Sunday, October 24, 2010

Getting Started As An Exotic Male Dancer

   Recently I have received several emails and facebook messages asking me how to get started as an exotic male dancer. Since the interest is high at this time, I decided to devote a blog to the subject.

    In my opinion the best place to get started is on the local level at a bar, club or an agency. Many bars and clubs hold weekly or monthly amateur stripper contests. There are two purposes for these events. First, they usually draw a crowd because everyone wants to see "fresh" talent. This gives the bar customers the chance to watch guys dance and strip that they probably have not seen before. This can also be fun and tragic because there are often guys who participate who have in their heads that they are male dancer material but in reality it's not the case. If you are, all the better. You will look really good in competition against them. If not, be honest and if you still want to do it, then go for it and have fun. If you can have fun with it, then the crowd will most likely have fun as well.

   If you decide to give it a go and enter an amateur stripper contest, first evaluate yourself. What are your strengths? Are you a good dancer? Do you have a great body? Or face? Are you well liked at the bar or club? Be honest. We will be the first to admit that different types of guys do it for different types of guys and ladies. In other words, there is a wide spectrum of what people consider hot and sexy. Some find a weight lifter with huge muscles hot. Others may like small, slim "twink" style dancers. Others like big hairy men. While still others like tattoos and leather men. Where do you fit? And the venue where the contest is held may also determine whether you will be successful or not. If you are trying out for Chippendale's or Labare, then you will need a great body, handsome face, and love the ladies. If you will be performing at a leather bar, then you may need to have a very masculine look with a scruffy face, and of course, leather harness, etc.

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   If you choose to enter a local competition at a bar or club, you may know before the night is up if you are the right type of dancer for the location. The show managers will often select dancers from the amateur night to become dancers at the bar or club. This is the second reason that the amateur nights are held. Exotic male dancers come and go. Bars, clubs and events are always looking for new talent. If you are not selected to work at the bar or club. Do not give up. Try again the next month.

   I had wanted to create a list of amateur nights and locations for my readers but decided against it. Amateur nights and stripper contest nights change often and rather than have a lot of broken links from my list, I decided to give instructions on finding the information. In most cases if a bar or club has an amateur night competition, it will be advertised and promoted on their website, on their facebook page, etc. Check out the Males In Motion database listings and follow the links to find the days, times and locations. Click on "Dancer Search" at the top of most Males In Motion website pages. If there are no amateur or audition nights listed, contact the bar and speak to the manager, bartender, or show director and find out how they obtain their exotic male dancers for events.

   Another way to start locally is through a talent agency. Agencies representing exotic male dancers are usually found online or in the phone book. Call the agency and schedule an audition. If you are going to be performing in a bar or club amateur competition, let the agency know this and invite them to come and watch. You will be knocking out two or more auditions at the same time. Agencies provide exotic male dancers for private parties, bachelorette parties, bars, clubs, events and some even do strippergrams.

   What you wear to an audition or contest is very important! Do not wear your old tighty-whities that have been run through the wash 50 times. Buy something new that makes you feel sexy and confident. If you are not sure what you look good in, ask a friend that you trust to help you make a selection. And model the underwear for them so they can give you an honest opinion. Ask 2 or 3 friends to do this to get a more accurate opinion. One person may either want to give you blind encouragement, or may have the "hots" for you and anything you wear looks good to them. Ask someone that you know will tell you the truth. Then select something to wear that you agree on. For pointers in making underwear selections click here and read my article and blogs on the subject.

   I hope this helps all the potential exotic male dancers that I hope I will soon be tipping. Click on any of the pics on this page to go to the website or facebook page for that bar, club or agency. We've listed a few that we have been following: Hunter's Chicago, Splash NYC, Circus Disco L.A., Gigi's Detroit, LaBare Dallas, The Den New Jersey and Pumphouse II Phoenix. Find out their audition or amateur nights. If you have any questions, please send me an email or write your question in the comment section below, and I will add my response. Until next time, see you at amateur night.


  1. I am a 36 year old male. I can pass for late 20's, but 26 the lowest. I do not have a chip -n- dale body, but i have a thin nice build and i have a shaved head. I was born a C-section so my head is a good shape, not awkward. My face is masculine and i tan quite easily as i am italian ancestry. I am mostly concerned about my age, though. Do you believe 36 is too old to get into this?

    1. No, I do not think 36 is too old. It is completely dependent on the tastes and wishes of the customers. You will need to seek out a location and an audience that desires your 'type', and they are out there.

  2. is 48 too old to be an exotic dancer

    1. I always say that if there is an audience who loves you and wants to see you strip, then it doesn't matter what age you are. It's all about the customer. If you do it for them and they keep sticking dollars in your waistband, then I say go for it!