Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hand Cuff Me Now Officerr Jake! I've Been Really, Really Bad!

   I have one question. How did so much sexy get poured into one man? A sexy chest, sexy face, sexy attitude, sexy butt, sexy...just fill in the blank. It all belongs. We discovered Officerr Jake simply through watching the facebook posts of friends and clubs in the Dallas, TX area.

   I have to make a confession here as well. I have walked a thin line between admiration and online stalking. I will admit it. I have returned to Officerr Jake's facebook page many times, and looked at his photo albums many times. That could be interpreted as my being bad and needing to be arrested, right? I mean, if the arresting officer is going to be Officerr Jake, then maybe I'll just be bad again.

   You can find Officerr Jake dancing at BJsNXS and Zippers, and other venues in the Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX area.

   My annual pilgrimage to Dallas, TX is in September. I'm crossing my fingers that Officerr Jake will be dancing the weekend that I am there. Until next time, go to Dallas and be really bad and let Officerr Jake apprehend you. And be sure you tip him well. If you can't make it to Dallas, remember to tip the boyz in your area!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Male Stripper Costume Tip 6: Putting Together A Working Look - Theme Participation

   What can an exotic male dancer do to participate in the special event of the night, or to make a customer's special night extraordinary? Keep reading and you'll find out!

   In the blog on Tip 5 we discussed body awareness and encouraged exotic male dancers to emphasize those body parts that could be considered their best features. If Mother Nature gave it to you, then show it off. If you haven't read Tip 5, I encourage you to click here and then return to read Tip 6. In this blog we talk about taking the extra step at any event by participating in theme or special events of the night. All of this done of course, in order to obtain more $$$ in tip money, and to impress the club or event management enough that they will hire the dancer for their next event.

   As always, my focus is on the experience of the customer. So, at any event, the exotic male dancer should be watching to see if there are any special occasions being celebrated by customers. Is it someone's birthday? Did someone get a new job, or get a raise at their job? Is there a bachelorette party in the house? Or even a bachelor party in states where gay men can get married? Find a way to add to their special evening. My suggestion is to find out who the guest or guests of honor are, and offer them a free lap dance. Say something like, "My name is ________ and it would be my honor to celebrate with you tonight by giving you a free lap dance. Would that be ok with you?" There may be a few shy ones that would say no, if so, then ask them to pick someone in their group to receive the free lap dance in their honor. Then proceed to give the recipient a free lap dance. If their friends are any friends at all, they will tip the dancer during or after the lap dance. Or they may wait until he returns to the stage. The main thing is that positive promotion for the dancer has been created. When they are telling the story of their special night to other friends they will say, and "xxxxx", the male dancer gave me a free lap dance. He was so hot!!! etc., etc., etc. The members of this party will be looking for the dancer the next time they enter the club or event where he might be working.

   When a male dancer is being booked for a party, event, club appearance, male revue, etc., they should immediately ask if there is a special theme for the night. The most obvious theme nights are holidays. Think ahead and be prepared to wear something sexy and appropriate for New Year's Eve, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Mardi Gra, Military Related Holidays, Independence Day, Halloween, Christmas, and other holidays throughout the year. Other themed nights may include cowboys, policemen, firemen, sports, superheroes, and movies. Also, remember the circuit party themes like the white party, red party, purple party, black party, etc. And of course, for everyone who celebrates diversity, there are the many pride celebrations. There may also be occasions where the show director will provide the costumes for the night.

   It can be a little overwhelming to try and find something new and different each time you are hired to dance. Also, most of our personal budgets wouldn't be able to cover the expense. I suggest that you take it one week at a time. Start by purchasing great underwear that can work as the base for many different themes, holidays, and looks. For example, a great pair of white underwear will work as the starting point for the white party, Independence Day, possible Christmas, etc. A pair of great red underwear will work for the starting point for a red party, Independence Day, some superheroes, a fireman, possibly sports, Christmas, etc.

