Sunday, May 22, 2011

Spring Fling For Mikey...Soon to be back!

   I have been extremely busy for the past month and have seen very little time online. It has all been good things in my life. However, I wanted to let eveyone know that I have not abandoned my post at the edge of All Things Male Strippers. I will be back in the next week with new features on exotic male dancers, clubs, photographers, and more...and I will be featuring some of the best of Great Britain. To keep the eye feast and fantasies fed until then, I have posted a few pics from the past. Some of these are former porn stars dancing at clubs and interacting with fans. Others are from private parties. Enjoy!

   Until next time, keep tipping the boys! And enjoy the boys of summer...they are on their way!!!

"Show some skin and they will come in." --Michael Hill