Sunday, August 19, 2012

Boots, Hat, Spurs, And A Rope
The Exotic Male Dancer As Cowboy

   We're going to have to ride long and hard to get past this blog. With each pic, we may want to linger just a little longer, and take a few more sips of that rot gut whiskey. Each year I have to devote at least one blog to the cowboy. It is my favorite male iconic image. I grew up in an area where real-life cowboys exist. And as my gay fantasy life developed, the cowboy was right there at the top. With this blog, I am taking cues from the porn surprise there. I've placed a classic Bon Jovi song in the blog to play as you view the images. Check out the pics and if you don't understand yet why I love the cowboy, you will by the end of this blog. Enjoy!


   Are you beginning to understand? Cowboys are sexy and very masculine. Add all the trappings like the boots, hat, belt, tight jeans, etc., and another fantasy goes off in your head! And of course, the image is full of sexual inuendo. Let's climb into the saddle and ride.

   Combine the cowboy image with the male stripper. Then watch as he slowly unbuttons, then removes his western-style shirt. Next he unbuckles his rodeo champion belt-buckle on his leather belt, unbuttons and unzips his jeans. I make him stop when he is left with only his hat and his boots. I want to keep the cowboy but still see the goods.
   Let's throw this pic out there to give you a better understanding of the attraction of the cowboy. Well, if you are packing what he's packing then you might be able to pull of any image. It is my opinion however, that all his assets are powerfully enhanced by the cowboy image. It is also my opinion that all exotic male dancers should keep a cowboy costume packed in their saddlebags for any saloon or ranch house appearance.


   Here's one more pic for the trail. Until next time, I'll meet you at the watering trough next to the barn. I need help with some rope tying. And if you see a male dancer dressed as a cowboy, tip him real good for me!
   If you think you're ready to see everything that is under the hat, click on any of the pics above to open the barn door and see just what is inside.

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  1. If you want to see the best "cowboy" dancer around, he is at Boxers N Briefs in Centreville, IL. His gorgeous eyes, scruffy short beard and sly smile will make you melt.

    1. Ok, I will be back up there soon. I want to see this cowboy. Tell Kemper I think he would make a good cowboy. Put him in the hats and boots. Yeehaw! :)