   After the base sexy pair of underwear has been chosen, it is time to add the extras that create the theme. Below I've listed a few basic ideas for different themes.

COWBOY: The hat is a must, boots are a plus, a holster with two fake hand guns is great, a bandana around the neck. The underwear can be almost any color. Other options include spurs, denim underwear, a sheriff's star attached to the holster.




MILITARY: ARMY: Camo underwear, black army boots, sunglasses, dog tags.

SPORTS: FOOTBALL: Shoulder pads, jock strap, tennis shoes, black face paint under eyes, football in hand. A football jersey can be hot, particularly if it is cut and the abs are allowed to show. If I find out a go-go boy/male stripper is wearing a football jersey and has raised it up by tying it in a knot under his chest. I will personally come and kick you in the balls. Well, not really but I would want to. Don't ruin the fantasy of the masculine, football jock. This isn't Men On Football. For those of you too young to understand the reference watch the video below. It's a classic from In Living Color on You Tube. Funny in it's place but not in the male stripper football jock fantasy.

SUPERHEROES: SUPERMAN: If you can purchase a costume that fits you skin tight, then great. If not, just play on the theme by buying a very tight t-shirt with the "S" emblem on it and wear a pair of matching underwear. Another option is to have the "S" emblem painted on your chest. Or, have an entire suit other than your briefs, painted on your body. And there are many other options instead of Superman. Such as those shown in photo below.
Photo Source: Patrick Daniel

ST. PATRICK'S DAY: Create the idea of a sexy leprechaun...Green boxer briefs or bikini briefs, green or black suspenders or a green vest, green or black bolo hat, green bowtie. If possible, have a shamrock somewhere, possibly on the hat or vest. Carry the largest beer mug you can find as a prop. Another good prop is a bag of cold coins. A small mesh bag where you can see the coins could be tied at the waist. Matching shoes of some type.

POLICEMAN: Navy blue boxer briefs or bikini briefs, night stick, hand cuffs hanging from waist so a belt may be needed, a badge clipped onto waist, sunglasses, black boots. An old style policeman's cap, a baseball cap with policeman theme, or no cap.

PATRIOTIC: For the 4th of July or other patriotic themed holidays, I still find it sexy to see a dancer in an American flag print thong or bikini briefs. For those of you who work in countries other than the U.S., select underwear printed with the flag of your country.

   You can always buy or rent costumes. However, I am of the opinion that you should do something to make it uniquely you. If you buy a costume, change it in someway to make it sexier, and so that it doesn't look like the same one someone else is wearing.

   These are only a few ideas but hopefully they will provide a start if someone is wanting to follow a theme for an event. One word of caution, unless you are going to be stripping it all off, be careful not to add "too much". After all, we are wanting to see skin, not costumes. I will be writing future blogs with specific costume ideas for different theme nights. In the meantime, if you are trying to come up with an idea and would like a few suggestions, send me an email and describe your costume need and situation. We'll put our best minds on it and see if we can help you out. Until next time, be ready to give me that free lap dance (if you ask, it's always going to be my birthday). And if you do it right, I'll tip you anyway. Also, don't forget to tip the boyz!

This blog is a one of a three-part feature. Links to the previous and next blogs in the series are below.
NEXT BLOG: Male Stripper Costume Tip 7: Putting Together A Working Look - Fantasy Enhancement

PREVIOUS BLOG: Male Stripper Costume Tip 5: Putting Together A Working Look - Body Emphasis

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bar Review: Mojo's You've Done It!!! Please move to the front of the line! Sexy Male Dancers In Tulsa, OK!

   I've found my party spot for Tulsa, OK! It's called Mojo's, and after one night, I feel at home. Rarely do I walk into a new bar (only 4 months old) and immediately feel it's 'my place'. On Saturday night, July 9, my partner and I were in Tulsa and stopped in at 426 S Memorial Drive. We had been told about the bar by friends at the Tulsa Eagle, and decided to give it a shot. And we are so glad we did. Even my partner who often lovingly but sometimes reluctantly goes along with my male dance club visits, had a great time and is looking forward to a return trip.

