Saturday, January 25, 2014

Hard Times Have Come

(Photo Source: OilCan Harry's ~ Austin, TX)
   Hard times have fallen upon the exotic male dancer entertainment industry. This started in the full-nude clubs and has begun to affect the supposedly non-nude clubs as well.

(Photo Source: Facebook Post in Exotic Male Dancer Fans Secret Group)
   Yes, it's true! We've noticed a trend in exotic male dancers that has gripped us to the bone. We have observed more male dancers sporting hard-ons. Yes, some of the boys have been slapping themselves from thigh to thigh. But we've been told that sooner or later they will have the situation well in hand.

(Photo Source: Here Lounge ~ West Hollywood, CA)
(Photo Source: Here Lounge ~ West Hollywood, CA)
   If Woody is making a come back then we want to do everything we can to stroke the situation into something explosive. Pocket pool is sure to become an even more popular game in night clubs.

(Photo Source: Facebook Post in Exotic Male Dancer Fans Secret Group)
(Photo Source: Facebook Post in Exotic Male Dancer Fans Secret Group)
   If your local club has not seen a rise then don't feel you've been given the shaft. It's never too late. As the momentum begins to move faster and faster around the country, it should reach your area.

(Photo Source: Facebook Post in Exotic Male Dancer Fans Secret Group)
(Photo Source: Facebook Post in Exotic Male Dancer Fans Secret Group)
   And honestly, we are not trying to rub you the wrong way with this blog. We just hope you'll get to participate in the expansion and extension that is currently going on.

(Photo Source: Facebook Post in Exotic Male Dancer Fans Secret Group)
   I guess it is a bit confusing to say that we have fallen, when it seems that we are erecting 'things' every weekend. But the hard facts make it clear that more boners are showing up at clubs around the country. And we at Males In Motion couldn't be more pleased. Until next time, please keep reporting the hard facts to me. And when something pops up, tip it double!!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Looking For The Naked Delivery Man

   In the famous words of Cartman from South Park, "Screw you guys, I'm going home!" That was my response on a recent Saturday night outing at a club. For two months I had been given the hype concerning a special event that would soon arrive. I had spoken to one of the main planners for the event and he had given me a run down of what was going to happen. I was excited. It was the party I just couldn't miss and I was telling everyone I knew to be a part of it with me. We were going to have so much fun. But, as sometimes happens, it didn't turn out that way. By the end of the night I was saying, "This is bullshit." I turned to my partner and said, "Let's go home!" (Photo by Damon Frazier)

   This blog is for the exotic male dancer fan--the guy (or girl) who loves to watch those sexy male strippers, go-go boys, or exotic male dancers do their thing, and loves to tip them and perform various quick-draw hand manuevers before returning to their seats, or corners. So, to the fan, I declare that I am always looking for the naked delivery man. And what I mean by 'naked delivery man' is the exotic male dancer who delivers and meets my expectations for a club night or event. I am asking the fans to let me know those dancers, clubs, bars, places and events where three things occur:
  • The naked man delivers on the hype
  • The naked man delivers on the names
  • The naked man delivers on the experience


   There is a lot of hype that goes on before an event. Everyone wants to get their message out, make their money, raise funds for good causes, have fun and have a large crowd that attends. In other words, everyone promotes because they want a successful event. So, when I see slick, professionally prepared graphics for an event that shows hot male dancers with huge endowments, washboard stomachs, tight bubble butts, killer smiles, sexy faces, etc., then that is what I want to see when I arrive at the event. And I would go so far as to say, I would like to see the exact model (preferably a dancer) used in the ad for that event. If that is the guy that sparks my interest to attend, then why can't he be at the event. But sadly, he is often a file that has been pulled from a server far, far away. And sometimes the guy at the actual event looks nothing like, or is built nothing like, or his junk is nothing near...the guy in the ad.


   They are called go-go boys, male strippers, and exotic male dancers. Those are the names of the types of male dancers that I want to see. I want to see go-go boys who can follow the beat of the music and are creative in their moves. I want to see male strippers who tease me with costumes and remove their clothing in the most seductive ways. I want to see exotic male dancers who have chosen underwear or other clothing to emphasize their large packages, exquisite butts, muscle definition, handsome faces, etc. Unfortunately, sometimes I see guys who can't dance, who have never seen a gym, and think because they are in their underwear they are sexy. Ok, so maybe I'm being a little tough in this blog, but I am just expressing the 'naked' truth. And the truth is the truth. (Photo by Michael Bernal)

DELIVER ON THE EXPERIENCE    I am a regular guy like most of you. I work hard to earn the money I make and I don't have a lot of excess. I plan ahead so that I can get the best deals for trips, hotel accommodations, flights, etc. So, when I spend my money I want to get the best return experience that I can get for the dollar. I don't like regretful spending. And I don't like feeling like I've been had. When I attend an event with exotic male dancers, I want to have fun! I want to interact with the exotic male dancers by tipping, talking, (peaking, groping, squeezing), and smiling all the way back to my friends. I want it to be a night to remember. I want it to be something that I am excited to talk about for at least a few days, if not more. And if it is an annual event, I want to do it again the next year and bring as many friends with me as I can. Unfortunately, in the experience I was describing at the beginning of this blog I felt like I had been duped and conned. I thought of a million other things I could have been doing that would have been a better way to spend my money and my time.

   So male stripper fans, I put forth the call to take up the cause and let me know about the true naked delivery men. I want to know who they are, where they are, and how I can find them online or at the club/bar/event. There are gems out there. I have NEVER been disappointed at Swinging Richard's in Atlanta, GA. I would have to say that it is currently my favorite club for male strippers. The reason is because the naked men deliver. They deliver every time I walk through the door, and I am still talking about past experiences. I know there are many others, I just haven't had the time or the funds to get to them. Let me know in a comment below, or in an email your suggestions for the best locations to find exotic male dancers.

   Until next time, find your naked men who deliver. And don't forget to tip them well!


Note: The photos in this blog are of clubs, agencies and/or dancers who deliver! They are some of the many that provide quality entertainment that includes quality male dancers! Click on the pics to learn more about them.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Diesel, A Rare Combination
Apollo Male Dancer Of South Texas

   Put on the brakes and stay awhile! When something this good appears on your screen, it is necessary to stop and appreciate it! I'm talking about Diesel, a male dancer with the Apollo Male Dancers in South Texas.
   You can apply the words hot, and sexy to Diesel but those words can be applied to many others as well. With Diesel, there is a rare combination of masculinity, great looks, physical fitness, charisma and that soulful look found deep in his eyes. Once you see him, you can't just move on. You have to return and catch another glimpse. √Čl es muy guapo!
   In my self-professed calling of Exotic Male Dancer Guru, I see pics, watch videos, and chat with male dancers every day. Every now and then, I find a stand out, a male dancer that catches my attention and makes me want to linger. This is what happened with Diesel.
    The ladies can often find Diesel performing on stages around South Texas as one of the Apollo Male Dancers. But gentlemen if you have an appreciation for exotic male dancers, you also have an opportunity to enjoy Diesel's talents at locations like Studio 69, Antro Alternativo in Brownsville, TX, where he and other Apollo Male Dancers often make appearances.
   We recommend to those of you who live or visit South Texas, to book the Apollo Male Dancers like Diesel for your next event! You won't be disappointed. Until next time, don't forget to tip the boyz!