Friday, December 30, 2016

2016 Blog Of Fame ~ The Exceptional From The Exotic Male Dancer Entertainment Industry

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital
   This past year has been what I would call a banner year for the exotic male dancer entertainment industry. I have personally tipped my way through many cities across the U.S. Even though it is the male dancers, their large endowments and bubble butts that get the attention, there are also a lot of people that work behind the strip polls providing support that keeps the industry strong.
   I want to acknowledge a few of these that I have either personally come in contact with, or I have observed their contribution to the industry. And there are of course male dancers that were added to my personal favorites list during the year. There are so many that it would be impossible to list them all, so I chose two. Please view this "Blog Of Fame" as a sample of some of the best in the industry. They are my favorites for the year 2016. As you think of some of your own favorites, please return to your local bars/clubs/events that feature exotic male dancers, and let them know how much you appreciate what they do to keep the boyz dancin'!
Favorite Gatekeeper ~ Craig Henson
Area 18 ~ Tulsa, Oklahoma

Above: Andrew Christian, Craig Henson, AC Model-Cory Zwierzynski
Photo Source: Craig Henson Facebook
   Each bar and club has one or more people who greet you as you enter the door. It is their responsibility to check ID's for age requirements, collect cover charge if there is one, greet the customers, and answer any questions that they might have. These gatekeepers have the responsibility for setting the tone for beginning the experience each person will have that night. Males In Motion recognizes Craig Henson at Area 18 in Tulsa, OK as one of the best gatekeepers in the business. As we enter the door, we are always greeted with a smile which is followed by a big hug. That my friends, is a great start to a good night at a club. Click here for more about Area 18 in Tulsa, OK from a recent Males In Motion review.

Favorite Promo Pics ~ Gavin Becks
Columbus, Ohio

Above: Gavin Becks
Photo Source: Gavin Becks Facebook
   Pics and videos posted to social media are powerful promotional tools. Some male dancers see this opportunity and take full advantage of it. One of those is Gavin Becks. I am constantly teasing him about 'snagging' every pic of his that he posts online. Part of that is because I think he is so damn cute. The other part is that he posts some of the most creative and interesting promotional pics. Males In Motion recognizes Gavin Becks as one of the best in using pics for promoting his entertainment value. Click here and learn my opinion of Gavin when I saw him at Axis Nightclub in Columbus, OH. You can also click here and see Gavin and several of the boys from Ohio featured in a June 2016 blog.

Above: Gavin Becks
Photo Source: Gavin Becks Facebook

Favorite Bartender ~ James Kennedy
X-Room at Mardi Gras ~ Springfield, Massachusetts

Above: James Kennedy
Photo Source: James Kennedy and X-Room
   A bartender can make or break the customer's experience at a bar or club. The right attitude contributes to the fun and/or escape the customer may be wishing for on any given night. Describing bartender James Kennedy is of course, like mixing a cocktail. Combine an ounce of the right brand of flirt, an ounce of showmanship, and two ounces of top-shelf sexy. Shake them all together and pour and strain inside a body where both the cock and the tail are impressive. There's no need for ice, he's already chilled. Males In Motion recognizes James Kennedy as one of the best bartenders at a club with exotic male dancers. Personally, I'd go to the club just to see James alone. And that is saying a lot when surrounding him every night at X-Room at Mardi Gras in Springfield, Massachusetts, are naked male dancers. Click here and read how James performed his bartender duties on a previous visit of ours to X-Room.

Favorite Event Night ~ FRESH At Flaming Saddles
West Hollywood, California

Photo Source: Flaming Saddles Facebook  Photographer:Jason King
   Cowboys are alive and well deep in the heart of Southern California. And when they are dancing in cowboy hats, cowboy boots and underwear. Well, I'm going to take notice. But not only are they cowboys but darn it, they are really, really hot male dancer cowboys. Then to top it all off, Tyler Booth is one of the bartenders. This combination requires that Males In Motion recognize FRESH at Flaming Saddles in West Hollywood, California as one of the best event nights featuring exotic male dancers. Click here and check out the photo albums on their Facebook page and see how many pics have been taken by Jason King, one of our favorite photographers.

