Thursday, October 28, 2010

Whiplash! ~ Tim, Exotic Male Dancer in Dallas

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Getting Started As An Exotic Male Dancer

   Recently I have received several emails and facebook messages asking me how to get started as an exotic male dancer. Since the interest is high at this time, I decided to devote a blog to the subject.

    In my opinion the best place to get started is on the local level at a bar, club or an agency. Many bars and clubs hold weekly or monthly amateur stripper contests. There are two purposes for these events. First, they usually draw a crowd because everyone wants to see "fresh" talent. This gives the bar customers the chance to watch guys dance and strip that they probably have not seen before. This can also be fun and tragic because there are often guys who participate who have in their heads that they are male dancer material but in reality it's not the case. If you are, all the better. You will look really good in competition against them. If not, be honest and if you still want to do it, then go for it and have fun. If you can have fun with it, then the crowd will most likely have fun as well.

   If you decide to give it a go and enter an amateur stripper contest, first evaluate yourself. What are your strengths? Are you a good dancer? Do you have a great body? Or face? Are you well liked at the bar or club? Be honest. We will be the first to admit that different types of guys do it for different types of guys and ladies. In other words, there is a wide spectrum of what people consider hot and sexy. Some find a weight lifter with huge muscles hot. Others may like small, slim "twink" style dancers. Others like big hairy men. While still others like tattoos and leather men. Where do you fit? And the venue where the contest is held may also determine whether you will be successful or not. If you are trying out for Chippendale's or Labare, then you will need a great body, handsome face, and love the ladies. If you will be performing at a leather bar, then you may need to have a very masculine look with a scruffy face, and of course, leather harness, etc.

New July 2013

   If you choose to enter a local competition at a bar or club, you may know before the night is up if you are the right type of dancer for the location. The show managers will often select dancers from the amateur night to become dancers at the bar or club. This is the second reason that the amateur nights are held. Exotic male dancers come and go. Bars, clubs and events are always looking for new talent. If you are not selected to work at the bar or club. Do not give up. Try again the next month.

   I had wanted to create a list of amateur nights and locations for my readers but decided against it. Amateur nights and stripper contest nights change often and rather than have a lot of broken links from my list, I decided to give instructions on finding the information. In most cases if a bar or club has an amateur night competition, it will be advertised and promoted on their website, on their facebook page, etc. Check out the Males In Motion database listings and follow the links to find the days, times and locations. Click on "Dancer Search" at the top of most Males In Motion website pages. If there are no amateur or audition nights listed, contact the bar and speak to the manager, bartender, or show director and find out how they obtain their exotic male dancers for events.

   Another way to start locally is through a talent agency. Agencies representing exotic male dancers are usually found online or in the phone book. Call the agency and schedule an audition. If you are going to be performing in a bar or club amateur competition, let the agency know this and invite them to come and watch. You will be knocking out two or more auditions at the same time. Agencies provide exotic male dancers for private parties, bachelorette parties, bars, clubs, events and some even do strippergrams.

   What you wear to an audition or contest is very important! Do not wear your old tighty-whities that have been run through the wash 50 times. Buy something new that makes you feel sexy and confident. If you are not sure what you look good in, ask a friend that you trust to help you make a selection. And model the underwear for them so they can give you an honest opinion. Ask 2 or 3 friends to do this to get a more accurate opinion. One person may either want to give you blind encouragement, or may have the "hots" for you and anything you wear looks good to them. Ask someone that you know will tell you the truth. Then select something to wear that you agree on. For pointers in making underwear selections click here and read my article and blogs on the subject.

   I hope this helps all the potential exotic male dancers that I hope I will soon be tipping. Click on any of the pics on this page to go to the website or facebook page for that bar, club or agency. We've listed a few that we have been following: Hunter's Chicago, Splash NYC, Circus Disco L.A., Gigi's Detroit, LaBare Dallas, The Den New Jersey and Pumphouse II Phoenix. Find out their audition or amateur nights. If you have any questions, please send me an email or write your question in the comment section below, and I will add my response. Until next time, see you at amateur night.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Male Stripper Costume Tip 1: Put A Little Tease In The Tees

   The tease and chase found in sexual tension is always fun! When someone has the idea that they might get to know you on a more "intimate" level, that encourages the pursuer to play the play, work their magic, or at least give it a shot! This same game is played out between the exotic male dancer and the crowd who has gathered to watch. Why not add a little extra to the tease in one of these fun tees from Ajaxx63 and sold by Nuwear. And of course, we all know the tee will eventually be seductively removed. Woot!

FULL SERVICE in the pic at left takes on a new meaning when read in the context of a bar and being worn by an exotic male dancer or bar patron. We recommend a pair of white, black or gray briefs worn with the tee. Pick a style of bikini brief that emphasizes a "full package" to go along with the full service.

