Thursday, July 19, 2012

Unavoidable Attraction!
Quinn Christopher Jaxon
Exotic Male Dancer!

   The feeling is growing across North America. It starts with inner stirrings at the site of Quinn Christopher Jaxon. You know the kind where your heart beats a little faster. Then you find yourself constantly drawn to clubs, events, and photos involving QCJ. You just can't seem to get enough. Don't despair. You are not alone! However, we propose that you don't try to find a way to stop it. Just let it 'grow' and enjoy every inch of this sexy man!

   It's rare to find an exotic male dancer/model that most, if not all fans are attracted to like Quinn Christopher Jaxon. He is a favorite of photographers and club goers across Southern California, and North America. You'll find many fans on facebook who have had their picture taken with Mr. Jaxon. He can be seen in some of the latest Andrew Christian underwear ads. He is everywhere! And we like it!

   There's just enough of a hint of the bad boy in that face which keeps us interested. Add the tussled hair, that smile, and the sexy body and we find ourselves hoping that once again he'll be dancing at the club tonight. And we're so very, very glad that Andrew Christian has chosen to place him in several ad photos, in underwear of course.

   Until next time, if you see Quinn Christopher Jaxon dancing at the club, tell him Mike from Males In Motion says hi. And be sure and find a place in his Andrew Christian's to stuff your dollar bills and tip.

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