Wednesday, May 23, 2018

The Tip Jar: Be Smart And Avoid The Ugly Side Of Exotic Male Dancers

   Is there an ugly side to male dancers? Well, maybe not the exotic male dancers themselves but there is an ugly side to the business. Most customers and fans are amazing, but as we unfortunately know, there are people who do not have the best intentions toward others. Hopefully, I can provide a few tips and suggestions that will help the male dancer to play it safe.


Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital
   I recommend that you never allow anyone at the bar to buy you a drink and bring it to you. If they want to buy you a drink, go with them to the bar and watch the bartender make it and hand it to you. Do not allow another person to carry it to you. The wrong person could slip something into your drink. The motives for their behavior could be varied. Some might want to get you into a situation where their advances cannot be refused. Others just might want to fuck you up. Be smart.

   Keep your tips, clothing and belongings locked up. It is the hope that bars and clubs will have lockers that can be locked where you can store your belongings while dancing. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. I recommend that you find a room, an office, etc., where you can lock up your belongings. And I hate to say it, but if possible, lock them up where other dancers cannot get to them as well. I've heard many stories from male dancers about having a great night in tips only to have them stolen by some gutter trash. Sometimes it was by customers who had gained access to locations where the dancers had left their belongings. And other times it has been other dancers or staff members who have had sticky fingers. If needed, have someone you trust keep your belongings and tips while you are performing. Be smart.


Photo Source: Nick DiCristina
   If you drive to a bar or club, make sure any valuables are locked safely away, or at the least, put them out of sight. There are some locations with security staff that patrol the parking areas. But many do not. Bars and clubs are prime targets for late night thieves to break in and take your possessions. If they want something bad enough, they will break a window. Park in a well-lit area. Hide your possessions. Roll up the windows and lock the doors before getting out. Be smart.


Photo Source: Monster Bar - NYC
   When leaving the bar or club after you've completed your dancing obligation, I recommend that you walk out with at least one other person. This is no time to be macho. Have club security go with you, or at the least, have them watch you from the door until you get in your car and drive off. Everyone in the club has watched tips being placed in your underwear during the night. This makes you a target when you come out of the venue and head to your vehicle. If you've had a good night in tips, the amount you are carrying on your person in cash could be substantial. Never walk by yourself, particularly if you were not able to park close to the club. If you are a block or more away, have someone walk with you and then if needed, drive them back to the club. Be smart.

   Don't get fucked up at a gig! Do not get drunk! Do not get high! Keep your head straight. Getting drunk or high will only make it easy for someone to take advantage. They could relieve you of your tips without your knowing. They may relieve their other urges without your consent because you are unable to comprehend what is actually going on until it is too late. And you might not mind those nude photos of you that are floating around on the internet but you can't remember when they were taken. And I mean, if you're going to do nude photos, well, at least talk to a photographer like me who will be happy to take them for you in a safe and professional environment. Be smart.
   Until next time, be safe! And we'll see you at the club with dollars in hand!

Click below and watch those sexy French Canadian boys!


Monday, May 21, 2018

The Bulge - 16 Social Media Finds Through May 21 (NSFW)

Photo Source: The Corner Pocket - New Orleans, LA   Dancer: Johnathan
   Johnathan is one of our current favorites at The Corner Pocket in New Orleans. Click here and read why he was selected as one of our monthly obsession. Nice bulge in the above pic.

   Thunder From Down Under - Las Vegas always has nice views!

   Conner from Indianapolis - provides a nice bulge - check out his instagram page for more videos and pics

   I love me a cowboy!

   May have been for Cinco de Mayo but this guy is sexy on any day! Dante is a sexy male dancer but can also be found participating in more intimate activities in the gay porn world.

Photo Source: Chasers - Charlotte, NC   Dancer: Trey
   If you like twinks, Trey has started dancing at Chasers in Charlotte, NC. He looks like a real cutie!

   A male dancer on the bar is always a good thing! I like the below the bulge view!

#gogodancer #sflife

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   I love the 'almost' underwear on this dancer in San Francisco.

   Sexy male dancers aren't always on a stage or in a club. Sometimes they are online in the privacy of their own home. Works for me!


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   Very nice bulge at Metropolis Lounge in Passaic, NJ! Support your local bulge so we can continue to see bulges like this!

   Now this guy is just plain fun!

   Sometimes you just got to let it out!

