Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sexiest Underwear For Male Strippers

   I'll be the first to admit that different types of underwear on male strippers does it for different people. For example, some guys like to see dancers in boxer briefs and others like to see them wearing thongs. I like both of those. But, since I do have my own opinion, I have gathered together a set of underwear looks that really do it for me. My inspiration for this blog is a dancer who goes by the name of Michael and dances at the Tulsa Eagle in Tulsa, OK. One night while watching, tipping and enjoying Michael's talents, I especially noticed the underwear that he was so expertly wearing. The fabric molded itself to every curve, crevice, and bulge. Let me just say, I was inspired to tip, and so were the others in my group. I've assembled a few suggestions for underwear on this page that I hope will inspire others to tip their favorite Exotic Male Dancers.

   The Timoteo Jock Strap (above and right) is definitely one of my favorites. When it is legal to show the male behind in all it's glory, I prefer that it be presented in a jock strap frame. The soft, cotton front pouch is nice to the touch and provides very minimal coverage. The straps are perfect for holding my many $1 tips. And are in perfect reach since I often prefer tipping around back. And for this product I like the color red but it comes in other colors as well.

   The Good Devil You Complete Me Brief (left) is...well...I mean, look at it on this model. I'm ready to see an exotic male dancer in (and out) of these already. The waistband rides a little lower than many underwear styles. And the fabric fits snugly around "the boys" providing visual encouragement for tipping and other possible inconspicuous hand movements.

   The Andrew Christian Almost Naked Sheer Brief (right) has see-through sides and back but covers the front. The family jewels are protected in a "put-it-out-there" pouch. A two-handed tip method is required here. One hand to place the tip, the other to discretely, and gently cup the pouch.

   The Gregg Homme Dungeon Brief brings something a little more exotic to the stage. It covers but barely, and plays well with the crowd that likes the latex look. This isn't your every day dish, but heats up the crowd for those special occasions. I like the way the pouch lifts everything up and points it in your direction. And of course having to maneuver your way around such a large protrusion to place a tip, could provide a few opportunities for 'accidental' side swipes.

   The Good Devil Mesh Brief is my favorite of the lot. And with this selection, blue quickly becomes my favorite color. Yes, I know that you couldn't wear this product for most go-go boy or exotic male dancer events. However, the male stripper who either dances at an all-nude club or a private party can provide a sneak peak of what is to come. If a male dancer has the goods between the legs and can make an impressive showing, then I recommend wearing this brief to get a few hearts pumping faster, and encouraging wallets to open up for tips.

   And since the above product cannot be worn for all male dancer events, I list this one, because it can. The Joe Snyder Launch Bikini Brief fits so well that it looks as though it is see-through. And notice how the balls are clearly seen in this pic. Well, everything can be clearly seen in this pic. This product provides the coverage required by law, and the effect desired by male stripper fans. I'll be out of my seat and ready to say hello in two seconds flat. I would like to see these worn by a dancer on a box...just high enough so that the dancer's crotch is right at my eye-level. Club managers, I ask that you make it so.

   These are a few of my favorite sexy underwear selections for male strippers. Click on the pics if you would like to find out where to buy them. Feel free to share some of your favorites with us in the comment box below or email them, with pics please. Until next time, have a few brief encounters while tipping. And the only way to do that is "tip the boyz"!!!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

It's All About ME and the Male Stripper!

   On a recent weekend, I went bar hopping with a couple of friends. Now the bars weren't just any kind of bar, I stopped in at three clubs with male strippers/dancers. What a surprise! Right? The experience we had varied so much at the three locations, that I felt it was worthy of a blog. I'll start with the most negative and move to the most positive. I'm not naming the locations or the city where they are located. I want to focus more on customer service and hopefully provide experiences that other male dancers, club managers, owners, show directors, etc., can learn from. Maybe they will be able to avoid falling into a downhill slide toward closing the doors.

   I have contacted the management at the three locations to provide a little constructive feedback or appropriate "pat-on-the-back" or "grope-in-the-crotch". Well, you get the idea. I try to never give negative reviews of a bar that has male strippers. I do not lie but I try to find some redeeming quality that I can focus on because I truly want all exotic male dancers to succeed. It's all about me and my pleasure. The more places I can visit and see the boyz, the happier I am! But I also want to make it clear, that it is the customer, like me, whose happiness and positive experience will keep the bar or club open and successful. We go to these clubs and bars to watch and tip the boys, but I'm the one with the money in my pocket, so if I don't get a little attention and treated kindly, then that money will stay in my pocket.

   The three of us walked into the first bar and received no response from anyone in the bar upon entering. There was no welcome, no thank you for stopping by, etc. We were visiting on a Saturday night and although the bar is known for having many male dancers, we saw only 3. It was almost 11:00 p.m. so the place should have started to come alive. The bartender who waited on us was friendly and unfortunately, the only high point of the visit. We were eventually spoken to by an incoherent dancer who we could not understand. We will not attempt to guess the reason of his incoherence. It was not a language impediment or a strong accent. I will simply state that when I looked in his eyes, I could tell he had blasted off from earth and was currently floating through the Milky Way Galaxy or beyond. The interior of the bar was in need of a few repairs and a thorough cleaning. We officially dubbed it the “skank hole” after we left. And we agreed that the bar is most likely on it's last leg unless customer service and quality of dancers improves. It hurts me to speak negatively about a place that has much potential, but after visiting several times over two years, and having similar experiences, I fear the writing is on the wall.

