Thursday, November 30, 2017

Big Easy On My Mind ~ Johnathan in New Orleans ~ Males In Motion November Obsession

   A few months ago I was checking in on social media when I received a Facebook message from my friend Jeremy at The Corner Pocket in New Orleans. Jeremy is always keeping me up to date about what is happening in the Crescent City and in particular, the male dancers at The Corner Pocket. I always enjoy and look forward to receiving pics and videos of the sexy and fun dancers.
   But this time, I felt a little electric current go through my body when I opened up Jeremy's delightful present. What caused the spark? Thank you for asking. Well, the male dancer in the video that Jeremy sent was very cute, had a tight body, and get this, he was fair haired.
   So what? That might be your response. You might not think fair haired is a big deal, but in the past few years, it seems the lighter haired boys have become few in number. Now, I'll never complain about the dark haired hotties but these days, a fair haired male dancer has become an exotic pleasure. I was immediately intrigued and wanted to find out more about Johnathan.
   I'll let you catch up with me. The video Jeremy sent is below. Click play and watch the message Jeremy and Johnathan sent my way.
   As you can see, Johnathan also fills out his underwear nicely both going and coming. And that mischievous look in his eyes, well, that tells us something fun is about to begin.
   When I shared some of Johnathan's pics with my Exotic Male Dancer Fans Facebook Group, I received much the same reaction that I had given. They wanted to know who this hot dancer was and could I post more pics. And of course, I did.
   The Corner Pocket has a regular wet underwear contest, and I'd like to put my name in now to be the pitcher holder for Johnathan on my next visit. I think my pouring skill will be enhanced if he's the recipient.
   In celebration of all fair haired male dancers, Males In Motion selected Johnathan to be our November Monthly Obsession. But as you can plainly see, Johnathan has many more inviting features than his light colored hair. Yes, that ass is amazing. Yes, those abs are insane. Yes, that tight body is made for tipping. And those bedroom eyes, well folks, you take the fantasy from here and run with. I have.
   We've selected the song "On My Mind" by the Disciples for this blog. Click play and look back over all the pics of Johnathan. You'll have him on your mind too.
   We recommend that you make your way to New Orleans for a fun weekend or vacation. You could be sitting and looking up at Johnathan and many more sexy boys dancing on the bar. And when you do, please tell Johnathan hello from Mike at Males In Motion. Let him know we'll see him again tonight in our dreams, and soon in person.
   Until next time, don't forget to tip the boys! Support the bulge, find your way to the dick dancer bars in your area!

Click below and watch those sexy French Canadian boys!

Sunday, November 5, 2017

5 Social Media Mistakes That Cause Lost $$$ At Your Club or Bar

Photo Source: Males In Motion
   Pay attention owners, managers, show directors, bartenders, male dancers, etc., and anyone else that makes a contribution to the livelihood to what I fondly refer to as a dick dancer bar. Online presence is the most important and least expensive (in most cases free) way to promote your bar or club, or yourself, if you are a dancer. I have found five common social media mistakes that I feel can cause a bar or club to lose revenue. I am sharing these in the hope that it will help the bars and clubs stay open that are currently struggling financially. Or possibly, help others keep their revenue growing.

Photo Source: Males In Motion
   I am currently in the process of updating the Males In Motion website. This means I am checking our current website listings for bars and clubs and verifying first, if they are still open for business and feature male dancers. If so, I verify the business name, address, phone number and create a link to a google map for the location. I then check to see if they have a website, facebook page, twitter account, instagram account, and will later be adding a link to Yelp reviews. After completion of this update, the information will be verified one more time, and then uploaded to the website in December. I have also added a few pics and videos from bars/clubs that do a great job of keeping their social media accounts active and enticing.
   I do this as much for myself as I do for male dancer fans and customers. When I know I will be traveling to a specific city in the U.S. or Canada, I want to be able to quickly check for bars or clubs I most want to visit in that area. The information needs to be up-to-date so I can continue to enjoy sliding dollar bills down those sexy waistbands (and beyond). And maybe experience a private lap dance or two, or three, or ...
  • (1) Does your bar or club feature male dancers?
       You would be surprised at how many bars or clubs feature male dancers but do not advertise this fact in their ads and online promotions. There is a large potential customer base that will visit a bar or club specifically because they feature male dancers, go-go boys, male strippers, male pole dancers, etc. The advertising and social media posts skip over the fact that a sexy male is shaking what nature gave him in a pair of underwear, hopefully skin-tight and skimpy. But the fact is, he is half-naked or will be eventually. Woohoo! Please have my dirty martini ready when I hit the door! However, if no one knows outside the inner circle, potential income is lost.

