Thursday, July 19, 2012

Unavoidable Attraction!
Quinn Christopher Jaxon
Exotic Male Dancer!

   The feeling is growing across North America. It starts with inner stirrings at the site of Quinn Christopher Jaxon. You know the kind where your heart beats a little faster. Then you find yourself constantly drawn to clubs, events, and photos involving QCJ. You just can't seem to get enough. Don't despair. You are not alone! However, we propose that you don't try to find a way to stop it. Just let it 'grow' and enjoy every inch of this sexy man!

   It's rare to find an exotic male dancer/model that most, if not all fans are attracted to like Quinn Christopher Jaxon. He is a favorite of photographers and club goers across Southern California, and North America. You'll find many fans on facebook who have had their picture taken with Mr. Jaxon. He can be seen in some of the latest Andrew Christian underwear ads. He is everywhere! And we like it!

   There's just enough of a hint of the bad boy in that face which keeps us interested. Add the tussled hair, that smile, and the sexy body and we find ourselves hoping that once again he'll be dancing at the club tonight. And we're so very, very glad that Andrew Christian has chosen to place him in several ad photos, in underwear of course.

   Until next time, if you see Quinn Christopher Jaxon dancing at the club, tell him Mike from Males In Motion says hi. And be sure and find a place in his Andrew Christian's to stuff your dollar bills and tip.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Building A Music Mix For Exotic Male Dancers
Ideas That Make The Boyz Move!

   Any DJ that has been creating music mixes for very long has discovered that sometimes the music just doesn't work. It falls flat! They have also discovered that the right mix makes the club/bar come alive! If you're looking for an exact list of songs, well, that's not going to be in this blog. However, if you want a few tips on building the right music mix for male strippers, go-go boys, or male revues, then keep reading. My ultimate goal is to help DJ's be successful, so exotic male dancers can be successful, so...the customers have a successful experience! All ingredients have to work together for a fun night that will be talked about the next day. Most customers will not even notice the contribution of the DJ. And honestly, that is a good thing. They've done their job and made it possible for the dancers to make more in tips, and for the customers to have a great time at the bar, club or event. I've listed a few tips that I hope will help the DJ's in making the best music selection for the night. (Photo Above: Indecent Exposure - Columbus, OH)

First: "Who Is My Audience?"
   The customer should be the first person considered in a music mix. If they are young, energetic, trendy, etc., select the latest hits and ask them to tell you the names of some of their favorite artists. For this crowd it changes all the time. And if you want to keep the music fresh, you have to work to stay on top of the latest trends. If the audience includes a lot of older twenty-somethings, then keep the latest hits but add in a few artists from 3-5 years ago. If the venue is a male stripper club that caters to mainly gay men, then the majority of the crowd will possibly be older men. Open up your options to include a few hits from the 80s through today. (Photo Above: Ethan - Chicago, IL)

Second: "Does The Music You've Chosen Work For The Male Dancers?"
   The second most important consideration concerning your music choice is whether the male dancers can dance to it or not. Some DJ's don't have a clue. You are there to first, make the customer happy, but second, to make the male dancers happy. The male dancers will be happy when they are making money in tips. If you can give them music that they can dance to then they will be more inspired and involved. This will help the customers to notice them, and then the customers will hopefully be placing dollar bills and/or more in the dancer's underwear waistbands. I know this should be obvious but I have been to clubs where the male dancers will get really involved in one song then the second song comes on they step off the stage/bar/etc., and wait for the next. You can throw a song out there and let the male dancer sink or swim, but is that really contributing to the success of the club, bar or event? If the DJ helps contribute to the success of the male dancers, then this in turn contributes to the success of the club, and the ultimate success of the DJ. (Photo Above: Pan Dulce - San Diego, CA)

Third: "Don't Be Afraid Of Theme Nights"
   Build music mix lists for theme nights and have them ready for events. Of course, this does work best when it is a promoted theme for the night or event.

    Theme Suggestions:
  • Cowboy or western theme (include some country music but there are lots of songs about sexy cowboys)
  • Sports
  • Military
  • Leather
  • Superheroes
  • Christmas
  • Halloween
  • New Year's Eve
  • Valentine's Day
  • Mardi Gra (All about the party)
  • Pimps and Ho's
  • Hollywood
   I am currently working on actual play lists for the themes above. One day, in the near future I hope, I will posts some of these lists for everyone to use. If you have ideas or suggestions for songs that fit any of the above, please click here and send them by email. (Photo Above: Dallas Labare - Dallas, TX)

Fourth: It's An Evolutionary Process
   Watch your audience and the dancers and take note of what songs they are responding to and more importantly which ones they are not responding to. Remove the songs from your mix that do not motivate either the crowd or the dancers and add in a different song for the next time you use that mix. Experiment with different songs and see how they work. Mix in some slower bump-and-grind music with a danceable beat. And don't forget to throw in a golden oldie from time to time. (Photo Above: Club Xstatic - Springfield, MA)

   I hope these points will help. Remember, the bottom line is that we want everyone to have fun and/or be financially successful. Until next time, here's some fun inspiration.