Monday, August 6, 2012

Death Of A Facebook Page
Where have the half-naked exotic male dancer pic albums gone?

   A funeral dirge may need to be played soon for some facebook pages. It seems in 2010 facebook hit a peak for marketing of clubs, events, agencies, photographers and male dancers or at least many of those related to the exotic male dancer entertainment industry. Since that time I have noticed more and more facebook pages being neglected or even ignored. If you view the photo albums you will often find their owner's last album posts were from Halloween 2010 or New Year's Eve 2010, etc. And although they continue to post posters for their upcoming events. The rest of their facebook page is dead. In some cases, their official website fares no better and may be even in worse repair. (Photo above: Pan Dulce ~ San Diego, CA)


   Some of this could be due to the success of Twitter and it's image offshoots which provide a simple quick post. However, as a promoter, I am a true believer in getting your name out in as many places as possible. And I strongly believe in building the photo albums, updating info, etc., on facebook because the target market for exotic male dancers wants to see dick and ass. It's that simple. When there is an album showcasing the latest and hottest dancers at an event or club night, this target market is going to click on a pic posted on facebook and then follow it to the album it came from in order to obtain more information, and let's be real...they're going to go see if they can see more cock outlines in briefs, butt cheeks being revealed, etc., etc. They might even look at the muscular build and face. And they will think, I want to go and see that in person...and tip it...and cop a feel...and... (Photo above: Andrew Christian Promo)


(Photo above: XL Nightclub, Manhattan, NY)


   And while I am on this topic let me add in the basics. With the poster-type ads posted on the facebook wall, I quit counting the number that do not list a club's address, city, zip and phone number. Sure, the regulars are going to know the location, but has it been forgotten that we are a mobile society? People travel all the time for work and play. When I travel I am always looking for a way to fill my nights with fun and entertainment. Of course, the first thing I look for is exotic male dancers. Since male dancers are my favorite form of entertainment, I am going to spend a little more time digging to get the information I need. But, there are those who are not as passionate about the subject as I. But if given the information they need while attached to that pic of a sexy male dancer, I predict they would more often make the decision to attend. When the location and other information is not there, will they take the time to look for it? You never know and could have missed a potential customer...which could translate into a lost door charge, lost drink charge, lost drink tips, and lost exotic male dancer tips. (Photo above: Featuring Johnathan Myers for Eleven Nightclub ~ Los Angeles, CA)


   Now that I have my rant out of the way, let me make it clear that there are many exceptions to the rule as well. There are those who are still using facebook as a successful marketing tool while providing us with some mighty sweet male eye candy. And I have posted pics from some of them in the paragraphs in this blog. Some of my favorites are Andrew Christian underwear (West Hollywood, CA), James Townsend Photos (West Hollywood, CA), BJs NXS (Dallas, TX), Pan Dulce (San Diego, CA), 340 Nightclub (Pomona, CA), XL Nightclub (Manhattan, NY), and male dancer and entertainer Johnathan Myers (Los Angeles, CA). (Photo above: 340 Club ~ Pomona, CA)


(Photo above: BJs NXS, Dalls, TX)


   So, my advice is to get out those smart phones and start using your cameras. Build albums that promote your business, service, entertainment, etc. And keep posting them on my wall. I do notice, particularly if you'll attach a hot exotic male dancer whose private parts are about to bust out of those hopefully-too-small for him underwear. An occasional jock-strap works as well. (Photo above: James Townsend Photos ~ West Hollywood, CA for Whitey Tighties)


   We move in a fast-paced, media hungry world. Last month's pics and videos are old news. Last year's pics and videos are ancient history. Keep it fresh. Keep us coming back for more. Until next time, keep tipping the boyz and take a pic or two while your at it. And post them in an can call it, Photos For Mike, or something just as clever. (Photo above: 340 Club ~ Pomona, CA)

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