Thursday, December 22, 2016

Ho, Ho, Ho! Who wouldn't go? I answered "I'm right here. Go where?" ~ Mike's Holiday Fantasy Gifts!

Photo Source: Males In Motion
   It was like a holiday song. I kept hearing "Ho, ho ho! Who wouldn't go? Ho, ho ho! Who wouldn't go?" That is what my friends sometimes call me so I was sure they must be talking to me. I replied, "Yes, I'm right here. Go where?" But no one answered.
   While searching the house to find the source, I kept hearing a clicking noise and it sounded like it was on the roof. You know, like "click, click, click". I got a ladder out of the garage and climbed on top of the house. There before my very eyes were all those guys we've sung about for years. You know, the reindeer, and Rudolph was in the front on all fours.
   Then I saw him. Yep, I saw the man himself. He didn't quite look like a jolly ol' elf though. He looked more like the guy on the calendar hanging on my wall. He was dressed in a red coat, red hat, tiny red underwear, and black leather boots. He was holding a whip in his hand. I'm sure that was for the reindeer but damn, my imagination went wild. In a deep, sexy voice he said, "Hi. My name is Nick." I replied, "Yes sir, Hi Mr. Nick!" I decided right then and there I was going down.
   So I went down through the chimney with Nick. While on my knees, I watched him place five packages under the tree. Again with that deep voice he said, "Now promise me you'll wait until December 25th to open these." I agreed. I mean, he was so damn sexy that I would have agreed to almost anything he said. He told me that the five gifts were from the list of things I had been wishing for this year. I've written my top five below so you'll know what I've been wanting. As you'll see, I love people so most of them involve traveling to enjoy holiday activities with specific people.

Photo Source: The Corner Pocket     Dancer: Jess
 1. Licking Candy Canes
   I want to lick candy canes at The Corner Pocket in New Orleans. I love candy canes. And The Corner Pocket is particularly festive this time of year. I would be happy to hold those ornaments in my hand for Jess, while we share a candy cane. When it comes to New Orleans and the Corner Pocket, I speak from experience. I have lived in New Orleans, and you can click here and read a review of The Corner Pocket from one of my return visits.

Photo Source: Dick's Cabaret
 2. Decking The Halls
   I want to deck the halls of Dick's Cabaret. We can gather all the boys together for a decorating party. And since the dancers at the club go fully nude, I'm sure we can find all kinds of fun places to hang things. I'll be singing while decorating. Just thinking about it has me humming, "Oh what fun it is to ride...". If you want to know why I would sing about Dick's, well, click here and read my review of the club from this past summer.

Photo Source: Ranger of Men Of Skin
 3. Climbing The North Pole
   I want to climb the North Pole with Ranger from Men Of Skin. Ranger is quite the pole dancer, if you know what I mean. I've watched him raise and lower, and spin his body around a pole while in Wichita. It made such an impression. I couldn't get it out of my head. I've thought about his pole dancing skills often, usually during those quiet moments when there's no one else around. Click here and see pics and video of Ranger and other Men Of Skin at Club Boomerang in Wichita, KS.


Photo Source: Noah Grind
 4. Sampling The Sweets
   I want to sample all the mouth watering sweets that tempt us during this season. One of my favorite sweet temptations is Noah Grind from Boxer-N-Briefs near St. Louis, MO. Noah and I chat online regularly, and have spoken by phone a few times. He's like that special Christmas cookie in the display case. I have seen him, but I haven't had the opportunity to actually sample. I am tempted and know I will be sampling soon. I mean, look at that face. And you know after you've sampled one cookie, then you'll have to try another, and then another, and then... On my last visit to BnB a few months ago, he wasn't scheduled to work that night. You can click here and find out who was. There are a lot of sweet things at Boxers-N-Briefs. After all, it is an all-nude male strip club.

Photo Source: Stockbar
 5. Unwrapping Packages
   Before you begin to think that I'm extremely selfish and self-centered, and only concerned about my personal pleasure, I want you to be aware that I truly enjoy watching others unwrap gifts as well. It would mean so much to me to be at Stockbar in Montreal, Quebec watching the boys unwrap their packages. For me it is a joy to observe as all obstacles are removed and their gifts are fully revealed. Click here and find some joy for yourself on their website. And if you want to know more about my experience at Stockbar, click here and read about a previous visit.

Photo Source: Males In Motion
   All of us at Males In Motion wish you a Merry Christmas! We hope you receive all the fantasy gifts that you have been wishing for this year! Until next time, lick a big fat candy cane. And don't forget to tip the boys extra during the holidays!


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