Photo Source: Flaming Saddles Facebook

Photo Source: Flaming Saddles Facebook  Photographer:Jason King

Favorite DJ/Dancer Manager ~ Wes Bigfeather
Area 18 ~ Tulsa, Oklahoma

Photo Source: Wes Bigfeather Facebook
    A DJ who is aware of the important role music plays in the exotic male dancer entertainment experience is crucial to the success of a club that features exotic male dancers. Music can raise the party to the next level or bring it to a stand still, literally with the dancers standing still. I've been privileged to enjoy the musical magic of DJ Wes Bigfeather for several years. In the music they hear and feel, the dancing boys at Area 18 are given a mix of yesterday and today, theme nights, personal requests and more. Males In Motion recognizes DJ Wes Bigfeather as one of the best in providing music that motivates the boys to move the way we like them to move. With a measured dose of humor, DJ Wes also keeps the party hopping and the customers smiling...and buying drinks, and buying underwear in the AC store, and tipping the dancers and bartenders, and staying informed about upcoming events, etc. Click here and watch the dancers response to the music in the video clips of KO and Ballers Choice.

Favorite Go-Go Bear ~ Sterling Johnson
Columbus, Ohio

Photo Source: Sterling Johnson Facebook
   The world of exotic male dancers is dominated by smooth chested muscle boys and young twinks. When we come across a dancer who is neither, it sparks our interest. And when he is as hot as Sterling Johnson, we think, maybe we should take another look...then another...then another. We met Sterling Johnson when he was dancing at Tremont Lounge in Columbus, OH. The club is a smaller venue with a more intimate atmosphere. We were happy about that because it gave us a chance to be up close and personal with Mr. Sterling. Males In Motion recognizes Sterling Johnson as an outstanding entertainer, go-go bear and please sir, may we call you "Daddy"?, who successfully makes his own path through the exotic male dancer world.

Favorite Male Review ~ Men Of Skin
Kansas City, Missouri

Photo Source: Men Of Skin
   We first noticed the Men Of Skin back in 2013 when we traveled to Wichita, KS to see them perform. Based in Kansas City, MO the Men Of Skin provide sexy male dancer entertainment that is more than just very pleasing eye candy. The reason we like the MOS boys is also for more than just their smokin' bodies. First, they have a strong work ethic. If you hire them, you can be confident they will bring the show. They are customer centered. I've watched as they work the crowd, both female and male, making sure each and every person there is having a good time. You can hire them for a male review show, or individual dancers as go-go boys, etc. I haven't quite reached groupie status but I have followed them to various cities around the south and midwest. Males In Motion recognizes the Men Of Skin as one of the best Male Reviews. We look forward to watching many more shows. Click here and travel back to 2013 to read the review of our first encounter with Men Of Skin.

Favorite Online Broadcast ~ Stockbar
Montreal, QC, Canada

Photo Source: Stockbar
   Stockbar in Montreal, Quebec may actually have the only nightly broadcast from a male nude strip club. There is never a doubt about the quality of male dancers at Stockbar. Year after year they feature some of the most beautiful men from Canada. Each night you can watch the boys step out on the stage and strip to fully nude. There is also a live spy cam that allows you to watch the dancers as they get ready to go on stage. You also have the ability to chat with others who are online at the same time. When I've chatted, we talk about which dancers we like the best, and of course go into more detail about a specific dancer's physical assets. Males In Motion recognizes Stockbar in Montreal, Quebec as the best in online entertainment for fans of exotic male dancers. Click here and see for yourself. There are short clips from past shows in the dancers section which you can watch for free. You can also click here and read our review when we watched the boys in the club, and made a visit to the VIP area for a private lap dance, or two, or three...

Favorite Photographer ~ Jason King
West Hollywood, California

Photo Source: Jason King Facebook
   We started following Photographer Jason King in 2015. We've been fans for a while specifically for his images of exotic male dancers. His work is always technically superior and aesthetically beautiful. Whether it be the male dancers giving us the cowboy look at Flaming Saddles in West Hollywood, CA or the boys from the latest evolution of Stripper Circus, we look forward to each image captured by Jason. Males In Motion recognizes Jason King as one of the best photographers of exotic male dancers. And although he isn't limited to exotic male dancers as image content, we are grateful for his providing a glimpse of venues that we aren't able to visit often. We've designated Jason King as digital royalty in a blog we wrote in 2015 featuring his work. Click here and you'll understand why he was added to our blog of fame. We recently saw a pic of Jason on his Instagram account. We've decided from that pic, he needs to consider spending a little more time in front of the camera. We'll just say "shower pic" and leave it right there.

