Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Male Stripper Costume Tip 1: Put A Little Tease In The Tees

   The tease and chase found in sexual tension is always fun! When someone has the idea that they might get to know you on a more "intimate" level, that encourages the pursuer to play the play, work their magic, or at least give it a shot! This same game is played out between the exotic male dancer and the crowd who has gathered to watch. Why not add a little extra to the tease in one of these fun tees from Ajaxx63 and sold by Nuwear. And of course, we all know the tee will eventually be seductively removed. Woot!

FULL SERVICE in the pic at left takes on a new meaning when read in the context of a bar and being worn by an exotic male dancer or bar patron. We recommend a pair of white, black or gray briefs worn with the tee. Pick a style of bikini brief that emphasizes a "full package" to go along with the full service.

FLEX FOR SEX makes a bold statement. We recommend that you pair it with a pair of bold underwear. Shown below is the Cocksox brief, Bikini Brief, and a perfectly fitting boxer brief. The phrase "Flex For Sex" leaves no question as to its meaning. The tee is worn by someone who is confident, a bit of an exhibitionist, and enjoys advertising the "you can look but don't touch idea"! Or maybe you can touch but... We recommend this tee for someone who has a muscled chest, torso and arms.





ROUGH RIDER hints at "yes, maybe I like it rough." Well, maybe hint isn't the right word. It's more like blatantly spells it out. We recommend pairing the cool blue of this shirt with something a little more exotic. Pick something that says you like to live life on the edge. The sexy leather look thong below has a velcro pull away for a quick removal. Great for the tease factor! The blue, white and black boxer briefs in the middle below are representative of racing stripes and "life in the fast lane". The zipper brief at the right below unzips from front to back.







ELGIBLE RECEIVER adds a little football fun into the mix. Ok, let's just put it out there. If you are gay and have a great ass, then wear this shirt. The sexual inuendo is plain and clear. And there are many exotic male dancers who dance in gay clubs that know their ass is their money maker. It brings in the tips. We think you should pair this shirt with underwear that emphasizes the butt. What a surprise! We know this isn't rocket science. Our best advise is to pick underwear that hugs the butt or completely reveals it like with the jock strap (center below).







TRICK is the tee with the ultimate tease. It "puts out" the idea that "if I want him I just might be able to get him"....for a price. Remember these are just for fun, not advertising your goods or side-profession. So, with the tease and fun in mind, this is a chance to go for the trashy look. Get down and dirty with the underwear options below. Try an animal print to let everyone know you run on the wild side! The disco ball thong in the middle is the true sign of the trashy party boy. And if you really want to make a statement, buy something in mesh like the red basket hugger below but only if you can be confident the basket will be full.


There are several more teasing tees by Ajaxx63 that you can pair off with underwear of your choice. Here are three of them. Now, the only thing left is to go shopping! Get your tee and underwear combinations today and let the game begin!!!


For any of the tees shown on this page click on SOLD BY BRAND and select Ajaxx63 on the Nuwear Website. These combos make great gift items too! Give them to your favorite male stripper whether at the club, on the stage, or in the bedroom!

   --Michael Hill

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