Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The 9 Inches Of Success Inch 4:
Show Some Skin And They Will Come In

   I hate to do it but sometimes the truth just can't be hidden any longer. So, in an effort to be straightforward and truthful, I must declare in this blog to all exotic male dancers, 'It's not your dancing ability that they are coming to see.' The reality is...the crowd will follow where they think they can see more or 'do' more when they tip. When you get a group of men or women who are sexually charged and slightly inebriated, high or even drunk, they tend to throw their inhibitions to the wind. I have seen fans who try to grab-and-hold-on for the ride. I have seen fans who have tried to provide an oral service to the dancers while they are dancing. I have watched fans dry hump a dancer until forcefully removed by a bouncer. It is up to the dancer to set their own personal boundaries, and then follow the policies of the club/bar, and the local laws.'s been said. Those of you who fancied yourself as a great dancer well, that's ok and it is an important asset. However, if the truth be told, fans of exotic male dancers are entering the bars and clubs to see naked men. Or if they can't be naked, they are entering the doors to watch hot men wearing very little clothing and they just happen to be dancing.


   Case in point: In the stats for the blogs that I have written for Males In Motion over the past few years, I have had the most hits on blogs with titles that contain the partial phrases 'nude male', 'naked male', 'nude men', or 'naked men'. It's a no-brainer. So, if you are going to be a successful exotic male dancer, you're going to have to reveal some skin. One of my favorite phrases for Males In Motion is "Show Some Skin And They Will Come In". You can be a very talented dancer but if I'm not teased by the absence or removal of clothing, and if I have another choice, I'm going to take my ass and pocket change elsewhere. I'll be following the dancing boys who are more open to exposure. It's simple gay male behavior.


   Now although I definitely enjoy naked men dancing such as those at Swinging Richards in Atlanta, Boxers-N-Briefs near St. Louis, and Stockbar in Montreal, we all know there are clubs where nude men dancing is not the preference, and/or it is not legally allowed. So, what can you do at those venues where wearing only your birthday suit is not allowed? I have a few suggestions about that. (I'm sure you're all surprised.)


    How To Show Some Skin When Nudity Is Not Allowed
  • Wear underwear or costumes made of tight fitting material that leaves very little to the imagination.
  • Wear clothing made of see-through mesh if allowed. Even wearing mesh underwear with a thong underneath hints to nudity even though the 'boys' are covered.
  • While dancing give a little peep show of what you're packing. To me this is often more fun than having everything totally out there. Now, do this only if there won't be repercussions such as getting fired or getting arrested.
  • If you're comfortable with it, give a little sneak peek of your junk when a fan comes up to tip. This will encourage more tipping. But as mentioned before, do this only if you won't be fired or arrested.
  • Make yourself available to dance at private parties where clothing can be optional. But it is important that you show or reveal only what you are comfortable doing. The audience will always want more from you. Know your limits. If they ask for more up front than you are willing to provide, do not work this event. If they ask for more than you initially agreed upon, then either stand your ground, leave, or make a new arrangement (with more money I might add).


   So, if you want my tip, you've got to either show me what I want to see, or give me extra attention, or both. Yes, I'm easy but so are most exotic male dancer fans. Set your limits because I'm going to push to see what I can see, or do what I can do. It's just my nature. Until next time, I'll be watching for the peep show. And I'll tip.
(Photo source for all pics in this blog: Males In Motion archives)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Males In Motion's Most Wanted: Exotic Male Dancers We Want In Our Fantasy Club

   As I travel, I revisit a favorite daydream. I take notice of closed or abandoned buildings and will often say, "that would make a great male strip club". So, although I would be the first to admit that I wouldn't know how to manage the business side of such a club, I do have the desire to own such a club. And the second part of that daydream involves selecting the current working exotic male dancers that I would most want performing in my club. I've pulled my daydream from my thoughts and placed it in a blog. I've concluded that at this point in time, the exotic male dancers listed in this blog are the men that I would most like to SEE, scantily clad (or 'no clad') dancing in my club. They are in no specific order, just view them as a group. They all have particular assets or talent that they can bring to the stage.
Ethan - Chicago
   It's obvious that Ethan has what it takes to be a successful exotic male dancer. You'll want to follow Ethan throughout the Chicago area. Watch his facebook page to see where he will be dancing next.

Travis Irons - Houston
   We first labeled Travis our 'Naughty Boy' back in 2010. Travis is sure to keep you entertained. Check his facebook or twitter accounts to follow him in Houston and around North America.

Jay - NYC
   Jay can be found in features and pics in several Males In Motion blogs over the past two years. He is definitely one of our favorites. You can follow Jay on his facebook page throughout New York City and North America.
  • Jay's Facebook Page
  • Males In Motion Blog Featuring Jay

JP ~ Montreal
   JP dances nude at Stockbar and is often featured on He has become one of our favorites because of his great looks, hot body, and how he moves on the stage.
The Men Of Pan Dulce - San Diego
   Hot latin men dancing in my club! That would definitely be one of my dreams come true. And if they look like the Pan Dulce men...well, "Que empiece la fiesta!" Follow these guys across the state of California.
   Now you know what my daydream club dancers would be like! Let me know about your fantasy club. Who would be peforming? Add a comment below or click here and send me an email! Until next time, dig deep into your pockets and pull out those dollar bills. Then place them deep into the pouches of your favorite exotic male dancers!

