Monday, September 26, 2011

Naturally Sexy ~ Ethan ~ Exotic Male Dancer

   Some guys just have 'it'! And Ethan is one of those guys. No matter what he puts on, or takes off, he's going to look good doing it. Sure, he works out, watches what he eats, but it's much more than that. He's sexy and it just naturally comes across in the way he talks, the way he smiles, the way he walks, and definitely in the way he dances. This Northern boy currently lives in Chicago. But he first learned how to turn up the heat on those cold winter nights in Columbus, OH.



<<<<<<< HELLO!
Ethan has other
assets that make him
a popular dancer!


   Keep an eye on Ethan's facebook page for locations where he will be dancing. He can often be found at the Lucky Horseshoe Lounge in Chicago. We've also followed tagged facebook photos from The Office Niteclub In Rockford, IL and Club Krave in Blue Island, IL.


"Excuse me sir, do you have a license to be packing that?"

   Follow Ethan this coming weekend and place a few tips in his....waistband, or... Tip him a buck for me and tell him Mike at Males In Motion says hello. Until next time, keep it naturally sexy.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Congratulations To Johnny's Ft. Lauderdale
For 31 Years Of Hot Male Dancers!

   We SALUTE Johnny's in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl this week for bringing us some of the best in exotic male dancer entertainment over the past 31 years. Each week this club brings to the stage some of the sexiest men not only in the U.S., but from other countries as well. They have regularly scheduled porn star dancers for fan appreciation and we are most grateful. THANK YOU Johnny's Ft. Lauderdale and we wish you 31 plus more years! (Photo: Johnny's Facebook)

   If you are going
to be in the Ft. Lauderale, Fl area September 22-24, stop in and CELEBRATE with
the boyz!

(Photo: Johnny's Facebook)

Some of the Porn Stars Who Have Performed At Johnny's
Ralph Woods
Click the pic above to see
some of his work at Bel Ami.

Steven Daigle
(On bottom above)
Click the pic above to see
some of his work at
Next Door Studios.

TJ Hawke

Click the pic at right to see
some of his work at
Falcon Studios.

Zack Randall

Click the pic above to see
some of his work at
Colt Studio Group.

   These are but a few of the reasons to make a trip to Johnny's in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. One visit and you'll find more than a few reasons of
your own. Until next time, don't forget to tip the boyz! Tip them
a buck for me and tell them Mike from Males In Motion said, thanks!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Ten Tips For Success For All Exotic Male Dancers

   I consider myself to be the typical exotic male dancer fan with a few exceptions.  I have had the opportunity to travel across the United States and visit some of the best clubs and venues that hire go-go boys, male dancers, male strippers, etc.  I started Males In Motion in 2003 because I wanted to promote my favorite form of entertainment.  Males In Motion is still going strong and the passion I have for what I do has never dimmed.  With this background in mind, I think I may have some wisdom in developing a list of ten things that an Exotic Male Dancer should consider if he wants to be successful.  I represent the fan, or the tipper, the person with the money in their pocket who wants to interact with the male dancer and slide my hard-earned-cash into his waistband, pouch, straps, etc.  In order to encourage this transaction to take place, I have listed 10 things that an exotic male dancer can do to get my attention, and I'm sure that of many other fans as well. (Photo: Mj's Bar - Los Angeles, CA)

Greet me when I come into the bar, club or venue where you are performing.  If you make an effort to come to my seat, I will always tip.  If I don't tip you right then and there, I WILL step up to the stage, etc., when you are dancing and tip you.   I have been greeted before I walked through the door before, once in Providence, RI and the other time in Nashville, TN.  I tipped both dancers immediately when they hit the stage, and let them know that was the reason I was tipping.  Realize that I have arrived at this establishment to see some hot men in little or no clothing, enjoy a drink and relax.  If you (the male dancer) gives me a little attention, it will contribute to my having a fun and possibly memorable night.  If you contribute to the success of my night, I will contribute to your financial success by increasing my tips. (Photo: Michael Hill)

  Wear something exciting.  You want to visually catch my attention.  Let's be clear here...I like to see dick! That of course is no problem in an all-nude club, but for the clubs where nudity is not a featured attraction, there are a few things you can do.   If you wear something that outlines your privates, I will be watching.  If those privates are allowed to move a little, I will be watching.  If you become aroused and I see a bulge in your pants, I definitely will be watching.  If you have not been so blessed up front, then wear something that shows off that ass.  If you slide the waistband of your briefs down and give me a glimpse of the bubble, then I will be watching.   "Show some skin and they will come in."

