Monday, March 8, 2010

Circus Disco Exotic Male Dancers will leave you breathless!

   Each week I write one or two blogs and I usually post them on Thursdays. That keeps my blogs fresh and I discipline myself to a routine. However, occasionally something will stir me up inside and I feel the need to talk about it right then. Circus Disco is one of those things.
   Every week I search through websites, myspace and facebook pages, etc., and look for hot male dancers and new locations to add to my database. I had added Circus Disco a while back but just for fun decided to visit their myspace page again. I peeked inside their photo albums and found one for their GOGOBOYS. And I first discovered Josh (above left) and began planning my trip to the Los Angeles area immediately. Then I saw the pic of Jacob (right)  and I was speechless. I commented on the pic that if I were there, I would be broke. I would not be able to stop myself from tipping this hot dancer again and again. Check out their Circus Disco MySpace page and their website. And the best part, these are only two of their hot dancers. They have many more pics. Enjoy!!! I did.
     If you've been to Circus Disco send me an email or post a comment and tell me about your experience(s).

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