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Club Review: Club Push ~ Fayetteville, Arkansas

   A group of friends and I met at Club Push in Fayetteville, Arkansas on a recent Saturday night. The purpose of our visit of course, was exotic male dancers. Club Push is part of a growing trend of bars and clubs that hosts male dancers one night a week. I had visited the club several times in the past when it was the Tangerine Club to photograph female illusionists. I have developed friendships and have photographed several of the 'ladies' including Taylor Madison Monroe and Tyler Rane. With Club Push now adding a night for exotic male dancers, it was only right that Males In Motion stop by and show our support. (Photo by Michael Hill)
(Taylor Madison Monroe ~left and Tyler Rane ~ right in photo above. Photos by Michael Hill)
   Club Push is located just a few blocks from the main campus of the University of Arkansas and is the local home for the alternative crowd. However, you'll often find a mix of people types and persuasions who enjoy the dance floor, the drag shows, karaoke, and male dancers. Club Push, now under new management and a new name, has undergone updates and renovations. The updates look great especially the back patio. There are three bars, one upstairs between the entrance and Karoake room, one downstairs beside the dance floor, and one out back on the deck patio. It was my duty of course, to sample a drink at each bar and I found all of the bartenders to be friendly and attentive.
   The 'Push Boys', the current male dancers for Saturday nights, are friendly, approachable, and passionate about being dancers at the club. Gentlemen, (and ladies) go and enjoy the eye candy, it is worth a Saturday night visit if you're ever in the area. Place a tip in the waistband of their well-fitting, perfectly selected for the occasion, underwear. And tell them Mike from Males In Motion says hello. (Photo by Michael Hill)
   Also, stop by the Karaoke room and say hello to Brian, a friend of mine for several years. On your way to the Karaoke room you'll pass the first floor bar. We started our night at this bar and noticed a new bartender that I immediately placed in a fantasy in the role of Chippendale dancer. He may not be a part of that organization but definitely has all the right assets to become one. I must say it was a great start for a fun night!
   Until next time, find a club in your area featuring exotic male dancers one night a week. Go out and support the boyz! Tip them well. We want those one-night-stands to keep going strong!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

The 9 Inches of Success Inch Three: Make Sure
It Looks Good To Me!

   This blog continues my series, "The 9 Inches Of Success", where I am giving you nine inches and if you're smart, you'll accept every inch. **wink** Well, it's not actually inches but characteristics found in successful exotic male dancers. The first two blogs in the series were "Give Me Some Attention" and "Tease Me To Please Me". In the third installment of the series I hope to impart a piece of wisdom that says, "Make Sure It Looks Good To Me". What we're really saying is this...I'm the one who has the money in my pocket. The exotic male dancer wants me to take it out of my pocket and give it to him in tips. So, if you want to motivate me to tip your briefs, thong, costume, or jockstrap, then you'd better make sure it looks good on you, but more importantly, make sure it looks good to me!
   I've always thought there should be an alternative to the Hooter's restaurant, a favorite for many a straight man (and a few lesbians I'm sure). In my dream restaurant Baskets and Buns, or something just as campy, I would have well-built young male waiters, bartenders, etc., wearing costumes that were created for their individual strengths. In the designs there would be a cowboy, cop, leather guy, baseball player, military men from each branch, etc. Each costume would have as a base, a pair of briefs, shorts or costume pants that fit perfectly. Because...being the voyeur that I am, I want to watch my waiter when he's walking toward me and when he is walking away. And I want to see that he amply fills the important regions below. And for those that have great arms and/or a great chest, well, those strengths would definitely not be covered, but put on display. Still with me? Read on.
   Now, let's take the costumes and move them to the bar or club and see the exotic male dancers wearing them. As any reader of mine knows, a cowboy hat on a dancer will have me up and tipping quickly. For others, a sports figure, a marine, sailor, or leather sir will do the same for them. And yes, I don't always have to have additional props or pieces of clothing. If a male dancer is wearing a pair of briefs that displays his 'boys' in their fullness, or clings to the bubble butt, then I'm motivated to tip. And I am not alone. We all make quick judgements on what attracts us. I was recently at a club where two male dancers were doing their thing on a platform by the dance floor. Immediately after my group of five had entered the room, one of my friends said, "I like the one on the left". The dancer on the left had a more muscular build and was wearing black boxer briefs that fit him well. The other dancer was cute and a little slimmer, but an attraction judgement was made. Which one do you think my friend tipped? Yep.
   There are many styles of underwear in a variety of colors available to purchase. Personally, most guys prefer certain styles and colors. However, the smart exotic male dancer will not necessarily select what they like, but will go a step further and select something that the potential tippers will like. If you are a go-go boy at a club then make your underwear selection on what is popular with the crowd at that particular club. For example, if it is mostly a college age crowd, then pick something that is current, popular and trendy. If you are dancing at a leather club or event, well obviously, something in leather is a priority. If you are dancing at a club and most of the costumers are men of a more 'mature' age, then my motto has always been, "Show some skin and they will come in." If legal, something that leaves little to the imagination such as mesh will work well. (And they'll tip more too.)
   The main thing is make sure that what you are wearing fits well, is sexy, and captures the attention of the crowd at that specific venue. And don't be afraid to bring changes. If tips are slow, try changing clothes and wear something else. A different style or color may cause a little spark to ignite and motivate a bar patron to drop a few bills in your waistband.
   We are watching! And we will be tipping! Until next time, see if you can catch my attention! It will be worth your while. And for all you exotic male dancer fans out there...find a dancer that catches your eye, and tip him well!