Sunday, December 12, 2010

Push The Edge ~ Male Strippers In Leather

   Leather is sexy! I didn't realize just how sexy it can be until this past September when I found myself at the Dallas Eagle, a club devoted to fans of leather and other fetish lifestyles. There was a pride celebration going on and the place was packed. I was with three friends who are all a part of the leather community. There was a variety of men wearing leather vests, pants, caps, harnesses, etc. At one point I turned and I know my jaw dropped open. There was a mature "leather daddy" dressed in vest, pants, boots, cap and no shirt who was holding on to a leash. At the other end of that leash was a tall, well-built hot, sexy, mighty fine, young man wearing only a white thong, black boots and a collar which was attached to the leash. The leather daddy was leading him around. My first thought was, "I want one of those."

   The male stripper who breaks out from time to time wearing an exotic leather costume, will attract much attention. That can only be a plus for making more in tips. The man in leather is an immediate turn-on for the many members of the leather fetish subculture located throughout the world. Almost every major U.S. city has a club or organization dedicated to the leather lifestyle. These organizations and/or clubs range from those who follow strict leather lifestyle protocols to those who are more relaxed about who they allow to participate in their events. For the savvy male stripper who is willing to accommodate this fetish and play the fantasy, additional entertainment opportunities and resulting income can be gained. And most definitely, the leather look is not limited to leather bars or events only.

   For the male stripper who is interested in working at events for the "leather crowd", we have a few suggestions and recommendations. First, if you are into leather and the leather scene, find out what local leather-related organizations host events that hire male strippers. If you have trouble finding a local leather group send me an email and I'll try to assist you. Then call that organization and request information about becoming a member. If you enjoy the lifestyle and are an insider, then you could be first in line to work at their events. Next, if you are not necessarily into the lifestyle but willing to provide the fantasy and wear leather, follow the information for contacts related to the event. Ask the organizers, etc., what the requirements are for the position. If you think the situation will work for you, ask for an audition.

   Very few would deny that wearing leather often carries with it the perception of danger and heated sexuality with the flicker of a distant memory of primeval man. Each person will interpret the fantasy in their own way whether based in the western cowboy with chaps and stetson; the biker with chaps, black boots, and vest; or the leather master and boy (for those who do not know, a "boy" is a term for submissive, not a child). Using these common visual references to his advantage, the male stripper provides the fantasy of the "wild one" who may have a sexual dungeon playroom in his basement. This is not necessarily the reality, but it plays well for a fantasy.

   In previous blogs we have discussed the western cowboy fantasy, we will focus on the biker and the master/boy scenarios in this blog. The male stripper version of the biker starts with black boots, add a leather thong or another of your favorite color, and layer a pair of black leather chaps on top of that. Include a black leather vest with no shirt underneath and select a black leather sentry cap, baseball cap, or bandana to top it all off. Of course, over the span of your session, the chaps should disappear and then the vest. At least that is in my fantasy.


   For the Master/boy scenario a little research should be done. There are certain things you can and cannot wear according to leather protocol and depending on your chosen role. If you can find out if there are going to be more Masters or "boys" in the crowd, dress in the role that will have the least participants attending because that will attract the larger number of potential tippers. The fantasy of the male stripper as boy or submissive works for me. The idea of a hot male stripper who is collared and on a leash, barely dressed in leather, and having to follow my every command is an excellent idea for my next birthday present. (Well, every command within reason and according to a safe, mutual agreement.) If you do decide to dance as a leather boy, remember to say, "Sir, Yes sir, Thank you sir!" for any tips you receive.

   The costumes described above barely scratch the surface of those available. I recommend that go-go boys invest in a leather harness, leather boots, leather shorts, and a leather thong. A collar and leash are accessories they might consider. However, on the leash, I would recommend that this only be worn when those attending the event are not in reach and able to grab it. This could cause injury and you know if a leash is there and the crowd has been drinking, there will be at least one person if not more, who will attempt to tug on the leash. Another costume option is a leather kilt, very gladiator,and it stirs up a whole different world of fantasies. Leather restraints and whips are sometimes included as a part of the leather lifestyle, but we'll save the topics of bondage and S&M for those more knowledgeable on the subject.

   Click on the pics in this blog to view all the leather options that can be found at The Stockroom or Skiviez. Males In Motion is an affiliate with both. If you have a leather comment you would like to share, please add it below, or "whip" out an email to me. Write "Sir, yes sir, thank you sir" in the subject line and I'll know how to respond. Until next time, tell the boyz in leather how hot they look as you tuck your tip in the leather thong. Oh, and to all male strippers out there, when you are ready to wear that collar with leash and leather thong for me, just let me know.

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