Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Male Stripper Costume Tip 6: Putting Together A Working Look - Theme Participation

   What can an exotic male dancer do to participate in the special event of the night, or to make a customer's special night extraordinary? Keep reading and you'll find out!

   In the blog on Tip 5 we discussed body awareness and encouraged exotic male dancers to emphasize those body parts that could be considered their best features. If Mother Nature gave it to you, then show it off. If you haven't read Tip 5, I encourage you to click here and then return to read Tip 6. In this blog we talk about taking the extra step at any event by participating in theme or special events of the night. All of this done of course, in order to obtain more $$$ in tip money, and to impress the club or event management enough that they will hire the dancer for their next event.

   As always, my focus is on the experience of the customer. So, at any event, the exotic male dancer should be watching to see if there are any special occasions being celebrated by customers. Is it someone's birthday? Did someone get a new job, or get a raise at their job? Is there a bachelorette party in the house? Or even a bachelor party in states where gay men can get married? Find a way to add to their special evening. My suggestion is to find out who the guest or guests of honor are, and offer them a free lap dance. Say something like, "My name is ________ and it would be my honor to celebrate with you tonight by giving you a free lap dance. Would that be ok with you?" There may be a few shy ones that would say no, if so, then ask them to pick someone in their group to receive the free lap dance in their honor. Then proceed to give the recipient a free lap dance. If their friends are any friends at all, they will tip the dancer during or after the lap dance. Or they may wait until he returns to the stage. The main thing is that positive promotion for the dancer has been created. When they are telling the story of their special night to other friends they will say, and "xxxxx", the male dancer gave me a free lap dance. He was so hot!!! etc., etc., etc. The members of this party will be looking for the dancer the next time they enter the club or event where he might be working.

   When a male dancer is being booked for a party, event, club appearance, male revue, etc., they should immediately ask if there is a special theme for the night. The most obvious theme nights are holidays. Think ahead and be prepared to wear something sexy and appropriate for New Year's Eve, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Mardi Gra, Military Related Holidays, Independence Day, Halloween, Christmas, and other holidays throughout the year. Other themed nights may include cowboys, policemen, firemen, sports, superheroes, and movies. Also, remember the circuit party themes like the white party, red party, purple party, black party, etc. And of course, for everyone who celebrates diversity, there are the many pride celebrations. There may also be occasions where the show director will provide the costumes for the night.

   It can be a little overwhelming to try and find something new and different each time you are hired to dance. Also, most of our personal budgets wouldn't be able to cover the expense. I suggest that you take it one week at a time. Start by purchasing great underwear that can work as the base for many different themes, holidays, and looks. For example, a great pair of white underwear will work as the starting point for the white party, Independence Day, possible Christmas, etc. A pair of great red underwear will work for the starting point for a red party, Independence Day, some superheroes, a fireman, possibly sports, Christmas, etc.

   After the base sexy pair of underwear has been chosen, it is time to add the extras that create the theme. Below I've listed a few basic ideas for different themes.

COWBOY: The hat is a must, boots are a plus, a holster with two fake hand guns is great, a bandana around the neck. The underwear can be almost any color. Other options include spurs, denim underwear, a sheriff's star attached to the holster.




MILITARY: ARMY: Camo underwear, black army boots, sunglasses, dog tags.

SPORTS: FOOTBALL: Shoulder pads, jock strap, tennis shoes, black face paint under eyes, football in hand. A football jersey can be hot, particularly if it is cut and the abs are allowed to show. If I find out a go-go boy/male stripper is wearing a football jersey and has raised it up by tying it in a knot under his chest. I will personally come and kick you in the balls. Well, not really but I would want to. Don't ruin the fantasy of the masculine, football jock. This isn't Men On Football. For those of you too young to understand the reference watch the video below. It's a classic from In Living Color on You Tube. Funny in it's place but not in the male stripper football jock fantasy.

SUPERHEROES: SUPERMAN: If you can purchase a costume that fits you skin tight, then great. If not, just play on the theme by buying a very tight t-shirt with the "S" emblem on it and wear a pair of matching underwear. Another option is to have the "S" emblem painted on your chest. Or, have an entire suit other than your briefs, painted on your body. And there are many other options instead of Superman. Such as those shown in photo below.
Photo Source: Patrick Daniel

ST. PATRICK'S DAY: Create the idea of a sexy leprechaun...Green boxer briefs or bikini briefs, green or black suspenders or a green vest, green or black bolo hat, green bowtie. If possible, have a shamrock somewhere, possibly on the hat or vest. Carry the largest beer mug you can find as a prop. Another good prop is a bag of cold coins. A small mesh bag where you can see the coins could be tied at the waist. Matching shoes of some type.

POLICEMAN: Navy blue boxer briefs or bikini briefs, night stick, hand cuffs hanging from waist so a belt may be needed, a badge clipped onto waist, sunglasses, black boots. An old style policeman's cap, a baseball cap with policeman theme, or no cap.

PATRIOTIC: For the 4th of July or other patriotic themed holidays, I still find it sexy to see a dancer in an American flag print thong or bikini briefs. For those of you who work in countries other than the U.S., select underwear printed with the flag of your country.

   You can always buy or rent costumes. However, I am of the opinion that you should do something to make it uniquely you. If you buy a costume, change it in someway to make it sexier, and so that it doesn't look like the same one someone else is wearing.

   These are only a few ideas but hopefully they will provide a start if someone is wanting to follow a theme for an event. One word of caution, unless you are going to be stripping it all off, be careful not to add "too much". After all, we are wanting to see skin, not costumes. I will be writing future blogs with specific costume ideas for different theme nights. In the meantime, if you are trying to come up with an idea and would like a few suggestions, send me an email and describe your costume need and situation. We'll put our best minds on it and see if we can help you out. Until next time, be ready to give me that free lap dance (if you ask, it's always going to be my birthday). And if you do it right, I'll tip you anyway. Also, don't forget to tip the boyz!

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  1. holy fuck...the dude in the american flag thong is probably one of the hottest strippers ive ever seen. who is he?

  2. Our perception of male strippers is they are just ordinary guys wanting to make a living just like everybody else and is it right to judge him by his career?
    His job is to turn up to the party/event and perform a party kissogram or strippergram dressed up as a fantasy policeman, fireman, or naval officer. While he will come, you should perform along and also have a good time. You can use them towards the remarks and definately will play together as well. You need to make sure that the guest associated with honor has got the the majority of interest from the male stripper.

    Tell them exactly why it is a special occasion and that the girl has to be punished additionally, you can roll-up some money bill and place it at the rear of the woman''s ear, in her own teeth or in her cleavage. This is a great way to get the guest of honor in the feeling for entertainment. It''s also possible to intend to make sure that you will find there''s chair in the center of the space exactly where she can sit and stay entertained privately with the Male Strippers Scotland