Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Quickie That Was Well Worth It
Le Campus In Montreal

(Photo Source: Le Campus Website)
   Did I really have the time? I had somewhere I wanted to be in an hour or less. When would I have another opportunity like this? It was right there. I could reach out and touch it. I have to do this. So, I walked in the door at Le Campus in Montreal.
   I went up the stairs and stopped halfway up at a large dark room where a doorman was collecting the door charge. Through the darkness I could see a bar and behind it a stage where a male dancer was sliding around his underwear to reveal a large erection. Yes, "everybody's got time for this". I walked in and went to the right of the bar to an area with tables and chairs, and found a seat. Within minutes a cute waiter/bar back asked me if I wanted something to drink. I ordered and soon received it, and tipped him. On the stage in front of me, another dancer had stepped out and was completely nude. He was muscular but lean. My eyes were quite pleased.
   I hadn't been sitting very long before several different dancers approached me asking me if I wanted to do a private with them. I explained that it was my first time there and I wanted to enjoy the show for a little while and then I'd consider a private. If I hadn't already had plans, I would have probably gone with each and every one of them. They each had assets that captured my attention and left me weak and vulnerable but I remained strong...unfortunately. I particularly remember one dancer named Larenzo. And he will be enough to keep my daydreams alive until I can return for a full night at Le Campus.
   As you see, I cannot speak from experience about any private lap dances but I can say that the show alone was worth my making a detour and stopping for an hour. It was a quickie but was well worth my stop. But when I return, and I will return, I will be doing much more than watching the show.

(Photo Source: Le Campus Website)
   Until next time, take a quickie if you have to...but when possible plan for going the distance long and smooth, or hard and rough....whatever floats your boat. And as always, don't forget to tip the boys!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Please Play Safe!
Males In Motion Gets Cheeky!

   Please Play Safe! You may have noticed some of our ads featuring a well-endowed model in skimpy underwear. We've been posting them in social media and in other online sources as a reminder for all guys to take good care of themselves. It's easy to get caught up in the moment and forget to play safe.
   We've tried to add a little bit of humor along with an eye catching photo of a guys junk on each ad. They are for your enjoyment as well as an attempt to capture your attention. Please play safe! We want you shaking that ass and dancing into a ripe old age.
   Until next time, put a sleeve on it and as always, don't forget to tip the boyz!

Below are some of the ads we've already posted.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Bad Boys Have All The Fun!
X-Room At Mardi-Gras ~ Springfield, MA

(Photo Source: X-Room Facebook Page)
   So, the story goes like this...due to a particular situation I was in, my ride on the wild side started with me sneaking out in the middle of the night. I haven't done anything like that since I was a teenager. It felt like I was being bad, which felt good. I wasn't able to drive the vehicle we were in due to the sneaking out thing and all, so I called a cab. I slipped out of my hotel room and held the door so it would close quietly. I walked softly down the hall and ducked into the elevator.
   I made it to the lobby and out the front door without being seen. A mini-van drove up with two ladies in it. They stopped in front of the hotel and sat there waiting to pick up one of the hotel staff members. I was standing in the shadows to one side of the entry waiting for my cab. When they saw me, I heard the door locks pop into place. Yea, they thought I might be dangerous. I was becoming one of the bad felt good. "Bad boys, bad boys, what ya gonna do? What ya gonna do when they come for you?"

(Dancer JC ~ Photo Source: X-Room Facebook Page)
   We arrived safely at the X-Room at the Mardi Gra but not before driving through a couple of sketchy neighborhoods. I think this was probably a ploy for the cabbie to get a higher fare, but it so added to my sense of doing something I shouldn't do, that I enjoyed it. It was worth a few extra dollars. X-Room is not in a bad area but for the sake of the story, I'll pretend it is. There was no one at the door of the club as I entered, so I made my way inside and up to the bar and acted like I was escaping the cover charge. I was living dangerously. I had reached my destination. "Tonight", I thought, "I am going to be bad." felt good.

