Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What type of male stripper tipper are you? Find out.

   Over the years I have watched other male stripper fans as they tip the dancers. There are a few behaviors that I have observed that seem to be universal. I have developed nicknames for several of these behaviors. See if you recognize any of the descriptions that follow.

   First and most often, I have encountered the "Gentleman (or Lady)" tipper. The Gentleman/Lady tipper is very courteous and in no way wants to appear too aggressive. They will politely slide the dollar bill into the waistband of the dancer, smile and walk away. They may behave this way because they are shy, or do not have much experience with male strippers, or it is just their personality to always be the gentleman/lady.

   The "BFF" tipper treats the dancer as though they are best friends forever. He/She calls him by name every time they see him even if the last time was only 10 minutes ago. Each time they go up to tip the dancer they want to hang out and chat. They may feel the need to discuss their day or explain how happy they are to be back in the club with their best friend. This is the type of tipper who needs good friends who will rescue the dancer after a few minutes.


The "Sentry" stands watch near the dancer. They usually tip early and then remain nearby just in case the stripper may need their assistance. They observe and visually scrutinize any bar patron that moves close. When another person tips and moves away, they quickly step in to mark their territory by tipping again. They want to re-establish that they still have that special understanding with the dancer. These people are just weird.

   The "Hit-And-Run" is ready to jump the dancer right then and there and get down to business. When tipping, they grab on to whatever they can get by with. If male, they may do a drive-by shooting and before the dancer knows it a finger has been stuck up his...well, you know where. This behavior can often be attributed to too many rum and cokes, or possibly recreational chemicals. Unless they move with stealth precision and quickly disappear back into the night, this tipper will usually be escorted from the bar...eventually.

   The "Sugar Daddy or Sugar Momma (Cougar)" love their boys and make sure they love them back by spreading the love around, or mostly the cash. They are usually older and have done well financially and enjoy spending their money on new toys. They are the tippers who drop more than one dollar bills. They may slide in a five, ten, twenty, or who knows if they really like the dancer. My hat is tipped to these guys. They know how to have fun and have the wealth to make it happen.

   The "Horn Dog" is usually a young guy who is so horny that he just follows his willy. He will tip a dancer that he is in lust with, look at him with his puppy dog eyes, and pant. He giggles if the dancer acknowledges him in any way. After he has finished the process, he runs to rejoin his pack standing and watching the dancer with a grin. And attempts to cover the tent that is quickly forming in his trousers.

   The "Magician" gets the most out of the tipping experience. While placing dollar bills into the dancers waistband, they perform slight of hand movements with their hands, fingers, arms, elbows, chin, cheeks, nose, etc. All become tools that almost invisibly slide across the dancer's body exploring places that many have only dreamed about visiting. Only the dancer and the Magician are aware of the true depths that have been explored.

   The "T-N-T" is normally uptight, reserved, and possibly married (shhhh, don't tell anyone). When they finally get to a male stripper bar, they will do whatever they must to relieve the pressure. They are usually looking for other forms of relief as well. They sit and fidgit at their table before making a move to tip a dancer. It is anyone's guess how they will react after they have touched a male stripper's body. They may ease into each additional tipping experience and become more and more bold as they consume more drinks. Or, they may burst through the door, see dick, and explode.

   "Regular Joe or Jane" just wants to have fun! They tip the dancers, flirt a little, touch if and where they are allowed, and are just there to party and have a good time. They always make it fun for the rest of us. They keep the atmosphere from ever getting too serious, too sexual, or too predatory. They remind us to relax and enjoy the night.

   These are a few of the types of tippers that I have observed. There are others I'm sure. Do you recognize any of these? Are you one of them? Or, do you have your own style? Send me an email or post a comment. I want to know...will you explode? Perform magic? Or make sure the rest of us keep having a good time?

   Patrick Daniel posted this on my facebook page, "You missed one. The 'Scout': they check out a dancer's tips in their g-string/underwear and when they go to tip the dancer they will wrap their arms around them and switch bills. Fooling around and they give $1.00 and take out a $5, $10 or $20 that they find on the dancers back side of their G-string/Underwear. I have seen this during 11 years dealing with male dancers and producing Hunters Hunks Male Dancers. I tell my dancers when someone tips your back side move the bills to your front side, and you know what you also have."

Photo Source: Males In Motion

   Until next time, make it rain!
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Friday, March 26, 2010

What type of underwear on a male stripper does it for you?