   What's so special about Mojo's? you ask. They get it! They actually get it! The customer is their first priority at this bar. The bartenders are friendly and attentive. The dancers are sexy, approachable, gracious when tipped, and work hard to make sure you are having a good time. They move around the room and visit the various customers, both male and female, regulars and new, and treat all equal. And the reason for all of this is the manager, Brian. I was most impressed with one comment he made about the patrons of his bar, "I know all of these people." How many bar owners can say that? In order for that to happen, he's had to take the time to get to know them. This translates into his management style, his bartenders, and most importantly, his dancers. And as he explained to me, he had a dancer with a little too much attitude that he dismissed. Another way that he shows that emphasis is on the customer.

   The facility is comprised of a large rectangle room with a small area to the left back that extends the bar and provides an area for an office and restrooms. The main dance area is a stage in the middle of the room, slightly elevated, with seating around three sides. To the right is a pool table and additional seating. You can easily view the dancers in the middle from any area of the bar. The dancers rotate dancing on the stage and the customers tip them from two sides of the stage, or from their seats during the dancer's session which lasts 2-3 songs. While not dancing, several of the other dancers move around the room and visit with the customers.

   Now, let's talk about the sexy male dancers. There were six different ones during the time we were there: James, Abie, Eric, Tyler, Jay, and Josh. All have different looks, styles, and personalities. Any customer would be able to enjoy the talents of one or more of these guys. Every one of them stopped by and spoke with me during the night. They didn't hit me up for tips, they didn't push for a lap dance, they actually just stopped by and talked for a while. And that worked for me because, yes, I did tip each one. Some more than others, but I felt welcomed and was treated like a regular. Thanks guys, it makes a difference!

   Ok, enough with the niceties. Now, let's get down to the dirt.

   Abie is definitely a "pretty boy" and although he had only been dancing for about 2 weeks, he took to it naturally. Cute face, great smile, hot body, and the white underwear he was wearing...well, let me just say, I tipped him once and said "this is for your selection of underwear."

   James has a great body, and fills out his shorts nicely all the way around. He was nice to look at but also fun to talk with as well.

   If there were an award to be given for best ass, it would definitely go to Tyler. He knows how to move it as well. Sorry, we missed getting a pic of him, you'll just have to go check him out for yourself.

   Jay is a new dancer and was learning the ropes the night we were there. He appealed to my partner who likes a man with a little hair on his chest.

   Eric must have been a gymnast in another life. He was swinging from the rafters, rolling his body with moves that I'm sure makes his significant other happy. He was a busy guy, spends some of his time bar tending as well.

   Josh is one sexy m*** f****. And I don't often curse in symbols, so you know I mean it. (**SMILE**)
Very sexy body, talented dancer, handsome face, and yes, he's packing. Everything a straight woman and a gay man dreams of in an exotic male dancer.

   If you live in or will be visiting the Tulsa area, you owe it to yourself to go by Mojo's for a drink and some serious eye candy. You'll make some new friends and have a fun time! We all need that. If you are an exotic male dancer and will be traveling through the Tulsa area, contact Brian through the Mojo's facebook page and let him know. He works with dancers passing through and wanting to work a night or two. Also, some of the boyz from Mojo's represent the club and dance at Club Majestic also in Tulsa, on Sunday nights.

   Look for me at Mojo's. I'll be there whenever possible on the second Saturday of every month. Mojo's is open 7 days a week from 6:00 p.m. until 2:00 a.m. Until next time, plan a trip to Tulsa and tip the boyz! (Photo Credit: All photos by Michael Hill)

UPDATE 2: Mojo's has changed management and focus. It is now a Show Bar with a variety of shows and events each week. They still have the Men of Mojo's male dancers. Check out their facebook page to find out the current nightly lineup of events.