   I've added this go-go boy to this blog because he's so pretty!

   Let's pause for a moment of appreciation for a very fine butt!

   Check out the mesh shorts on the left!

   This dancer is hot from all sides. Check out the photo album on the Skin Productions Facebook page for more great pics

   Thanks for checking out this blog. We'll be posting more of these at least once or twice a month. Enjoy! Until next time, support your local male dancers - Support The Bulge! Let's keep the boys dancing!!!

Click below and watch those sexy French Canadian boys!

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Big D Rises To The Occasion~Zippers-Dallas, TX ~ Club Review

Photo Source: Zippers Facebook
   When you find a great experience and want to enjoy it to its fullest, well, there is no reason to leave. So, The night's plan totally fell apart! It was suppose to be a Saturday night of club hopping to check out the current male dancer offerings in Dallas. But it never happened. You see, I started the night at Zippers and I never left. I stayed right there at the bar and had more fun than I've had in a long time.
NOTE: Photo above is not from this visit.
   I have always referred to Zippers as a dive bar. Now, I mean that in a very loving way. You see, dive bars are my favorite kind of venue with male dancers. Zippers isn't dirty or scuzzy, It's just an older building with a bar that has been there for a while. It's not a bar of flash and glitz. It's a bar of real people having real fun. That is my favorite type of bar. But there was more ...
   You enter Zippers from a side street. The entrance is at the left corner of the building. When you enter, you are immediately greeted with the sight of a male dancer on a small lighted stage in the opposite corner to the right. Turning left, you see a long bar in the middle of the room with stools around all four sides, the bartenders in the middle. At the back of the room is two more dancer stages, one on the left and one to the right. Going past the stages you will find bathrooms and then a back quiet area with a pool table. We made our way around to our left and found seats in the middle of the back side of the long bar so we could watch the dancers in both directions. The room is dark except for the lights on the dancer stages giving it a great atmosphere.

Photo Source: Zippers Facebook
   To some, sitting at the bar might not be a great experience but let's discuss all the elements that came together to make me want to hang around. Of course, the male dancers are the first ingredient but I'll discuss them later. The music selection was excellent! It was appropriate for the customers who on this night were all males in the 30 plus age range. The music was a mix of old and new. The volume was set where you could hear it well but could still talk with the bartenders and the person next to you. It worked for the dancers. It worked for the customers. And it worked for me! But there was more ...
   I had decided to have only one drink at Zippers because remember, the plan was to bar hop, so I started with a Dos Equis. I didn't want to hit the hard stuff since I would be moving around a lot. I was waited on by a bartender named Stormy. Stormy said he has been at Zippers for 22 years. He was a pleasure. I enjoyed visiting with him and he did a great job checking with us to make sure we were doing good on drinks. Stormy wasn't the only pleasure behind the bar. Another bartender named Eduardo was working the other end of the bar. Let's just say that I could have been happy just watching Eduardo do his thing. Muy guapo, handsome face and great body. He was clothed but it was obvious. But there was more...
   The next thing I know there is a barback who steps into the scene and right in front of me removes his shirt. He had one of those wiry muscular bodies that always catches my attention. His name was Johnathan. I tipped him and told him that was just to show my appreciation for the eye candy. I tipped him several times during the night. Being the ol' farts that we are, my partner Jay and I played dirty old men and watched Johnathan throughout the night. Our agreed upon adjective to describe him was 'adorable'. Johnathan said he had previously danced at the club and could be available for a lap dance. That didn't happen on this visit, but when I return to Dallas, I'm hoping Johnathan is still there, and I will make sure a lap dance with him is on the top of my list.

Ever since I started to bodybuild back in early 2012, I wanted to become the next Zyzz. I had a dream to be an aesthetic God. Zyzz was the one who started the aesthetic bodybuilding revolution. I was inspired and am still going... . My goal is to get nationally qualified again here in 13 days. I have the potential to showcase my best package to date. I really appreciate all the messages I've been getting. Thanks so much for your likes, follows, and just overall support in general. . . . #bodybuilding #aesthetics #zyzz #jeffseid #fitfam #dallas #npcbikini #sundayfunday #ifbbphysique #shredded #beastmode #girlswholift #labaredallas #physique #npcphysique #physiquecompetitor #ifbb #ifbbpro #photooftheday #cleaneating #healthyeating #fitness #motivation #inspiration #syntraxsupplements #fitspo