   Male stripper fans are turned on by a variety of factors. And when that involves a male dancer and the underwear they are wearing, the style, color and size can all have an influence on how a fan reacts. I enjoy watching a variety of dancers with different body types. And I have reached my own conclusions about what looks good on each type.

   I have one written rule, reserve boxers for special theme nights, but be sure and wear something more sexy underneath. A go-go dancer is there to reveal more for the potential tippers to look at, not to cover it up. If the boxers are used as a tease to provide glimpses of what is underneath in front and/or back, then the boxer can be elevated to a whole new level.

   Very few dancers actually look good in a pair of tighty-whities. I am thankful that there are so many more options available. The style, color, and size can all have an influence on how someone perceives a dancer. Some guys look great in boxer-briefs, particularly if they have a round butt, nice basket or muscular legs. If they have all three please call me and tell me where they are dancing. For a slim twink, a pair of skimpy briefs looks great, particularly in bright colors. In most cases thongs only look good on jocks and body builders.

   For those guys who have been blessed with the genetics for the perfect bubble-butt, I suggest it be revealed and allowed to be admired. Try on a variety of different underwear styles to see which one molds itself perfectly. Or, if you are really proud of it, and it is legal in the state where you are dancing, wear a jock strap.

   Although mesh is very sexy, we recommend that a dancer wear a thong or jock strap underneath. Part of the whole experience is the tease. If you put it all out there from the very beginning, you remove the mystery and fun that comes with the slow, seductive revelation.

   For the dancers who have been blessed in the nether regions, we suggest one of the pouch type underwear so everything is lifted and pushed forward for our enjoyment. This is also nice for tipping when our forearms "accidentally" brush against any protruding appendages.

   Let me know what type of underwear and color does it for you. Send me an email or post a comment and describe what your fantasy male dancer wears (before he wears nothing at all).
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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

"Thank You Baby" From A Male Stripper Always Works For Me

   My partner and I have been together for ten years.  During that time he has learned to not only accept but happily enjoy and participate in my fetish for male dancers.  We have traveled across the United States and visited many different bars and clubs.  When in Atlanta, we go to Swinging Richards;  if in Springfield, MA we go to xStatic; or if in mid-america near St. Louis, we stop in at Boxers N Briefs.  These are all clubs with nude male dancers but we also visit clubs with go-go boys, or male revues.  At each of these events where tipping is the norm,  we play a game.  Before we enter a bar or club we determine an amount in tips that we will give to the dancers.  When that amount is gone, it is gone.  Now, we are not rich, nor are we poor.  The tip amounts range from $50 to several hundred dollars.  But just because we have set aside that amount for the dancers, doesn't mean that they will receive it.

    I strongly believe in good old-fashioned customer service.  Now, that doesn't mean that I'm expecting a little "something extra" from the dancer.  What it means is this.  When a dancer that I find attractive is performing his session on stage or at the pole, etc., I will go up and tip him.  If he says "thank you", then I will return during his next session and tip him again.  If he doesn't say "thank you", then I write him off for the rest of the evening.  Unless...after he finishes dancing he comes by my table and tells me thank you.  Then, I will tip him again while at my table and then be sure to tip again during his next session.  For the clubs that have lap dances and VIP rooms, this also helps to determine whether I will spend more money in those areas as well.

    Why do I do this?  Because, unlike the stereotypical idea of the male strip club bar patron, I am not desperate, not an old troll, perv, or wannabe.  I am simply a person who enjoys having a drink from time-to-time and while I'm having that drink I like watching good-looking men run around in their underwear or less.  It's a performance, a show, and I like the content of the show.  There are some dancers, usually the younger guys, who often get an over-inflated sense of how important they are in the scheme of things.  Now, I don't blame them really.  If you had people telling you night after night how "hot" and desirable you are, it could go to your head.  But, I like dancers who know the "game".  The game of give-and-take.  He gives me a little attention, and I help pay his way through college one tip at a time.  That's the game.  

Why is this important to a male dancer?  First, a customer wants to be noticed.  Often times they come into a bar or club alone.  It is the dancer's job to make sure that this person does not become the invisible man (or woman).  If the customer feels like someone actually notices and cares that he is there, they are more than likely to return for a repeat visit.  A repeat visit, means the potential for repeat tips for the dancer.  This will help the dancer to build up a regular customer base that keeps him and the bar going.  Now getting some attention is always good, but getting attention from a hot male dancer, well, that just makes it sweeter.  Patrons who go to bars and clubs with male dancers are also there because they are fans.  And like fans of any sport or event, when they are enjoying their experience, they tend to loosen the hold on their money.  This provides the potential for more dollars to be given in the exchange I described previously.  If the dancer says "thank you" when tipped, then he acknowledges that the customer exists, and has done something positive in his behalf, and is grateful.   If this is followed up by a visit to the table to once again say "thanks",  the dancer is almost guaranteed to receive additional tips from this customer and the customer will look for the dancer on their next visit to the club.  The potential for future income has been created.