FLEX FOR SEX makes a bold statement. We recommend that you pair it with a pair of bold underwear. Shown below is the Cocksox brief, Bikini Brief, and a perfectly fitting boxer brief. The phrase "Flex For Sex" leaves no question as to its meaning. The tee is worn by someone who is confident, a bit of an exhibitionist, and enjoys advertising the "you can look but don't touch idea"! Or maybe you can touch but... We recommend this tee for someone who has a muscled chest, torso and arms.





ROUGH RIDER hints at "yes, maybe I like it rough." Well, maybe hint isn't the right word. It's more like blatantly spells it out. We recommend pairing the cool blue of this shirt with something a little more exotic. Pick something that says you like to live life on the edge. The sexy leather look thong below has a velcro pull away for a quick removal. Great for the tease factor! The blue, white and black boxer briefs in the middle below are representative of racing stripes and "life in the fast lane". The zipper brief at the right below unzips from front to back.







ELGIBLE RECEIVER adds a little football fun into the mix. Ok, let's just put it out there. If you are gay and have a great ass, then wear this shirt. The sexual inuendo is plain and clear. And there are many exotic male dancers who dance in gay clubs that know their ass is their money maker. It brings in the tips. We think you should pair this shirt with underwear that emphasizes the butt. What a surprise! We know this isn't rocket science. Our best advise is to pick underwear that hugs the butt or completely reveals it like with the jock strap (center below).







TRICK is the tee with the ultimate tease. It "puts out" the idea that "if I want him I just might be able to get him"....for a price. Remember these are just for fun, not advertising your goods or side-profession. So, with the tease and fun in mind, this is a chance to go for the trashy look. Get down and dirty with the underwear options below. Try an animal print to let everyone know you run on the wild side! The disco ball thong in the middle is the true sign of the trashy party boy. And if you really want to make a statement, buy something in mesh like the red basket hugger below but only if you can be confident the basket will be full.


There are several more teasing tees by Ajaxx63 that you can pair off with underwear of your choice. Here are three of them. Now, the only thing left is to go shopping! Get your tee and underwear combinations today and let the game begin!!!


For any of the tees shown on this page click on SOLD BY BRAND and select Ajaxx63 on the Nuwear Website. These combos make great gift items too! Give them to your favorite male stripper whether at the club, on the stage, or in the bedroom!

   --Michael Hill

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Club Review: BJs NXS in Dallas, TX

    BJs NXS in Dallas, TX has the hottest bartenders in town! That's not usually our focus on a club that emphasizes their male dancers. However, with BJs NXS we felt an exception must be made. Just think of it, eye candy on the stage and eye candy behind the bar. It's a win, win situation!!!

    BJs NXS is one of the nicest facilities for male dancers that we have visited. The large room has a DJ booth with a live DJ immediately to the right as you enter the door. The far right mirror-lined wall has a raised seating area that runs its length. Just in front of the seating area are two poles with small platforms and a trapeze swing in the middle. The left side of the building has another seating area and a corner raised dancer stage. There is also a door that goes to an outside patio. A bar runs down the middle of the room. Another door in the back leads to the restrooms.

    The first thing we noticed were the bartenders. There were four of them behind the bar all shirtless, hot, and personable. We ordered a Crown and Coke and a Jack and Coke. The price for each was $8 plus a $1 tip. We chose to sit near the far wall because it had the trapeze swing which is a feature we do not often find in the clubs we visit. This was a great place to view the whole club.

   A young (and cute) show host/director made announcements amd introduced the dancers as they mounted the stages. One such announcement let us know that one of the bartenders had won a “Bartender of the Year” title in a competition. It is only fair to admit that BJs NXS is the first club with male dancers that I have spent more time watching the bartenders than the dancers. The customers must have agreed because most of them gathered around the center bar and stayed close.

    During our visit there were seven different dancers. We had two favorites, one was tall and muscular, and a great dancer. He seemed to be popular with several in the crowd who were seated at the main bar. The other was a smaller slim dancer with dark hair wearing black boxer briefs. A couple of blond dancers danced together and another dancer would frequently jump on the the trapeze swing and perform. It was a nice extra added to the show.

    We recommend that you take advantage of the valet parking unless you are going to stop by early. We recently visited the club on a Friday night. Upon arrival we found parking to be a little scarce and chose to take advantage of the valet service. The cost was only $3 and we tipped another $3 when we left. There was no cover.

    BJs NXS is located in an area with several other bars. Once you have parked, you can walk back and forth among all the bars. Zippers bar with male dancers is across the street so you have two locations from which to party and enjoy the boys. When we visit Dallas, we like to spend an evening moving back and forth. Wherever you decide to spend your evening, we recommend a drink from BJs NXS, take in the bartenders, flirt a little, and then sit down and watch the show. Until next time, tip the boyz (and the bartenders) at BJs for me!