Favorite Producer/Host-ess ~ Hellin Bedd
Columbus, Ohio

Photo Source: Hellin Bedd (Brett Richards) Facebook
   On our Fall road trip to Columbus, OH we were able to catch Hellin Bedd in action at both Axis Nightclub and Boscoe's. The shows were fun, humorous and featured a combination of pretty boys and sexy men! All were brought together through the talents of Hellin Bedd for the entertainment pleasure of customers and fans. During any given month, you will find Hellin Bedd at many different locations in the Columbus, Ohio area, showcasing some of the hottest male dancers from Ohio and surrounding states. We know the hard work that goes behind putting together weekly (or nightly) shows. Males In Motion recognizes Hellin Bedd (Brett Richards) as one of the best producers of exotic male dancer entertainment as well as one hell of a host-ess! Click here and read our review of Hellin's show at Axis Nightclub.

Favorite Club ~ The Corner Pocket
New Orleans, Louisiana

Photo Source: The Corner Pocket Facebook
   When a club is located in New Orleans, there is a lot to live up to when it comes to partying. The Corner Pocket has been able to hold it's own in the Big Easy for 34 years. Very few clubs or bars last even 1/5th that long. Males In Motion recognizes The Corner Pocket as one of the best clubs that features exotic male dancers, or in this case, the boys on the bar! And the boys are dancing on the bar seven nights a week. On Fridays, Lisa Beaumann hosts the new "MEAT" amateur strip off which allows newbies and the Famous Corner Pocket Boys to compete for a cash prize of $100. The boys dance until dawn on Saturdays in the All Boy Revue. Zingo is played on Sunday nights followed by Barry Bareass and the Dancer Of The Week contest. Click here and read the Males In Motion review of The Corner Pocket from a previous visit.

Favorite All-Nude Club ~ Swinging Richards
New Orleans, Louisiana
   I have been to Swinging Richards many times over the past few years. There has never been a disappointing visit. The dancers are always hot with amazing bodies, good looks, and 'blessed' endowments. Males In Motion recognizes Swinging Richards as one of the best all-nude male strip clubs. I chose to celebrate my birthday this past May at Swinging Richards because I knew it would be a birthday to remember. And I was right. Click here and read about my birthday celebration at Swinging Richards.

Favorite Male Dancer ~ Hamma
Dick's Cabaret ~ Phoenix, AZ

Photo Source: Dick's Cabaret Facebook
   At the end of a 10 day road trip, I found myself in Phoenix, AZ stopping in at Dick's Cabaret. I had never been to the club but had wanted to for several years. It was a slower night at the beginning of the week. Some might think that a slow night is not a preferred night, but for me, it turned out to be the best night. I enjoyed what I described as possibly the best lap dance I have ever had. This was due to three main reasons. First, Hamma, the male dancer, knew what he was doing. Second, he has one of those wiry muscular bodies that I definitely like. And third, .... Well, you'll have to go to Dick's Cabaret in Phoenix, AZ and discover that one for yourself. Males In Motion recognizes Hamma from Dick's Cabaret as one of the best exotic male dancers. I'm planning now to return in 2017 and I hope he's still dancing at Dick's Cabaret. Click here and read my review and more about my experience with Hamma.

   Thank you for joining me on this ride during 2016. I wish you a very happy new year and hope 2017 is a banner year for you. Until next year, don't forget to tip the boyz!!!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Ho, Ho, Ho! Who wouldn't go? I answered "I'm right here. Go where?" ~ Mike's Holiday Fantasy Gifts!

Photo Source: Males In Motion
   It was like a holiday song. I kept hearing "Ho, ho ho! Who wouldn't go? Ho, ho ho! Who wouldn't go?" That is what my friends sometimes call me so I was sure they must be talking to me. I replied, "Yes, I'm right here. Go where?" But no one answered.
   While searching the house to find the source, I kept hearing a clicking noise and it sounded like it was on the roof. You know, like "click, click, click". I got a ladder out of the garage and climbed on top of the house. There before my very eyes were all those guys we've sung about for years. You know, the reindeer, and Rudolph was in the front on all fours.
   Then I saw him. Yep, I saw the man himself. He didn't quite look like a jolly ol' elf though. He looked more like the guy on the calendar hanging on my wall. He was dressed in a red coat, red hat, tiny red underwear, and black leather boots. He was holding a whip in his hand. I'm sure that was for the reindeer but damn, my imagination went wild. In a deep, sexy voice he said, "Hi. My name is Nick." I replied, "Yes sir, Hi Mr. Nick!" I decided right then and there I was going down.
   So I went down through the chimney with Nick. While on my knees, I watched him place five packages under the tree. Again with that deep voice he said, "Now promise me you'll wait until December 25th to open these." I agreed. I mean, he was so damn sexy that I would have agreed to almost anything he said. He told me that the five gifts were from the list of things I had been wishing for this year. I've written my top five below so you'll know what I've been wanting. As you'll see, I love people so most of them involve traveling to enjoy holiday activities with specific people.