    Video source: Boys of ATX at Rain on 4th ~ Austin, TX
  • (2) If I message your social media will you answer my question?
       For those clubs that I have been told feature male dancers but I cannot find any information that states they do on their social media, I message them through social media. Some of them reply quickly. For me quickly is within two days. Of course, sooner is better. Others never reply. Why is someone not monitoring their social media? How many potential customers have messaged them only to be ignored or the question is answered after they have traveled to and left the city? When I cannot find any information that states a bar or club has male dancers, and my questions are left unanswered, that bar or club is not listed on my website and I do not follow them on social media. Potential customers will look elsewhere and potential income is lost. .
  • (3) How current is the information on your social media?
       I discovered many websites, facebook pages, twitter accounts and instagram accounts that have either never been used, or have been abandoned. For some, the last tweet or post was several years ago. The website has not been touched for several years. They were still celebrating New Year's 2014! Nice pics, but what are you doing now? Because of an inactive social media account or out-of-date website, I have wondered if the business is still open. I'm sure others who are searching for information have wondered the same.
       I have two recommendations for non-active websites and social media accounts. One, update it and start monitoring it so you can reply to potential customers. Social media brands go in and out of style, but there are still potential customers using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Second, if it is not going to be used to promote your business, delete it! It is better to not have that social media account if it is going to be out-of-date and inactive. When potential customers find a dead website or social media account they are going to look elsewhere. Potential income is lost.
    Video source: Club Cobra ~ North Hollywood, CA
  • (4) Where are the shirtless men?
       I have said "shirtless men" in the question but shirtless men in their underwear is even better. Come on, be honest. It's the hot pics and videos that capture the attention of most social media readers, viewers, surfers and participants. Videos and pics capture the attention of those who are searching for bars and clubs featuring male dancers. I recommend that you use more than simple basic text to announce that you have male dancers. Entice, seduce and encourage potential customers with pics and videos. It's been said over and over, sex sells.
       What is going to capture the attention of your potential customer more --- the words 'male dancers' --- or the words --- 'male dancers' accompanied with a pic or video of a hot male dancer wearing underwear displaying a nice vpl (visual penis line)? It's a no brainer. And the goal is to bring in the customers and keep the business successful and profitable, right? If your ad shows me words and your competitor's ad shows me a pic or video of a hot male dancer, guess which club I'm going to visit first? If a potential customer goes to your competition, then potential income is lost. If they stay home or in their hotel room because they weren't enticed to come out and see for themselves, potential income is lost.
  • (5) Have you felt the power of love?
       An online ad, post or promotion has the potential of multiplying itself exponentially. I call this the power of love because online visitors will click 'like' or click the heart to show they like the post. This tells their followers that they like or love something. The number of people who have liked or loved your pic or video will show as well, letting potential customers see and follow what is popular with others.

    Photo Source: Males In Motion
       This will most likely not happen if your ad or post is boring or of poor quality. The main thing I've run into here is businesses using the same basic ad over and over. They may change a pic or two, and the date, but it is the same basic ad that was used last week. Yes, it does take a little work to change it up. But if your readers love or like the ad or post, they will click and express their opinion. This is added to the data collected by the social medias, which will influence their future experiences on social media. It will also indicate to their friends and followers what they are into. This could influence others to check out your ad and information creating a potential customer.
       If they really like or love the ad or post, they are going to share it. If you put in a little extra work and they share it, then you have multiplied your reach and exposure. There are many ways someone can be motivated to share a post. Motivators include a hot video or pic of a male dancer, an event they are excited about and want to go to with friends, humor, fashion such as costume or even style of underwear on a male dancer, an event in a city where they will be visiting, an event that is happening on a night they want to celebrate their birthday, etc. Ask yourself, "what can I do with this promotion to make potential customers want to share it with other potential customers?"

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Photo source Magic Men Instagram (Australia)
   Ok, now it's time to make a few changes and updates! Thanks to all the 'dick dancer bars' for keeping the boys dancing! Let's pack the house. Fans and customers - don't forget to tip the boys! Until next time, take pics where allowed and share them!!!

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