club when I arrived in Dallas. But through word-of-mouth I found out it was the place I needed to go. And they were so right!


Boxers-N-Briefs ~ near St. Louis, MO (Nude)
   "No, I'm not going to St. Louis again." Those are the words spoken by my partner. He loves Boxers-N-Briefs but any time we start to take a long weekend, he knows that St. Louis will be on my list of possible destinations. I have always found a male dancer that kept me entertained at Boxers-N-Briefs. It is where I experienced my first private lap dance. And was the first all-nude bar that I ever visited. So, it will always hold a top spot for me. I also spoke to a former bar owner this month who said he was first "inspired" to own a bar because of his experiences at Boxers-N-Briefs.

MJs ~ Los Angeles (Not Nude)
   I will admit I have never been here. But through word-of-mouth promotion, and seeing their posts and photo albums on Facebook, I cannot wait to make it to Southern California and visit MJs. From what I have heard and seen, MJs is the type of bar we all wish we had nearby: hot dancers, the best events, and an over-the-top game plan from management. We applaud their efforts and hope to experience it soon.

Gigi's Bar - Detroit (Not Nude)
   I love the dancers at this bar. Many of them were previously also dancing at Backstreet before it closed. I've followed some of these guys this year. They are cute as hell, have attitude (in a good way), and seem to be enjoying the time of their lives. I've chatted with some of them online and they are a lot of fun. Detroit has been beaten up over the past few years and we are proud to make these guys a part of our top 10. They keep the party going and the boys dancing despite what others would consider hard times. Top 10 Cheers for Gigi's And Detroit!!!

Splash ~ New York City - Friday Night's with F*Word (Not Nude)
   By now everyone that reads my blogs knows about Michael Bernal's photos from F*Word at Splash. I continue to enjoy his work and see the hot dancers, bartenders, and patrons from this club. I have received more positive feedback from my posts related to F*Word than most other sources this past year. Fans keep asking when are we taking a road trip to NYC for F*Word? Watch for a blog in February 2011 featuring Jay Roth, one of the male dancers in NYC who has been captured in many of Michael's photos from F*Word.

Hunter's - Chicago (Not Nude)
   With this selection comes the changing of the guard in Elk Grove Village, IL, a suburb of Chicago. I have visited Hunter's during their Thursday night male stripper shows and have watched some of the hottest dancers. Patrick Daniel (in red jacket) has been a part of the Thursday nights for several years. He has directed some of the most entertaining and sexy shows that I have enjoyed. We particularly like his superhero nights. Patrick is moving on and we want to say thanks for your contributions to the Exotic Male Dancer Entertainment Industry, and your friendship the past few years. We hope we have not heard the last from you. Click here and check out his sexy Robin, Boy Wonder costume idea.

Zippers - Dallas (Not Nude)
   The simplicity of the Zippers experience is it's best drawing card. Zippers is a neighborhood bar that showcases well-built and defined, and/or well-endowed exotic male dancers. The crowd of mostly gay men go to Zippers to watch hot almost naked men dance while they enjoy their favorite alcoholic beverage. Over the past few years when I have had the opportunity to visit Zippers, I have found a consistent experience. They are not flashy but focus on the basics that we as male stripper fans hope to find in a bar of it's kind.

Honorable Mention:
LaBare - Austin (Not Nude) Closed.
   Our original list included the LaBare Austin Club for the ladies. Their group of handsome, sexy, well-built dancers were favs of women across Texas. We learned this past month that this club has closed. We are not sure why but we want to say thanks to all involved for their contribution to the Exotic Male Dancer Entertainment Industry and wish them the very best. To all the LaBare Austin male dancers: Please let us know if you will be dancing at another club. We would like to continue to follow your careers. Watch for a blog in January 2011 featuring Matt, one of the dancers from this club. (UPDATE: Click here to view the January 2011 blog featuring Matt.)

   If we've missed a club that you think should be on our list, please email us and tell us the name of the club and the city where it is located. We will try to visit them during 2011.

Best Wishes To Everyone For 2011!!! New Year's Resolution: Support your local Exotic Male Dancers, Male Strippers, and Go-Go Boys! Until next time, tip your local boyz for me! Tell them Mike from Males In Motion says "Thanks for the most excellent eye candy in 2010!"




  2. Dude! Have you been to Secrets in DC? Much hotness to be had.

  3. I have not been to Secrets in DC...YET!!! It is on my list of places to visit in 2011. I have wanted to enjoy the "Much hotness" for a long time. Thanks for confirming once again that it is a place to be enjoyed!

    Males In Motion

  4. Two great bars in So.Fla. are the Boardwalk and Johnny's in Ft. Lauderdale are great 29- 30 guys dancing on weekend nights and many are willing to meet up!
    Twist bar in Miami(the back bar) has dancers also.

  5. I fully agree with you. Swinging Richards is an amazing place worth many many visits, as well as MJ's in Los Angeles

  6. how do u make an honest top ten list when u have never actually been to these places??

  7. Thank you for your feedback. That is an excellent question. My response: In the first paragraph I state, "The clubs we are listing below are the ones we have had contact with in one way or another during the past year. The basic criteria for the list is of course, hot male dancers... And last of all, we consider the type of experiences that we, or our blog readers have had while at the club." Please note the part that says, "OR OUR BLOG READERS HAVE HAD WHILE AT THE CLUB". If I receive a lot of unsolicited or unprovoked positive feedback from my readers, from dancers, show managers, fans, etc., or what I call "word-or-mouth" and I feel it warrants a top 10 position as compared to other clubs given less or no feedback, then I have no problem giving the designation. I wish I had the funds and time to travel across the country continuously visiting clubs and writing reviews, but unfortunately I do not. Therefore, I must rely on the fans of exotic male dancers to help fill in the gaps. It is their opinions that keep the clubs open and the boyz dancing.

  8. MJ's by far has to be my favorite. The owners, managers and all other employees are just amazing. Now for the go go dancers! They are hot, a pleasure to watch and at time to talk to. The atmosphere is amazing and I can't think of another place I would go for hot go go's and a great time.