Saturday, July 2, 2011

Follow The Bouncing Balls ~

   I created the Males In Motion website in 2003 so that when I traveled, I could search my database for nearby clubs where Exotic Male Dancers would be performing. I have traveled across the U.S. and have visited many such clubs.

MJ's Bar
Los Angeles, CA
(pic right)

   Some of my favorites include Boxers-N-Briefs near St. Louis, MO, Swinging Richard's in Atlanta, GA, Club Xstatic in Springfield, MA, The Tin Room in Dallas, TX, Zippers in Dallas, TX, and Corner Pocket in New Orleans, LA.

   Since starting the Males In Motion blog in 2010, I have discovered many more that I hope to visit including MJ's in the Los Angeles, CA area, Secrets in Washington, DC, Dick's Cabaret in Phoenix, AZ, Stockbar in Montreal, and so many more.

Ft. Lauderdale, FL
(pic left)

  I am on a constant search for new dancers, clubs, agencies, male revues, etc. And once I find them online or someone tells me about them, I try to add them to my database so that when I travel their information is quick and convenient to pull up online.

Chicago, IL
(pic right)

   When visiting a city, I try to at least make an appearance at every bar or club that has exotic male dancers. In the larger cities where there are many such bars or clubs, I may stay several days. But when there are three or four, I will try to hit them in one night. This allows me to have an idea of what is available in a city, write reviews, and pass on this information to my blog readers.

   I encourage you to take advantage of my database by using my website dancer search for your own exotic desires.

F*Word At Splash
New York City
(pic left)
Photo by Michael Bernal

Go to and click on "Dancer Search" near the top of the page. You can then search on the next page for clubs, agencies, and revues in specific cities. Just select that city from the pull-down menu at the top.

   I also request your assistance in helping me keep all listings current.

Pan Dulce
at Club Papi
San Diego, CA
(pic right)

   If you know of a club, agency, revue, website, or facebook page that isn't listed, please click here and send me an email and let me know.

   Until next time, do like I do. Use the database when you travel and "follow the bouncing balls". And don't forget to tip the balls, or boys, as well!

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