Update 2: (May 5, 2012) Mojo's has remodeled and the management has changed. It is now a show bar. There are still some great people that work here. There are different events/shows each night. Brian is no longer the manager and a new management team has been put in place. They're doing a great job. Call ahead if you are wanting to catch the Men of Mojo's to see what nights they will be performing.

UPDATE 1: Stopped by Mojo's on Saturday, September 24 and had a great night!. There were several new dancers that I hadn't seen before. We had planned to hit different clubs but were having so much fun that we just stayed at Mojo's. Thanks to Brian, Tracie, Brandon, Jordan, and all the male dancers. Brandon introduced me to a drink I had not tried, Cherry Limeade. It was perfect!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cody Domino Reveals His Many Talents - Exotic Male Dancer - Chi-Town Boyz - Chicago

   There's more than meets the eye when it comes to Cody Domino. But, what meets the eye is worth stopping and noticing. With the pic above, I've decided 'baby blue' is my new favorite color! Ok, you stat whores, here are his numbers: 5'10 170lbs 31waist dark brown hair and brown eyes. And his All-American ethnic mix includes Spanish, French and German. Cody can be found every week filling various entertainment roles in the Chicago area. This Thursday, July 14, he will be dancing under the Chi-Town Boyz banner at the Velvet Rope in Oak Park, IL. (See the ad at the bottom of blog for the details.)

   The exotic male dancers of Chi-Town Boyz have become a frequent feature at the Velvet Rope, and that's understandable. There are a lot of hot male dancers like Cody that work with the founder, Patrick Daniel. Patrick has been involved with exotic male dancer entertainment for several years, and I know from personal experience that he recruits some of the hottest dancers, and always puts on a great show! (In pic right: Cody in chains...ok, I'm thinking of all kinds of possibilities with this scenario.)

   As I alluded to in the beginning, Cody has many layers. One of those layers is being a sexy exotic male dancer. Another layer is an accomplished DJ. Cody can often be found at Spin in Chicago. His style has been described as "The sounds of drums and synths definitely defines some of who he is but his range of style is more. From mainstream club/radio, to tribal, to circuit, to electro, the pan of these different sounds and layers has an effect of any club goer on the dancefloor to move their feet." You can read more about Cody, the DJ, and download his music at this link.

Photo Credits: Louis Boroff, Steve Starr

Thanks Cody! The locker room fantasy always works for me!

   If you live in or will be visiting the Chicago area, check Cody's facebook page and see what role he'll be playing and where. Also, look for the Chi-Town Boyz dancing at various clubs throughout Chicagoland. Until next time, put on some baby blue underwear and take your pic. Click here and email me the results.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Male Stripper Costume Tip 5: Putting Together A Working Look - Body Emphasis

   For this blog to be effective, we have to start with the assumption that the exotic male dancer is performing for the sake of making money. We'll start with that understanding and then look at various costume choices that can assist in creating the desire for a customer to step up and tip. I am going to provide three basic points of focus that a male dancer can use to create a financially successful look. The three points are body emphasis, theme participation, and fantasy enhancement. We'll explore body emphasis in this blog and catch the other two in Tips 6 and 7. (Photo Source: OutFront Colorado)

   If the male dancer is blessed and/or has created the adonis body and has the face and package to go with it, then he can wear whatever the hell he wants. We are going to like it. He can put on a raincoat and rubber boots and as long as he keeps opening it up and showing us the goods, we're going to be happy. We might even buy him a matching umbrella to go with it.

   However, if he was not quite that blessed, then the exotic male dancer hopeful, must take an honest look at his most positive attributes. Everyone is turned on by different male body parts. Some like faces, some chests, some muscles, some butts, some legs, some abs, some large endowments (ok almost everyone likes this one), and some even like short or long hair. A potential male dancer needs to ask himself "What physical feature(s) has he been given that will capture the attention of the crowd?"

