Thursday, December 23, 2010

Male Stripper Music Mix...Hey Mr. DJ, You've got to get the music right!

   A DJ who is aware of the exotic male dancer entertainment experience is crucial to the success of a male stripper or go-go boy. When it is done right, the night flows, the dancer can get into the mood, and the fans are enticed and therefore encouraged to tip. I have been to clubs where the DJs are excellent and bring the entertainment experience up several notches. And I have also been to clubs where the music sends the whole evening into a tail spin.

   A DJ does not work at a club to play the music they prefer. You say, What? Their preferences and musical tastes have absolutely nothing to do with their job. Let me explain. A great DJ evaluates the needs of the audience first and then makes selections on what will help create the best experience for the customers. Who are these people and what type of music would make their experience positive and encourage them to come back to the club in the future? And this could change every night because you never really know what crowd is going to show up. On the next level, for an entertainment venue involving male go-go dancers or male strippers the DJ must consider the needs of the entertainers. The main question to ask is "What music needs to be played that will inspire the dancers to dance in a way that will encourage the customers to first stop and watch them, and second, get out of their seats and go tip them?

   Let me give you two negative examples. I was at an all-nude male club when a new, young male dancer stepped up to the stage. The dancer in this case just happened to be caucasion. The DJ began to play a mix of urban music and the guy was lost. He started out trying to go with the music but you could tell it wasn't his thing. He then bounced a little trying to keep a beat. Finally he just walked around on the stage and did some posing. Fortunately, he had been given other "talents" that gave my experience as an audience member some redeeming value.

   I have seen male dancers of differing ethnic backgrounds who could have torn up the urban style music and had the crowd dancing with them. But this was not the music needed for this specific dancer. If the dancer had provided the music to the DJ, then someone (the DJ, manager, another dancer, a caring fan, or honest friend) should have let this guy know he needed to make a more appropriate musical choice. If the DJ chose the music for this dancer, then he needs to be fired.

   On another occasion I was at a club where go-go boys are the featured entertainment. They promote the number of dancers they have and how "hot" they all are. In my opinion, they were hot and there were several different dancers in the facility on this evening. However, the DJ seemed to be in his own world. I can only guess that he had selected music that he liked without any consideration to whether it was danceable or not. The dancers spent more time walking around the bar, looking at themselves in the mirror, and swinging around on the pole without trying to match any beat. It was rather bizarre. I soon became bored and left early.

   I won't tell you the locations of the first two examples. I did send emails and let them know how I felt in a tactful way. Now in contrast...Zippers in Dallas, TX is what some might call a neighborhood dive bar. I love this place. It exists simply for the purpose of mostly gay men having a place to have a drink or two and watch hot, young, well-built dancers. It is simple, perfect, and it works. And one of the reasons why it works (besides the hot dancers) is the music. Every time I have visited, they are playing music that inspires the dancers to dance, and the patrons while sipping their drinks, are watching. The music mix has a beat, seduction, and sexual energy. Honestly, I really don't think anyone at Zippers stopped and analyzed the music to see if it fit all of this criteria. But who cares, what they are doing works. I know it works because on my last visit to Zippers I exited the bar without a dime in my pocket thanks to the dancer Cory. But it was my pleasure.

   The classic below by Ginuwine becomes one of my favorites of all time when paired with the right male stripper. Listen to it again and just try to tell me you aren't motivated in some way! To all the male strippers out there. If I walk into the club where you are performing and you dress (and undress) as a cowboy (with hat and boots of course) and seductively dance to this song. You are guaranteed a good financial night! WooHOO!

   And now let's try something with a Latin flavor. Pitbull's "I Know You Want Me". The message in this song is simple and the beat is perfectly danceable. For this song I want to see an exotic male dancer down to the underwear or jockstrap.

   Yello's "Oh Yeah!" has been used in many movies, commercials, etc., and some would say it is so ancient. However, it still makes you move. I'm not suggesting that a DJ crawl around in the tombs of dusty ol' music. What I am suggesting is that mixed in with today's top hits, that they add a few recognizable "fun spots" from the past... Like, "Oh Yeah!" This song let's us make fun of ourselves and puts a smile on the faces of the crowd. Plus, it's very danceable for the boyz! Watch the tipping rise after a song like this is played, particularly if the dancers will look around the room and give a few one-on-one smiles to the patrons.

   I saw you, you were sitting their dancing in your chair while that song was playing. See what the music can do! *SMILE* In my fantasy, as this song plays, I see the male stripper in costume: baseball player who strips down to jock with cap on of course; leather biker who removes the chaps and vest and strips down to red thong with boots still on of course; or possibly a 1950s government agent wearing black suit, black tie, white shirt, hat and black sunglasses who strips down to nothing but keeps the goods covered with his hat (at least for a while).

   What do you think? Does the music played in a male strip club or club with male go-go boys really have any impact on the entertainment experience? Let me know your thoughts. Have you ever heard a song and thought, that would be a great song for a male stripper? Well, maybe you haven't but I do it all the time. Tell me about the hits of today and the dusty ol' classics that you would like to suggest. I'll pass it on to the boyz! Leave a comment below or send me an email. Until next time, bump and grind baby, bump and grind! Oh, and tip the boyz for me while they bump and grind!

Note: I try to maintain my blogs and check on them from time-to-time. If any of the music selections above have been removed from YouTube and I haven't caught it, please send me an email and let me know. Thanks.