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Male Stripper Costume Tip 5: Putting Together A Working Look - Body Emphasis

   For this blog to be effective, we have to start with the assumption that the exotic male dancer is performing for the sake of making money. We'll start with that understanding and then look at various costume choices that can assist in creating the desire for a customer to step up and tip. I am going to provide three basic points of focus that a male dancer can use to create a financially successful look. The three points are body emphasis, theme participation, and fantasy enhancement. We'll explore body emphasis in this blog and catch the other two in Tips 6 and 7. (Photo Source: OutFront Colorado)

   If the male dancer is blessed and/or has created the adonis body and has the face and package to go with it, then he can wear whatever the hell he wants. We are going to like it. He can put on a raincoat and rubber boots and as long as he keeps opening it up and showing us the goods, we're going to be happy. We might even buy him a matching umbrella to go with it.

   However, if he was not quite that blessed, then the exotic male dancer hopeful, must take an honest look at his most positive attributes. Everyone is turned on by different male body parts. Some like faces, some chests, some muscles, some butts, some legs, some abs, some large endowments (ok almost everyone likes this one), and some even like short or long hair. A potential male dancer needs to ask himself "What physical feature(s) has he been given that will capture the attention of the crowd?"

   I break it down this way starting with the face: pretty-boy, cute or ruggedly handsome face. If his face causes second looks, then he should spend a lot of time making eye-to-eye contact with individuals in the crowd. He will most likely have also been given a great smile, so when eye contact is made, a melt-your-heart-smile should be offered as well. Yes, this is blatantly working the crowd for tips, but they won't complain and they'll enjoy the attention. It won't be long until they'll be sliding a bill or two in the waistband of those tight, form-fitting briefs. And I encourage the male dancer to respond with a hug, kiss on the cheek, "thank you", and big smile. Hearts will melt. Additional tips will be offered. (Photo Source: Allan Spiers Photography)

   Moving down the body, if a fantastic chest has been built or genetical given, the male dancer should always keep it bare, or wear extremely tight-fitting clothing to cover it. Any clothing that covers the chest is worn simply as a part of a strip-tease to pull off during the performance. Attention should be focused on the amazing chest by rubbing it with his hands. Hey, I suggest to even stop and pinch a nipple every now and then. If chest hair grows across the peaks and valleys, then it is up to the male dancer whether he shaves, trims or keeps it natural. Listen to the tippers and follow their lead as to which look produces the most interest, followed by tips. When a fan comes up and tips, take their hands and move them across the chest and say "thank you". Be sure and stop on at least one nipple. This will encourage them to return with more tips.

   If the male dancer's body is well defined and bulging with muscles, he should dance in a way that causes those muscles to flex. He needs to find ways to separate himself from the other dancers by demonstrating feats of strength. If the ability exists to do handstands, or other feats of strength, do it, and show off a little. While pole dancing, hold the body parallel to the floor. When a tipper brings his hard earned money and offers a tip, take his hand and run it across the biceps and flex for them and say "thank you". Encourage him/her to squeeze the muscle and feel it's hardness.

   Great abs are very sexy! Most guys aren't willing to put in the time to develop that 6-pack or washboard stomach. If the male dancer has abs that are worthy of display, he should find or create moves that cause the abs to pop. One word of warning, there is a fine line between sexy ab muscles and looking like your having some type of seizure. It probably isn't a good thing to be referred to by the crowd as "spaz". But when done right, the abs can be a powerful drawing card for more tips. When a fan slides that dollar bill in male briefs, which should be low riders by the way, their hand should be taken and guided as they rub up and down on the abs. A "thank you" to the tipper at that time would also be in order.

   Ok, now we have arrived to the boyz, or more commonly known as the crotch area. If the exotic male dancer is packing and has no qualms about strange fingers walking across their nether regions, then as they tip, assistance should be given to make sure those fingers find their way to paradise. I'm just going to be real and up front about this. When I am at a club and I am allowed to do a little discreet exploration between a dancers legs, I will continue to place consecutive $1 or more in and around said area of exploration, often until I run out of greenbacks and need to make an additional trip to the ATM. Yes, I am easy, and Yes, I do enjoy a secret fondle, grope, or stroke with a male dancer. Now, I'm not suggesting that your mutual activities necessitate the both of you needing to smoke a cigarette afterwards but a little fun and fantasy never hurt anyone. Wear briefs that follow every bulge and contour. Change it up from time to time and wear briefs that pull everything up and forward. Emphasize the pouch.

   I am an ass man. Yes, I can always appreciate a nice butt. And if a male dancer has the behind that eyes like to follow, then he must carefully select underwear that seductively molds itself around the globes and crevice. Do NOT ever wear anything that is baggy. If legal, I suggest jock straps and mesh. When I tip an exotic male dancer with a great ass, I request that he turn around so that while I am placing my tips I can enjoy a close-up view. I will also partake in a squeeze or two only to detect the level of firmness of course.

   Great legs are often something appreciated on the female but if an exotic male dancer has what can be described as great legs, then I suggest he spend a lot of time on the pole. (Hey, I am talking about the stripper pole.) Strong legs will allow the dancer to climb, clamp, and cling in ways that will create new fantasies for those watching. When a tipper comes up the dancer should go down in a crouching position so their leg muscles are flexed. When a tip has been placed, the dancer should take the fan's hands and guide them in rubbing from chest down and across the thighs. Boxer briefs always look great on strong thighs. Watch out when wearing socks. Avoid covering the calf muscles.

   Briefly I want to mention that there are people with foot fetishes. The male dancer should consider going barefoot on stage every once in a while to give these folks a little thrill. That is, if he has smooth feet that are familiar with a pedicure. If the dancer knows that a specific tipper has a foot fetish and is comfortable with the fact, after he has been tipped, take the fan's hands and guide them down the chest, crotch, legs and all the way to the feet. This isn't something that everyone is comfortable doing and many people would not want to touch another person's feet, but for those who get off on this, it will definitely make their night. As I said, do this only if you know for a fact that this fan will enjoy it.

   NOTE: All exotic male dancers please be aware that your employer may have his own ideas and policies concerning 'touching' that might be going on between you and a customer. Some businesses are strict about a no touch policy while others may turn a blind eye to a little play. It is the male dancers responsibility to follow the wishes of their employer. Customers please respect the dancer. You will always want more from them than they may be willing or able to give. Take it for what it is and have a good time.

   Watch for Costume tips 6 and 7, theme participation and fantasy enhancement. Theme participation involves getting into the theme of the night for the club or event. It may also involve assisting the customer's in their special nights. Fantasy enhancement is taking what we already know excites the fans and building upon that fetish or turn-on. Until next time, tip the boys and run your hand across a favorite spot or two.

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