Photo Source: The Corner Pocket     Dancer: Jess
 1. Licking Candy Canes
   I want to lick candy canes at The Corner Pocket in New Orleans. I love candy canes. And The Corner Pocket is particularly festive this time of year. I would be happy to hold those ornaments in my hand for Jess, while we share a candy cane. When it comes to New Orleans and the Corner Pocket, I speak from experience. I have lived in New Orleans, and you can click here and read a review of The Corner Pocket from one of my return visits.

Photo Source: Dick's Cabaret
 2. Decking The Halls
   I want to deck the halls of Dick's Cabaret. We can gather all the boys together for a decorating party. And since the dancers at the club go fully nude, I'm sure we can find all kinds of fun places to hang things. I'll be singing while decorating. Just thinking about it has me humming, "Oh what fun it is to ride...". If you want to know why I would sing about Dick's, well, click here and read my review of the club from this past summer.

Photo Source: Ranger of Men Of Skin
 3. Climbing The North Pole
   I want to climb the North Pole with Ranger from Men Of Skin. Ranger is quite the pole dancer, if you know what I mean. I've watched him raise and lower, and spin his body around a pole while in Wichita. It made such an impression. I couldn't get it out of my head. I've thought about his pole dancing skills often, usually during those quiet moments when there's no one else around. Click here and see pics and video of Ranger and other Men Of Skin at Club Boomerang in Wichita, KS.


Photo Source: Noah Grind
 4. Sampling The Sweets
   I want to sample all the mouth watering sweets that tempt us during this season. One of my favorite sweet temptations is Noah Grind from Boxer-N-Briefs near St. Louis, MO. Noah and I chat online regularly, and have spoken by phone a few times. He's like that special Christmas cookie in the display case. I have seen him, but I haven't had the opportunity to actually sample. I am tempted and know I will be sampling soon. I mean, look at that face. And you know after you've sampled one cookie, then you'll have to try another, and then another, and then... On my last visit to BnB a few months ago, he wasn't scheduled to work that night. You can click here and find out who was. There are a lot of sweet things at Boxers-N-Briefs. After all, it is an all-nude male strip club.

Photo Source: Stockbar
 5. Unwrapping Packages
   Before you begin to think that I'm extremely selfish and self-centered, and only concerned about my personal pleasure, I want you to be aware that I truly enjoy watching others unwrap gifts as well. It would mean so much to me to be at Stockbar in Montreal, Quebec watching the boys unwrap their packages. For me it is a joy to observe as all obstacles are removed and their gifts are fully revealed. Click here and find some joy for yourself on their website. And if you want to know more about my experience at Stockbar, click here and read about a previous visit.

Photo Source: Males In Motion
   All of us at Males In Motion wish you a Merry Christmas! We hope you receive all the fantasy gifts that you have been wishing for this year! Until next time, lick a big fat candy cane. And don't forget to tip the boys extra during the holidays!


Sunday, December 4, 2016

Show Me Your's And I'll Show You Mine! - Our Club Review Of Area 18 ~ Tulsa, OK

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital     Dancer: Ballers Choice
   That's what he said. "Show me your's and I'll show you mine." Of course, we were talking about our favorite home bar or club. Isn't that what you were thinking? Well, one of our mottos at Males In Motion is "It's All About The Tease!" So, staying true to our motto, I had to tease you a bit with the title of this blog. But if you'll stick around and read, look and watch, you'll find a few sweet morsels that you might just want to try. And I will give you a new perspective on the city of Tulsa. But more importantly, I want to give you a glimpse of Area 18, the club that I most often refer to as my home bar.