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Above: Dancer - Bryan        Photo Source: Bryan's Instagram
   There were five dancers working on this particular night. I interacted with three of them, Jay with one other and then a fifth dancer. We ran out of time and didn't make it to visit with him. But as with Johnathan, there's always next time. One of my favorite dancers of the night was Bryan. Bryan is tall and has an amazing body. He is currently preparing for a body building competition. His appearance is not that of the stereotypical body builder who has lost his neck. He is tall, muscular and lean all at the same time. I tipped Bryan first while he was dancing on one of the stages. At that time he let me know that lap dances were available. And of course, later that evening, I chose to treat myself. The lap dance was a set amount per song. I'm not going to give you any details because you need to experience a Bryan lap dance for yourself. All I'll say, is that if Bryan is available when I return to Dallas, I will do another lap dance with him, or maybe two... But there was more ...
   The dancer that Jay chose to tip was Jack Jr. He was tall and stocky. He was fun to watch because he could really dance and you could tell that he was having a good time doing it. While Jay was off tipping Jack Jr., I realized that we weren't going to go anywhere else. We were both having a really good time so, why leave? At this point, I instructed Stormy to make me a bartender's choice cocktail from vodka. I threw out the 'liquor before beer and all is in the clear' rule, and enjoyed something made with vodka and cranberry juice. I must have liked it because before the night was over, I had three more.
   Another of our favorite dancers was Theron. He is the ruggedly handsome type with a special gift. He is also a licensed masseuse. I had watched him give a shoulder and neck rub to a customer across the bar. I was green with envy and told Jay that if he'd come over and work on my neck, I'd start pulling the dollars out of my pocket and stuffing them in his underwear. And the gods heard me, because before much time had passed, he was over behind me working on my neck and shoulders. He did the same for Jay. At one point he told me to relax, my response, "I have a hot guy in his underwear rubbing on my body. How the hell am I suppose to relax?" But somehow, I managed to relax and enjoy the bliss.
   There was one other dancer that I had tipped during the night. His name was Alberto. I would have called it a good night if he had been the only dancer. He was sexy with a great body! Unfortunately, once again, I ran out of time and didn't get to spend much time with Alberto, but like I said, there's alway next time. And there will be a next time. And sooner if I can manage it.
Note: Photo above not from this visit.
   Big D rose to the occasion with my visit to Zippers. I have moved it up the list of my favorite bars with male dancers. As you have read, it was more than just one thing. There was a combination of music, bartenders, male dancers, shoulder rubs, adorable Johnathan and having fun with Jay. It all came together in Dallas and I can't wait to go back! Until next time, support the bulge! Tip the boys and keep them dancing in your local clubs.

Click below and watch those sexy French Canadian boys!

Monday, May 14, 2018

The Bulge - 11 Hot Social Media Finds Through- 5-13-2018 (NSFW)

   For the past several years, I have been posting my favorite pics of the week in a Facebook album. With the problems that Facebook is having with privacy, and the fact that they like to place me in FB jail for 30 days at least once a year, I decided to expand my horizons and create a monthly (or more often) blog where I feature pics and videos from across social media and websites. This way I can feature nudity without repercussion. This is the first of such blogs. If you find something you like, or if you have questions about anything that I have posted, please leave a comment below. Enjoy! (And just so you know, some things may get larger toward the end of the blog!)
   Flexibility is always a positive characteristic to have! Don't you think?

   We are happy to see thongs being worn more often by male dancers!
   340 Nightclub in Pomona, CA is always stocked with well hung male dancers. The two pics above are only a small sample.

   Jay, dancing at Club Cobra in North Hollywood, CA. He always presents a nice bulge. We recommend that you follow Club Cobra on Instagram. They frequently posts hot male dancers and bartenders shaking and bouncing with pleasure!


Get those dollar 💵 out #GayVegas #piranhanightclub @piranhavegas

A post shared by Piranha Nightclub (@piranhavegas) on

   Male Dancer at Piranha Nightclub in Las Vegas. Great ass and bulge! Click play and watch him move it!


   Not something you can show on Facebook. But we'll happily show it in our blog!

   We're not a bulge only type of outfit, we like the hot butts also! Colin David Brandeberry, male dancer from Ohio, has recently shown up on our radar.