  I tipped a dancer at Swinging Richards in Atlanta simply because he kept looking straight at me, making eye contact, and smiling.  Well, he was pretty damn cute too.  But the eye contact made me get up out of my chair and walk up to the stage and place a few $1 in his armband. I knew he didn't think I was special and it wasn't a "I want you look".  The dancer acknowledged that I was there and existed.  Was he working me for tips?  Sure he was.  Do I care?  No, he made the effort to notice I was there.  I made the effort to tip and enjoy. (Photo: Michael Bernal -FWord - NYC)

  If I tip a male dancer and he says thank you, then I will return to tip him again during his next session.  If he says nothing, then unless he stops by my seat after his session and says thank you, then I am through with him for the night.  Saying thank you is easy and free.  Acknowledge that I exist and that I am making a contribution to your financial success.  If a dancer says thank you, and then comes by my table after his session to thank me again, I will tip again right then. Now I know that not all male dancers are comfortable with this, but if you are the type that gives a hug and a kiss on the cheek, well, I will be back....just sayin'.  What else can I say,  I like attention from hot half-naked or naked men.  It works on me.Photo: Males In Motion archive

5. CREATE A DRAMA FREE ZONE  When an exotic male dancer arrives to work, he must leave all drama outside the door.  I'm there for my fantasies, my escape, my pleasure, my stress release...not yours.  I don't want to hear you complaining to the other dancers, other fans who may be friends, and least of all, do I want you complaining to me.  If you bring your drama in the room, it is going to bring down my experience.  If this happens, I will avoid you like the plague.  The last thing I need is more drama when I am trying to relax.  All I can say is that I will maintain a drama free zone around myself.  If that means I must avoid you, I will.  And there goes any potential for tip money.

    (Photo: Piranha Nightclub - Las Vegas, NV)

6. AVOID EXCESS  Get drunk and/or high on your own time.  If you choose to participate in alcohol or drug abuse, hey, that's your business. But when you do it on my time at the club, then I will leave you alone.  I have stated before that I have visited clubs where a dancer was tweaked out and visiting another planet.  If I can't interact with you, then I will leave you alone.  However, there are others, let's just call them predators, who will welcome an opportunity to find you in that state.  If you choose to use and abuse in an unguarded, unsafe environment, then don't be surprised where you wind up.  Be careful please.

7. REMOVE YOUR TIARA  Although a tiara would most often be associated with a countess, woman of means, or a drag queen, in this case we ask you to remove the little crown from your "large head" and come back down to earth.  If a dancer has a prima donna attitude, unless he is drop-dead gorgeous with an Adonis body, and lies down naked on a bed and tells me, "go for it...enjoy", then I'm going to find another dancer who lives on this plane.  You see I can be shallow too, and can enjoy your beautiful body without having to interact with you on a mental or emotional level, if you have given your permission.  Hey, I'm a gay's in my physical makeup.  But of course, we both know if you are pushing attitude then you're not going to make yourself available as described above.  And I also find it so much sexier and enjoyable if the other party is a willing and active participant in such activity.  Confidence in your look, abilities, the way you carry yourself, your goals, etc., that is great and a positive virtue.  But your good looks will fade so while you can, build something positive behind those looks that will carry you later in life.

8. PLEASE DON'T OVERWORK ME  When an exotic male dancer is working the room, I like to be worked.  As I stated above, I like the attention.  But please don't overwork me.  If I tell you I don't want a lap dance, or am not ready to go into the VIP Lounge, then take it at face value.  Ask me one time and that is enough.  If I want you to come back by, then I will say drop by later and we'll do it.  I remember another dancer at Swinging Richards who was smart about this.  He had asked about a lap dance or a trip to the VIP room but I wasn't interested.  I had already picked a different dancer that I wanted for those activities.  This dancer came back around later in the night and began giving me a neck, shoulder and upper back rub.  Think about it...a hot male dancer wearing very little clothing was rubbing on my neck...good.  He was skillfully removing the tension from my neck and shoulders....very good.  I began tipping him in return...good.  It was a win-win situation.  He didn't overwork me but gave me something of value in exchange. ( I wish he was here right now. I could use another neck and shoulder rub.)

  You look great in your underwear and I am enjoying it.  Let's take it to the next level.  Try a cowboy look, military look, athlete look, leather look, etc., and capture my fantasies.  It is no secret that I love cowboys.  So, if you are wearing a cowboy hat and boots, then I am putty.  If you follow steps 1-8 and then are dressed like a cowboy, it is almost certain that you will receive all the cash in my pocket that I have set aside for the night.  It just works for me.  There are other fans who feel the same about leather, military men, athletes, etc.  Push their buttons and more tips will come your way.  Also, if I am celebrating a special event in my life, look for the signs and join in.  Come by and tell me congratulations.  You might even offer a free lap dance to honor my night.  Don't worry, I will still tip but the offer will make a difference in my experience of the night. (Photo: Ethan - Columbus, OH)

  Notice that I am recommending you learn to dance as the last tip.  The reason it is last is because I have watched exotic male dancers make lots of money in tips when all they have done is shuffle around the floor a little.  You will never describe what they do as actual dancing.  They receive the extra in tips because they interact well with the crowd, look exceptionally hot, or have become a crowd favorite....or dozens of other reasons.  So, honestly it isn't always a requirement to be a good dancer.  However, if you can follow tips 1-9 and you are a skillful exotic dancer, then you have the potential for a long career in the field.  If you know your dancing ability needs a little work, I recommend that you seek out male dancers who can dance and copy their techniques.  When traveling out of town, allow yourself some time to stop in at a club with male dancers and watch what they are doing, and try it out yourself. (Photo: Pan Dulce - San Diego, CA)

   I hope these tips will contribute to your financial success.  Until next time, 'show some skin and they will come in.'


NOTE: To learn more about the clubs or dancers featured in the pics, click on the pic to go to their facebook page or website.