Friday, August 10, 2012

The Swing State
~ The Male Stripper Interpretation


   In this election year you cannot be exposed to the news, facebook posts, conversations, etc., without hearing something about U.S. politics. And lately a popular topic has been the 'swing state', a state that could eventually go for either candidate because at this point it is too close to call. Well, we have our own interpretation of 'swing state'. We've shared a few of our favorite examples in this blog. Please enjoy! (Photo above: The Bow Wow ~ Columbus, OH)


(Photo above: Ethan ~ Chicago, IL)


   And we're not discussing the blue or the red state labels. The only left and right we are interested in is watching which way the momentum is going, left or right thigh. And we like it when the poll shows that everything is going up and down frequently. In our interpretation top of the poll is good as well as bottom. And we don't measure in percentages, we're more partial to inches. (Photo above: Pan Dulce ~ San Diego, CA)

(Photo above: The Bow Wow ~ Columbus, OH)


   We have our own interpretation of such things as a Tea Bag too, but that's for another blog at another time. However, we would like to Occupy the space right in front of any of these dancers. Camping out could be fun! And we would tip too!


   There used to be a saying on election day that went something like "Head to the polls!" which meant going to vote of course. We hope that maybe we have inspired you to vote, one way or another. Do your civic duty and cast your ballot by pulling the knob or the old-fashioned way of marking it and then putting it in the hole.

(Photo above: MJ's ~ Los Angeles, CA)


   Click on any of the pics in this blog for more information about the clubs/events/agencies where these dancers perform. And see if you can catch them in a swinging state. You may have to make a move and come from behind.


   Until next time, don't forget to tip the boyz! And if they're wearing something red, white, or blue...give them a little extra!

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