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Show Me Your's And I'll Show You Mine! - Our Club Review Of Area 18 ~ Tulsa, OK

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital     Dancer: Ballers Choice
   That's what he said. "Show me your's and I'll show you mine." Of course, we were talking about our favorite home bar or club. Isn't that what you were thinking? Well, one of our mottos at Males In Motion is "It's All About The Tease!" So, staying true to our motto, I had to tease you a bit with the title of this blog. But if you'll stick around and read, look and watch, you'll find a few sweet morsels that you might just want to try. And I will give you a new perspective on the city of Tulsa. But more importantly, I want to give you a glimpse of Area 18, the club that I most often refer to as my home bar.

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital and Area 18 Facebook
   Every visit that Jay and I make to Area 18 is like a family reunion...I mean the good parts of a family reunion. We walk in the door and are greeted by Craig, a long time friend. We step up to the bar and Brandon who has been a favorite bartender friend for years serves us up some great drinks. Of course, there is also hottie Chris behind the bar. Either way, you'll be taken care of with smiles and maybe nipple views. Did I just say 'nipple views'? All I know is that I tend to tip more when there are nipple views. ***hint, hint***
   Throughout the night Jay and I are greeted by friends which we call family. Friends like Kurt, Brian, Brandon, Kent, Adrian and many more. If I keep listing, I know I'll forget someone. There is of course, the required and enjoyed hugging. There's always the needed catching least things that weren't posted on Facebook. But sometimes those posts lead to interesting question and answer sessions. The best part is that I know if we were to over indulge and throw back a few shots, etc., there is always someone there who cares for us and will make sure we get to where we need to go safely. Of course, that may be after they've drawn nasty words and pictures with permanent markers on our faces. Now, who would do something like that? Only good friends, that's who. And I am kidding, they wouldn't do that...maybe.

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital     Dancer: K.O.
   We all know that I couldn't call a bar my home bar without male dancers. And there have been some mighty fine ones swing through Area 18 over the past few years. I have happily been able to enjoy some of their talents and assets. On our most recent visit, there were three that could hold their own with any crowd at any club. I am speaking of K.O., Ballers and Jett. That combination on one night provides something for many appetites and proclivities. I enjoyed watching and strategically tipping all three. Photographer Rick Craig has captured many of the Area 18 male dancers in his creative and sensual photos. We featured Rick in a past blog. Click here after you've read this blog and enjoy some of his work.

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital     Dancer: Jett
   The way the whole process works at Area 18 is the boys dance on the bar. They move around dancing, gathering tips and interacting with the customers. At one end of the bar is a pole and they take turns riding the pole. (Yes, I said that. And in my fantasy world, well, ... use your imagination.) The dancers are supported and enhanced by the Area 18 lighting system design, and the amazing skills of DJ Wes Bigfeather. All the ingredients come together for a quite enjoyable visual, musical and physical experience. And to us it is one worth driving a few miles to enjoy!

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital     Dancer: Ballers Choice
   DJ Wes has been a favorite DJ at several of my favorite Tulsa clubs over the years. And more importantly, he's a good friend. When I hear his voice over the sound system, I know I'm home. Wes, I apologize to you because the pics I took of you all turned out blurry. I had already enjoyed a couple of Brandon's cocktails by the time I took your pic. I promise they looked clear when I was taking them, but I'm thinking the effects of the alcohol must have canceled out the not-quite-there focus I had on the camera. Next time, I'll take your pic first.
   Each time we visit Area 18, there is always something unexpected that occurs. This last time, our friend Jason was the center of attention for one gentleman who he knew from his past. The pursuit was hilarious and Jason has stories to tell. And I was introduced to a new friend who is a crossdresser. For some reason, she kept taking my hands and having me squeeze her boobs. Now there was no real anatomical breasts inside, and it doesn't do anything for me in a sexual way. But hey, if I helped make someone happy for the night, well, my work was done!

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital     Dancer: Jett
   In the pic above Jett is wearing a pair of underwear from the Area 18 Andrew Christian Underwear Store. Yea, I'm a fan of Jett and those underwear. I love how they pull 'the boys' out there and put them on display, front and center. I told Jett that he made a great choice in underwear. That pair on Jett talks to me. They say, "get your dollars out, move your hand closer and start tucking them right now!" And I did! I would never disobey a pair of underwear that talks to me. Would you? The other great thing about the Andrew Christian Underwear Store is that several of those AC sexy male models make appearances at Area 18.


   A special thanks goes out to Shannon and Laura for providing this amazing playground where we can be ourselves and have so much fun! And of course, thank you for making male dancers your featured entertainment. I do know the long hours and hard work it takes to keep a place like this going. All of us at Males In Motion are grateful for all you and the staff at Area 18 do to keep the boys dancing.

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital     Dancer: K.O.
   If you find yourself in T-town living on Tulsa time, stop in at Area 18 and enjoy the local hospitality, hot male dancers, and strong drinks. Until next time, don't forget to tip the boyz. Tip extra if they do a good job riding the pole. And remember to tip for nipple views at the bar. Oh yea, before I forget, Craig, it's time for another meal at Freeway Cafe.

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