Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bar Review: Mojo's You've Done It!!! Please move to the front of the line! Sexy Male Dancers In Tulsa, OK!

   I've found my party spot for Tulsa, OK! It's called Mojo's, and after one night, I feel at home. Rarely do I walk into a new bar (only 4 months old) and immediately feel it's 'my place'. On Saturday night, July 9, my partner and I were in Tulsa and stopped in at 426 S Memorial Drive. We had been told about the bar by friends at the Tulsa Eagle, and decided to give it a shot. And we are so glad we did. Even my partner who often lovingly but sometimes reluctantly goes along with my male dance club visits, had a great time and is looking forward to a return trip.

   What's so special about Mojo's? you ask. They get it! They actually get it! The customer is their first priority at this bar. The bartenders are friendly and attentive. The dancers are sexy, approachable, gracious when tipped, and work hard to make sure you are having a good time. They move around the room and visit the various customers, both male and female, regulars and new, and treat all equal. And the reason for all of this is the manager, Brian. I was most impressed with one comment he made about the patrons of his bar, "I know all of these people." How many bar owners can say that? In order for that to happen, he's had to take the time to get to know them. This translates into his management style, his bartenders, and most importantly, his dancers. And as he explained to me, he had a dancer with a little too much attitude that he dismissed. Another way that he shows that emphasis is on the customer.

   The facility is comprised of a large rectangle room with a small area to the left back that extends the bar and provides an area for an office and restrooms. The main dance area is a stage in the middle of the room, slightly elevated, with seating around three sides. To the right is a pool table and additional seating. You can easily view the dancers in the middle from any area of the bar. The dancers rotate dancing on the stage and the customers tip them from two sides of the stage, or from their seats during the dancer's session which lasts 2-3 songs. While not dancing, several of the other dancers move around the room and visit with the customers.

   Now, let's talk about the sexy male dancers. There were six different ones during the time we were there: James, Abie, Eric, Tyler, Jay, and Josh. All have different looks, styles, and personalities. Any customer would be able to enjoy the talents of one or more of these guys. Every one of them stopped by and spoke with me during the night. They didn't hit me up for tips, they didn't push for a lap dance, they actually just stopped by and talked for a while. And that worked for me because, yes, I did tip each one. Some more than others, but I felt welcomed and was treated like a regular. Thanks guys, it makes a difference!

   Ok, enough with the niceties. Now, let's get down to the dirt.

   Abie is definitely a "pretty boy" and although he had only been dancing for about 2 weeks, he took to it naturally. Cute face, great smile, hot body, and the white underwear he was wearing...well, let me just say, I tipped him once and said "this is for your selection of underwear."

   James has a great body, and fills out his shorts nicely all the way around. He was nice to look at but also fun to talk with as well.

   If there were an award to be given for best ass, it would definitely go to Tyler. He knows how to move it as well. Sorry, we missed getting a pic of him, you'll just have to go check him out for yourself.

   Jay is a new dancer and was learning the ropes the night we were there. He appealed to my partner who likes a man with a little hair on his chest.

   Eric must have been a gymnast in another life. He was swinging from the rafters, rolling his body with moves that I'm sure makes his significant other happy. He was a busy guy, spends some of his time bar tending as well.

   Josh is one sexy m*** f****. And I don't often curse in symbols, so you know I mean it. (**SMILE**)
Very sexy body, talented dancer, handsome face, and yes, he's packing. Everything a straight woman and a gay man dreams of in an exotic male dancer.

   If you live in or will be visiting the Tulsa area, you owe it to yourself to go by Mojo's for a drink and some serious eye candy. You'll make some new friends and have a fun time! We all need that. If you are an exotic male dancer and will be traveling through the Tulsa area, contact Brian through the Mojo's facebook page and let him know. He works with dancers passing through and wanting to work a night or two. Also, some of the boyz from Mojo's represent the club and dance at Club Majestic also in Tulsa, on Sunday nights.

   Look for me at Mojo's. I'll be there whenever possible on the second Saturday of every month. Mojo's is open 7 days a week from 6:00 p.m. until 2:00 a.m. Until next time, plan a trip to Tulsa and tip the boyz! (Photo Credit: All photos by Michael Hill)

UPDATE 2: Mojo's has changed management and focus. It is now a Show Bar with a variety of shows and events each week. They still have the Men of Mojo's male dancers. Check out their facebook page to find out the current nightly lineup of events.

Update 2: (May 5, 2012) Mojo's has remodeled and the management has changed. It is now a show bar. There are still some great people that work here. There are different events/shows each night. Brian is no longer the manager and a new management team has been put in place. They're doing a great job. Call ahead if you are wanting to catch the Men of Mojo's to see what nights they will be performing.

UPDATE 1: Stopped by Mojo's on Saturday, September 24 and had a great night!. There were several new dancers that I hadn't seen before. We had planned to hit different clubs but were having so much fun that we just stayed at Mojo's. Thanks to Brian, Tracie, Brandon, Jordan, and all the male dancers. Brandon introduced me to a drink I had not tried, Cherry Limeade. It was perfect!


  1. do they do lap dances? or pvt dances here?

    1. Lap dances such as those experienced in many male strip clubs are not allowed by law in Oklahoma night clubs.