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital and Area 18 Facebook
   Every visit that Jay and I make to Area 18 is like a family reunion...I mean the good parts of a family reunion. We walk in the door and are greeted by Craig, a long time friend. We step up to the bar and Brandon who has been a favorite bartender friend for years serves us up some great drinks. Of course, there is also hottie Chris behind the bar. Either way, you'll be taken care of with smiles and maybe nipple views. Did I just say 'nipple views'? All I know is that I tend to tip more when there are nipple views. ***hint, hint***
   Throughout the night Jay and I are greeted by friends which we call family. Friends like Kurt, Brian, Brandon, Kent, Adrian and many more. If I keep listing, I know I'll forget someone. There is of course, the required and enjoyed hugging. There's always the needed catching least things that weren't posted on Facebook. But sometimes those posts lead to interesting question and answer sessions. The best part is that I know if we were to over indulge and throw back a few shots, etc., there is always someone there who cares for us and will make sure we get to where we need to go safely. Of course, that may be after they've drawn nasty words and pictures with permanent markers on our faces. Now, who would do something like that? Only good friends, that's who. And I am kidding, they wouldn't do that...maybe.

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital     Dancer: K.O.
   We all know that I couldn't call a bar my home bar without male dancers. And there have been some mighty fine ones swing through Area 18 over the past few years. I have happily been able to enjoy some of their talents and assets. On our most recent visit, there were three that could hold their own with any crowd at any club. I am speaking of K.O., Ballers and Jett. That combination on one night provides something for many appetites and proclivities. I enjoyed watching and strategically tipping all three. Photographer Rick Craig has captured many of the Area 18 male dancers in his creative and sensual photos. We featured Rick in a past blog. Click here after you've read this blog and enjoy some of his work.

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital     Dancer: Jett
   The way the whole process works at Area 18 is the boys dance on the bar. They move around dancing, gathering tips and interacting with the customers. At one end of the bar is a pole and they take turns riding the pole. (Yes, I said that. And in my fantasy world, well, ... use your imagination.) The dancers are supported and enhanced by the Area 18 lighting system design, and the amazing skills of DJ Wes Bigfeather. All the ingredients come together for a quite enjoyable visual, musical and physical experience. And to us it is one worth driving a few miles to enjoy!

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital     Dancer: Ballers Choice
   DJ Wes has been a favorite DJ at several of my favorite Tulsa clubs over the years. And more importantly, he's a good friend. When I hear his voice over the sound system, I know I'm home. Wes, I apologize to you because the pics I took of you all turned out blurry. I had already enjoyed a couple of Brandon's cocktails by the time I took your pic. I promise they looked clear when I was taking them, but I'm thinking the effects of the alcohol must have canceled out the not-quite-there focus I had on the camera. Next time, I'll take your pic first.
   Each time we visit Area 18, there is always something unexpected that occurs. This last time, our friend Jason was the center of attention for one gentleman who he knew from his past. The pursuit was hilarious and Jason has stories to tell. And I was introduced to a new friend who is a crossdresser. For some reason, she kept taking my hands and having me squeeze her boobs. Now there was no real anatomical breasts inside, and it doesn't do anything for me in a sexual way. But hey, if I helped make someone happy for the night, well, my work was done!

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital     Dancer: Jett
   In the pic above Jett is wearing a pair of underwear from the Area 18 Andrew Christian Underwear Store. Yea, I'm a fan of Jett and those underwear. I love how they pull 'the boys' out there and put them on display, front and center. I told Jett that he made a great choice in underwear. That pair on Jett talks to me. They say, "get your dollars out, move your hand closer and start tucking them right now!" And I did! I would never disobey a pair of underwear that talks to me. Would you? The other great thing about the Andrew Christian Underwear Store is that several of those AC sexy male models make appearances at Area 18.


   A special thanks goes out to Shannon and Laura for providing this amazing playground where we can be ourselves and have so much fun! And of course, thank you for making male dancers your featured entertainment. I do know the long hours and hard work it takes to keep a place like this going. All of us at Males In Motion are grateful for all you and the staff at Area 18 do to keep the boys dancing.

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital     Dancer: K.O.
   If you find yourself in T-town living on Tulsa time, stop in at Area 18 and enjoy the local hospitality, hot male dancers, and strong drinks. Until next time, don't forget to tip the boyz. Tip extra if they do a good job riding the pole. And remember to tip for nipple views at the bar. Oh yea, before I forget, Craig, it's time for another meal at Freeway Cafe.

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