   I break it down this way starting with the face: pretty-boy, cute or ruggedly handsome face. If his face causes second looks, then he should spend a lot of time making eye-to-eye contact with individuals in the crowd. He will most likely have also been given a great smile, so when eye contact is made, a melt-your-heart-smile should be offered as well. Yes, this is blatantly working the crowd for tips, but they won't complain and they'll enjoy the attention. It won't be long until they'll be sliding a bill or two in the waistband of those tight, form-fitting briefs. And I encourage the male dancer to respond with a hug, kiss on the cheek, "thank you", and big smile. Hearts will melt. Additional tips will be offered. (Photo Source: Allan Spiers Photography)

   Moving down the body, if a fantastic chest has been built or genetical given, the male dancer should always keep it bare, or wear extremely tight-fitting clothing to cover it. Any clothing that covers the chest is worn simply as a part of a strip-tease to pull off during the performance. Attention should be focused on the amazing chest by rubbing it with his hands. Hey, I suggest to even stop and pinch a nipple every now and then. If chest hair grows across the peaks and valleys, then it is up to the male dancer whether he shaves, trims or keeps it natural. Listen to the tippers and follow their lead as to which look produces the most interest, followed by tips. When a fan comes up and tips, take their hands and move them across the chest and say "thank you". Be sure and stop on at least one nipple. This will encourage them to return with more tips.

   If the male dancer's body is well defined and bulging with muscles, he should dance in a way that causes those muscles to flex. He needs to find ways to separate himself from the other dancers by demonstrating feats of strength. If the ability exists to do handstands, or other feats of strength, do it, and show off a little. While pole dancing, hold the body parallel to the floor. When a tipper brings his hard earned money and offers a tip, take his hand and run it across the biceps and flex for them and say "thank you". Encourage him/her to squeeze the muscle and feel it's hardness.

   Great abs are very sexy! Most guys aren't willing to put in the time to develop that 6-pack or washboard stomach. If the male dancer has abs that are worthy of display, he should find or create moves that cause the abs to pop. One word of warning, there is a fine line between sexy ab muscles and looking like your having some type of seizure. It probably isn't a good thing to be referred to by the crowd as "spaz". But when done right, the abs can be a powerful drawing card for more tips. When a fan slides that dollar bill in male briefs, which should be low riders by the way, their hand should be taken and guided as they rub up and down on the abs. A "thank you" to the tipper at that time would also be in order.

   Ok, now we have arrived to the boyz, or more commonly known as the crotch area. If the exotic male dancer is packing and has no qualms about strange fingers walking across their nether regions, then as they tip, assistance should be given to make sure those fingers find their way to paradise. I'm just going to be real and up front about this. When I am at a club and I am allowed to do a little discreet exploration between a dancers legs, I will continue to place consecutive $1 or more in and around said area of exploration, often until I run out of greenbacks and need to make an additional trip to the ATM. Yes, I am easy, and Yes, I do enjoy a secret fondle, grope, or stroke with a male dancer. Now, I'm not suggesting that your mutual activities necessitate the both of you needing to smoke a cigarette afterwards but a little fun and fantasy never hurt anyone. Wear briefs that follow every bulge and contour. Change it up from time to time and wear briefs that pull everything up and forward. Emphasize the pouch.

   I am an ass man. Yes, I can always appreciate a nice butt. And if a male dancer has the behind that eyes like to follow, then he must carefully select underwear that seductively molds itself around the globes and crevice. Do NOT ever wear anything that is baggy. If legal, I suggest jock straps and mesh. When I tip an exotic male dancer with a great ass, I request that he turn around so that while I am placing my tips I can enjoy a close-up view. I will also partake in a squeeze or two only to detect the level of firmness of course.