(Dancer Gabe ~ Photo Source: X-Room Facebook Page)
   This was a Sunday night and as at many clubs, it was a slower night at X-Room. Now for some that might be discouraging, but never for me! I've found that when it's a slower night, I get more attention from the male dancers. And for me, that's the whole reason I am there. This night was no different. I introduced myself to Sammy, the manager. We chatted a minute and then he began introducing the dancers to me. A big smile (but I'll call it an evil grin) crossed my face when I saw my three current X-Room favorites on the stage: Gabe, Trey and Troy. Continuing my 'bad boy' theme of the night, I allowed a few naughty fantasies to roll around in my head. They're still in there rolling. I bring them back around now and then. It felt good....(still does).

(Dancer Gabe ~ Photo Source: X-Room Facebook Page)
   Gabe made his way over to me and introduced himself. We chatted a bit. He is so damn cute and has a tight, sexy body. My brain went off somewhere in fantasy land with him but somehow through the fog, I heard him ask if I wanted a private dance. I immediately came to my senses and replied, "Hell yea, let's go!" We went to the designated private dance area. Gabe instructed me to sit on the edge of the sofa in the small cubicle surrounded by curtains. I took my place and the private dance began. (Pause while I mentally relive the lap dance.) .... and it felt good. My memories just won't bring this story justice, you need to find out first hand. Go see Gabe at X-Room.

(Dancers Troy and Trey ~ Photo Source: X-Room Facebook Page)
   I returned to the seat beside Sammy and we continued our conversation. Trey soon approached and sat on the bar in front of me. He placed his legs on both sides of my chair and we 'chatted'. I began tipping him as we talked. His twin brother, Troy, came over and joined in the conversation. And as you might guess, it wasn't long before Trey and I were making our way to the private section. The boys had suggested that I take both of them for a private at the same time, and that was very tempting. However, I wanted to get to know each of them individually, up close and personal.

(Dancers Trey and Troy ~ Photo Source: X-Room Facebook Page)
  The private lap dances at X-Room are based on number of songs. It is $20 per song. I told Trey to start with two and we'll go from there. I took my place on the sofa and the private lap dance began. (Pause while I mentally relive the lap dance.) .... and it felt good. He and his brother are sexy, adorable and lots of fun. I encourage you to visit X-Room and discover this for yourself.
   Once again I returned to the seat beside Sammy but not for very long. I was ready to spend a little time with Troy and we made our way to the private section. Yes, I am an exotic male dancer whore. If that makes you think I'm a bad person, all I can say is "thank you!" (Pause while I mentally relive my lap dance with Troy. You can hum while you're waiting..."bad boys, bad boys, what ya gonna do?...") .... and it felt good. All I will say, is that these three hotties have caused me to move X-Room even higher on my list of favorite clubs to visit. Yea, they caused other things to move up that night as well.
   I had planned to get that private dance with the twins, or as Gabe suggested, maybe with all three of them. But before I realized it, it was time for the club to close. I left that night wanting more and when it comes to male strip clubs, that's always a good thing. But I'm not finished being bad at X-Room. I'll be back. But next time, I think I'll leave the bad boy theme behind and go for "legendary".

(Dancer Corey ~ Photo Source: Corey's Facebook Page
   The next morning no one was aware that I had slipped out during the night. And the reason I wanted to nap all day the next day was because "something kept me awake all night. I just couldn't sleep". It will be our secret as to just where I was and who kept me out all night. I like this type of secret....and it feels good.

(Dancer Gabe ~ Photo Source: X-Room Facebook Page)
   Until next time, I give you permission to sneak out and go be bad. If you can go do it at X-Room in Springifield, MA, I'll invite you to go with me to get a skull tattoo. We'll go be bad together. Tell the X-Room boys I said hi. Slip them a buck or two for me.

Note: Yea, there are more pics of Gabe in this blog. Hmmmmm....wonder why that is? I just might possibly be a little partial, but don't tell the other guys.

(Dancer Gabe ~ Photo Source: X-Room Facebook Page)