    My partner and I have been in clubs where not one dancer came up and talked to us even though they were walking around and talking to others.  In those situations, we finish our drinks and leave.  And of course, write a few online reviews.  At the same time, to those clubs such as Hunters, in Elk Grove Village, IL (Chicago area) where you start to feel like a regular soon after you sit down, we applaud them, give away all our tip money,  and write a few positive online reviews as well.

 To the dancer we recommend "ALWAYS say thank you when a fan tips you".  If you are so inclined a "thank you baby" will work wonders. Tell me about some of your experiences send me an email or post a comment.
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Friday, March 12, 2010

Add Boardwalk Bar in Ft. Lauderdale
to your list!

   Boardwalk Bar in Ft. Lauderdale, FL advertises on its website the ability to view their dancers online for a price. The cost is a subscription to Badpuppy. In order to write this review I selected a subscription option of $15 for 10 days access. The access included all of Badpuppy's member sites. If you are a gay male this is an inexpensive way to view the male strippers of Boardwalk Bar and also view the gay porn sites.

   The main feature of the site is 4 webcams located in various viewing areas around the bar. Each one is focused on a dancer. The locations include a main stage, a cage, and a dancer box near a bar. The dancers dance at each location for one or two songs and then rotate to a different location. ***NOTE: There is NO sound for the webcams.***

   Other features of the site include a photo gallery, video gallery, and pay-per-view options. The photo gallery has a line-up of several dancers. Each one has a photo shoot that looks like it was taken in a back room at the bar. The photos start with a fully-clothed shot and continue in a strip-tease until the dancer is completely naked. Pics are taken of each dancer from many different points-of-view so if there is a particular part of the male body that does it for you, there is sure to be a picture to satisfy your wishes.

   The video gallery is composed of videos of shows that have been recorded at the bar. This video does have sound and some of it is very entertaining. There is also a few scenes of gay sex of one type or another.

   I did not participate in any of the pay-per-view options since I am always on a tight budget and would rather place my dollar bills in the waist bands of live dancers. However, there is a gay porn option available to fit any gay man's appetite.

   As for the dancers...during the dancer rotation on the webcams, I saw a large variety of types of dancers. There were young athletic guys in boxer briefs, well-defined muscular guys with nice bulges, lean torsos and six packs, and beefy boys. There was also a mix of ethnicities including latin, black and caucasion. All brought something positive to the viewing experience.

   Of note, there was one athletic black guy in boxer briefs wearing tall black boots who was go-go style dancing on the box near the bar. He was more of a dancer than many of the others. He continually pulled on his crotch maintaining an obvious state of arousal. There were three other dancers that caught my attention. One was a beefy latin in black briefs with a black thong underneath. Another was a caucasion with the perfect athletic body and V-shape torso,and very handsome face. He was wearing very small briefs and provided some nice eye-candy. The third was a beefy dancer in tighty-whities with a very full protruding pouch. He had the boy next door look with muscles...a very sexy man.

   Although I have never been to the Boardwalk Bar in person. After viewing the dancers at, I have added it to my list of definite places to visit in the near future.

   If you would like more information about my experience viewing, or if you have an experience from this bar that you would like to share, please email me at or post a comment and tell me about it.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Circus Disco Exotic Male Dancers will leave you breathless!

   Each week I write one or two blogs and I usually post them on Thursdays. That keeps my blogs fresh and I discipline myself to a routine. However, occasionally something will stir me up inside and I feel the need to talk about it right then. Circus Disco is one of those things.
   Every week I search through websites, myspace and facebook pages, etc., and look for hot male dancers and new locations to add to my database. I had added Circus Disco a while back but just for fun decided to visit their myspace page again. I peeked inside their photo albums and found one for their GOGOBOYS. And I first discovered Josh (above left) and began planning my trip to the Los Angeles area immediately. Then I saw the pic of Jacob (right)  and I was speechless. I commented on the pic that if I were there, I would be broke. I would not be able to stop myself from tipping this hot dancer again and again. Check out their Circus Disco MySpace page and their website. And the best part, these are only two of their hot dancers. They have many more pics. Enjoy!!! I did.
     If you've been to Circus Disco send me an email or post a comment and tell me about your experience(s).