   Our recommendations to the first bar include, more dancers who are more appealing to the customers. Someone should greet each person that enters the door and let them know they are welcome and their business is appreciated. This could be a bartender but at a male strip club it is more effective if the greeting comes from one of the dancers. The dancers need to be trained in how to interact with customers. If they are wanting to make tips, they need to realize the importance of each individual patron in the success of the bar or club. I suggest they clean the place up and fix the building problems. There is no reason that the customers should feel they need to take a bath after they leave a place of business, unless the dancers caused them to sweat. That is always ok. However, we have written this bar off as a lost cause and will not be returning. This will please my partner who rolled his eyes every time I asked him to go with me to visit this establishment. He would reluctantly go with me but in return I always had to take him to bar three in this blog.

   Our second stop was to a relatively new club that features male strippers. We entered the bar and were personally greeted by the owner/bartender. He welcomed us and thanked us for coming. That scores big points in my book! We purchased a beer each and sat down next to a stage where the dancers would take turns dancing when they were not moving around and receiving tips from the patrons. The small bar was full of customers, an even mix of male and female. Unfortunately, there were only two dancers in the bar, one a tall slim dancer that did not appeal to any of us. The second dancer however, was shorter with a compact body, tight butt, and very cute face. After about 10 minutes in the bar he made his way to where we were sitting. We tipped him and chatted with him a few minutes. He left to go visit with a group of ladies and while on his way stopped by to tell the other dancer that we were tippers. The second dancer came over to us but we did not tip him. It was our opinion that he should find another line of work so we didn't want to encourage him to stay. Our one serious complaint was that there were only two dancers even though the club was full of customers. The more attractive dancer of the two was receiving most of the tips and was having to work the entire room which didn't provide much personal attention to each individual patron.

   Our recommendations to the second bar include continue greeting guest just as you are doing. It makes a difference. Hire extra dancers for busy nights. If the customers do not feel they are getting enough attention, they will stop spending money at your establishment. They are coming to this particular bar because of the male strippers and they want to tip and interact with them. If this is not possible, then they will go elsewhere. We will return to this bar and give it another try. We feel that the foundation for a successful male strip club has been laid and can be built upon.

   The third bar stirred no complaints from anyone in our group. The bar is not known as a male stripper bar. It has a variety of things going on which includes male dancers on Friday and Saturday nights. There is an area of the bar that is set aside for the male dancers. This area has a dancer pole with very comfortable seating around it. There were two dancers rotating for the night. The first dancer was slim, with a nicely defined body. Several customers tipped him and seemed to enjoy his attention. We watched but didn't tip. We were waiting for the second dancer who we knew from several previous visits to this club. Once he took the stage and 'pole' our night was set. For us there was no need to go anywhere else. We all three enjoyed a couple of lap dances each and tipped the dancer during his sessions. And left with smiles on our faces.

   We have no recommendations for the third bar. We enjoyed the experience just as it unfolded. The dancer greeted us when he took the stage, remembering us from previous visits, gave each one of us a hug, and thanked us as we tipped. Sure, that sounds simple, and yes, he was working us for tip money. We know the game. But so does he. He gave us the attention we enjoyed and we slipped dollar bills into his very form-fitting underwear (and beyond! Woot!) For our next trip to this same location, we will skip bar one, check out bar two, and if necessary, spend the evening at bar three.

   I have a few more thoughts about the night that I want to share. Every time we have visited bar one there have been different dancers and bartenders. There has never been any kind of consistency. This is unusual to me. Although dancers and bartenders come and go, there is usually a few who are successful and stay for longer periods of time. The dancer in bar three has danced at this club for several years. Everyone knows him by name. The customers love him and are always glad to find out that he is dancing. So, this tells me that quality is always more important than quantity. If you can get quantity (many male strippers) and quality at the same time, then your business should boom! But of course, every club can't be Swinging Richard's in Atlanta. Now that is quantity and quality!

   Does any of this sound familiar to you? Let me know any horror stories or recommendations that you want to share. You can comment after this blog or send me an email. Until next time, find your favorite male strip club and favorite male strippers and have fun! And please, don't forget to tip the boyz!!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Creativity Unleashed ~ Damon Frazier ~ Dallas

   The photographer Damon Frazier first came to our attention in October 2010 when we featured a Dallas area exotic male dancer named Tim in a blog. Damon was kind enough to provide some of the photos for the feature. Since that time we have continued to follow his work with great pleasure! Damon has a knack for capturing peak moments with his camera. We are featuring some of those moments in this blog. Since this is a blog for and about exotic male dancers, the photos depicted here reflect that subject matter. However, we want to make it clear that Damon's talents go far beyond male dancers. Check out his website or facebook page and you'll see what we mean!

   With Damon's photos you not only get hot male dancers wearing little clothing, you make a visual connection with the person that is the dancer. Whether discovered in a shot with great attitude, feats of physical prowess, displays of sexual attraction or posturing, or sometimes various expressions on the pretty-boy face, Damon shows us more than skin. He shows us the other characteristics of exotic male dancers that have reeled us in and made us lifetime fans. Enjoy the gallery below of his work! And stop by his facebook page to say hello. Click on any of the pics to visit his website.

   Ok, so I have to add this. Not only does Damon take great pics of sexy men, he's a sexy man himself! Thanks for sharing your work with us Damon!

   Damon says of his work "I like to take dancers away from the bars/poles sometimes and capture them with some controlled lighting. I love to try to shoot something different than everyone else is. My goal is to shoot "studio style at the club"! That means I want to use fog, colored lights, lasers and even the dance pole, and make the dancer look focused and sharp with the "natural" club type setting - such as with my quick trial attempts with pornstar Jake Austin (twitter @JakeAustinXXX ) while at BJs NXS during Razzle Dazzle Dallas".(Jake Austin pic below)

   Until next time, capture your own peak moments and share them with us. And don't forget to tip the boyz!!! They work hard for their money.