   Great legs are often something appreciated on the female but if an exotic male dancer has what can be described as great legs, then I suggest he spend a lot of time on the pole. (Hey, I am talking about the stripper pole.) Strong legs will allow the dancer to climb, clamp, and cling in ways that will create new fantasies for those watching. When a tipper comes up the dancer should go down in a crouching position so their leg muscles are flexed. When a tip has been placed, the dancer should take the fan's hands and guide them in rubbing from chest down and across the thighs. Boxer briefs always look great on strong thighs. Watch out when wearing socks. Avoid covering the calf muscles.

   Briefly I want to mention that there are people with foot fetishes. The male dancer should consider going barefoot on stage every once in a while to give these folks a little thrill. That is, if he has smooth feet that are familiar with a pedicure. If the dancer knows that a specific tipper has a foot fetish and is comfortable with the fact, after he has been tipped, take the fan's hands and guide them down the chest, crotch, legs and all the way to the feet. This isn't something that everyone is comfortable doing and many people would not want to touch another person's feet, but for those who get off on this, it will definitely make their night. As I said, do this only if you know for a fact that this fan will enjoy it.

   NOTE: All exotic male dancers please be aware that your employer may have his own ideas and policies concerning 'touching' that might be going on between you and a customer. Some businesses are strict about a no touch policy while others may turn a blind eye to a little play. It is the male dancers responsibility to follow the wishes of their employer. Customers please respect the dancer. You will always want more from them than they may be willing or able to give. Take it for what it is and have a good time.

   Watch for Costume tips 6 and 7, theme participation and fantasy enhancement. Theme participation involves getting into the theme of the night for the club or event. It may also involve assisting the customer's in their special nights. Fantasy enhancement is taking what we already know excites the fans and building upon that fetish or turn-on. Until next time, tip the boys and run your hand across a favorite spot or two.

NOTE: Click on the pics to go to their websites or facebook pages.

Male Stripper Costume Tip 6: Putting Together A Working Look - Theme Participation

Almost Naked Infinity Brief

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Follow The Bouncing Balls ~

   I created the Males In Motion website in 2003 so that when I traveled, I could search my database for nearby clubs where Exotic Male Dancers would be performing. I have traveled across the U.S. and have visited many such clubs.

MJ's Bar
Los Angeles, CA
(pic right)

   Some of my favorites include Boxers-N-Briefs near St. Louis, MO, Swinging Richard's in Atlanta, GA, Club Xstatic in Springfield, MA, The Tin Room in Dallas, TX, Zippers in Dallas, TX, and Corner Pocket in New Orleans, LA.

   Since starting the Males In Motion blog in 2010, I have discovered many more that I hope to visit including MJ's in the Los Angeles, CA area, Secrets in Washington, DC, Dick's Cabaret in Phoenix, AZ, Stockbar in Montreal, and so many more.

Ft. Lauderdale, FL
(pic left)

  I am on a constant search for new dancers, clubs, agencies, male revues, etc. And once I find them online or someone tells me about them, I try to add them to my database so that when I travel their information is quick and convenient to pull up online.

Chicago, IL
(pic right)

   When visiting a city, I try to at least make an appearance at every bar or club that has exotic male dancers. In the larger cities where there are many such bars or clubs, I may stay several days. But when there are three or four, I will try to hit them in one night. This allows me to have an idea of what is available in a city, write reviews, and pass on this information to my blog readers.

   I encourage you to take advantage of my database by using my website dancer search for your own exotic desires.

F*Word At Splash
New York City
(pic left)
Photo by Michael Bernal

Go to and click on "Dancer Search" near the top of the page. You can then search on the next page for clubs, agencies, and revues in specific cities. Just select that city from the pull-down menu at the top.

   I also request your assistance in helping me keep all listings current.

Pan Dulce
at Club Papi
San Diego, CA
(pic right)

   If you know of a club, agency, revue, website, or facebook page that isn't listed, please click here and send me an email and let me know.

   Until next time, do like I do. Use the database when you travel and "follow the bouncing balls". And don't forget to tip the balls, or boys, as well!