LOCATION: 3215 N Fitzhugh Ave
Dallas, TX 75204

PHONE: 214-443-9350

BJs NXS Website
BJs NXS Facebook Page

Photos from BJs NXS Website, Dallas Hott Boys Group On Facebook, BJs NXS Facebook Page, and Clifford Lee BJs NXS Facebook Page.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Exotic Male Dancer Fabion - One Of Milwaukee's Best Will Be In Chicago

    For some time now I have been wanting to feature individual exotic male dancers in my blog. And although I have been inspired from time to time, let's just say the earth didn't move me until now! I noticed Fabion on an event poster for Hunter's Hunks on facebook. I told Patrick Daniel, the show producer of Hunters Hunks Male Dancers, that I would have to pronounce Fabion my new Hunter's favorite.


    The pic of Fabion to the right by the extremely talented photographer Allan Spiers captures the sultry good looks of the guy from Milwaukee. Ok, guys and girls, you have to admit, this is one sexy man!!! At the age of 24, he is in the prime of his life. He looks good in photos but just wait until you have the opportunity to see him up close and personal.


    And you have the opportunity to watch him dance in the Chicago area, Thursday, October 14 at Hunter's in Elk Grove Village, IL. The show starts at 10:30p.m. and Hunter's is located at 1932 E Higgins Road. Hunter's always has hot male dancers on Thursday nights. On Thursday, October 14 they are bringing in the best of Milwaukee and Fabion is among the group. The other dancers scheduled to perform are Camron, Don Juan, and Majic. DJ Laura B. will be playing the music that makes these boyz move the way we like it!


    Chicago, I'm counting on you! Due to schedule conflicts I will not be able to be there Thursday night. Tip Fabion a dollar for me. Tell him Mike from Males In Motion sent you. And, if you have a favorite exotic male dancer that you would like to see featured in one of my blogs, post a comment below or email me and give me his name and where to find him online. Until next time, slide those dollar bills down until you hit the jackpot!


Facebook page for Fabion
Facebook page for Patrick Daniel
Hunter's Night Club Website
Facebook fan page for Allan Spiers     Photography
Allan Spiers Photography Website


Photos from Fabion's facebook albums.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Male Stripper You Tube Videos By Ramzhome

   When a fan of male strippers steps up and introduces something that catches our interest, then we of course want to share that with other fans like ourselves. Ramzhome has created a YouTube channel with some great footage of pole dancing by exotic male dancers. The dancers featured have been recorded at various clubs in Dallas, TX and are quite talented at what they do. We've included a couple of videos here and there are more on the Ramzhome YouTube Channel. Enjoy!!! We did!



    Thanks Ramzhome for the great videos of hot dancers! We will be following his channel as he adds more clips. And male stripper fans, don't forget to add them to your YouTube favorites. If you are in the Dallas area and see these dancers, be sure and tip them a dollar for me. If you have your own favorite videos of hot exotic male dancers, send us the link and share! You can either post it in a comment below, or send me an email. Until next time, "follow the bouncing balls"!

Ramzhome YouTube Channel
Feature Blog of Tim, Exotic Male Dancer in first video above.
The website for the club - Brick/Joe's - Where Videos were recorded
Brick/Joe's Facebook Page

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Halloween for the Male Stripper

    If you are looking for a sexy way to enjoy Halloween or just about any other time of year, check out these products by CandyMan and sold by Nuwear. Scarey is good, but "hot" always works!!! Whether on the dance floor, at a party, on the stage, or in the bedroom these costumes based on a great pair of underwear are playful and grab attention. The classic twist on the vampire theme (left) fits well into the popularity of vampires we have seen during the past few years. Add the teeth and find a neck you're wanting to nibble on.

    This devil costume is a favorite with Males In Motion. Everyone likes the idea of being a little bit bad from time to time (or maybe a lot). And if you're a male stripper, being bad always plays into the fantasy of your fans. You'll be able to stir up a little hell fire and brimstone. Add a pitchfork and begin to rule your domain.




    If you know anything at all about Males In Motion, you know that we are big fans of the cowboy fantasy. Add a Stetson or your favorite cowboy hat and even a pair of boots then walk into your favorite saloon. Or even better, our favorite saloon. Just give us a call and we'll meet you there.

    With this costume you'll look good at the bar, on the bar, behind the bar, or under the bar! Saddle up and ride 'em cowboy!!! Check out our blog Male Strippers As Cowboys for a few instructions on working the crowd with the cowboy look.








    For those of you who have always wanted to play cops and robbers, here is your chance. You can take turns being the dominate and the submissive. Add a night stick, siren, and maybe even a flashing light. "Yes, sir, I have been bad and must be punished." Ok, you can take the fantasy from here. Put your favorite criminal in these rubber boxer briefs and add a black mask, black gloves, and black boots. And of course, handcuff him (or her) a few times during the night.


    ARRRRRRRRGGGGGGG!!! The pirate and his "treasure" is always fun to put on display. If the family jewels are abundant, then for goodness sakes!!! show them off. A pirate's work is never done. Yo, ho, ho, a pirate's life for me. Well, at least for the weekend!
    We hope these have provided you a few ideas for Halloween or any other costume need. Click on CandyMan under SHOP BY BRAND on the Nuwear website for any of the costumes above. And you can always check out Nuwear for ideas to create your own fantasy costumes. Have a fun, safe and sexy Halloween this year!!!