Meanwhile in Paris, France. We thought this French butt was also worth sharing.

   Willy, the Kid is a legendary British male dancer. We've shared pics of his in the past. Watch this video and you'll understand why we say legendary.

Gio, below, is one of our long time favorites. He was featured in a Males In Motion blog as the February 2018 Obsession. Click here and check it out!

   The boys at Stockbar in Montreal are always ready to provide a bulge! It is one of the best all-nude male strip clubs!

   We hope you have enjoyed our bulges and encourage you to "Support The Bulge!" in your local area. Until next time, we'll be stuffing dollars into magical places.

Click below and watch those sexy French Canadian boys!


Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Vinny Vega Stirs Desires And Creates Daydreams - The Current Males In Motion Obsession

Photo Source: Vinny Vega Facebook
   Vinny Vega is in demand! His smoldering good looks, amazing body, and ability to captivate the onlooker, continues to send his popularity through the roof. He's the go-go dancer everyone hopes to see at the next party. And why not? He creates an electric atmosphere and is the definition of top-shelf eye-candy. You can find him local to NYC dancing in the clubs or across the U.S. at major events, but his appeal stretches even farther. Mr. Vega is in a class all by himself.

Photo Source: Vinny Vega Facebook
   We first started following Vinny when he was a dancer at Splash NYC way back in 2010. So you see, our obsession has had time to grow and intensify. Not only is he an amazing go-go dancer but so photogenic! I mean, look at him in the pics and videos in this blog. He stirs desires and creates daydreams.

Photo Source: Vinny Vega Facebook
   But don't just take our word for it. Click play below and watch him in action in the videos below from his Instagram account.

A quick look from the crowd at last nights main event in Boston, I danced nonstop all night! 😝🎉😄 My fellow Gogo’s and I worked it to the thumping beats of @djalexacosta & we were in unique and sexy costumes by acclaimed designer @abrahamdlevy - such a great production...this is what I love about Boston, don’t underestimate this city’s late night scene! 🌃 It was a super packed house at @royaleboston and the energy in the room made dancing even more fun! And as always, big thanks to @gaymafiaboston & @chrisharrispres for having me on the team as their NYC import, it’s always a blast! #Whatanight #Onstage #Dancingboy #inCostume #Designer #custom #AbrahamLevy #MUSCLEQUEEN #DJAlexAcosta #Gogoboy #performer #ChrisHarrispresents #Boston #gayNightlife #latenight #Clublife #Presidentsdayweekend #Circuitparty #letsDance #Letyouhaveit #turningit #clublife #Royale #RoyaleBoston #instaparty #instagay #instalike #instavid #instavideo #instadaily

A post shared by Vinny Vega (@vinnyvega_nyc) on

This was literally the very end of an hour long set during the “MUSCLE QUEEN” party, this past weekend in Boston 😝 My fellow performers and I might’ve been pretty silent, but the energy in the room at @royaleboston kept us going! ❤️🎉❤️ The always great @djalexacosta was killing it in the DJ boooth & the Gogo’s were in unique and sexy costumes by designer @abrahamdlevy - AMAZING production...And of course BIG thanks to @gaymafiaboston & @chrisharrispres for having me on the team again, it was sick!!! #Peakhour #Party #Whatanight #Onstage #Dancingboy #inCostume #Designer #AbrahamLevy #MUSCLEQUEEN #DJAlexAcosta #Gogoboy #performer #ChrisHarrispresents #Boston #gayNightlife #latenight #Clublife #Presidentsdayweekend #Circuitparty #letsDance #Letyouhaveit #turningit #clublife #RoyaleBoston #instaparty #instagay #instalike #instavid #instavideo #instadaily

A post shared by Vinny Vega (@vinnyvega_nyc) on

   Take a few minutes and enjoy a Vinny daydream. We have many times! Follow him on social media (see links below) and catch him live and in person! We know you'll enjoy an up close and personal view.

Photo Source: Vinny Vega Facebook
    Links for Vinny
  • CLICK HERE and see Vinny in this blog from 2010 (first and last pics).

Photo Source: Vinny Vega Facebook

Photo Source: Vinny Vega Facebook
   If you find Vinny Vega dancing at one of your favorite events, slip a dollar or two in his waistband. Like, I said, you'll want to get close. Until next time, remember to support the bulge in your area!

Click below and watch those sexy French Canadian boys!