Thursday, March 3, 2016

Time For An Online Check-up
For Male Strippers, Managers, Owners

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital
   Males In Motion is currently going through a website redesign and update. During this time we are verifying old listings, links, and everything that we are carrying over. We are also updating information with new clubs, dancers, etc. Since it is fresh in my mind, I thought I'd pass on a few tips and suggestions to male strippers, club managers and owners, and anyone else that might have an interest in online promotion.
  • Is your website current? When was the last time you visited it?  While verifying the websites of clubs/bars/agencies, I have found broken links sending me to error pages; websites that no longer exist; and one link even sent me to a location that caused a warning to pop up from my anti-virus.

  • Are your photos current? Are you still using photos from last year or even 2-3 years ago? Or longer?  I have viewed Facebook pages and websites where the latest photos that have been posted were in 2010. And yes, this is a currently open and active club. If they are no longer using Facebook, then I'd advise that they place a message, pic, etc., on their Facebook account telling potential customers where they can find up-to-date information. When someone is searching for a club in the area to go to, will they find your information and pics outdated? If a potential customer runs into this while searching, they may immediately start looking for a different place to go. They'll find one with current information and pics.

  • Is the information on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social media current?  This is extremely important, particularly for out-of-town visitors. If they arrive at your location to find the doors closed, or a different event taking place, they may never return, and you will also lose that most valuable promotion tool - positive word of mouth! They'll most likely be posting something online that says, "Don't go there because..."

  • Has anything changed in your weekly lineup? Have you changed it on all online promotions?  When new event nights are added, and old ones dropped, be sure to make these changes as soon as possible. If one has dropped, remove it immediately.

  • Has your location moved? Has that information been updated?  Did your business find a new home? Are you a dancer who moved to a new city? Make those changes so the people who want to find you or hire you will have the correct information.

  • MUY IMPORTANTE!!! What nights do you have male dancers at your club? Is this clearly posted on your website or other online locations? If I were traveling in your city and visited your website or Facebook page, would I be able to find out if you have male dancers at your club and the date/day and time they will be performing?  I have run into this many times. There are some clubs/bars that you would never know that they feature exotic male dancers. I have had to scroll down their posts, or ask people who have recently been there. Please let them know that there are many, many customers like me who go to a club/bar/event because male dancers are featured. If they are not posting this information, then I and more customers like me, will never visit their fine establishment.

  • Do you have an audition night? male dancer contest night? Has that information been posted clearly?  Over the past 13 years, one of the most frequent questions I have been asked is how to get started as a male dancer. I always recommend that you start at the local level. And first and foremost, I recommend that a potential male dancer go to an audition or contest night. If a bar/club has an audition night, they need to state this clearly so that any potential male dancers on any day, will know what day and what time to show up.
   Read through and answer the above questions, then do a visual check of the online sources for your promotions. Follow up by contacting whoever is in charge of the specific social media or posts and let them know what updates or edits are needed. If you have any suggestions to go with these, please add them in the comment section below. Until next time, keep the boys dancing! And make sure we all know how to find them online.